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Latest Sleepyboy News

created: August 15th, 2022
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13 Different Types of Sex Gay Escort

created: August 14th, 2022
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There’s someone out there for everyone! Gay culture has a handy way of distinguishing one type of gay male escort from another. No matter what your sexual preferences are, or the type of man you are ideally looking for, our Gay Escort guide will guide you in the right direction. Tall, rugged, hairy, slim, toned, flamboyant – they’re all there. So, the only thing that you need to decide now is - what’s the way forward for you?

Read through our list for a comprehensive guide that can help you make an informed choice

  1. Bear. For those who prefer a solid physique, this could be the one. A bear is typically an older, larger, and more rugged man. He will also be hairier than some.
  2. Cub. No mystery here! He is simply a younger version of a Bear.
  3. Otter. A hairy but slimmer man, with a more toned, tanned physique available – if that’s your thing.
  4. Jock. A harder man out of your gay escort choices. He will be into fitness, strength, and maintaining his ripped body in a big way.
  5. Show Queen. Exactly as he sounds! This gay man will be flamboyant, very keen on drag, art and musicals, but most of all always putting on a good show. If you enjoy the limelight, then walk this way….
  6. Circuit Queen. Hmm, how to describe? He will be fastidious about his appearance, and this typically involves dressing in a certain way – high top trainers, tank tops and sporting very short shorts. Like a Show Queen, being a Circuit Queen is all about strutting his stuff.
  7. Chub. As bold as it sounds. A larger, hairier man with a softer, plumper, rounded body to enjoy. This cuddly man will be less outgoing than other types of gay escorts.
  8. Twink. One of more well-known descriptions, this a young, slender, relatively hairless man who usually teeters on the confident/arrogant border. If you’re looking for a strong personality, then a twink could be the best gay escort for you.
  9. Pup. Again, this doesn’t need a lot of description. A pup is a younger gay escort who is generally sweet, eager, and possibly naïve. He will often play a submissive role with a slightly older gay partner.
  10. Gipster. Someone who is fond of the indie-lifestyle and very much has their own style. They normally like to hang out with other gipsters so if you like your escorts a bit off the beaten track, then this could be the man for you.
  11. Daddy. This gay male cultivates that older, salt n’ pepper look. He’s established, wealthy and likes to treat a younger man by splashing the cash on a lavish lifestyle.
  12. Wolf. As the name suggests, this a very sexually driven type of male escort. With only a semi-hairy body, he has a mysterious quality to offer you.
  13. Daddy Chaser. Another type of escort which needs little definition. He will be infatuated with older men and usually a twink himself.

To find your perfect Gay Escort visit www.sleepyboy.com

Escort of the Week

created: August 9th, 2022
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Escort of the Week

How To Find Great Gay Sex on a City Break

created: August 6th, 2022
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The best thing about being on holiday is that you really get away from it all and relax, even if your itinerary is busy, being away from your normal routine and trying something new is a great way to recharge. The same can be said for sex, trying new things and experience new ways of having sex can really energise you. When you put the two together and have new sex while on holiday it can be mind-blowing and something you will remember forever.

Gay Escorts on a City Break

Because it is new and exciting sex in a new and exciting place, finding that person to have the sex with can be a little more challenging, but this is what makes it great, makes it better, makes it more interesting and more memorable, you are not falling into old routines, and you are not picking the same type of guy for the same type of gay sex. So, choose someone new, choose something new and really enjoy holiday sex for what it is.

Great Gay Holiday Sex

Whether it is new sights, new smells, new tastes or new people, being on holiday can me us excited and make us horny, forget finding that one Hollywood holiday romance, this is not what we are taking about, new holiday sex does not have to be truly romantic, but it does have to be hot, and it does have to be exciting. Holiday sex may also release some sexual inhibitions making us open to things we had never tried before, relaxation, lots of sleep and an adventurous spirit can make us also adventurous in the bedroom so take advantage and explore your sensual sexuality.

So how to find the man to have great gay sex on holiday with – there are a few ways:

Take a Gay Escort with You – This is one of the best ways to have holiday sex, not only will you have a handsome and charming companion, but you will also have someone who is willing and ready to meet all your sexual needs on holiday without you having to reciprocate and think about his needs – we think that sounds like perfect holiday sex. www.sleepyboy.com has an amazing assortment of sexy guys who are available for both UK and international travel.

Find a Gay Escort there – perhaps you don’t want a companion all the time, or you are travelling with people already but want to experience some great holiday sex wherever you are in the world, then look at the international escorts section of sleepyboy.com and find the location you are going to and message ahead to let them know you are coming, and you want to cum!

Remember that holidays do not have to be in exotic locations across the globe you can holiday on the UK, on a city break or even if you are travelling to UK cities for work, there is great gay sex to be had across the UK if you look out for it. However, we must admit, having sex on a warm beach or in front of a roaring fire in a ski resort does sound better that hotel room in Leeds!

Steamy Anal Sex Techniques

created: July 29th, 2022
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Gay Escorts are skilled at and love anal sex. Whether giving or receiving these hot guys know everything there is to know about anal sex and they are happy to share their knowledge with you. The best way to get experience in steamy anal sex is to spend time with a gay escort. Find the hottest guys with the best technique on www.sleepyboy.com

Gay Escorts and Anal Sex

For some men, anal sex is a subject which can cause anxiety, and this really doesn't have to be the case. Sometimes anal sex can be seen as a taboo and many people lack knowledge about it, which can lead some to believe it will be unpleasant. However, this isn't the case, and the more you know about anal sex, the higher quality anal sex you will experience.

Difficulties can arise if the opening to the rectum is too tense, thereby initially becoming difficult for penile penetration, but once the penis is in, the rectum will expand, and it can then enlarge enough to accommodate your partner with ease. There is a lot of pleasure to be found from having anal sex, as the anus has many nerve endings, and upon penetration, the penis will stimulate the prostate gland, which can lead to fantastically intense orgasms.

Orgasmic Anal Sex

Anal sex is not only physically stimulating but psychologically invigorating too; as it is something incredibly intimate and erotic, and there also is a certain degree of trust surrendered to the giver.

Get to know your body, become comfortable, and experiment with different kinds of stimulation. Taking things slow and gentle is the best way to get started, as it will relax your internal sphincter. Experimenting with sex-toys, dildos, and anal beads as these are a great way to discover what you enjoy and learn distinct methods of reducing possible pain, as pressure and friction can be caused. You can reduce pain by making sure that you use enough lubricant; each person is different and will react to anal penetration differently, so using a good lube can be vital when pushing forward with the pleasures of anal sex.

Lubrication is the Key

You can never have enough lube! Practicing relaxation techniques, and deep breathing, can help with penile insertion. Communicate openly with your partner, and if things become uncomfortable, stop.

It may seem a little obvious, but it is important to think about anal hygiene. Good hygiene standards will make for a much better experience, and as well as looking after your own health, will prevent any embarrassing incidents with your gay escort.

Anal Sex Positions

Different positions can also help with comfort; but once again this is all down to the individual, as the size of erection and degree of curvature to the penis can come into play. Many men find it easier when their knees are bent in towards their chest; whether you are kneeling or lying on a bed, this position tends to be a good one to start with, as the anal canal is elongated. Always remember try to relax; so many irrational thoughts can run through your head when experiencing anal sex, but there is really no need for such worry.

Take your time, learn to relax, be comfortable and open regarding the feel of pressure on your anus, and you will soon learn how to have amazing, pain-free anal sex every time.

Escort of the Week

created: July 26th, 2022
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Escort of the Week

All About Rimming

created: July 21st, 2022
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Rimming is a great joy of gay sex, but many gay men are a little nervous about doing it for the first time, or even having it done to them!

Gay Escorts and Rimming

For absolute rimming pleasure you should spend time with a gay escort, they will play with your ass until you know exactly what it feels like to be rimmed, and then to give that in return. It is such fun and feels amazing it is really something every man should try.

Anal Rimming and Gay Sex

Anal oral play may not quite be to everyone's taste, as it can come with a certain level of ''ick'' factor for some people, gay or straight; but this really doesn't have to be the case, as analingus, or ''rimming'' can provide a multitude of pleasurable sensations. As your anus is filled with nerve endings, when it’s tickled with a tongue it can result in heightened sensations; feelings that are deeply sensual.

Rimming – How To

Your first step is to make sure that you're clean; go to the bathroom, and have a shower using warm, soapy water, and clean all around your anus; you can employ the service of a douche if you like, an accessory which squirts a stream of warm water into the anal canal, if you get really hung up on the cleanliness factor; when you feel the natural urge to expel the water, the douche will rinse any remaining faecal matter from the colon.

Don't get overly vigorous with regards to the anal cleaning, as you can easily damage or tear the tissue of the anus, as the skin is so thin. If you can't get past the ''ick'' factor when performing this routine, then you can use something called a Dental Dam, which is a specially designed appliance which acts like a condom, because it causes a barrier between the anus and the mouth. Personal grooming can help to keep things clean and reduces the risk of anything embarrassing clinging on to where it shouldn't.

Amazing Gay Sex Experiences

Rimming and anal play can be anything you desire; it can be stroking, caressing, pressing, or licking; the tongue can penetrate the rectal opening, or not. Experiment with various positions; some may well make you feel too open and vulnerable, but don't be hesitant to spread the buttocks. This is all part of the inherent enjoyment, as you're making room for your tongue.

When it comes down to any kind of anal play; whether this is foreplay leading towards anal sex or the main act in and of itself, we all have the same concerns, and with the correct preparation, there is really nothing to worry about.

If you have a suspicion that you might soon be lucky enough to experience anal play, then some common sense can come into play too. It sounds funny, but it's better to avoid any foods that will naturally make your body produce more gas; doing this will reduce some of the anxieties that people get caught up with when the words rimming, and anal play come into the conversation.

Rimming and anal play is a sensory experience that many people enjoy; it certainly need not be a taboo, as it can be practiced both safely and hygienically, and give you many hours of hot pleasure.

Escort of the Week

created: July 15th, 2022
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Escort of the Week

Dealing with Large Cocks and Gay Escorts

created: July 12th, 2022
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A nice gay escort with a huge cock is the fantasy for many gay men, and fortunately this can be a reality when you find a gorgeous gay escort on www.sleepyboy.com.

A large cock, while great in fantasy land can sometimes cause problems you didn’t expect or fantasise about, so here are some tips to help you navigate a monster cock.

Huge Cock Gay Escorts

The biggest problem men fear if they are faced with an enormous manhood is mainly one of a practical nature – first of all, will it fit? And second, will it hurt?

Huge Penises & Anal Sex

We are not just talking about a nice meaty penis; a well-hung man is a joy to behold, and most cocks are perfectly acceptable for gay sex. For this blog we are looking at how to handle a really big one, larger than average, as seeing a huge cock for the first time can be a little intimidating when you consider it in relation to your tiny ass hole!

However huge cocks are not to be avoided when it comes to great anal sex, all you need is a few sexy tips, a bit of patience and a lot of lube, and you will be able to enjoy his full manhood just the way you like it. If you are looking specifically for sex with a huge cock then did you know you can search the biggest gay escort directory by cocksize, so you are able to choose just what you are looking for.

Tips for dealing with huge cocks

As Gay Escorts are also experts, they will be able to ease you into having amazing anal sex, whatever size of penis you are faces with. Here are some top tips if you are faced with a huge penis:

Use toys to relax – Using anal sex toys is a great way for you to get familiar with how it feels to have large items in your anus, you can start will small slim dildos and work right up to something large that resembles a bigger than normal penis. Taking it slow and steady over time will help your anus relax and expand so you can take the bigger cocks no problem.

Lube is your friend – Lube, lube, and more lube will literally help smooth things along, both with sex toys and hard cocks. Ensure you put some lube up your ass along with on the penis so that there are smooth edges all round and don’t be worried about applying more as you go on.

Explore anal play – If there is a real monster cock in the room and you feel a little scared, start with anal toys until you feel relaxed, happy, and horny enough to try taking that huge cock a little at a time

Communication – Start slow take it a little at a time and keep communication about what feels good and when you are ready to take a little more, don’t feel bad about slowing down – often that can also feel amazing!

created: July 8th, 2022
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created: July 6th, 2022
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Gay Escorts Can Be for More Than Great Sex

created: July 4th, 2022
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Gay escorts are amazing at gay sex, but in addition to that they are all also really hot, friendly, sexy guys who can offer much more than just an orgasmic experience if that is what you are looking for.

Gay Escorts More Than Sex

Gay Escorts have come a long way in recent years and the highly innovative way that Gay Escorts use the internet ensures you can always find what you are looking for and are able to view and compare Gay Escorts quickly and easily using great directories like www.SleepyBoy.com

Gay Boyfriend Experience

The development in Gay Escorts means that along with a quick date with a hot escort just for sex, you can also find guys willing to fulfil your every fantasy, desire and other services including Gay Escorts which offer a lot more than just great Gay Sex. From romantic candlelit dinners and relaxing massages to dinner shows and shopping trips - Gay Escorts are great companions along with being great sexual partners.

Sophisticated Gay Escorts

Gay Escorts are in a class of their own, highly sophisticated and possess the desirable qualities a discerning gentleman requires, whether you are looking for a companion to show you around town, or to accompany you to a private function, elite escorts are a perfect fit. From Museum Visits to holiday companions there are many escorts on sleepyboy.com from which you can choose from. The Elite Gay Escorts are professionals who are great at making you feel wanted and wonderful while being fun and interesting company at the same time.

Time Well Spent with a Gay Escort

Gay Escorts are available for a few hours, overnight, a weekend or longer – each one has a unique approach so you can spend time finding the perfect one for your needs. We can supply you with a few helpful suggestions regarding how best to start your evening off, which will impress your high-class male gay escort - your efforts won’t go unnoticed either!

Consider a cocktail bar to start, an ideal contribution towards your ‘breaking the ice’ with your gay male escort, let him know what you like him to wear – he can turn up in anything from full black tie to smart casual. If you fancy a bite to eat, then it’s worth mentioning that quaint gastropubs are a superb option for a wide range of food choices, accompanied by a friendly relaxed atmosphere, hotel restaurants and fine dining establishments are also great options.

Satisfaction with a Gay Escort

Your Gay Escort will want you, above all, for you to be happy so when you are planning your adventure together be sure to be open and honest about what you want from him when you engage his services. There is never any need to be shy when hiring the services of an elite gay escort, the more specific you can be about what you are looking for, the more he can plan to meet all your needs. This can be anything from your favourite flowers to your favourite sexual position.

Gay escorts are the most exciting and interesting Gay Escorts to hire, suave, sophisticated, and ready to please they can be discreet and polite if you want to take them to a public function or hot and horny if you just want them in bed.

Amazing Gay Massage Experiences with a Gay Escort

created: July 1st, 2022
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There is something so soothing, sensual, and sexual about a strong man’s hands running all over your body. Relaxational and satisfaction rolled together in one perfect experience, that is what makes gay massage such a popular, ensuring item for gay men all over the world.

Gay Escorts and Gay Massage

Many male gay escorts can provide you with some of the finest gay massage services available within your city, they are fully versed in full body stimulating massage therapies and treatments. So, whether you have had a hard week and are looking for relaxation and to unwind, or you want to try something new; many escorts make for a great masseuse and will leave you satisfied and longing for more.

If you are new to the idea of massage services provided by male gay escorts, then we can advise you on some of the most common treatments requested, and we're sure that you will never leave disappointed. These include Relaxation therapy, Nude Body to Body, Hot Oil Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, NURU massage (body gliding), and Sports Therapy.

Gay Massage is Amazing

When you hire a sexy rent boy for massage purposes you are assured that you receive some of the very best male massage therapies that your city has to offer. Sleepyboy.com has escorts listed across England, Wales, and Scotland along with many of the major cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. As many gay male escorts provide a range of massage treatments, you are not restricted to just one you can incorporate two or more into one session.

What to Expect from Your Gay Escort Masseuse?

Your masseuse will ask you or help you, if you'd prefer to strip down till you are fully naked - you will be asked to lie down on a table, and he will make sure that you are thoroughly relaxed, before he continues your treatment. If you'd prefer to remain partly clothed, then this should be arranged at the time of your booking.

If you are experience a NURU massage, or a male body-to-body massage, then you will be covered, head-to-toe, in a specialist gel or oil, which heightens your sensations. Your gay male escort masseuse will then get on top of you and perform a full nude body-to-body massage, rubbing himself on you, using a variety of pressures, making for a highly erotic, yet relaxing experience.

When you book for these therapy services, it is like any other booking you may wish to make with your gay male escort, personal hygiene can be an issue - always make sure that you are freshly showered beforehand. Your rent boy will do the same as nobody wants their massage incorporated with sweat, do they now?

Find a Gay Escort for Gay Massage

Your hot Gay Escort will be immaculate in appearance, and exhibit professionalism throughout, so making an effort for your gay male escort goes a long way towards showing them the appreciation and the respect that they deserve. Their skills will no doubt shine through; creating a professional relationship between oneself and one's gay male escort can further your enjoyment, as it aids relaxation, comfort, and most of all trust between the both of you, which only grows with every booking, so you are truly assured the best of personal experiences and are guaranteed the utmost level of discretion.


created: June 28th, 2022
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Buy your badge from us now and as well as showing some pride, you will be helping our nominated charity for this year, more details here.

created: June 27th, 2022
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created: June 24th, 2022
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A Quick Guide to Booking a Gay Escort

created: June 23rd, 2022
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Gay Escorts make having great gay sex easy and booking them is also a really easy process. If you have never had a date with a gay escort it can be a little intimidating to get started, by be reassured these hot guys are professionals and they love to please, so follow our tips below and get ready for the best gay sex of your life.

Start by browsing for your favourite gay escort at the biggest and best gay escort directory www.sleepyboy.com

Spending time with a Gay Escort

There is nothing to feel intimidated about, the first thing to remember is that these sexy men, no matter how hot they are, want to make you happy. The gay escorts listed on sleepyboy.com are relaxed, friendly, and professional. Booking time with a gay escort is a fast, fun, and simple way to get your sexual kicks. But how do you go about selecting the right person for you? It’s easy! Just follow this step-by-step guide.

Step One - Decide exactly what it is that you’re after. Gay Sex is a huge sphere, and you need to be upfront and open with what you want to ensure that you get the satisfaction that you’re after. So, whether it’s a one-night fling with a twink that you fancy, or an evening of BDSM with a Bear, make sure you decide on all elements of your sex play so you can choose a gay escort who is the best fit for you.

Step Two - Once you know what you’re after, it’s time to identify the location you want, and how many miles radius around this that you’re prepared to consider. This is less of a problem if you’re travelling to them, but if they’re coming to you then you don’t want to waste a chunk of your valuable evening waiting for them to drive 50 miles – no matter how perfect they are! Remember that the sleepyboy.com website offers you many ways to slim down the search for your perfect gay escort using their advanced search filters.

Step Three - Now for the fun part! It’s time to browse the profiles that appeal to you. You’re paying for time with a gay escort so make sure you choose your guy carefully. A good profile will have some stats info and a range of recent photos. Some may have a list of sexual behaviours that they do and don’t do so that you don’t waste your time with someone who’s not on your wavelength.

Step Four - Deep breath – it’s time to make the first contact. Send a message to your favourite escort with your location and requirements and a time and date you want to meet to see if they can accommodate you. Set out exactly what you want and where and wait for them to confirm and explain their rates.

Step Five - Once it all looks good, you can go ahead and ask that favourite gay escort to meet you. Arrange the finer details of your liaison, like when and where. Ask for exactly what you want – if you want him to come dressed as a soldier, or strip to reveal ladies’ underwear, then you need to say so. Ultimately, this is a business transaction and you’re there to have your needs met, so make sure that he can satisfy you.

Gay Escorts and Shibari

created: June 15th, 2022
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Shibari is a technical style of ancient bondage, beloved by many men and when it is delivered by a beautiful Gay Escort it is better than ever. Also known as Kinbaku or Japanese bondage it is beautifully sensual experience that takes the sensual side of bondage to the next level with interestingly and intricately tied artistic knots. As bondage is increasing in popularity those who love bondage but want it to be more sensual are finding Shibari and loving it.

Gay Escorts Love Shibari Bondage

Shibari differs from other types of bondage in that the focus is on the sensations given by the ties themselves. The dominant person ties the bonds in a way that heightens the arousal of the submissive. This doesn’t just mean on erogenous zones, but all over the body. The lack of control heightens the experience as they are completely vulnerable to the other person. This results in them being immersed in the experience and forced to focus on the physical sensations and trust the dominant partner. It is overwhelming and intense and guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience and test your sense of control and vulnerability especially when delivered by a Gay Escort.

Bondage Sexual Fantasies

When it comes to indulging in your secret fantasies, a Gay Escort is often the perfect choice. They can ensure you get the best experience possible, in a safe and comfortable environment. If you have always wanted to try it, but don’t know where to start, you have the choice of finding a Gay Escort who is experienced in the art of Shibari so that they can guide you. If you already have a favourite Gay Escort, you can embark on this special adventure together, which will only enhance the experience and bring you even closer.

Gay Escort Fantasy

It is important to discuss your expectations and limits before you get started. Shibari will push you to your limits and you need to be open and honest with yourself and each other to get the most out it. If there is anything you are worried about or you know you do not enjoy, tell your Gay Escort so that you don’t need to worry about the experience going in that direction. If there is anything you are intrigued by and think you want to try, but aren’t 100% sure about, don’t be shy and be honest about it so they know to approach it in a delicate way.

Gay Escorts and Bondage

Shibari may take you out of your comfort zone, but it could well be one of the most eye-opening sexual experiences you ever have. The best advice for experiencing Shibari for the first time is to go in with your mind open and a willingness to experience the unusual. Find a sexy Gay Escort to explore this with and be open and honest about what you want and what you are worried about. The art of shibari is to be in the moment and fully involved in all the sensations.

Our Escort of the week

created: June 14th, 2022
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Our Escort of the week

Gay Escorts Take Discretion Seriously

created: June 7th, 2022
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Do you love gay sex, but don’t want everyone knowing what you are doing, who you are doing and where you are doing it? We agree totally and completely understand. Gay Sex is personal and sharing it with the world is not what anyone wants to do (unless you are into that sort of thing of course!). But overall keeping your sexual encounters private is everyone’s default position.

So, how do you match that need to be discrete with your love of having great gay sex with a range of partners and escorts? Here are some basic and easy to follow tips:

Variation is Key

If you like gay escorts to come and visit you in your home but don’t want anyone to notice then changing the day, time and person who comes is the best way of keeping discretion and you reduce the amount of people who will notice comings and goings. If you live in a bust apartment block this will be less noticeable than if you live on a quiet suburban street so, make your own judgement on that. Perhaps take an afternoon off work one day so you can have some great gay sex when everyone else is at work, or if a weekday is no good try a Sunday afternoon. If you have the same gay escort, come at the same time, on the same day every week it is more likely to be remarked upon that if it is different men at different times on different days, this can make it exciting for you too.

Meet in a Neutral Location

If you think having a gay escort meet you at your home is simply too indiscrete, or it is just not possible then making other arrangements is the answer, perhaps book an escort who is able to accommodate or pick a hotel room instead. If you are meeting in a hotel, then perhaps think of booking one in the next town or city to limit the possibility of you being seen if this would cause problems in explaining why and where you were.

Use a Fantasy

Perhaps you want to use gay escorts to escape from your normal routine while having amazing gay sex, many men do, so if you want to protect your privacy even further have an alternative fantasy name that you use when you are meeting escorts. This means the escort will not know your real name, you could even go a step further and create a whole new persona, this has the added benefit of letting you be discrete while also acting out some of your best gay sex fantasies.

Gay Escorts are Discrete

Gay Escorts will completely respect your privacy and your need for discretion, they also need discretion as they may not want to tell everyone in their lives that they are an escort either. If you want to be extremely discrete then remember to tell your gay escort this so they can act accordingly and also put you at your ease about it so you can enjoy your time together.

Gay Escorts, Bi-Sexual Escorts & Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

A major change has taken place in the last five years, where you can see an increasingly obvious decline of the gay escort in London and the gay escort in the UK. The reason for the decline of the male escort on the streets is the increase of the internets popularity. There are many reasons the gay escort in the UK has moved business online. A bi escort in London can feel more secure and can find far more clients online amongst many other reasons.

With the popularity of the gay escort in the UK and the openness of the gay community, there are many homophobic gangs which harass popular spots where one can find a gay escort in the UK. The same is said for the bi escort in London. Though the bi escort in London isnt gay and doesnt focus only on males, they are often harassed by anyone that disproves of their acts. The internet offers a safer place where both a bi escort in London as well as a gay escort in London can do business without the worry of being harassed or tormented based on their sexual preference.

Also, the bi escort in London can find a lot more business by posting an ad online rather than standing on the street where they once were. The bi escort in London also has a place in many of these online websites. The online world offers many customers that may have been uncomfortable or unable to approach a gay escort in London to do it in a more discreet and secure way. Instead of asking inappropriate questions, especially for first timers, a client can look at what the bi escort in London offers and then contact them for service. When approaching a gay escort in the UK usually happens in a quick manner and the client cannot fully look at them or communicate with them, and the internet provides the client with as much information and images as the client may feel they need.

A male escort can work online in several ways. The most popular is finding a gay escort in London website which offers ads which can be posted. The male escort then creates an ad with pictures, personal information, measurements, services they offer, and prices. This makes the shopping and searching much easier. Once the connection has been made and the male escort and client are in contact they can determine the place and time to meet. From there they male escort gets their payment and its 100% for them. A gay escort in the UK can find ads online anywhere from the very inexpensive to extremely pricey, depending on the traffic in the website.

The other way that a male escort can find work online is through an agent. Very rarely does a gay escort in London actually have a "pimp" as they tend to work alone or with an agency. The agency is a great way for a gay escort in the UK to find business and to keep it consistent. The way it works with an agency is that the client looks through the different pictures and chooses a male escort. Then based on the location, services, image, and personal preferences they choose a gay escort in London. Once they find what they need, they contact the agency and set a time of meeting and location. When the male escort finishes their work and takes the money, they give a percent to the agency and keep the difference and any tips. The percent is determined based on the popularity of the agency.

Thought you can still find a gay escort in London on the streets, there are far less today than there were 5 years ago. The internet has taken over and is controlling the male escort market. Whether through an agent or working on their own, the male escort can do business in a safer and more secure manner online.