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Loving Sex Does Not Make You a Sex Addict

There are many misconceptions about gay sex, much of it around how much sex is ‘normal’ and how much everyone else is actually getting. Many men love having sex, and I mean really love it, want to have as much of it as they can possibly get and who can really blame them when it feels so good. So, when is how much too much and how can you feel confident and happy with the amount of gay sex you are having.

How Much Gay Sex are you Having?

Being a sex addict and simply loving gay sex are two very different things so how can you decide if you are having too much sex? If you spend a lot of time with the horny and handsome gay escorts on or end up in bed with different strangers on a regular basis then you may be doing some reflecting on your own sexual behaviours. Re-centring how we approach gay sex, whom we have it with and how often we have it is not a bad thing to do, but equally having a healthy and enjoyable gay sex life is not something that should be shied away from.

What is a Sex Addict

The WHO (World Health Organisation) advise that they don’t use the term ‘Sex addiction’ as there is not enough clinical evidence that sex or porn is addictive. They do recognise something called compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder’ which has a very strict definition where one’s life is very out of balance and control before they can be defined as suffering from this disorder. Often what society calls sex addiction is simply a judgment that you re having more sex than most other people, this is also judged from a hetro-normal, sex-negative point of view. So, what you may feel is too much sex is simply a feeling of being different from what society says you should be – and we all know how right society is about everything!

So, if you are not a sex addict then how much sex is appropriate for you. The answer to that question is simply as much as you want to fit into your life, sex that gives balance to your life and where you enjoy it and it doesn’t take over or become more dominant than other parts of your life. That is not too say that you don’t have a problem, but often the sex is a symptom and not a cause.

Lots of Gay Sex is Great Sex

If you enjoy gay sex and you want it every day – why not! If you are not in a relationship, then this may mean spending time with gay escorts or hooking up with guys in bars etc. As the latter can be time consuming and you want a great experience then hiring a gay escort is the easiest and most satisfying way to have all the gay sex you want, ensure it is great gay sex and then go on with the rest of your day feeling amazing.

Loving gay sex does not make you a sex addict, find the right balance in your life for gay sex and you will enjoy it even more, to find amazing gay escorts to make this happen with visit

created: May 27th, 2019
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Escort of the Week

Getting a Gay Escort to Come to You

created: May 19th, 2019
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Outcalls is the term used for a gay escort to come to your place for your date. It’s a pretty universal phrase and those gay escorts who do outcalls have it listed on their profile, so you know they are willing to come to you. Everyone has different reasons for spending time with a gay escort, apart from the obvious mind-blowing sexual experience, and where you want to meet may differ because of your personal circumstances.

Hotel Meets

A hotel is a great place for meeting up with a gay escort, for many men they are still unable (for a variety of reasons) to tell their family that they are gay, so privacy is paramount when they want to meet a gay escort. Married men and professional men often cannot be seen in the company of a gay escort in public so hotels make the perfect place where you can relax, be private, and be pampered without the fear of being discovered. Hotels can be in your home town, out of town, in another city or even another country!

Gay Escorts & Mobility

If you have a disability or a mobility issue which means you cannot come to see a gay escort, then you can arrange for a gay escort to come and meet your in your home or a place of your choice. If you do have mobility issues or more complex health needs, then a gay escort can visit you in your home to provide a satisfying sexual experience while being in the comfort of your own space and equipment.

Business Meetings

Are you a busy man and need a gay escort to come to you, perhaps you have your own office then having a gay escort come to you is the quickest and easiest way to have an amazing sexual experience in the shortest possible time. Gay Escorts are often available to come on business trips with you and be a companion for you when you are away from home.

Truckers & Gay Escorts

If you drive a truck and know where you will be then you can arrange for a sexy gay escort to meet you at your truck stop for a rendezvous! Great gay sex is often better quick and in your truck, letting you fantasise about the meet all the way to your destination and then remember it until you can hook up again!

Gay Escorts are often available to meet you anywhere you choose, they are also often available at short notice meaning they can be ready for great gay sex whenever you are. Using the search functions on the sleepyboy website you can search for gay escorts near you and those who offer outcalls and those who are available right away. Whatever type of gay escort you are looking for your will find them on , simply send them a message to see if they can accommodate your request and then be ready to greet them when they arrive at the appointed time and place.

Special Fetishes

created: May 18th, 2019
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Many escorts at specialize in their own fetishes that might match yours, today we have prepared a list of escorts who enjoy water sports, some like to give, others receive! find a full list by clicking the image below.

Get Over Your Ex with a Gay Escort

created: May 9th, 2019
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Get Over Your Ex with a Gay Escort

Breakups can be liberating, and breakups can be hard. Sometimes they can be both, but however you have left it with your ex-boyfriend there will be some adjustments to your life going forwards. Depending on how long, how passionate or how serious your ex relationship was will depend on how long it takes to adjust and what steps you have to take to get over the ex and the role they played in your life.

Ways to get over your Ex-Boyfriend

If you have just broken up with an ex-boyfriend then here are some quick top tips on surviving the first few days, weeks and months.

  1. Don’t call him, text him or message him in any way. It may feel very tempting but once you know it is over, what more is there to say. And most of all don’t call him when you have had a few drinks, you never know what you might say!
  2. Spend time with friends – not his friend tho! Spending time with your own friends and being a little sad, lamenting, or angry about your ex is fine. If you have joint friends, or your friends have merged over time be careful about what you say and to whom, as they may repeat it back to your ex – as they are his friends too – perhaps a friend cull is in order to ensure you can separate fully!
  3. Spend time on things that you enjoy. Maybe getting back into your running, starting a new class or picking up that hobby that has been doing nothing for a while is a great way to take your mind away from your ex.
  4. Have an escape plan – If you and your ex still go to many of the same haunts there are a few things you should do. The first is perhaps find some new places to hang out, and the second is to have an escape plan for the inevitable time when you bump into your ex when you are out and about.
  5. Have some great gay sex. One of the best ways to really know that you will be fine in the future is to have some great sex, to remind you there are plenty more fish in the sea, that you are attractive and desirable and gay sex just makes you feel great.

Gay Sex with a Gay Escort

Your first gay sex outing after breaking up with an ex can be potentially complicated. If you have been with your partner for a long time having sex with another man may seem very strange, if he was your first partner then having sex with another man can seem very scary and if you are worried you will never find anyone else to love you then finding a man to have sex with can seem daunting.

Fortunately, the best advice for having sex after a break up is to find a gay escort that makes you horny and then have an amazing sexual experience with them. Having sex with a gay escort avoids the awkward situation of perhaps having sex with someone you and your ex know, or stops you having to try and find someone else to have sex with when you are feeling a little low. A gay escort will make you feel at ease and give you an incredible sexual experience, you will feel wanted and desirable after your time together ready for what you new future is going to be.

Gay Escorts, Bi-Sexual Escorts & Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

A major change has taken place in the last five years, where you can see an increasingly obvious decline of the gay escort in London and the gay escort in the UK. The reason for the decline of the male escort on the streets is the increase of the internets popularity. There are many reasons the gay escort in the UK has moved business online. A bi escort in London can feel more secure and can find far more clients online amongst many other reasons.

With the popularity of the gay escort in the UK and the openness of the gay community, there are many homophobic gangs which harass popular spots where one can find a gay escort in the UK. The same is said for the bi escort in London. Though the bi escort in London isnt gay and doesnt focus only on males, they are often harassed by anyone that disproves of their acts. The internet offers a safer place where both a bi escort in London as well as a gay escort in London can do business without the worry of being harassed or tormented based on their sexual preference.

Also, the bi escort in London can find a lot more business by posting an ad online rather than standing on the street where they once were. The bi escort in London also has a place in many of these online websites. The online world offers many customers that may have been uncomfortable or unable to approach a gay escort in London to do it in a more discreet and secure way. Instead of asking inappropriate questions, especially for first timers, a client can look at what the bi escort in London offers and then contact them for service. When approaching a gay escort in the UK usually happens in a quick manner and the client cannot fully look at them or communicate with them, and the internet provides the client with as much information and images as the client may feel they need.

A male escort can work online in several ways. The most popular is finding a gay escort in London website which offers ads which can be posted. The male escort then creates an ad with pictures, personal information, measurements, services they offer, and prices. This makes the shopping and searching much easier. Once the connection has been made and the male escort and client are in contact they can determine the place and time to meet. From there they male escort gets their payment and its 100% for them. A gay escort in the UK can find ads online anywhere from the very inexpensive to extremely pricey, depending on the traffic in the website.

The other way that a male escort can find work online is through an agent. Very rarely does a gay escort in London actually have a "pimp" as they tend to work alone or with an agency. The agency is a great way for a gay escort in the UK to find business and to keep it consistent. The way it works with an agency is that the client looks through the different pictures and chooses a male escort. Then based on the location, services, image, and personal preferences they choose a gay escort in London. Once they find what they need, they contact the agency and set a time of meeting and location. When the male escort finishes their work and takes the money, they give a percent to the agency and keep the difference and any tips. The percent is determined based on the popularity of the agency.

Thought you can still find a gay escort in London on the streets, there are far less today than there were 5 years ago. The internet has taken over and is controlling the male escort market. Whether through an agent or working on their own, the male escort can do business in a safer and more secure manner online.


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