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Gay Escorts are Amazing at Sensory Deprivation Games

created: March 2nd, 2021
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Part of the thrill of being with your gay escort is that you get to call the shots. If there are games you want to play, scenarios you’d like played out or role play to satisfy your desires, then all of these, plus more, will be available to you with your escort. Sensory deprivation is at the lighter end of the BDSM scale, if that’s your thing and Gay Escort are the best people to play these games with. Find your favourite gay escort at sleepyboy.com

Sensory Deprivation Games & Gay Escortst

Sensory deprivation sex games are some of the most powerful stimuli known to man. We have five senses and losing the use of any one of these heightens your awareness in the others, making every touch and tease so much more intense. Remember to set a safe word or safe signal if you are restrained so that you can let your gay escort know if you need a break!

Here are some ways to play with your gay escort:

Kinky Sensory Play - Earplugs/ear muffst

This is a good one if you’re just starting out to explore down this route, or you want something at the gentler end of the scale. Wearing earplugs means that you can’t hear things that perhaps you’re not supposed to. Or maybe they’ll be masking the jingle-jangle of chains and cuffs....

Kinky Sensory Play - Blindfoldt

Do you want a blinding experience? Using a thick blindfold to lock out the light plunges you into darkness and leaves you vulnerable and craving every little touch. You can’t see – so you’re not in control. As well as being at the mercy of your gay partner, the feel of the blindfold itself against your skin is often erotic, especially if it’s by association because you’ve done it before.

These more simple sensory deprivation games can be fun and fulfilling. But as with all sexual predilections, there is a darker side to explore. If you’re looking for a more extreme experience, then you might be intrigued by the harder alternatives.

Kinky Sensory Play - Ball-gagt

This is actually one of the most favoured deprivation devices. Using this as a tool in your sex play games means that your mouth is totally incapacitated. The submissive won’t be able to talk or taste and because this is often used in conjunction with a blindfold/head mask and handcuffs, it makes it a much stronger tool in deprivation sex games. A ball-gag is not for the inexperienced.

Kinky Sensory Play - Vacuum Bedt

Now this is a much more extreme form of sensory deprivation sex play – but as with all extreme measures, there are extreme rewards on offer. Using a vacuum bed is really straying into more extensive BDSM territory and it is only for masters of sensory deprivation. This bed is designed to remove all five of your senses and restrict your breathing. Given a super thrill with its touch, the bed will cling to every inch, delivering the ultimate in sex appeal. A true dream of a sensory deprivation sex game.

Kinky Sensory Play - Gas Maskt

Now this is a good tool for torture if that’s what you’re looking for; it can be truly terrifying. It masks four out of five senses – you can choose which one you’d like to keep. Again, this is not for beginners, but breath play often delivers the ultimate in orgasms.

created: February 25th, 2021
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Dreaming of Gay Sex Fantasies – Is That Normal?

created: February 23rd, 2021
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We all may be missing a bit of connection at the moment, and for many of us that means we start dreaming of really kinky gay sex! Fortunately, the sexy guys at sleepyboy.com are available for phone and cam sex or you can wait until you can really indulge in some kinky gay sex in the not too distant future! With so many kinky thoughts going on, many men wonder how normal this is, and we are here to tell you it’s totally normal and we love having kinky fantasies!

Are Gay Sex Fantasies Normal?

Sex fantasies involving other adults are completely normal. Not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, kinks, or sexual preferences. If the thought of getting up close and personal with a sexy gay escort gets you aroused and sexually excited, well good for you! Many straight men also have gay sex fantasies and that too is completely normal, wanting to try something new or having new and exciting sexual experience is a fun part of life we should all enjoy!

Naughty Gay Fantasies are Great!

Sometimes it is the thought of it being naughty and forbidden is just what makes it so god damn hot! Then looking at the gorgeous gay guys on sleepyboy.com and knowing these dreams could become reality with one quick phone call makes it all the better!

If you’re looking to make your hot gay sex fantasy a reality, take a browse at our Directory to find your perfect gay escort playmate!

Fantasies Show a Healthy Attitude to Gay Sex

It’s good, and healthy, to have a positive attitude towards sex. Everyone is different so open your mind, and let your imagination guide you towards intimate sexual experiences that you find exciting and fulfilling. Never think of your personal adult fun preference as something that is abnormal or negative. While other people may not openly share your specific desire, you never really know what secrets they’re keeping! Focus on the positive aspects of gay sex fantasy, with hot gay escort, that you find so pleasurable and highly desirable.

Share Fantasies with a Gay Escort

Not many men find it easy to discuss erotic fantasies with a partner, especially if you’ve never previously explored your sexuality on such a deep level. It’s normal to have a fear of ridicule and rejection, if you’re in a relationship but you’re constantly dreaming about gay sex fantasies. Being honest with yourself, about your wants and needs, to explore this natural side of your sexuality is important if you want to be happy in life. If you don’t have a partner hooking up with a gay escort and exploring these fantasies is fun and exciting, if you do have a partner, consider if they would be willing to invite a sexy gay escort into your bedroom for some threesome fun with an experience and kinky guy to show you the ropes!

Whatever fantasies you have (and there are so many!) remember you can explore them as much or as little as you want, if for example you have a BDSM fantasy but have never tried any BDSM activities before, tell this to your gay escort and they can take it slow so you can really discover which of your fantasies you want to make a kinky reality!

created: February 18th, 2021
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Top Tips from a Gay Escort on Being a Great Top!

created: February 15th, 2021
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Whether you prefer being a top all the time, or just want to switch it up, it can be a bit daunting making sure you are getting it right! Gay sex is amazing whether you are a top or a bottom and because many of us like to switch it up from time to time here are some top tips from the sexy guys at sleepyboy.com on making you a better top!

Gay Escorts Know Great Gay Sex

Here are some great tips on making giving the best experience to your bottom with top skills from the guys that know:

Relax & Enjoy - Be 100% relaxed and enjoy providing heavenly sensations for your partner. Bottoms sometimes can’t understand why tops choose to miss out on half of the pleasure, but if this is your thing, then fully relax and enjoy! A relaxed top is the key to bringing the best gay experiences.

Take it Slow - Brush up on your anatomy knowledge and be aware of potential issues for your partner. If you’re coupling up with an inexperienced bottom, then the chances are that he won’t be quite as relaxed down there as the more seasoned ones. The anal sphincter muscle is designed to clench tightly, and newbies may find it difficult to release on command. So take it slowly where necessary.

Positive Encouragement - Refrain from using slightly derogatory terms, like ’loose’. No bottom is going to like being referred to like this because of its negative connotations, so rule it out of your lexicon immediately.

Rhythms are Important - Alternate your speed. It’s no good getting in there and crashing down to beat the heck of his anus. Star with a steady rhythm and build up to something faster. And of course, don’t remember to listen to your partner and be reactive where it’s called for.

Confidence is Key - Stay confident and don’t worry about silly things like your penis size. As long as you know what to do with it then pleasure for your bottom is guaranteed.

Rimming is Nice - Use your tongue and breath to create different sensations when giving a rim job. With your tongue, don’t just stick to traditional licking, mix it up a bit by changing your angles, patterns and pressure.

Multiple Techniques - Use different techniques from gentle thrusting to jackhammering (pulling your penis out completely) and pounding which is basically thrusting as hard, deep and fast as you can go.

Keep Checking In - Be considerate to your bottom and pull out every once in a while. Obviously not mid-orgasm, but it’s good top etiquette to pause proceedings occasionally to check that all is well down below for your bottom partner. Keep an eye out for any obvious injuries, especially if there’s blood on your penis.

Add Some Toys - Don’t be afraid to bring toys into the bedroom. Some tops can get slightly worried that their bottom will prefer to use toys than have actual sex, but it gives a extra sensation either during foreplay, during or post-coital play.

Pause for Effect - Take momentary breaks while still staying inside him. The pause can be highly erotic as your body screams at you to carry on and it often prolongs and intensifies orgasms for the top while the bottom gets a brief rest from proceedings.


created: February 12th, 2021
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created: February 8th, 2021
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Gay Escort Valentines - Who will be your Valentine

created: February 4th, 2021
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Every year Valentine's day comes around and you perhaps are wondering how to make this one memorable. Perhaps it is your first time being free and single on valentines, or perhaps the thought of Valentine's Day makes you very, very horny and you want to have the best sex ever. Romance maybe on your mind and you want to be swept off your feet and be wined, dined and then thoroughly fucked by deliciously handsome man.

Valentine's Day Gay Escort

Whatever your reasons for looking forward to Valentine's Day – we hear you! And we have some great solutions for having the best Valentine's day you have ever experienced. The answer whether you want amazing sex, a romantic evening or a kinky experience is to tell your favourite gay escort what you are looking for and then let them deliver the best Valentine's day you have ever had.

Gay & Single on Valentine's Day

Seeing all the loved-up couples around you on Valentine's day can make you feel like you want to be a little loved up yourself, even if you are (for the rest of the year) happiest being free & single. So, if you are gay and single on Valentines day and want someone to share affection with then a gay escort is most certainly the answer for you. A beautiful man who will adore you for who you are for a whole evening, through the night or weekend and will behave just as you want him too – perfection. You can choose your favourite guy from the sexy men on www.sleepyboy.com and then let him know what your perfect Valentine's date night looks like.

Great Gay Sex on Valentine's Day

Having great sex throughout the year is of course important but it is highlighted every February 14th and if you needed an excuse to make sure you had one great night of sex, then why not make that night Valentine's day. Gay Escorts can accommodate any sexual desire, from relaxed fucking with cuddles and wine to kinky sex games in leather or latex. Whatever your pleasure is a gay escort will be able to ensure you have the best sex ever this valentine's day.

Romance Delivered on Valentine's Day

Romance is certainly not dead and the best gay sex often comes after a romantic date. Valentine's day is a day for making romance the star of the show, and whatever romance means to you, you will be able to have it all if you book time with a gay escort. Sexy, suave and sophisticated the horny gay escorts on sleepyboy.com are experts in making you feel romanced. Whether that is a romantic night out in a fancy restaurant before enjoying a swanky hotel room or just a hand in hand walk around the park before heading back for some serious kinky gay sex. Many of the gay escorts on sleepyboy.com offer a full boyfriend package and all you have to do is ask to be swept off your feet and they will deliver.

Whatever you are doing for Valentines day, you will do it better with a gay escort by your side.

created: January 30th, 2021
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Anal Foreplay Tips from A Gay Escort

created: January 25th, 2021
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Whether you’re a ‘top’, a ‘bottom’ or ‘versatile’, if you want to enjoy great anal sex it’s essential that you take your time with the foreplay. An experienced gay escort can certainly teach you a thing or two, when it comes to pleasure that is purely anal.

It’s not always all about priming your hole for penetration, y’know! Putting in a little extra anal foreplay effort will result in experiencing sensual anal pleasure that is intensified and mind-blowing.

Set Your Boundaries

On a hook up with a hot gay escort, from www.sleepyboy.com it’s wise to set your anal boundaries right from the off. Anal exploration doesn’t have to involve penetration if you’re not comfortable going that far. It’s also OK to stop and to take an anal foreplay break, or to completely change your mind.

Prep Your Penetration Place

Having some towels to hand, for wiping up and for resting your sex toys on, ensures that your sheets don’t end up with stains that won’t come out in the wash.

Warming Up

Every gay escort will tell you that you need to take your time warming up the anus if you want to be allowed to go inside. When the anus is fully relaxed penetration is much more pleasurable and enjoyable for the ‘bottom’.

Massaging the lower back and the top of the buttocks can help to relax the anal muscles in prep for fingering. If you like, your gay escort can use his tongue to gently rim your rosebud. Or vice versa.

Always use plenty of warming or cooling lube on your finger, or on the smallest anal specific sex toy.

Time for Gay Sex Toys

With so many great vibrating adult toys on the market to choose from, you’re bound to have a favourite anal foreplay toy. Get your gay escort to rub and stroke all around your anus with a lubed up vibrating prostate massager. The stimulation will result in you feeling an abundance of wild and erotic sensations.

Take A Break

With all that stimulation going on at your backdoor, your anus may suddenly feel the urge to push. If you can’t control this, ask your gay escort to stop while you take a toilet break.

The Hole Doesn’t Have to Be the Goal

While anal penetration can be intensely sexually pleasurable for both parties if you prefer not to have anal sex there is absolutely no reason why you can’t still enjoy the foreplay.

Focus your attention on the butt cheeks instead. Your gay escort will expertly massage away tension in the muscles of your buttocks using a sensually slippery massage oil. And if you suddenly change your mind about admission, he can dive right in.

created: January 22nd, 2021
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Gay Massage from A Gay Escort Is One of The Best Things in Life!

created: January 16th, 2021
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Of all the pleasures that you can enjoy in life, the sensation of intimate touch is likely to be at the top of anyone’s list. Massage can be relaxing, invigorating, therapeutic, sensual, or erotic, or all of them combined!

A gay escort who is experienced in the art of massage is definitely someone you want to spend quality time with. You can lie back and enjoy a tantalising erotic massage, or give a massage in return. Find the best gay escorts for massage and more on www.sleepyboy.com

Upgrade the Foreplay Techniques

If you want to enjoy a great sex experience with a gay escort, don’t be in a rush to get between the sheets. If you don’t yet have a repertoire of massage techniques that you can use to arouse and stimulate your gay escort, relax and unwind as you put your pleasure in their capable hands.

Gentle massage strokes during foreplay can greatly heighten the anticipation and expectation of sex. If you’re a ‘bottom’ you’ll obviously want to be relaxed before your gay escort takes the action further. Allow him to pour warm aromatic massage oils over your skin, and to melt your tense muscles with his touch.

Experiment with Erotic Massage

Unlike therapeutic massage that generally targets a specific area of the body, erotic massage focuses primarily on pleasure. Your gay escort will glide his hands all over your naked body, with the goal of stimulating your erogenous zones in preparation for full on sexual contact.

Teasing and Pleasing

To ensure that your gay escort experience is unforgettable and mind-blowing, your companion will give you a full-body massage that involves stroking and using other soothing and invigorating massage techniques on the head, neck, shoulders, back, torso, buttocks and legs.

Your gay escort masseur may tantalisingly brush his hands up close to your genitals, in order to watch you squirm with pleasure and delight. If your gay escort is highly experienced in the skill of erotic touch, he may oil up his body and lie on top of you to perform traditional Nuru style body-to-body massage. By now, you can anticipate being in a sexed-up frenzy!

Gay Escort and Massage

It’s important to take the teasing and pleasing extra slow so that you’re in a deep state of blissful relaxation. When you’re ready for release, your gay escort can bring out a selection of sex toys that vibrate, to awaken your ultra-sensitive erogenous zones so that you enjoy a happy ending.

created: January 15th, 2021
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created: January 11th, 2021
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Hire A Gay Escort Instead of Having Gay Sex for The Wrong Reasons

created: January 7th, 2021
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There’s absolutely no disputing that having gay sex is fun – when it’s for the right reasons, like sexual exploration, establishing intimacy and trust, and building a romantic relationship. But if you’re having gay sex for the wrong reasons it can eventually feel like a physical experience that is empty and transactional.

Gay Escorts are Amazing

If you’ve continually pursuing gay sex as a means of ignoring emotions, or as an alternative to being social, hooking up with a gay escort instead could be much more pleasurable and beneficial in fulfilling your wants and needs. Find the best gay escorts on www.sleepyboy.com

Rethink Your Quality Time

If you’re a gay guy with a hectic lifestyle, committing to a relationship may not be possible for you. Instead of scrolling through a dating app in search of a random connection, fill the companionship void of your downtime by spending quality time with a gay escort.

Your perfect gay escort puts no demands on your personal time and wants nothing from you. On an appointment with a sexy gay escort, you can have an ego boost and tension release, or just spend time chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

Redirect Your Motives

As a sexually active horny gay guy there may be times when you focus your attention on someone who like, but don’t genuinely fancy. It can be easy to misinterpret what you feel for someone, when you’re not open to being vulnerable and emotionally connected to another person.

Instead of having sex that spoils a friendship, and that you’ll later regret, redirect your motives and hire a gay escort that you find erotically attractive. You can complement him sincerely on his looks and personality, and skills in the bedroom.

Satisfy Your Sex Cravings

If you’re used to using sex as a coping mechanism, or to self-soothe, you may have a craving for sexual contact. Instead of calling up an ex or making a play for a random stranger, just so that you connect sexually, you can easily satisfy your lusty cravings with a hot gay escort.

There’s no need to get emotionally involved or entangled with a guy who misread your NSA signs. A gay escort knows how to play by the rules and had no expectations of you. On in call or out call appointments with the gay escort of your choosing, you can indulge in your sex addiction without any worries.


created: January 1st, 2021
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Sex Shop

created: December 30th, 2020
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Sex Shop

How To Ask For Kinky Sex With A Gay Escort

created: December 30th, 2020
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If straight up gay sex is no longer exciting you, you may be keen to experiment with new sexual partners, and sex that is kinkier. On a hot date with a sexy gay escort you can spice up your vanilla sex life by introducing new moves and techniques that will drive you both wild.

Talk About Your Turn-Ons

To make sure that you’re on the same page, in the sexual experimentation guidebook, you’ll need to discuss your erotic ideas and lustful thoughts with your gay escort companion.

Set the scene by watching porn together and talking about what turns you on. Be open to suggestion, as your gay escort is likely to be more sexually experienced and confident than you. He may be interested in kinky things that you’ve never thought of trying before. Or he may spark some ideas that inspire you to turn a secret fantasy into full-blown reality.

Unless you’re comfortable talking about sex with a gay escort you’re unlikely to improve your sex life just by daydreaming about it Explore Your Kinks

Once you’ve agreed to explore your mutual sexual kinks, you’ll need to try out some hot new moves together. It’s a good idea to take turns in your new sex initiative, to ensure that you and your gay escort are both having fun.

Agree on a safe word that you can use, if you feel uncomfortable while trying out hot new sex techniques and moves, on your date with a gay escort.

Incorporate A Variety Of New Moves

  • Take turns to handcuffs or other restraints to compromise the free movement of your partner
  • Introduce some light spanking action to elicit pleasurable moans
  • Heighten sexual intensity by delaying or denying orgasmic release
  • Play out fantasy scenarios during role play games, with or without costumes and props
  • Lube up and use a selection of adult toys to maximise arousal and stimulation
  • Take turns wearing a blindfold to explore the orgasmic delights of sensory deprivation
  • Use your favourite foodstuffs for kinky play – squirty whipped cream, runny honey and chocolate sauce are a few of the most popular sex foods to slather over body parts
  • Once you’re comfortable with kinky sex, you can consider recruiting another playmate to join you and your gay escort in a threesome

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Gay Escorts are Amazing

The sexy gay escorts at www.sleepyboy.com are ready and waiting to make your gay sex fetish a reality. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed about what you want, be clear, be concise and arrange the gay sex experience you have always wanted with the best gay escorts anywhere!

created: December 25th, 2020
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Gay Escorts, Bi-Sexual Escorts & Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

A major change has taken place in the last five years, where you can see an increasingly obvious decline of the gay escort in London and the gay escort in the UK. The reason for the decline of the male escort on the streets is the increase of the internets popularity. There are many reasons the gay escort in the UK has moved business online. A bi escort in London can feel more secure and can find far more clients online amongst many other reasons.

With the popularity of the gay escort in the UK and the openness of the gay community, there are many homophobic gangs which harass popular spots where one can find a gay escort in the UK. The same is said for the bi escort in London. Though the bi escort in London isnt gay and doesnt focus only on males, they are often harassed by anyone that disproves of their acts. The internet offers a safer place where both a bi escort in London as well as a gay escort in London can do business without the worry of being harassed or tormented based on their sexual preference.

Also, the bi escort in London can find a lot more business by posting an ad online rather than standing on the street where they once were. The bi escort in London also has a place in many of these online websites. The online world offers many customers that may have been uncomfortable or unable to approach a gay escort in London to do it in a more discreet and secure way. Instead of asking inappropriate questions, especially for first timers, a client can look at what the bi escort in London offers and then contact them for service. When approaching a gay escort in the UK usually happens in a quick manner and the client cannot fully look at them or communicate with them, and the internet provides the client with as much information and images as the client may feel they need.

A male escort can work online in several ways. The most popular is finding a gay escort in London website which offers ads which can be posted. The male escort then creates an ad with pictures, personal information, measurements, services they offer, and prices. This makes the shopping and searching much easier. Once the connection has been made and the male escort and client are in contact they can determine the place and time to meet. From there they male escort gets their payment and its 100% for them. A gay escort in the UK can find ads online anywhere from the very inexpensive to extremely pricey, depending on the traffic in the website.

The other way that a male escort can find work online is through an agent. Very rarely does a gay escort in London actually have a "pimp" as they tend to work alone or with an agency. The agency is a great way for a gay escort in the UK to find business and to keep it consistent. The way it works with an agency is that the client looks through the different pictures and chooses a male escort. Then based on the location, services, image, and personal preferences they choose a gay escort in London. Once they find what they need, they contact the agency and set a time of meeting and location. When the male escort finishes their work and takes the money, they give a percent to the agency and keep the difference and any tips. The percent is determined based on the popularity of the agency.

Thought you can still find a gay escort in London on the streets, there are far less today than there were 5 years ago. The internet has taken over and is controlling the male escort market. Whether through an agent or working on their own, the male escort can do business in a safer and more secure manner online.