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Enrik, 25yrs
London, UK - London Central

Available NOW!
Verified: face body 18+
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Hey Thanks for checking out my profile! I'm Enrik i am 25 years old, healthy body and very soft skin , my personality is very friendly and easy going lad and always Hard and with a good Libido , I'd love to propose a Perfect sex session, including my XL dick , and a very hot ass 

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within our time together we could start with a massage and a little conversation then we go with the flow 

 so If you want a professional, friendly, very hot, attentive and relaxed service please don't hesitate to contact me. _On WHATSAPP ⚠️ +44 7490117409

• Fully vaccinated against Covid & monkey pox 3X

Best way to communicate by WhatsApp/ text message or phone call , I most likely will not answer calls from unknown numbers.*

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Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 185cm
169.8lbs / 77kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
7.5in / 19cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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Very Good
What other languages apart from English do you speak?
spanish and portugues
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Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - foot worship
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - role
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - masseur
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - rough sex
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - hotel dates
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Gay Escort Enrik 24yr - licking
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - licking
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - welness
Gay Escort Enrik 25yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Enrik 25yr - welness

Videos for Enrik

18 Mar 2023
gym sess...
21 Aug 2022
16 May 2022


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Reviews for Enrik age 25

Call him now on +447490117409
 Not Happy
 Very good
Name: KENT
Age: 57
Dated: Nov/14/2022 01:02:19
Date meeting took place: Nov/13/2022
Incredible two meetings over 3 days with Enrik. Very warm, sensual, engaging, handsome, and very sexy young man who is very accommodating to making the meeting excellent for you and fun for him. Highly recommended including in group play and 1-1. Also easy to communicate with and flexible on meeting time.
Age: 39
Dated: Jun/05/2022 16:22:54
Date meeting took place: Jun/03/2022
Enrik the most sexiest and sweet man. His pictures don't do the justice of capturing his correct image. In reality, he looks much better. His sweetness, cuteness and the handsomeness, I bet that these pictures are definitely missing. At times, he must look a self-contained man in these pictures, trust me, he is a much better person. In his case, do not just go with his pictures, meet him at least once and decide for yourself. He is very sexy, cute and hot.

He fucked me damn hard twice. First time, as soon as he started fucking me, I came out without even touching my cock. Second time, i was able to control myself. His dick is curved and in all honesty, it touches the deep inside of you. And his cum, believe me, he shot huge loads both the times.

If you are reading this review, book him and meet him without fail as it is purely written based on happiness and satisfaction.
Name: C
Age: 32
Dated: Jun/04/2022 13:40:06
Date meeting took place: May/27/2022
Enrik was perfect in every way. Contacting and arranging a meet was easy, he was quick to respond, friendly and provided clear information for me as I was still new and exploring on my own sexual journey.

Upon meeting him, you get welcomed to a complete stud; handsome, dazzling eyes, and a charming smile. His place was clean, discreet, and very comfortable as well. He very quickly made he feel at home, checked if there is anything I needed and had a very charismatic way of making the experience really pleasant from the get go. Things only got better as he peeled of his (and my) clothes, to reveal his great toned body - every part of him was perfect - the abs, that bubbly and firm butt, and those sexy thighs. And of course, what a great dick, I loved it all! He is exactly as he is in the pictures, if not better!

Throughout the session, he was passionate and horny, but also made sure that I was okay - he showed me the best fuck of my life. It was also very sensual, the way he looked and touched, and allowed me to do the same to him, and his kisses were gentle but full: soft, light carressing at times and also sensational and wet at other times. He knows exactly what to do on bed and how to use his dick and body. Beyond looking great, he made me feel great and is clearly skilled at what he does - it felt like he'll do anything to please me.

What you'll get with Enrik is not just a great looking man and out of the world sex, but also great company - a person that is genuinely interested in bringing pleasure to others and a enthusiastic, fun, easy-going character that is sure to both charm you and make you feel comfortable. Enrik is certainly the best choice no matter what kind of experience you're looking for.

A really glowing review, but only because it was a really great time that I met Enrik twice within a few weeks. Can't wait to meet him again when im in London or when he travels!
Age: 40
Dated: Dec/06/2021 10:40:02
Date meeting took place: Dec/01/2021
Enrik looks exactly like his pictures, dare I say even better. His appeal, aside from his boyish good looks,  is his enigmatic personality, and this bubbly smile that could make anyone melt.

He also smiles generously during the act itself which to me is quite memorable, and not so easily forgotten.
However , If there is room for improvement,  I found the communication a bit tardy ( one needs to follow up) . Also,  I personally prefer not to take pleasures rushed, and for that reason I booked a longer appointment. Despite this the appointment did feel a bit rushed – so I would advise one to temper down this stallion to a pace of your liking – and consume all the time booked as you fancy, rather than have it all end too quickly.

Despite these minor shortcomings, Enrik brings a rare, if not warm touch of South-Central Brazil to this part of London,  and is well worth a booking, with some caveats.
Age: 30
Dated: Aug/29/2021 19:47:37
Date meeting took place: Aug/28/2021
Enrik is the most down to earth and easy-going escort I’ve met. He makes me feel welcome in his lovely apartment and knows how to make me feel relaxed. He is very willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I am happy and enjoying myself.
He is also very good with his hands and gives a great massage. He massaged my shoulders – it was so relaxing it almost sent me to sleep!
I highly recommend Enrik to anyone who hasn't met him yet – because if you haven’t, then you’re yet to meet the best escort in London.
Age: 29
Dated: Jul/29/2019 07:44:58
Date meeting took place: Jul/29/2019
Very good looking boy, chatty, smiley, absolute fantastic. Highly recommended.
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