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ESCORT TERMS (appedix 1) (not excluding those below)

Any Profile may be removed by sleepyboy.com without reason or warning We do not allow agency profiles, a profile must be an independent profile.

No Escort apart from PREMIUM escorts may use photography containing website addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers and phone numbers may only appear in the "phone number" box if it is placed anywhere else, the profile will be suspended.

Escorts uploading photograpy of under age teens (those below 18) will be reported to the police without delay.

Escorts are responsible totally for the updating and deleting of their own profile and cannot be held responsible for profiles that remain on the server of sleepyboy.com.

The selling of goods either physical or cyber delivery is strictly prohibited on sleepyboy.com personal profiles

Other terms apply below, please read carefully

Subscriber and Premium Escort Refund Policy

All Subscriptions are non transferable and apply to your member account only. This is the account from which the subscription was purchased.

Please note that any Member subscription paid by You is subject to the minimum contractual period of one week. This means that, should you wish to terminate your subscription, it must be done within seven days from your purchase date. Any time after this period we reserve the right not to refund. If you request a refund before the contractual period of one week we will refund your monies in full.

sleepyboy.com reserve the right to add, remove or change any feature or Service at any time without notice, explanation or liability without limitation. Sleepyboy.com reserves the right to increase or reduce the price or alter the content or features of any Subscription Service without prior notice, explanation or liability.

sleepyboy.com reserves the right to refuse profiles or The Service of these pages at its own discretion.

sleepyboy.com reserves the right to edit, amend and remove Listing Details, Images, Reviews and comments provided by The Escort and other Site Users at any time and without notice, this includes Escort reviews.

By using The Service, you the Site User, confirm you are over eighteen years of age.

sleepyboy.com profiles information provided by Escorts in good faith and is not responsible for each listings content or accuracy.

The Escort undertakes to respond to any contact from a Site User within a reasonable time. The Escort is welcome to decline any offer made through The Service by any Site User.

sleepyboy.com cannot guarantee The Escort will reply to any contact from Site Users.

Site Users may not partake in any Obscene or Offensive language or behaviour whilst using The Service or in communication with any other Site User, Escort or sleepyboy.com.

Site Users may not promote any illegal activity through The Service or to any Site User, Escort or sleepyboy.com.

It is the responsibility of Site User to maintain the security of any password issued by, or given to, sleepyboy.com for use with The Service and its website , and it is the sites Users responsibility to update and remove any data when needed, sleepyboy cannot be held responsible for any outdated infomation that is left on a profile listing.

Site Users may not upload, mail or submit any obscene material of any kind to sleepyboy.com,and the first 3 images on any profile must be G rated, this includes any photo that contains genitalia. sleepyboy.com will remove without warning, any image that is not g rated within the first three images.

No images or text may link directly or indirectly to escort agencies, stores, or any site in direct competition with sleepyboy.com. Links to personal escort sites are permitted. Sleepyboy.com is a site designed for independent escorts only. Advertising space via banners is available for commercial sites (E-mail us for details)

sleepyboy.com is not responsible for the accuracy of any Images provided with listings by The Escort.

The Escort is the Copyright Owner of any Images that he provides for use in The Service, or has permission to use said Images from their respective Copyright Owners. For any Image Copyright issues, please contact The Escort directly.


By submitting any information to or through The Service you agree that sleepyboy.com, its web hosts, service providers, suppliers, agents and employees, may hold this information as may be necessary for administration, to provide The Service and prevent abuse.

sleepyboy.com will NOT use any Site User's email address for Marketing to third parties however you agree that sleepyboy.com may send you E-mails regarding sleepyboy.com. E-mail newsletters and offers will stop when a profile is deleted,but in joining sleepyboy.com with a FREE or paid profile, you agree to receive sleepyboy.com communication.

sleepyboy.com will NOT pass any Site User's email address to third parties by way of sale, gift, trade or rent.

In signing up for a profile, you agree to receive information from sleepyboy by email, but your email is not passed to anyone outside of sleepyboy.com

In signing up you agree that Sleepyboy.com my use any of your images to promote your profile on social media including but not limited to facebook, twitter and blog sites

Disclaimers and Legal

sleepyboy.com is not an agency and does not take commission for any work contracts The Escort may find through The Service. Furthermore, sleepyboy.com does not provide any guarantee or warranty that The Escort will find any work through The Service.

sleepyboy.com is not The Escort's employer or agent. The Escort alone is responsible for any Income Tax and National Insurance contributions due from any fees paid by Site Users, or from any other monies gained through The Service.

sleepyboy.com is not responsible for payments of any Escort fees from Site Users, nor any other work found through The Service.

sleepyboy.com is not responsible for the conduct or behaviour of any Site User.

sleepyboy.com is not responsible for The Service's content provided by Site Users, nor its use or misuse by Site Users or any other person(s).

In no event shall sleepyboy.com be liable to you, or any third party, for damages of any kind, including, but not limited to indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or loss of profits, revenue, data of any form, or use, whether based on breach of contract or warranty, negligence, liability or otherwise, even if sleepyboy.com is advised of such damages.

sleepyboy.com does not accept liability for any breach of these statements forced upon us by a Court of competent jurisdiction or wanton criminal act by any other person(s).

Site Design and Site Images (excluding escort's Images) are the © Copyright property of sleepyboy.com 2001-. All rights reserved. This website, it's content, coding, information and design may not be reproduced in whole, or in part, in any other online or offline format, without prior written permission.

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