• I am 18 years of age or older.
  • I want to access and view sexually explicit material for my personal use in my private environment only.
  • By viewing the gay escort content I am not violating the community standards of the area I live in.
  • I will not exhibit these images to minors or anyone else who might be offended by them.
  • All escort are at least 18 years of age or older (18 USC 2257). All records are on file with the Custodian of Records, Sleepyboy.com
  • I allow Sleepyboy.com to use cookies to track visits on the site, Sleepyboy.com does not store personal details

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Terms of service


These Terms of Service provide the basis for a good working relationship between us and you. 



You are using sleepyboy.com at the invitation of sleepyboy.com and have no entitlement if sleepyboy.com removes this invitation to use its platform and server/data space. We reserve the right to remove any profile without reason, sleepyboy will never remove a profile based solely on race,sexuallity or nationality.

1.1 You hereby agree that sleepyboy.com has the full discretion of removing all or any part of my profile without reason or warning. Sleepyboy.com does not allow agency profiles. By continuing to use our service, the user hereby agrees that a profile must be an independent profile and responsible for your own tax and duties payable. 


1.2  Escorts are not permitted to use photography containing website addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers. Phone numbers may only be displayed under the “phone number” box and in no other place, breaking this rule will result in a profile being suspended without warning. 


1.3 As a policy any escorts that uploads or aid in uploading photographs of persons below the age of 18 (under age/children) will be immediately reported to the police for further action. 


1.4 Escorts are totally responsible for their profiles therefore activities such as updating and deleting their profile fall within their mandate. In addition to that escorts cannot be held responsible for profiles that remain on the server of sleepyboy.com if the escort fails to delete their data when ending work as an escort. 


1.5 It is agreed that any profiles which have been deleted have to undergo a thirty (30) days waiting period before the email address and phone number are removed from the server. This is as a security measure for sleepyboy.com (sleepypro.sl)


1.6 sleepyboy.com does not act as a marketplace for selling of goods either through physical or cyber delivery including only fans, and profiles offering such services will be removed. sleepyboy.com is for escorts offering 1 to 1 service only.


Find herein below other terms, please read them carefully. 




2.1 You agree and accept that your original account which purchased the subscription cannot transfer the subscriptions.


2.2 You understand that any member subscription paid by you is subject to the minimum contractual period of one week. To add unto that, if you have plans of terminating your subscription, the same has to be within a timeframe of seven (7) days from the purchase date. 


2.3 At any time after the above mentioned period, we have the full discretion of not refunding you. In the event you request for a refund prior to the contractual period of seven (7) days we will refund your monies in full. 


2.4 sleepyboy.com claims all authority to include, remove or change any component or Service whenever without notice, clarification or risk without confinement. Sleepyboy.com maintains whatever authority is needed to increase or decrease the cost or adjust the substance or highlights of any Subscription Service without earlier notification, clarification or risk. 


2.5 sleepyboy.com maintains whatever authority is needed to decline profiles or The Service of these pages at its own prudence. Any cash paid to sleepyboy following a suspension from the site will not be refunded, if administration is declined by us, no further payments will be required.


2.6 sleepyboy.com maintains whatever authority is needed to alter, correct and delete Listing Details, Images, Reviews and remarks given by the Escort and other Site Users whenever and without notice; this incorporates reviews made by the Escort.  


2.7 By accessing and utilizing this Service, you the Site User, confirms that you are more than eighteen years old. 


2.8 sleepyboy.com analyzes data submitted by Escorts in compliance with common decency and is not responsible for every postings substance or exactness. 


2.9 The Escort undertakes to react to any contact from a Site User inside a sensible amount of time. The Escort is free to decline any offer made through The Service by any Site User. 


3.0 sleepyboy.com cannot ensure The Escort will answer to any contact from Site Users. 


3.1 Site Users may not participate in any Obscene or Offensive language or conduct while utilizing The Service or in correspondence with some other Site User, Escort or sleepyboy.com. Homophobia between users and or our office staff and management will not be tolerated and may lead to removal from our platforms without notice. Asking for only people of a certain race or colour, religion  or only rich/wealthy customers is also not allowed.


3.2 Site Users may not use / show any criminal behavior through The Service or to any Site User, Escort or sleepyboy.com.


3.3 It is the obligation of Site User to keep up the security of any secret phrase given by, or given to, sleepyboy.com for use with The Service and its site, and it is the destinations Users duty to update and/or remove any information when required, sleepyboy cannot be considered liable for any obsolete data that is left on a profile posting. 


3.4 Site Users may not refer to or show material of any sort to sleepyboy.com that is regarded as illicit, for example, however not select to , pictures of people younger than 18, Beastiality, brutality, for example, blood or torment, scat or medication or drug use.  Profiles containing wording or photos of such will be removed with no appeal to the ban. If sleepyboy believes a profile to be misleading or fake, we have the right to ask you to verify the identity by video so we can ascertain you are the person pictured on your profile.


3.5 Links or photos containing links to other sites including paypal onlyfans or any other sites selling content are up not permitted and will be suspended without warning


3.6 No premium rate phone numbers to be used or advertised anyplace on sleepyboy.com - profiles showing these numbers will bring about an instant suspension of the profile 


3.7 No connections to internet based life separated from in the web based life joins boxes gave, no telephone numbers or connections as a major aspect of your name. 


3.8 sleepyboy.com is not responsible for the exactness of any Images published  by The Escort. 


3.9 The use of green ticks on your profile may lead a client to think the profile is approved and this not allowed on ANY profile 


4.0 Profiles are not permitted to show "stars" this is on the grounds that we use stars on profiles on reviews and this it could mislead clients 


4.1 Connections to PayPal or Amazon wish or any site selling video or photograph paid substance are not allowed on any part of a profile and will bring about a profile suspension . Asking for only people of a certain race or colour, religion  or only rich/wealthy customers is also not allowed.


4.2 Pictures or text alluding to drugs of any sort will bring about an instant profile suspension. 


4.3 Pictures, text or avertisement referring to, stores, clubs, bars or anything not associated with escorting are not permitted. 


4.4 The Escort is the Copyright Owner of any Images that he uses on sleepyboy, or has authorization to use said Images from their Copyright Owners. For any Image Copyright issues, please contact The Escort directly. 




5.1 By presenting any data to or through The Service you concur that sleepyboy.com, its web has, specialist organizations, providers, operators and representatives, may hold this data as might be vital for organization, to offer The Support and forestall misuse. 


5.2 We keep ID of escorts on encoded drive for motivations behind site security and solicitations from specialists to demonstrate age. This information is removed and erased when a profile is deleted. 



5.4 sleepyboy.com will not use any Site User's email address for Marketing to outsiders anyway you concur that sleepyboy.com may send you E-sends with respect to sleepyboy.com. Email bulletins and offers will stop when a profile is deleted, but in joining sleepyboy.com with a FREE or paid profile, you consent to get sleepyboy.com correspondence. 


5.5 Profiles deleted, will not be permitted to make another profile for 30 days from the deleted date of the profile. Details put away on our inward framework will be removed following 30 days and no data put away after this time. This is for the security of our site and its clients. 


5.6 Google and other web indexes will list profile information implying that your profile is recorded for search, in going along with, you consent to this. 


5.7 sleepyboy.com will not pass any Site User's email address to outsiders by method of offer, exchange or lease. 


5.8 In pursuing a profile, you consent to get data from sleepyboy by email; however your email is not passed to anybody outside of sleepyboy.com 


5.9 In joining you consent that Sleepyboy.com my use any of your pictures to promote your profile or sleepyboy.com via web-based networking media including yet not restricted to facebook, twitter and blogs. 


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