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Scrunkly, 19yrs
Bodmin, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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over a month ago
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19th of Feb
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✨ **Scrunkly** ✨

After receiving allot of rude messages and repeated calls, please DO NOT call me and please be polite when texting. If you are rude or call me without my consent, I won’t respond. Xxx

? **About Me** ?
- Age: 20 next month!
- Nationality: Cornish / English
- Languages: English and a lil bit of Klingon and Cornish x
- Interests: I love writing, reading, joking around, and getting into tomfoolery :3

? **Personal Description** ?
I am the scrunkly, the scrunkler of scrunkles. I like to play around, go on trips, cuddle, talk- I mainly love company, especially with an older man who'll listen and chat with me! I love dates, books, games, sci-fi and fantasy, and talking about interesting topics like science and history!

? **Location** ?
- Based in: Bodmin
- Available in: Across England, but Outcalls will need a previous payment so I can get to you :]

? **Availability** ?
- Hours: I'm frequently available, I just need notice!
- Notice Required: A day or two minimum for incalls, a week for outcalls

? **Services Offered** ?
I'm very versatile in what I offer in the bedroom- if what you're looking for is a night of sensuality or vigorous lovemaking, or even a quick hour or two, I'm your scrunkle! I love to experiment, please, and I've been told the noises I make when I'm submitting to a top is very erotic. I can prepare an attitude or personality for you if you request it, such as chav, normal me, or even rich kid :0

? **Booking Information** ?
- Contact: 07380844379
- Screening: Simple! Contact me through here, whatsapp, or SMS- please do not call, that's all I ask :D We can talk, get to know eachother, or quickly arrange- I'm not just versatile in bed, I'm also versatile in a conversation!

? **Privacy and Discretion** ?
Do not worry!
As is well-known, Escorting is a taboo position and I've already had somebody send my details to my parents. Thanks to this funky nickname, we can learn to trust eachother to exchange names, pictures, and so forth. This life is a secret, but I don't go out often so I'll be free for a good bit! Your life and my life are separate, but here, we can be as close as you'd like :3

? **Additional Notes** ?
I have super sensitive nipples, and I'm writing a book! Careful bringing up the topic, I tend to ramble haha!

<3 Please do not <3
- Call me without consent
- Beg for freebies (Whether that be media or fun)
- Complain about prices (I'm trying to bring myself back on my feet and offer as sustainable discounts as I can)
- Belittle, disregard, or be rude

Whilst I hate blocking people and try to give as many chances as possible, we are both human so please respect my requests x


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 8in / 173cm
145.5lbs / 66kg
32.3in / 82cm
Penis size:
6.7in / 17cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 7 / EU: 41
Eye colour:
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Respectful and friendly!
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Bodmin Parkway


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I'm bubbly, versatile, and easily pleased. I can cause mischief, or I can be well-behaved. I've been on here before and I hadn't had a complaint about my services yet- I like to think I'm a good friend and an even better lover ;)

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Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - exhibitionist
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - gangbang
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - rimming
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - blowjob
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - pnp
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - dirty talk
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - shaving
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - trios
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - gangbang
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - rimming
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - trios
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - gangbang
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - rimming
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - exhibitionist
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - pnp
Gay Escort Callum-david 19yr - blowjob


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      Reviews for Scrunkly age 19

      Call him now on +447380844379
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: JOSH
      Age: 49
      Dated: Jan/09/2024 15:23:00
      Date meeting took place: Dec/12/2023
      Time spent: Overnight
      Ambience: Welcoming
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Scrunkly is amazing. Truly amazing.

      He was the highlight of my holiday in Cornwall in Aug 2023 when we first met. Since, I’ve spent time with him in Cornwall in Sept (Flying visit!), London in Nov (Lion King was great but too much vodka on Old Compton Street!) and most recently in Bristol (the hot tub WAS a good idea in Dec). As you can see from the pics (a couple from our dates) he is a gorgeous young man, beautiful face, amazing hazel eyes, wonderful hair and a great body. He is kind, respectful and considerate, easy to talk to and comes out with crazy thoughts that make me smile. He is very responsive on WhatsApp and we’ve kept in touch outside of dates which has been nice and unexpected.

      I was very new to sex with men, Scrunkly was considerate and reassuring. Sex with him is out of this world. I’m still baffled as how someone so young can be so amazing at kissing/oral/anal sex that has given me experiences that I never thought possible. Bubble butt, tight boipussy, sweet semen and hard cock – there is nothing else to ask for. Scrunkly is up for anything – let your imagination run wild, I’ve much more planned to explore with him.

      I’ve enjoyed every minute, from him driving me wild in the bedroom to us checking out guys/waiters in bars/restaurants (Tyrone was so cute and totally into Scrunkly it was like I didn’t exist at all (understandably!)).

      I can’t recommend Scrunkly highly enough. I’ll continue to meet him as often as possible. You’ll get the best out of this gorgeous boy by being kind, generous and respectful. I’m a calculating, reserved and controlled Scientist, he is just the antidote that I need !

      Take care Scrunkly.

      Josh xx
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