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Justin Kase, 27yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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I will be completing an obstacle based run in the summer and further events throughout the year to raise money for cancer research. We have already collectively raised an impressive £550 for this amazing charity and I would like to keep this going. As well as any donations generously made, I will also be periodically donating a percentage of my earnings on the date of each upcoming event (next pretty muddy on 1/7/23), coupled with paying the charity to join the events themselves. All donations are made directly to the charity. If you would like to make a donation to this wonderful cause or see how the fundraising is progressing then please visit my WhatsApp where you will find the link to my giving page. I update the page regularly with photos of training and the events as they take place. I will respond with thanks to all donations ❤️. Moreover, if you feel like a challenge and getting involved yourself, please feel free to join the event and get raising money. I’ll hopefully see you at the starting line lol.

Hey! I’m an established, well reviewed, Manchester born and bred lad. As an escort, I would describe myself as: highly motivated, very discreet, clean, professional, comprehensive, patient and focused. I absolutely love what I do, I'm not just an escort, I offer companionship in the form of being someone who does everything that he can possibly do to make his clients feel special, desired and feel totally confident in themselves. I feel really lucky to have an outlet that consists solely of the allowance to make other people happy. There are very few roles in life where the objectives are simply to make other people smile. I honestly wouldn't want to do anything else with my free time. I’m masculine through and through or so I’ m told but it’s coupled with a soft, genuine heart. I avoid any sort of stress like the plague. It’s safe to say I have a great sense of humour and I really enjoy being my laid-back jokey self with my clients. I'm a sound lad who doesn't think he's god's gift or anything like that, I just do what I do but do it well. Although, I’ll mention that I’m often told I have a ‘cheeky smile’ and ‘captivating green eyes’ which are apparently two amongst my best features. I naturally care a lot for people, I can’t switch this off and I enjoy good compatible company which is why I enjoy this gig so much. I love meeting people from all walks of life with zero discrimination in age, race, looks or class. Whoever you are, you will be made to feel like you are the most important thing during our time together. I get pleasure out of seeing other people happy with my service which is why I never fall sort of giving 100% but it’s also the professional practicality of ensuring that clients make a return visit. I’d be doing myself a professional disservice if I didn’t bring my A-game to every meet consistently. As a result, the vast majority of my bookings consist of return, regular clients. I strive to form a relationships with my clients and I've made some excellent life-long friends whilst escorting at least this is a consideration on my part lol. I enjoy keeping in contact in between meets via whatsapp ect, its nice to get a ‘good morning’ or as some clients prefer, to send me the joke or inuendo of the day (you know who you guys are lol) to make me laugh.

I do a 10k run every morning and spend 90 minutes in the gym every day to ensure my body remains sold-as-seen lol. I have a sculpted, athletic, 5’11 body which V-shapes nicely into my 8” uncut manhood. On the flip side, I have an arse that is regularly described as ‘mega’ but you can be the judge of that. My normal dress is tackies, trainers and gym tops including a cap if I'm too lazy to style my hair lol.

I’m a nomadic festival boy. I’m out regularly following my favourite DJs to clubs and festivals. My favourite music genres are bounce and house. I enjoy playing the playstation on RPG, fighting and driving games and love binge watching TV and films. Massive geek for Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Marvel! I've a keen interest in nature, history, space and science and love any sort of learning to be had in those areas.

I specialise in an extremely passionate boyfriend experience, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. However, I can also help you with exploring any specific wild yearnings that you have yet been able to explore. I have a very healthy, unquenchable sexual appetite and I enjoy helping people realise their desires including the ones that they didn't even know they had (please whatsapp me to request a full service list.) I'm very open minded having heard almost everything over the years so feel free to ask me anything. If it's not my thing, I will politely let you know and if possible, direct you to a colleague who may be able to offer what you require.

I’m bisexual and completely versatile so I offer a full service to men, women, couples, trans and non-binary (age 20+) with very few limits. I'm confident that I'm your lad whoever you are and whatever you're looking for.

If you're nervous, this is your first time or you're questioning your sexuality, please don't worry, just trust in my experience and allow me to take the lead and put you at ease. If you're really not sure if seeing an escort is even for you then maybe book a firm relaxing massage and we can chat during to break the ice or just book me for a drink somewhere for half an hour to get rid of any tension or lingering nerves. I’m proper chilled about the whole thing as it’s second nature to me so it’s nout new. I'm very easy to get along with, I don't allow for any awkward silences during sessions or expect you to keep conversations going, that's my job. A lot of people comment in reviews that they 'feel like they have known me for years'. It's all genuine, I'm just a really nice guy that seems to fit in with the vast majority of peoples’ personalities. I'm also open to meeting people who find conversation / communication a bit difficult and would just like the escort services without too much chat. I'm not pushy and can adapt myself well to people and know when to shut up lol.

You may wish to book me for something very specific such as to attend you on a work business trip, be your plus 1 at a function, be your partner in a leisure activity or accompany you to that new restaurant you have been wanting to try. I love new experiences and sincerely appreciate when clients expose me to things I haven’t tried yet. You may be simply looking for some companionship and would just like to Netflix and chill or play the PlayStation and geek out. I love a good party so I'm very available for drinking / partying sessions for overnight plus bookings. Trust me you will love them! A lot of people decide to keep me an extra day to help them through their hangover lol. I'm also available for holidays, I would love to do a weekend in Ibiza or Magaluf! Hitting the pool and foam parties. I also enjoy city breaks and visiting attractions and landmarks. Seeing the northen lights with someone would just be incredible. A little heads up, I have what can only be described as demonic food lust! I just love food, all food, so I really enjoy when clients take me out for meals and feed me lol. I can be a bit of a jack rabbit in the sack so the more fuel in me the better lol. Please note, that for all bookings in excess of 12 hours (more than just a standalone overnight) I expect at least 7 hours sleep per night. I am unable to work and function properly if I haven't had sufficient rest between our days together ☹️.

Have you ever wanted to watch two or more hot guys going at it right in front of you? Why not book a duo or group and fulfil that fantasy! Watch and enjoy or join in the fun. I work with several excellent escorts, some are old favourites and some I’ve only recently been approached by and have given the JK stamp of approval lol. You can request my duo partners via whatsapp.

I am a non-smoker. My status is negative and I take daily prep as an extra precaution. Please let me know your status when contacting, I will never discriminate anyone who has a positive status! My health is really important to me. I am regularly tested and I never work should I be aware of any kind of infection. If you are sexually active, you should get tested regularly too. I'm fully vaccinated with all presently available STI preventatives. With my daily prep on top, clients couldn't get a sexually safer escort. Unfortunately, STIs do sometimes occur with sex work. These are common minor infections which are easy to treat. In the rare event I do contract an infection, I do not accept bookings and do not work again until getting the all clear following treatment. In order to maintain discretion, I never contact clients without prior permission (a client's partner discovering a text from me could, for example, cause major problems), so I am unable to inform you should I contract an STI unless you request that from me in advance. My advice to anyone visiting sex workers is to check yourself before and after. It’s just the logical and responsible thing to do. I have a high standard when it comes to my own bodily and oral hygiene. I don't have any expectations from clients except that they have basic hygiene standards. I don’t require you to be scrubbed within an inch of your life, I’m not OCD or anything, just normal everyday shower fresh and a mouth that doesn't smell or taste of food. I have had to include this because I have had 2 historic extreme cases where I had no choice but to refuse service due to a significant disregard in a client's personal hygiene. Please don't be that guy lol. Regular clients can also let this slip as they get more comfortable with me so if you’re a returning client please always keep this in mind as I may distance myself from accepting bookings because I'll feel uncomfortable highlighting hygiene issues directly to clients that I have formed a relationship with, I'm just too nice for that and like I said earlier, I completely avoid any sort of stress. For in-calls, clients can request the use of the shower before their session if they haven't had time to wash before-hand and I always have mouthwash available if you feel you need to use it. If you have an infection, or an oral cold sore, then please wait one week post recovery before booking me. This is to protect myself and everyone else. If there is evidence of anything that could be contagious, it is likely that I will be unable to participate in the session as infections can put me out for weeks.

Escorting is completely legal, contrary to some individuals' understanding. My service is acutely confidential, for people who have concerns regarding their professional status. You can rely on my complete discretion and my years of adhering to and having strict standards in data protection / confidentiality. I do not require face pictures from you or need to know anything personal about you. You can be completely incognito, Joe Blogs from the middle of nowhere if you like.

In-calls are situated at my apartment just off Denton roundabout on the M60, or straight up Hyde Road from Manchester City Centre (postcode M34), where you can expect to be received into a temperature controlled, very discreet, clean apartment equipped with all the facilities that you would expect from a good escort's accommodation, including condoms, lube and sex toys. Fresh bed sheets for every client and a clean towel is provided along with a complete range of toiletries for your shower. A hair dryer and hair products are also provided for use so you can make yourself look brand-new again after I’ve gripped you lol. I even provide tap water to drink should you ask, how good is that! Lol. I have free parking just outside mine, so that's a potential inconvenience to cross off the list.

Being a born and bred Manchester lad, I know this city like the back of my hand so I can offer visitors wide-ranging knowledge and guidance around the city during their stay and show them where all the magic happens. I can meet in any public venue that you wish including saunas. I drive, so I don't have any ridiculous travel expense costs, and this also means that you can be confident that I will arrive on time for our booking. I have so many people comment on my meticulous punctuality. I respect peoples' schedules and always leave extra travel time for unexpected events. I travel all over the UK for my clients I’m forever driving down south or up north, wherever you are I can get there at the date and time you request. Out calls that are further away from me may have a slightly higher rate depending on the distance so please provide a postcode when you contact me so I can accurately quote you. No deposits are required for bookings but for clients that reside outside of Manchester, there is usually a very small deposit to pay. For new out call bookings, I log all of my appointment / location details into an appointment book which is left at my property for safety reasons. Once the booking is complete and upon my return, this record is destroyed.

To make enquiries or to clarify anything in this profile, please contact me via WhatsApp (preferred) or text message. If you’re interested in making a booking, please include the following in your initial contact:
1️⃣ Date:
2️⃣ Time:
3️⃣ Desired session duration:
4️⃣ Address: (if not an in-call):
5️⃣ Your top, vers or bottom status:
❌No phone-calls please
❌ No voicemails please
❌ No in-app voice-notes please
❌ No unsolicited pictures please

I will respond to everyone as soon as possible between 10am and 11.30pm but please be patient during busy periods, late replies are sometimes unavoidable if I'm engaged or in the gym.

Once a booking has been accepted ✅ you will receive a booking confirmation message detailing the agreed arrangements. It is imperative you read this as it details all the important information regarding your booking. Please do not assume your booking is confirmed until you receive this booking confirmation message.

If you have made a booking and would like to cancel for whatever reason, I require at least 24 hours notice on all bookings 3 hours +. This is reduced to 2 hours notice for all smaller Manchester based bookings. Out-calls further away may have an increased cancellation time frame so please check with me upon booking. Any cancellations for an AM appointment must be made no later than 11.30pm the previous evening.

☹️ Failure to follow cancellation policy will result in any future sessions requiring payment in full upon booking.

⚜️ AND SO…
If you're looking for a good looking, fit, toned, well experience escort who loves what he does and isn't just in this for the pay cheque, then contact me. You will have wished you had done it sooner (so many clients say that afterwards).

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully making a new friend. In the meantime, have a read through my current client reviews to see what others have had to say about their time with me.

Speak soon

Justin Kase ❤️

⚜️ GIFTS ⚜️
From time-to-time clients ask me what I would like as a gift for perhaps my birthday (2nd Sep) or Christmas ect. Please follow the link below to my amazon wish list. (Please note an option to send to me will appear in the checkout section.) you can also add items that are not on my wishlist or an amazon gift card if you prefer. If purchasing a book please ensure you click the audio book option:

I sell use/worn underwear and socks. Items can be worn for a period of 24 to 72 hours depending on how ripe you want them lol. Items will be worn each day for a run and my gym session and throughout the day wherever possible when chilling in between meets, where I will shower and swap these out for a fresh pair before putting yours back on to lounge in. Items will also be slept in. I will take a photo of me each day wearing the items purchased which will be sent via whatsapp. Payment is sent in advance for this service. Can choose briefs, jocks or boxers. Actual pair will be chosen at random by myself from my vast collection of designer underwear. Socks can be a colour of your choice although black is preferred. I will not send pictures or discuss types over messages, it will just be a pleasant surprise when they arrive to you via air sealed bag, packaged for next-day delivery wherever possible. To avoid a postage charge, items can be collected in person during a 15-minute window period to be arranged by ourselves.
1️⃣ 24 hours worn – Underwear 70.00, socks 50.00
2️⃣ 48 hours worn – Underwear 100.00, socks 70.00
3️⃣ 72 hours worn - Underwear 150.00, socks 90.00
Postage 3.99


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 11in / 182cm
163.1lbs / 74kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
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Feet size:
UK: 8.5 / EU: 42.5
Eye colour:
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Very Good
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Hyde central


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Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - sportwear
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Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - sportwear
Bisexual Escort Justin Kase 27yr - double penetration
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Justin Kase 27yr - double penetration
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - shoes
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - shoes
Bisexual Escort Justin Kase 27yr - double penetration
Bisexual Escort Justin-kase 27yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Justin Kase 27yr - double penetration
Bisexual Escort Justin Kase 27yr - double penetration

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28 Feb 2023


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Age: 45
Dated: Mar/19/2023 16:19:41
Date meeting took place: Mar/18/2023
I met Justin and another escort, Jamie at Justin's very clean apartment in Denton, Manchester. I have been visiting this magnificent species of a man for over 5 years now and I really cant fault him in any way shape or form. He has always respected me and been very patient with me. I love this guy to bits which is testament to his character and how he treats his clients.

5 years ago I went through a very traumatic experience in my life and Justin was there for me. Recently I have had many mental health issues and again Justin has always been ready to talk. I regard this guy as a really good friend now and I hope he looks at me the same way.

So my overnight was amazing with Justin and Jamie, both were on point as we spent the evening chatting and other things. I was very lucky to have been introduced by Justi