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I'm on a short break!
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Justin Kase, 28yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Tell us about you...

⭐First up, it makes sense to have a read of my reviews as the following waffle might bore you senseless and it backs up what I say below so you know I'm not chatting s#!t lol.


Hi and thanks for visiting my page! So about me then. I’m pretty much your typical bisexual gym-going, Manchester lad but as an escort I'm professional in everyway but without sacrificing my natural naughty boy side.

Born and lived in Manchester my whole life. It’s a mint place to live with down to earth people which is what I like. My life's pretty simple. If I'm not at the gym or in bed with someone you'll find me watching cartoons or playing my playstation.

I never have a bad word to say about anyone, I'm as friendly as they come. I do this because I absolutely LOVE IT and it helps massively to satisfy my ridiculous sex-drive! You guys are actually helping someone manage their addiction so feel good about that lol. But seriously I enjoy meeting new people, I’m naturally a really caring person and I enjoy having a laugh with people and seeing them smile. I’m really easy to get on with and proper chilled out about everything. I’m regularly told after a person first visits that ‘it was like meeting up with a mate they haven’t seen for years’. That’s what I aim for, for it to feel as natural as possible and I think after so many years I’ve got it down to a T. It’s not all an act though I promise you that. I’m just naturally social and seem to pair well with any type of person or personality. I get people who talk the socks off me from the get go lol and then there’s people who find social situations difficult and then the roles are reversed lol, there’ll be no awkward silences trust me lol. I pick up very quickly on what peoples’ social comfort levels are and I adapt myself to ensure whoever visits feels as comfortable as possible.

I consider a lot of my reg clients to be friends after so many years. Some people are actually really big parts of my life and I’d just like to say thanks here to those people who remain a part of it and have signed up to the JK lifelong commitment lol. No one can do ‘this’ forever but the friendship will last a lifetime ❤️


I consider my rates to be very reasonable for the quality of service I offer. Please request a full rates list from me via WhatsApp.


mainly specialise in best-mate/boyfriend experience meets. Although, I do offer a pretty comprehensive service to men, women, they/them and couples. Age, gender, marital status, sexuality, race and body type are all irrelevant to me, everyone gets the same universal level of service. I won’t request photos of you prior to the meet or ask to know anything personal about you that you don’t choose to offer up yourself. Discretion is my middle name. I expect clients to be hygienic as they can guarantee the same from me; be as confident they can be that they are STI free at the time of booking.
I’ll be happy to send my full service list to you via Whatsapp. I offer 30, 45 and 60 min bookings with additional hours available or you can book me for the entire day. People also love booking me for overnights because I’m sick at partying! lol
As-well-as the obvious services, I am available for companionship dates such as dinners, cinema/live theatre, bowling, theme/water parks, holidays abroad, festivals and mutual gaming - Literally anything you want to do! I've even been known to be a good-luck charm when booked to accompany clients to the casino!


To ask me anything please contact me via WhatsApp (preferred) or text message. Please keep messages concise! If you’re interested in making a booking quickly, please include the following in your initial contact as this speeds things up:
2️⃣ Time:
3️⃣ Desired session duration:
4️⃣ Address: (if not an in-call):
5️⃣ Your top, vers or bottom status:
❌ No phone-calls please
❌ No voicemails please
❌ No in-app voice-notes please
❌ No unsolicited pictures please


are Manchester Denton M34 area. Entrance in is discreet and wheelchair accessible. Free parking always available directly outside. Always fresh, clean linen and full shower facilities available. Contraception available.


drive and travel all over the UK. I’m very punctual to the point of obsession lol. I only meet at an address or hotel. This is because I need to log anywhere I’m traveling to for safety reasons. I destroy this log once the booking is complete and I’ve returned home safe and sound lol. Obviously none of this applies to regulars. Please note guys, I don’t provide contraception for ‘out’ so If you would like to use protection then please provide this.


I understand that this can be nerve racking for some people so if you need to cancel it’s honestly fine but please be a bro and let me know. Don’t have me waiting around like a prat☹️ it’s not big and it’s not clever lol.

⚜️ AND SO…

If you're looking for a relatively normal, good looking, cheeky, gym fit, well experience escort who loves what he does, then jump on Whatsapp and get a chat going. So many people say they wish they had contacted/met with me sooner, so don’t be that guy! Make your own mind up though DON’T’ BE A SHEEP! Life’s far too short for ‘what if’s’ so crack on! I’ll just sit here and wait…………..

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Justin Kase ❤️


From time-to-time people ask me what I would like as a gift to say thanks or for perhaps my birthday (2nd Sep) or Christmas ect. Please copy and paste this link for my amazon Wish List ↘️

note an option to send to me will appear in the checkout section.) you can also add items that are not on my wishlist or an amazon gift card if you prefer. Leave a note on the order so I can say thanks when I receive something.


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 11in / 182cm
163.1lbs / 74kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
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Feet size:
UK: 8.5 / EU: 42.5
Eye colour:
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All and any
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Very Good
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Hyde central

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⚜️ 10am - 2am Monday to Sunday

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⚜️ Well review, established escort
⚜️ Non-judgemental
⚜️ Caring
⚜️ Understanding
⚜️ Willing
⚜️ Inclusive
⚜️ Make a great friend
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Reviews for Justin Kase age 28

 Not Happy
 Very good
Name: PHIL
Age: 37
Dated: Sep/12/2023 13:14:10
Date meeting took place: Sep/08/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
It’s been 2 days and I still haven’t recovered fully from a short trip with JK. We have met a few times but this was my first full party weekend, times so was a bit nervous.

Started at his place for some chilled out food, movie and fun which was perfect.

He states he specialises in bf/ best mate relationship and that’s exactly what happened. Non stop fun and laughter be it at the pool, in a bar or water park. I recommend everyone to see him in his tiny swim shorts- breathtaking!!

May have come home with a broken bone and stitches but overall exceeded any possible expectation and then some. A lovely guy, definitely one of the sexiest guys you could hope to meet and absolutely sick at partying!
Justin Kase says: That trip was absolutely mega. Magaluf almost killed me but I Loved every minute of it! Getting steaming at 5am at the airport and on the plane was proper funny. Can't believe the steward guy refused me more alcohol lol. Still feeling guilty about spilling my beer on the woman's taxi seat.

Hotel was great but can't believe it took us that long to realise where the pizza was!!! I was fuming we had missed so much of it lol. At least you got to try piela even if it was chicken lol.

Was a proper funny weekend away that. So sorry you fractured your ribs and smashed your head open but it really didn't seem to impact you. I would have pronounced myself dead of it happened to me lol. You were just concerned about where the bar was to get your next drink lol.

You defo need to return to attempt that 'beast' at the waterpark! Your not getting away with it, broken ribs or not lol.

We had such a laugh and defo did everything we set out to do except the foam party which was bit of a bummer but we will just have to go back during peak season lol. Anyway they will have it in Ibiza when we go defo!

Just never ever ever get us a 10am flight home!!! I cant leave a club at 6am and jump straight into a taxi to the airport again it was worst experience of my life lmao. We need a full recovery day, I know you agree lol.

I keep remembering stopping nearly every member of staff I saw to tell them I remember them from when I was there 8 years ago but non of them gave a crap lmao but I just kept doing to it it felt important at the time lol.

Anyway you get your cracked ribs healed because we are at our festival in 2 weeks and you know me well enough to know your gonna need to be fully recovered to handle the two days on the rides and dancefloor!

Thanks for taking me away and for making it so much fun.

Thanks for leaving me his review aswel I really appreciate it!!

Let me know when your H outfit arrives!

Speak soon X


Age: 51
Dated: Sep/04/2023 20:19:37
Date meeting took place: Sep/02/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Had the absolute pleasure of spending an extended overnight with Justin for his birthday in deepest darkest Lake district. I wanted something special, so an off grid, very quirky tree house it was. Very different to our usual meets at his place or mine, so lots of ‘firsts’ during our time together on this one. Definitely worth the drive to the middle of nowhere.

After a little tour, the bed, made of trees, was broken in very quickly, and as always Justin was full of his usual bounce and fun lol. As I’ve said many times, Justin is gorgeous, sexy, has a body to die for, and is very skilled at what he does. Add to that, those eyes, that smile and the most engaging personality, and I think you’ll get my drift. And yes, I will mention his delicious arse.

Being off grid, I had to plan for this one. Justin has an appetite, so I tried to have everything that would satisfy him beyond our other activities lol. I think I did ok here too ha?

After some food, we headed off on a wee adventure to Ullswater, and an afternoon of kayaking it was. This was a ‘first’ for Justin and honestly, we had so much fun! I’m not sure who won the race though? The brilliant weather made for an amazing afternoon, and an interesting drive back. I can’t remember how many lay-by stops we made, but it wasn’t just for the beautiful scenery lol.

Birthday present time, an evening BBQ high up in the trees (yes, more food and I didn’t burn the place down either), an outdoor bath under the stars, and a few new drink ‘firsts’ for me. I was a Crabbies ginger beer virgin before, and Justin makes a killer Amaretto sour, which I loved. Thanks for that and the music.

Great conversation and getting to know Justin more, was definitely a real highlight for me on this trip. Such a lovely genuine guy, and alongside the fun, a real depth too. We both talked our socks off.

After nearly breaking me and the sofa lol, the bed did survive yet again and our spooning was the best. A very comfy sleep indeed. Justin, did you raid the fridge overnight, I think you did?
Morning sunshine, more fun with a view, and an outdoor shower to follow. We were drained lol. What’s not to love!

Honestly, an amazing weekend. Justin, I don’t think the Lake district has lizards, but maybe I was wrong, are you really sure it was a lizard? And who came up with the term ‘semi-soft’ anyways lol? Oh, and I’ll definitely remember it’s brunch for you next time too ha.

His amazing reviews speak for themselves and are a testament to just how great Justin is. It’s a pleasure knowing him.

As always, time with Justin was just brilliant, made even better it being my ‘first’ overnight. I’ll look forward to many more. Thanks for coming along and making it a special wee adventure for us both. Until next time. See you soon X
Justin Kase says: Hey David,

The lake District was sick! Great to spend my b-day with you hanging out in the tree house. It was a great find man defo loved it!

The water sports on the lake great. We was so lucky with the weather man it couldn't have been any better. I defo won!!! Lol. Thanks for the coffee after and the fit cake and sausage roll I was starrrrrrrvin!

Sorry for whipping my thing out constantly on the road. Outdoor sports must just get me going lol. Thanks for pulling over eventually to sort me out. Tidied me over until we got back.

Thanks for the dad BBQ. The food was mega. I couldn't even eat it all and that's not like me lol. I made up for it in bed though didn't it scrambling chocolate and whatever else I could get my hands on lol. The mango curry thing you made was mint too wish I took some home with me.

The bath outside under the stars was sick! Except for the moths and daddy longlegs that kept trying to kill me! Thanks for chasing all the bugs and lizards away when I saw them. I bet you thought I was a right whimp but i couldn't cope. Thanks for being my hero lol.

Thanks for all my bday gifts man they were great I've got a bro face mask on as I'm writing this lol.

The ameretto got absolutely destroyed didn't it. I'm glad you liked the mix!

Thanks for the comments on my arse and eyes ect. I enjoy seeing you smile too because I know your happy! Yeah you after draining me about 4 times was trying to go again and asking why it's semi-soft lmao. Because you killed it!! Lol.

Thanks again for the invite and for making my bday special. See you soon big man! X

Name: GARY
Age: 58
Dated: Sep/04/2023 13:19:02
Date meeting took place: Aug/30/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
All that is said about justin is all true he's got over 200 reviews and not one has a bad word to say about justin thats because they can't he's just the most amazing perfect escort friend mate you will ever meet I've stopped looking for better because there isn't anyone to get close i have been seeing Justin for well over 8 years now so I can say all this and back it up

This meeting was to treat my mate for his birthday 2/9/23 Virgo like myself
Gifts was given he is always very appreciates any gifts he receives too pays attention to say thank you
Perfect meet as usual he's toes are very nice mmmm legs perfect eyes you dive into kissed with sensual passionate body was well and truly admired kissed he's cock is amazing ass well I need more training to fuck his ass i dont last long in there he is so good as a bottom im sure he'll teach me how to keep going on our next meeting I love rimming his rose bud and I know he likes it a certain way you know it justin.
30 minutes on it in it licking around your rose bud turn me so much we had the best as we always do together its always different got a meet planned in for my birthday 27th September so looking forward to it 3hr 30 absolutely hot and a visit from a friend for threesome planned.
Thanks for everything justin you know what you do for me is appreciated
Justin Kase says: Hey Gary,
Aw thanks for this man really appreciate it! Cant believe you think I'm the best I'm gonna get a big head lol. Good job I'm modest init lol.

Thanks again for my presents they were all great. The box of Jaffa cakes were gone before you got back into your car though lol you burnt some energy off me that morning I was starving when you left lol.

I think your the first person to ever mention my toes on a review. Glad you like them. I love what you do to them aswel lol.

Its not a bad thing that you don't last long. Actually it's a turn on when you make someone finish rapid means they are bere excited init lol.

Your welcome bro anytime, I'm here. Me and Jamie will make sure your birthday session is absolutely disgustin! Hopefully you'll have a john wane walk for a week lol.

See you on your birthday then and thanks again for spending time with me man it's always mint.

See you soon x

JK ❤️
Age: 45
Dated: Aug/31/2023 16:03:57
Date meeting took place: Aug/30/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
I visited Justin for probably about the 50th time last night. I love coming to see this guy and I’m hoping many more adventures to come.
6 years ago, I visited Justin for the first time and here we are 6 years later still making memories and having an amazing time. We have been through so much, ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns and we now have a stronger friendship than ever. Justin has always been there for me and I hope he knows I will always be at the end of the phone for him. Justin-case you were wondering if to visit Justin or not, let me say, just do it. He is an amazing guy who unbelievably gets better every time I see him.
Last night, apart from the scares of the movie, was the best yet. He is so passionate in the bedroom and amazing company. Truth be told I would just love spending time with this guy even if sex wasn’t an option. He has always treated me like a king whenever I visit him, and nothing is too much trouble. Justin clearly loves what he does and knowing him for so long I can honestly say he truly does love what he does and has perfected his art. I must be his longest serving customer… surly?
I wish I could afford him more often, we have made many plans but as always money is tight but let me assure you Justin is worth every penny!!!! Now I just need to win the lottery so I can take you to Thorpe park for the weekend like we planned.
Rest assured mate, you have a friend for life with me!
Justin Kase says: Hey Richard, thanks for leaving this review man means a lot to me that people take the time to do these.

Last night was mint man had a great time again obviously. Your so chilled and relaxed to hang out with! I feel bere comfortable around you can can just totally be myself. Can't believe we stayed up until 6.30am without a drop of alcohol lol. That was the first time you have stayed the night that we haven't been hungover lol. With all the McDonald's you bought me though I needed to stay up to attempt burning some of it off lol.

Your a proper nob for scaring me again and again after we watched that boogyman film. You love making me jump lol. I'm sleepin with the lights on tonight anyway because the films still too fresh in my mind lol.

Feels way longer than 6 years man but still it's crazy like you say we have become better mates as times gone on. Some people see me then in time move on but it's people like you that have stuck by me and are a permanent fixture in my life that makes it all worth while. Even if it's not every month it's something to look forward to. I should hold some form of ceremony or event for people who make it to certain milestones lol. Get a 6 years chip or summat lol.

Glad you liked the late night car trip. Looking forward to whenever you make it to Thorp park you can build your collection of hurrendous on-ride photos lol.

Thanks again for coming, for the fun and all the chillin. Was a great night!

See ya soon bro X


Name: ALEX
Age: 28
Dated: Aug/26/2023 23:01:01
Date meeting took place: Aug/26/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Clean and tidy
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely
So been meeting Ryan regularly for 2 years now. Incredible, sensational, unequivocally fantastic do not quite do him justice. If I could write to the editor in chief of the Oxford English Dictionary to coin adjectives strong enough to describe him and the service he offers I would alas I will have to suffice using 1500 years lexis offered by the English language.
In the words of Miranda Presley “you would be an idiot if you didn’t hire him”… happy hunting and good luck kids because Ryan truly is crack on great legs & a 6 pack
Justin Kase says: Miranda preasly lmfaoooo. Alex that's just comedy gold that bro swear down lol. The names Justin by the way you psycho!!
Thanks for leaving this bro. I'm not sure what half the words mean but appreciated all the same lol.
Last night was mint had a great time. I'm seriously feeling it this morning though. Thanks for being so chilled and a great guy to be around. There's probs lots more to say but I'm attempting to reply to this while feeling very delicate so it's back to bed for me. Thanks again and I know I'll see ya soon no doubt.

JK ❤️

Just adding some more to this now I'm cured and my head doesn't feel like it's being smashed in with a malet. Youre a top guy to hang with. Youre success in life is awe-inspiring. Your someone I'd come to if I needed advice on the world of entrepreneur lol. Thanks for being the guy that messages at daft o'clock to come chill. Most of the time I'm in bed I know but it's nice to be resided to sleep then to get your message and dive out of bed and onto the shower lol. Anyway, just wanted to add some more on as I realised you deserved more and I replied when I was absolutely ready for the grave. See ya soon X
Name: MATT
Age: 42
Dated: Aug/20/2023 22:09:35
Date meeting took place: Aug/20/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely

Justin wow wow wow !
I just met Justin for two hours.. the minute we got to the room he was so passionate, almost makes you go into this sense of a feeling that you just chill and feel he’s your Lover! I won’t mention all sexy stuff, but by god he’s god some in body him! I’m a bottom! But he’s making me believe I want to be A top! ESPECIALLY with him and his ass!! Maybe he could be my SUB for one night! He’s a Such a great lad .. he was great company! Great companion, great kisser, and a great lad! Great chats! Someone you’d love to have in your life all the time! He makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world! I will see him again for sure! I have to wait my turn as he’s so popular!
It’s not often I’m speechless! In fact I’m lost for words!! With how affectionate he was! After meeting 20 escorts in my time, you never know what you’re going to get. Mostly been a disappointed!! Apart from one… his guy his name is Dillon ! And he’s a really nice guy too!! Which is actually one of Justin’s Duo’s partner! Small world!
I decided I wanted a 2hr session with Justin, as I’m still inexperienced and I wanted to get to know Justin on his own first before next time I will do the duo with him and Dillion.

I have only even done 1hr with any escort, non of them have been anything to write home about and I had about 20. ( with exception of Dillion )
But inside I had this feeling about Justin Kase, his pictures and reviews says it all! But in person he’s like a million dollars! Like an angel! The most loving, affectionate man I know! I loved my cuddles so much so I will now have him every few months when I get away! There are no words to describe this gorgeous, kind, beautiful, loving but horny guy that Justin is! I bought him a few gifts in weeks leading up to this meet as a thank you to him for going out his way when he so busy with others, but found time to message me .. it was never too much trouble for him to write to me on WhatsApp, But it’s so Important to me to connect to a guy through WhatsApp messages getting to know each other before I meet them. I’m hoping to have Justin, and Dillion one night soon, as I know it will be 100 times Better than winning the lottery!! Will give me Something look forward too! I’m sure Justin can think of a few things we can do with each other! Anyone wanting a a duo or 4 some … then Justin, Dillion, Jamie are you men! Best in England by far!!

I could swim in Justin’s beautiful green eyes! He gives you such passionate energy and love, and also cheekiness which I love! This was the first of many more meets! As I have lots to learn! But I be learning from the very BEST!
My only regret is …
Only wish I had found him sooner.. anyway..
I best get saving… as next it will be Dillion & Justin Duo or night out on town… maybe even a third too if a Jamie is free! but they’re worth every penny and much more!! JK ❤️ Thank you! X
Justin Kase says: Yo Matt!!
Great meeting you yesterday and thanks for taking the time to write this!

Glad you liked the package lol.

Haha re the arse comment. If I can turn bottoms into tops with it then my work here is done lol. I'm happy to sub for you. You can go to town lad lol.

I might be popular but I know there's some great guys out there so feel great that I'm chosen from the herd lol. I enjoy this so much. Meeting people like you really helps me relax and controls my rediculous sex drive. It's on the brain constantly so the release is something I need multiple times a day so thanks for helping out lol.

Yeah Dillon's a great guy. Only worked with him once but he defo left me wanting more so the fact your getting us both together is music to my ears.

I'm really please your considering seeing em regularly there's defo plenty of me to go around so all's you need to do it shout.

Can't thank you enough for all the gifts youve sent me off my wishlist. I really appreciate gifts as they aren't expected so really nice to receive them.

Apologies again on my communication I always try to reply when I can but I'm not glued to my phone. I get a lot of messages so I go through them periodically throughout the day. But I'll always respond to a message that needs 1. Just remember to keep them short as your messages are like small novels lol and I'm a crap reader I've been on the same book for about 3 months lol.

Yeah I think me, dillon and Jamie would be a sick combination for an overnight or just some random fun. Dillon can bring his charm, Jamie can bring his rediculous shlong and I'll provide the party atmosphere lol.

Your proper welcome bro honestly. Great 2 hours and great company.

Thanks for the Sunday fun!

Take care and I'll see you soon X

JK ❤️

Name: PHIL
Age: 37
Dated: Aug/17/2023 18:21:00
Date meeting took place: Aug/14/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
I can only echo the lovely comments from the other reviews and confirm that it’s all absolutely true!

Overall a fantastic experience. A few mistakes in picking which shows to see in the fringe festival but ended with a hilarious comedy strip show, followed by dancing our little heads off. He even looked after me while a little drunk haha. No more Prosecco!

One achievement I did manage on this trip- which was to finally make him admit he was full up after presenting a 26 inch pizza to him!

A truly amazing guy with a killer combination of witty personality, intelligence, stunning model looks and a perfectly sculpted muscular body (with spectacular chest muscles!!). But more importantly a patient, considerate good friend…….with perks!

Looking forward to the next trip!
Justin Kase says: PHIL!!! Well my scotland cherry has finally been seen to and and I'm glad I was with you man! I had an absolute mint time. That hotel was next level!! Never stayed anywhere with our own personal butler who was just a press of a button away lol. Proper made a dent in those cocktails lol.

The Fringe festival has to be a yearly trip man hope you agree. Think it's our best trio yet tbh. That last comedy show was hilarious. Was a nice end after listening to the depressing guy at the other place lol.

Harry potter tour was good I really enjoyed it. The city is beautiful man so seeing it on the walking tour was a nice way to start us off. I've come home yet again without a wand though lol. I'm clearly not destined to be a wizard am I lol.

Why is it everytime I'm out with you I end up shirtless in a bar lol. Your a good influence on me lol.

Like I said to you before the map is ready and I can't wait to start filling it up with our adventures around the world. These next 3 weeks need to hurry up because I need to be shirtless once again this time in maguluf in the foam. Youre gonna love it trust me!

I was steaming aswel so you probs looked after me to be fair lol. Well you did you bought me those ecigs and actual cigs eventhough youre dead against it lol. Can't help it when I drive I need to inhale summat otherwise doesn't feel right lol. Plus you told me you like the smell so there absolutely no going back from that now lol. I'll never become a full time smoker so it's all good.

Thanks for leaving this review man appreciate it loads and we need a log of our adventures anyway so we can look back.

Thanks for the wishlist gift. Excited for it to arrive!!

So I've decided now, no more trains for me. If its in the mainland UK I'm driving. I honestly nearly died on the train journey home lol.

Thanks for being a great companion your a sick mate and really glad your in my life!

See you at the airport!! X

JK ❤️

Name: LUKA
Age: 42
Dated: Aug/17/2023 09:46:58
Date meeting took place: Aug/16/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Oh, well... where I should start? After a while of stress and depression in my life I'm slowly getting back to normal. One of the step I've made on the way to normality was a meeting with Justin. I couldn't choose any better. He is fully respectful and caring. He exactly understood what I was looking for and make my night incredibly good and special. Justin has great intuition and know how to use it to makes your time special. I felt like with best mate which I knew for ages. He is very handsome guy. His smile, his beautiful green eyes and perfect body makes him look like a Greek god ??. Thank you Justin for everything, your empathy and your understanding. Thanks for letting me feel so relaxed and feel again that sexual excitement.
Justin Kase says: Bro it was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night! I had a proper relaxed chilled out evening. I can't tell you how much I appreciated all the extra effort you went to to make me feel comfortable and the food you had out was my idea of heaven!! I don't expect anything when I show up somewhere so that was a nice surprise lol. Who doesn't like a selection of about 100 different cheeses lol. I actually kicked myself driving home as I had all intentions of asking for a doggy bag in the morning but I forgot lol.

I had so much fun and I'm glad you enjoyed the movies I chose. If there's one thing I know better than how to please someone it's a decent movie to watch lol.

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with you in the future if that's something you would like aswel.

Thanks again for my many gifts you sent me away with. I'll be using one of them tonight if you can guess which one lol.

I'm glad you got everything out of the night that you wanted to you told me I exceeded your expectations but tbh I could say the same about you. You got me to drink vodka so that in its self deserves praise lol.

I'll eagerly look out for you next message but you know where I am if you need me.

Thanks for leaving me this review can't tell you how much I appreciate people taking the time to write these for me it means a lot believe me❤️

Don't forget to watch the flat earther documentary on Netflix!

Until next time....
JK ❤️

PS. wciąż mam w sobie twoją spermę!
Name: ZAV
Age: 52
Dated: Aug/10/2023 12:52:54
Date meeting took place: Aug/09/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Like many of the men on the site Justin is very good looking. He has eyes that you could drown in and a cheeky smile that mesmerizes. He is also very muscular, more so when out of his clothes, as his definition and impressive ass and chest are in view.

Too often escorts just go through the motions or are pillow princesses. This was not the case with Justin, I felt he was with me in the moment, not only giving me pleasure but actually receiving pleasure too. This is very important to me, as any experience for me is as much emotional or mental as it is physical. He is an exceptional kisser and very skilled with his tongue.

What I found the most alluring was his genuine nature, nothing forced or faked. He is also extremely funny and I just loved his accent and slang, had me laughing which for me was a very new experience with an escort.

I will definitely book again when in the area and may even tempt him down to Birmingham.
Justin Kase says: Hey Zav, really enjoyed meeting you and spending a great 2 hours. I really enjoyed our time together thanks for making me laugh and for the obvious other things you did for me lol. Proper made me laugh when you giggled at practically everything that came out my mouth lol. I don't realise I have a mancunian accent obviously so when people proper point it out it makes me laugh.
Yeah I have a lot of clients in Birmingham so I'm forever driving down there. Just shout me anytime I can get where ever you are! Thanks for not messing up my hair lmao. See you soon bro and take care. X

JK ❤️
Age: 63
Dated: Aug/02/2023 22:30:09
Date meeting took place: Aug/02/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Outstanding! The face of an angel with the body of a god, Justin is the most charming young man you could wish to meet. He's very funny, friendly, extremely sexy, and after a short time with him you feel you've known him forever. He gave me the most fantastic physical experience, as well as moments of real intimacy, kisses that go on forever, and a truly memorable time in the shower for which, fortunately, we remembered to pull down the blind. He left my flat about 23 minutes ago and already I want him back. He's put the most enormous smile in my face. Thank you Justin, see you again soon
Justin Kase says: Hey Peter, I get really nervous after meeting people thinking was I okay? Did I do this or that right? But can honestly say noone has left me a review that quickly before so I must have done something right! Lol. I was relieved that you told me everyone has difficulty finding your place. I know we started 5 minutes late but I'm honestly never late. I actually arrived 20 minute early but I sat in my car because I thought it would be straight forward lol. I know where you are now though lol so never happen again.

Thanks for this you've put a smile on my face.

It was a great 2 hours. It went by far too quickly though! Everytime I watch 'come dine with me' now I'm going to be thinking about your advice on bagging the grand lol.

You have a beautiful place and I really can't wait to come back and spend some more quality time together. You're very attentive to my needs which was really nice.

And as for the blind, I have no problem leaving it up lmao. Sharings caring lol.

Honestly thanks again for inviting me round. It was a great way to end my Wednesday evening. You tired me out good and proper I was out like a light soon as I got in lol. I'll eagerly look out for your next message. Take care X

JK ❤️

Age: 56
Dated: Jul/30/2023 12:01:25
Date meeting took place: Jul/23/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Well, where do you start with Justin ?? He is the most gorgeous guy you could ever meet.. He's the hottest around ! A beautiful person who will always deliver the goods. He looks great in underwear but when they come off well, sheer bliss .....! It was before covid since we last hooked up and boy meeting up again sure re charged the batteries.... What a guy..! I was pleased to have learned him a new trick which we had great fun with !!!! ( our secret ha ha ha ) I will be making regular visits from now on . Just can't get enough of this guy ...Treat him with the respect he deserves. . Your a star Justin. .. See you soon babe.... Dave xx
Justin Kase says: David it was great seeing you again after all these years. It's great when someone you thought didn't want to see you anymore actually comes back. I'm sorry COVID kept you away for so long it was a horrible time. Glad it's all over and you've felt able to see me again.

Thanks for teaching me that trick it was interesting lol. You defo seemed to enjoy yourself lol.

Thanks for all your kind words man. I'm glad your considering becoming a regular your more than welcome.

See you soon x

JK ❤️
Name: PHIL
Age: 37
Dated: Jul/13/2023 13:29:46
Date meeting took place: Jul/10/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few days with JK in London. I can without a shadow of a doubt verify everything he says in his blurb and all the comments below.

He is hilarious , intelligent, cheeky and always professional, with an innate ability to make someone as socially awkward and unconfident as me feel relaxed and secure.

A truly versatile character being equally comfortable at a museum, planetarium, in a giant ball pit or dancing his little heart out at 3am.

Physically he is undeniably stunning and his pictures probably do not do his justice. Definitely the best experiences I’ve ever had!

However it’s the kindhearted caring nature that is his finest asset and the reason I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone! Honoured to count him as a mate- just one with many fun benefits. Absolutely will be meeting again..assuming I recover for that trip.
Justin Kase says: Brooooo that trip was proper mint out of its little head. Proper enjoyed it man from start to finish.

So I take it you have read my updated story book lol.

why is it whenever we are together I eat my body weight in chocolate. I was nearly crying today when I went for my run. Plus side though after 3 days of parting with you and pretty much puling all nighters half naked in the clubs, i manged to get a solid 13.5 hours sleep last night. I must have needed it!

I keep finding more pics of me and you in my camera so ill keep sending them as and when I do. the ball pit 1 i sent earlier is my favourite so far. Phil i keep having visions of that hurrendous pizza we had! cant believe the guy couldnt get his head around that we wanted 4 each not 4 in total. 'what so you 4 and him 4' YES, give us the pizza!!! lol. wish i would have just got the 1 i think it was just bread with a bit of sauce on it. thank god for that all night sweet shop.

Buzzing we went Vault been dying to go since my mate told me about it your helping me tick loads of stuff off my list. well my list is pretty much your list too Isnt it so 'OUR' list we'll call it.

I hope you recover soon because we are in magaluf in few weeks and Scotland before then! we need some more harnesses too, they give me an excuse to go about shirtless which you know i love. I'm an attention seeker lol. I can't believe you dont remember that really hot lad that just came up to us both in the club and kissed us 3way in the middle of the dance floor! you were more drunk than i thought lol.

imagine us waiting nearly an hour, sat on the floor for 3 different ubers to finally get in the car and get dropped off in 3 minutes to our hotel!! we were literally round the corner hahahahaha my head fell off with that!

I'm going to start my book tomorrow thanks again for buying it me. I was supposed to start it on the train home but i fell asleep pretty much straight away woke up with 2 stops to go so that was lucky!

we will watch the other insidious films in scotland theres only 2 more you havent seen now I think.

Thanks for keeping me well fed and my blood alcohol to a respectable level through out the trip lol.

Thanks for leaving this review man and it's proper nice to hear you say those things i think you're a great guy and like I told you in the club you wouldnt think you had any sort of anxiety at all but maybe its just my ridiculous chillness that cancels it out. Nah i'm really glad you see me as a mate makes me feel well more chilled out when i see ya if i know you count me in that way. I do this to meet new people and form relationships and you tick all the boxes son. still need to pick a spot to get our logo tattooed on lmao. It's happening!

Right, watchign 1 more bobs burgers then i'm hitting the sack. shame you not here too but ill manage till i see ya again lol.

speak soon bro X

JK ❤️
Age: 51
Dated: Jun/22/2023 22:28:10
Date meeting took place: Jun/21/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Welcoming
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Had a summer solstice three and a half hour meet with Justin and J at my place.

Both sexy lads are regular meets of mine, though I’ve never managed to get them both together. Individually, I’ve gotten to know Justin and J really well and we always have fun. Totally sound guys, with brilliant communication skills. The chemistry is spot on too, with these two gorgeous lads, so the idea of the three of us together did get me all hot and bothered (in the best possible way ha).

Our session started with a three way passionate kiss, but soon progressed into what dreams are made off. All three of us are fully versatile and just love things kinky. Things got very kinky indeed!

Both sofas got well used, the floor became a yoga mat of versatile fun and as for the Eames chair, it survived, thank goodness ha! Justin and J were worried it might not take the three of us lol. Scally lad porn on the TV and a huge mirror positioned to show off these gorgeous guys, just made for so much fun! I can eat hot ass all day long, and to be blessed with two of Manchester’s finest is just wow!

Watching Justin and J together is horny as hell, but to be welcomed and included in the fun is just ace. Both guys are totally professional in what they do, and the feeling of a proper inclusive threesome was just awesome for me. Every versatile position was achieved between the three of us and Justin (damn, he is good) managed a DP with his two Irish boys ha (well done you, it felt amazing for J and me!). Pits, man smells, sweat, spit and feet were all part of the fun too, of course!

We then moved into the bedroom, where the fun continued, with a lot more bounce lol. A king sized bed, with two perfect lads, full of kinky ideas, for me was just perfect. I think we managed every position going (or tried at least ha), as well as the best threesome cuddles, kisses and chat you could wish for. Honestly, us three just understand how to have fun and laugh along the way. That for me is the very best. I’m kinky to the extreme, but a good kiss and cuddle means the world, especially when it feels genuine Justin also has masterclass skills in role play (I think there’s an actor there) and as I love very kinky role play, he really gets me off!

So, our bedroom session ended in a total cum fest (both Justin and J know that’s my thing), and I was not disappointed! My protein intake was well received and obviously swallowed lol. Mind you, I soaked both of them too ha! We then shared a three man rain shower which was fun.

Finally, to end this summer solstice meet, we had the best meal together in my favourite local restaurant. Healthy gorgeous seafood, good conversation and just a brilliant end to a perfect day in every way!

Next time we do a combined meet, am hoping we can add another perfect lad to the fun too (he’s out there I know). You both get me on that ha! My place is perfect for a proper lad sex party lol.

See you soon Justin and J, honestly, you both are just the very best in every way. It was an amazing summer solstice meet and I can only thank you for that. As Justin said, it was mint!

See you two soon! David x
Justin Kase says: David my man!
Only just noticed this review bro sorry for the slow reply. Thanks for leaving me this! It was great meeting up with you again and with the addition of J and his ridiculous weapon the evening was just mint. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself J and I work well together because we just both have the same goals during the session which is to make you have a massive smile on your face lol. Hope it didn't take too long to put your house back together after we left lol. Your always welcome bro you know this. Once you have a friend in me i'm not going anywhere. The only thing that could possibly happen is you decide to stop seeing me aside from that, I'll be right here when you want me or just a whatsapp message away. Yeah defo enjoyed being taggled up with 2 emerald guys i could just listen to your accents all day and not get bored. Glad you didn't need your protein shakes that day lmao. Easy fish was fit AF! defo going to recommend that place to people now if Im asked where's good. You know I love a bit of fish lol. I will keep an eye out for possible 3rd duos and send them to you. I've met a few this year who have been reallly nice guys I've become good friends with many of them.
Thanks for my protein drinks they got drank pretty much straight away lol. you 5 man shower if awesome lol. Glad you have been able to fit in two more sessions around your travels. Thank for messaging me this morning and wishing me luck on my run. I was like a drowned rat by the end of it and my legs are killing but I survived. Time to get myself to the pub and have a well earned Stella.
Looking forward to your cooking next time too you know food is the only thing other than sex that gets me hard lol.
Really looking forward to speaking my birthday with you I know your gonna make it a great night.
See you soonaroony x
JK ❤️
Age: 58
Dated: Jun/14/2023 13:08:03
Date meeting took place: Jun/12/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
I have been seeing Justin since 2017 and over 20 meets and an overnight i have done many reviews on Justin on other sites but this is my first on here.

Well what can I say that others haven't already said ?
Arranging with Justin couldn't be easier he's always happy to work around you so he can give the type of meet you require.
His looks are to die for face of an angel ? but there's a devil inside
Eyes to fall into.
lips soft sweet and amazing to kiss
Body is just perfect nothing has ever come close to match this young man.
Justin's not just an escort i think he won't mind me saying but a mate a friend no a very good friend he just does everything so naturally that you forget he is a escort well I always do we have done many things together he is so adaptable to any situation that you require .
Willing to give you an amazing time this meet was very special to me as been going through bad time but life can do that.
Justin listenens to you and talking is so easy with him.
Well down to what he dose best I arrived at his apartment as normal let myself in hes waiting lying on his bed in a very tight black pants.
(you know I prefer your white one's)
Started with an amazing greeting bit by bit the clothing was off he made love to me this time as he has before but this was different from other times he gets so deep loved that he fed my ass good.
quick wash laying in his arms stroking each other desided to massage my cock but he couldn't resist getting his cock back inside me while he masmy cock my fist anul orgasm ? thanks Justin.
So if you think you can get someone better go ahead and try but trust me you will fail.
He's no ordinary escort he's Manchester,s finest probably in the UK

Thank you Justin hope this my first review on SB is up to standard hope your still enjoying me as much as I enjoy you
See you in July/September

Bowman G
Justin Kase says: Thanks for this G,

Yeah it's been soooo many years you've been coming here. I'm just glad I'm worth the 4 hour drive you make each time. Your the slick haired, blond, daddy that any lad would want warming his bed.

I love the fact that you see me as a friend as sometimes people can find the relationship difficult but it's like I always say if you had a mechanic as a friend you would still respect his rates to fix your car right? Lol.

I love your company and your little gift boxes you bring each time excite me as much as the anticipation of seeing your smiling face when I open the door.

Soz about the black underwear but please feel free to request any type and colour when you let me know your visiting and I'll have em ready for ya it's not a problem at all.

I was glad re your orgasm I'm just fuming it's the first 1 I've given you after all these years lol. Need to step my game up don't I lol because I love pleasing people as you know. People have to leave smiling otherwise I'm bere depressed.

Lol re your comment about your review up to standard. There isn't a standard set, I'm not going to mark you out of 10. Just like reviews to be honest so people know what to expect.

Yeah you're opening me up to new experiences like the cable tie thingymagig and all the toys you bring so that's good. Like Ice said before I'm not going anywhere while I still have you guys visiting me. So as long as I have at least 1 person I'll be here for you whenever you want me.

Thanks for keeping in touch with me every day without fail. It's really nice to know I'm on your mind and you can talk to me whenever.

Looking forward to the sessions we have booked in. I'll see you then! X

JK ❤️

Age: 55
Dated: Jun/12/2023 17:20:28
Date meeting took place: Jun/12/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Welcoming
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Absolutely amazing,
I met Justin AGAIN today and every time we meet it just gets better and better.
His punctuality is second to none, he comes through the door with the most beaming smile I have ever seen and those green eyes are sparkling at you.
His hygiene is amazing and his banter is fantastic with an infectious laugh.
In the bedroom you can not ask for anymore, he is attentive and when he kisses you OMG !! His lips are like silk.
If there is anyone anxious about meeting him take my advise and book him ASAP, you won’t be disappointed I promise.
His body is to die for, his arse is the best in the world. You could get lost in it for days.
I have already booked him for a full day as two hours isn’t enough.
Thanks for a great afternoon despite the heat and look after Michael the orchid.
Take care Justin
Justin Kase says: Hey Micheal, firstly, thank you so much for my present I'm going to cherish it. I cherish anything my clients/friends buy for me. Hopefully I'll keep him alive lol.

Your defo classed as a 'loyal regular' if I had to label it other than 'friend' which I also consider you. I'm really glad you choose to see me and I'm thankful you allow me to share my time with you. When I finally hang my escort hat up it's nice to know you'll still be there as a mate.

Yes today's heat was absolutely disgusting however you seemed to enjoy my sweaty balls lmao.

Not seen a guy cum 4 times in 20 minutes before I was well impressed bro lol, absolute machine.

Really appreciate you offering me a key to your apartment it meant a lot and I'll defo keep it in mind. I'll defo take you up on the offer to host a party there though 100 percent. You can be the entertainment with your festival skills.

Really lucky to keep recieving your messages and you company thanks a lot and I'm really looking forward to your birthday full day. I'll make it as special as I can I promise.

Take care bro and speak soon x

Name: PHIL
Age: 37
Dated: Jun/07/2023 21:38:00
Date meeting took place: Jun/05/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely

Just had the pleasure of spending a few days with Justin on a wee trip, and am probably going to need the next dews days to recover!

I honestly had a blast from start to finish. Regardless what we were doing, be it out for food, touring or just getting lost, he was hilarious, passionate and cheeky at all times.

When it come to the more naughty activities he is clearly very experienced. He manages to turn even the most ordinary situation into an exciting opportunity for fun! He is without doubt the sexiest and most passionate guy I’ve ever met. Thankfully it was a sunny few days so that amazing physique was constantly on show ;). His new pics will confirm that.

Aside from the physical side he is also a genuinely kind hearted guy and a joy to spend time with.

Regardless what you are looking for Justin will make you time together absolutely perfect. Personally I hope to meet him many many more times!!

In his local lingo he is a proper mint lad!

Chat soon!
Justin Kase says: Haha 'wee' I've been saying 'wee' I front of most things lol. I'm starting to do my own head in lol. I really really wish I had gone to bed when you went to bed because it's not big and cleaver getting absolutely steaming then going airport at 5am. I was fuming because the burger king in the airport was shut! I meant to send you a pic but I was too distraught lol. Settled for a bacon and sausage butty what a robot brought to my table which sent my head even more west lol. Not even lying I nearly missed the flight back aswel!
Had a great time with you man, always do. Even with your absolute shocking sense of direction lol.
I'm still a little disturbed about your spider infested room- red flags were going off all over the place. It's even more concerning than your garden of mushrooms and leave that can killl a man in seconds lol it's a good job I trust you and feel comfortable with you otherwise I probs would have made an excuse and flew home lol. But no your great, funny, shit at archery and can give me a run for my money with drinking which is good. It just never forget that you went bed before me lol. That Irish gin was fit. However, I probs could t taste it properly after the 2 full bottle of Tia Maria I downed I really didn't think the coffee content through.
Aqua biking was sick the wee Irish boy who checked us in was even better which I knew you agree haha.
The naked outdoor photos were good. Was fun getting naked outside in the middle of a lake lol. Glad you enjoyed your first out door session. Exhibitionism is sickkkkk lol. More to come hopefully.
Your houses are mint but your little hidden away 1 is perfect. Was good to go for a coffee outside in the morning completely nsked and just let the sun cook me. I've actually go a decent tan yano it's because I fell asleep while you were hiding your pale ginger boy skin in the shade lol. Your gonna need a sun umbrella when we go magaluf lol. Nah most of the activities will be done at night anyway.
Yeah so mint time with a mint lad. Can't wait for London in few weeks. Vault is going to be sick don't forget your harness. I've really got a feeling we arent going to get through everything that's on our list to do but we will give it a good go lol. Thanks for everything in Ireland you made it such a good time and I'm glad your enjoyed it as much as me. Can't wait to come back. See you in couple of weeks xx
Name: PAUL
Age: 43
Dated: May/27/2023 02:42:19
Date meeting took place: May/09/2023
Time spent: One hour
Ambience: Welcoming
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
This is a review that’s been a long time coming, as I’ve met Justin a few times now. He was my first proper escort experience and he set the bar extremely high. I was ridiculously nervous, but he’s got a way of relaxing you immediately. His smile does that. We’ve always got on well and sexually, JK can read you like a book and respond accordingly. Anything from vanilla to kinkier, he can do. He’s probably the best sex I’ve ever had and has certainly helped me with my confidence. Unfortunately, my personal circumstances have changed recently, meaning I’m not able to see him as much as I’d like. When I do though, it’s like seeing an old mate. Comfortable, relaxing and the just best sexual experience. Justin is a beautiful looking lad and his BFE skills are absolutely amazing. He’s an absolutely great kisser.

What can I say? Just book him. You won’t regret it.
Justin Kase says: Thansk for this bro really appreciate it. I enjoy meeting nice people who can put a smile on my face and you defo do that. Enjoy chatting to you and the funny stories you tell me about your escapades in the club's lol. There'll always be a place for you on my bed lol. I get you can't visit as often as you'd like but I'll make sure the wait is always worth it.

See you soon x

Age: 45
Dated: May/14/2023 18:13:04
Date meeting took place: May/13/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
I have just got back from an overnight with Justin and what an overnight it was. Justin is one of the most amazing guys I have ever met. He makes you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive to the moment you leave. I have been seeing Justin now for around 5 years and rarely does a month go by without me visiting him.

I arrived at Justin's apartment at around 7.30pm and was greeted by his gorgeous smile. However this time instead of his tight sexy underpants he usually wears, I was greeted in sports wear with his bright pink T shirt and tight... really tight short shorts... sexy! We didn't have anything particular planned as I just love spending time with him. He has a great personality and is very easy to talk to. We chatted and touched and chatted some more. We kissed and touched and chatted even more. We decided to go to the cinema to watch a film and we had a great time on the back row!!! film finished and we headed home. As soon as we arrived back through the door Justin's shorts were down and the rest is... well between me and him. We stayed up till about 3am then finally went to bed this time to sleep. Justin gives the most amazing spooning in bed. After waking Justin up in my usual way he had great morning sex.

I have enjoyed every moment of Justin's company and after 5 years I am still no where near finished with this young man. I think he has a festival planned for a future meet for us and there is still Thorpe park to plan and do.... Don't you dare go before I can take you! I love spending time with this guy, its not about the sensual nature of him or his delicate touch. Its not the size of his muscles or how big his diamond is, its not all about the sex or his fantastic arse. For me its about how big his heart is, its about the hugs and kisses and the conversations we enjoy. I can honestly say he is now a dear friend who I hope I will see for many years to come..... until we are grey, bald and old... but not quite yet Justin.

I first went to Justin as having no experience with men at all.... he popped my gay cherry. I had anxieties around sex and Justin has been very patient and educational for me. For me sex has been a huge mental block but with Justin's help, we are having great sex to match the exciting adventures and intellectual conversation. What a guy!

See you in a few weeks hopefully and if you are down in Birmingham, remember to let me know so I can organise a booking at mine. I'm dying for you to see my new house and maybe give you a special sensual massage!
Justin Kase says: Hey, last night was mint man. loved it as always.

Haha re my short shorts lol. It has to be done in this weather. I can't be hiding these legs.

Yeah was super chill but glad we decided to go watch a film. Thanks for driving, it allowed me to have all the cocktails on the menu then all the pints I could physically carry into the theatre lol I'm glad the guy nocked me a test from the coffee shop. You were bere naughty in the cinema there were people like 7 seats down they defo saw and the noise was bere obvious too lol. Good job I like a bit of danger init lol. Defo nearly cried when Rocket saved all the baby racoons lol I'm too soft sometimes lol. Your dying to make me watch titanic or deep impact so you can see me absolutely break down aren't ya lol.

I could have gone all night me but I know you need your beauty sleep lol. Tbh I'm glad you took me to bed because I woke up fresh out my head and even did a full gym sesh. Not gonna lie though I absolutely died this evening it all hit me. I'm currently wrapped up in bed watching Pokemon season 1 lol.

Thanks for the morning fun. You defo have stamina man I'll give you that! I've started to notice my shower noises now you have pointed them out to me lol.

Your a good friend man and I'm not going anywhere. My clients are pretty much everything to me as I spend all my time with Yas so these relationships do mean a lot to me man x

I will take you up on your offer when I'm down that way I'm always driving up there but it's always on overnight bookings and with staying up all night and/or drinking all's I wanna do the following day is crawl into my own bed and die lol. Nevertheless, if I ever do a shorter 1 ill defo shout you. Really want to see your new place man.

You forgot to take to usual batch off coffee. Jamie left his last time aswel I'm starting to take this personally lol. Wouldn't mind but they aren't even that bad I like em I've just got wayyy too many lol.

FYI fit lad who looked like zak effron was proper trying to get into me at the gym this morning. Kept smiling at me in gym and winked at me 1 point then took a long time drying himself next to me in changing room flashing and staring. Usually I would have been all over it no questions asked but I had been well satisfied by you the night before and this morning so I didn't try anything with him just ignored the poor cunt lol. Not like me at all but just goes to show that you did a good job lol.

Shout me sooooon to sort out our next adventure man. (Yes I class going cinema an adventure lol) you mentioned ice skating last night, let's go there I'll show you my moves lol.

Right finishing this episode then getting my head down i'm exhausted. Thanks again for spending time with me last night, great end to my weekend.

Have a good sleep. See you soon bro x


Age: 51
Dated: Apr/13/2023 22:09:22
Date meeting took place: Apr/08/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Welcoming
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Justin is just ACE.

I’m beginning to loose count of the number of hours I’ve now spent with Justin, and it’s pretty obvious this means only good things do come to those who wait (Justin will know what I mean ha). Everything written about this man is true (and more) and it’s an absolute pleasure spending time getting to know him. He is gorgeous, he is sexy, he is kinky, he is funny.. he is a perfect man, and when you add to that.. a smile to die for, eyes that make you melt, and the sweetest of personalities, you know you have met Justin.

Our latest long meet (4 hours + 1) was over the Easter weekend and boy did we have fun! Being fully versatile is the most fun you can have, and not only does Justin fully deliver in this respect, but I think I surprised him a little too lol. I can’t remember being pounded for so long ever ha. This he does very well by the way! Also, when two guys have very similar kinks and are open to exploration, it only gets better. Justin knows I like things kinky, so we obviously are getting on (pretty well I think). I don’t remember ever experiencing so much cum over Easter lol, and this was the case for both of us. Justin also had his fair share of taking it, and all I can say is this was absolute heaven!

Easter wasn’t all about the sex though. We laughed (a lot), we chatted loads, we shared home cooked Irish lamb stew (I know Justin likes his food lol), we talked plants (again, ask Justin) and we cuddled and kissed, and just hung out together. This was absolutely ace!

Let’s just say, Easter weekend was great!

So, what next? Well, after the weekend that was.. I needed more of Justin. He very kindly made room for a further meet on Wednesday, so after work I headed to his place this time. I was totally in a top mood, and this suited Justin very well. I can honestly say that this man has the best ass you will ever wish for. Just beautiful in every way. We had a very hard, deep, sweaty, hot, fun time, with more cum than either of us expected lol. Thank goodness for the cooling fans, they were much needed. A perfect add on to a brilliant weekend, and more cuddles too!

Time with Justin is honestly just wonderful. I feel privileged. I’m loving getting to know this guy (we have more in common than either of us realised). We’ve a fab group session on the cards (can’t wait for this), and our planned day out cycling, as well as a foodie overnight (the Champ, remember lol), so more meets to come and more getting to know one another.

Justin, thank you.. for being you, and for being absolutely ACE x
Justin Kase says: Hi David,

Well those are some nice words mate thank you. I really appreciate what you have said puts a big smile on my face. Yeah your versaltile skills are on point and i totally agree versatiles have wayyy more fun lol. Could't believe when you said a topped for an hour straight lol i just have just got lost in the moment, or hour as it was lol. you did well to endure it lets be honest lol. I enjoy a good laugh so glad this is mutually appreciated ha. The food was to die for man. Thanks for sorting that out and the pile of presents you sent me away with were brilliant! One of them is something i've wanted for a long time just never got round to getting one. FYI vanilla Huel drinks are disgusting lol banana all the way haha. Yeah i was a busy boy on Wednesday so my shot did surprise me lol super soaker!! lol. Can not wait for the champ. love spending time with you mate and love our kinky chats and play. re the party there's another great guy who has joined so if it doesn't go ahead due to numbers, me and J may be able to go ahead with the two of you but i will have to put this this to the other guy and see his thoughts and make sure J is also cool with it. Right then. getting my tired head to bed your boys been busy today and i'm exhausted. The sexy Croatian escort i've just duoed with nearly annihilated me lol. I'm sure you'll wanna hear all the details next time i see ya. Take care daddyo X.

Age: 45
Dated: Apr/12/2023 17:58:39
Date meeting took place: Apr/11/2023
Time spent: Two hours
Ambience: Welcoming
Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
Recommend? Yes, definitely
As I have said in my other reviews, I have been visiting Justin for some time now (over 5 years). We have had:
A long weekend away (3 nights and 2 whole days) in Blackpool,
A few 2 nights and 2 days at his apartment,
I have spent numerous 24 hours with him one of which was on his Birthday,
We have visited Blackpool 3 times now I think, Water Parks, Alton Towers, Chester Zoo, been ten pin bowling, visited the cinema, knackered ourselves out at trampoline parks, romantic walks by the canal and just lazed around in bed all day watching naked attraction.
We have had other escorts over on numerous occasions.
"Versatile" is Justin's middle name because it doesn't matter what you plan to do with this guy, he will make it a magical experience.
I love every minute I spend with him and believe me if I won the lottery you wouldn't ever see him because I would have him at my side day in day out.
I get on so well with this guy, its seems you can throw anything at us and we will come out the other side better friends than before.
Last session we had was the best yet! How can this guy keep upping his game? Justin even gave me a special treat last night that I know is something that he doesn't normally offer....and he wasn't even tipsy or drunk to do it!!!! Our little secret, and I truly thank him for it! It meant a lot and I know he knows why.

Caring, thoughtful, loving, handsome, devoted, fit fit fit, great company, delectable... The list of adjectives could go on to describe this guy.

I look forwards to the party night and spending the night with you and Jamie next month and planning Thorpe Park horror nights and visiting that Harry Potter event you keep telling me about.

Lets not forget my plan to take you to Universal Orlando... but that may have to be a 5 year plan or so. You never know I may even join you for the festival visit, the basement visit and everything else you keep telling me I'd love to do but dont have the balls to.
Love spending time with you mate.
speak soon! x
Justin Kase says: Hey Rich,

We have done loooooads haven't we man! I'm literally a big kid so i just love anything and everything. Its great we can do all these days out and visit all these exciting places but i agree with you, spending the day in bed dying of hangover watching shite TV and just taking the piss laughing all day is also mint. Glad I'm still keeping it fresh for you. I do everything I can to make sure you leave with a smile on your face, which you always do lol. Keep up with the lottery lets see who can win first lol. Thanks for the friend comment its took you over 5 years but I'm glad your finally accepting our friendship lol. when you sent the text i had a massive smile on my face. Glad you like you treat hahaha.

Very pleased your considering joining us for the party. You were 1 i hoped would attend. I'll drag you all these places mark my words bro.

Thanks for leaving me a review. Glad you like your lentin cakes cant believe you ate them all on the way home but to be fair they are absolutely fit af.let me know if you discover any toppings that work really well!

Much love, JK❤️
Name: PHIL
Age: 36
Dated: Apr/06/2023 10:52:27
Date meeting took place: Apr/02/2023
Time spent: Overnight
Ambience: Relaxed
Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
Recommend? Yes, definitely
Quite literally just recovered from meeting Justin for a few nights!

I would be quite introverted so was a bit apprehensive about spending that much time with one person, after only meeting a few times. Turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Justin’s profile states he does all he can to make the client feel special and I absolutely can confirm this is true! A honest, genuine and witty guy constantly smiling and joking. From wholesome fun to the more naughty side it was a magical ??‍♀️ experience - even if you did spill the cauldron over me!!
The only negative would be his terrible taste in films designed to stop me sleeping ever again!

If you are looking for a BF experience or simple naughty fun I can’t recommend him more highly!

I definitely hope to meet him again- turns out I have a lot to explore!
Justin Kase says: Broooooo it's honestly took me 4 days. No word of a lie I've been in bed for past 2 days festering away. The trip was mint but we did go in hard on night 1 didn't we lol. Not danced so much in a long time. When the lights came on on that club and I realised the club was practically empty except for us few stragglers on dance floor realised how much of a good time we were having we didn't even notice the 100s of people slowly disappearing around us lol. The magic Garry potter potion making thingy was proper sick absolutely loved doing that! Although when I smashed my head on those books I was manning up but it really really hurt I'm actually still getting head aches where I hit it. Proper took all my man power to hold back tears lmao. That American group absolutely loved us didn't they although they were absolutely smashed. I reckon that girl drank that coldron after we went lol well what was left of if after I knock it all over you lol.

Me trying to get a bird to come back to the hotel with us completely forgetting your gay and don't like girls lol. Seemed like a great idea until you reminded me haha.

I'm not sure how I got up to go on 3 tubes round London for breakfast. Glad I did though the day we spent in bed watching horror films was great. You jumping at the littlest things is hilarious. Sorry I fell asleep twice but in all fairness your comfortable to sleep on haha.

Couldn't believe it when you told me we we to bed at 10.30am. then when you reminded me that we were being driven round London on a tuk-tuk at 4.30am, with spice girl blasting trying to find a club to let us in it all came back to me lol. The casino was wise not to let us in lol.

I'm still trying to remember what we were doing with the teapot when we got home?! Has it come back to you yet? Lol.

The chocolate was a life saver although think I are most of it so sorry about that.

Yeah looking forward to the foam and paint party in magaluf it's going to be mint promise you.

Yeah loved spending time with you your absolutely amazing. Cant wait for next time. We have so much to get through but there's no rush. Gutted your not coming to his festival on Sunday. I'll let you know when the next Leeds based 1 is so we can stay at that bell hotel.

Thanks for sending me the gifts btw off mi wishlist xx

Speak to you soon. Stay in touch!!! X

JK ❤️
Age: 55
Dated: Mar/27/2023 19:27:30
Date meeting took place: Mar/26/2023
I met Justin for the 6th time yesterday, unfortunately I haven’t seen him for a while as I haven’t been in Manchester, as soon as he arrived I remembered why I choose him, his eyes and smile are do die for then the banter starts, he is articulate, intelligent and got the best sense of humour. His skin is as silky as Egyptian cotton and he is the best kisser EVER!! Don’t get me started on his arse.
In the bedroom he is second to none, his body is amazing and he certainly knows how to please you from start to finish.
If I had one complaint it would be that one hour goes too fast so In future I’ll be booking him for 2 hours, it’s worth every penny. Justin, I’ll see you very soon, thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon x
Justin Kase says: Has it been 6 times already!! lol. Sorry I was away I thought i'd sent you my number but clearly I didn't. I'm glad i'm still shaping up for you lol. Bit of consistency doesn't go a miss. Thanks for all your compliments makes blush stuff like that haha. I think our humour is similar which is why we laugh so much during our time together. Defo a good thing. I do this becasue i love meeting people i can share my life with as this is basically alls I do so I need people like you to make if all worth while. You and your egyptian cotton lol. Not gonna lie your covers are on point but i still think mine blows yours out the water haha. Everyone comments on my kissing not sure what I'm doing to make it so good lol. Yeah time does fly by doesn't it. Again, i think its the banter we have during the sesh which make the time disappear. Glad you consider me value. people sometimes think that my low rates are an indicator of something but I just like to be competitive. Your apartment is really nice wish I had it tbh. Thanks for the offer to host there I will consider it for the future definitely and thanks for signposting the duo partner to me that's really helpful. Yeah i'll see you soon hopalong.

JK ❤️
Age: 45
Dated: Mar/19/2023 16:19:41
Date meeting took place: Mar/18/2023
I met Justin and another escort, Jamie at Justin's very clean apartment in Denton, Manchester. I have been visiting this magnificent species of a man for over 5 years now and I really cant fault him in any way shape or form. He has always respected me and been very patient with me. I love this guy to bits which is testament to his character and how he treats his clients.

5 years ago I went through a very traumatic experience in my life and Justin was there for me. Recently I have had many mental health issues and again Justin has always been ready to talk. I regard this guy as a really good friend now and I hope he looks at me the same way.

So my overnight was amazing with Justin and Jamie, both were on point as we spent the evening chatting and other things. I was very lucky to have been introduced by Justin to Jamie and have found that on their own they are great but together they were amazing.

I love spending time with these guys and will deffo be having an overnight duo with them again soon.

Until next time
Justin Kase says: Hey Richard, loved seeing you both it was a mint night man had a right laugh with yas. I remember doing some dodgy dancing a fair few times in the night lol. Thanks to putting up with my bounce music all night ha. That bottle you brought lasted 2 mins lol. Glad Jamie had a drink too that was nice man. Chilling in the sauna and steam was a nice way to start the evening off and the 3 of us naked in the gym shower together really turned me on haha. What happened back at mine was definitely more interesting though lol.

I've taken on board yours and Jamie's advice re the massive amount of live foliage I have in my apartment but unfortunately the forest is only going to get bigger lol.

I'm really sorry I left you and Jamie to go to bed together I just wanted to carry on and I wasn't tired lol. I couldn't believe it when you both came down in the morning fresh as daisies and i was still sat on the sofa on my own looking like a bat. The time flew by I didn't even realise you had both been asleep for 6 hours, only felt like an hour to me. I stayed up all the next day too then finally crashed and burned last night watching black panther. Had a solid 13 hours sleep and i'm feeling normal today. The next overnight i'm defo going to bed, I can't handle these all nighters anymore haha.

Thanks for everything man I really appreciate every time you visit me. Hope your underwear sales make you some decent wedge i'm sure you'll do well. Let me know how it goes yeah.

Until next time....PS I'm expecting a 2024 calendar so I think we need to build up our photo bank together for next year lol.
OJ re the calendar i'm not that cheeky.

JK ❤️

Age: 51
Dated: Mar/08/2023 21:41:00
Date meeting took place: Mar/08/2023
Absolute Gem of a Lad, just brilliant!

Finally, I got the opportunity to meet this gorgeous lad. Having read his profile and reviews, as well as the recommendations, I can assure you they are spot on. The reality is even better, trust me. A proper sound, genuine, lovely guy, who I’ve already met several times now. And, definitely many more meets to come.

From the moment he opened the door to his lovely flat on our first meet, my afternoon just got better and better. Friendly, professional and funny, this guy knows exactly what he’s doing and how to make you feel at ease with everything. A brilliant communicator. And he’s sexy hot, yes sexy HOT. I’m versatile and love both, as is Justin, so let’s just say that made for a session that’s special. Add in some mutual kinks and say no more!

Our second session was a fully versatile meet at mine, and with those mutual added kink interests, and some toys, after a hard and hot few hours, there definitely were smiles all round. And a fridge visit too lol.

Our latest session was an extended late afternoon at mine. Justin was in a bottom mood for this meet. Good that.. as I was in a top mood on the day ha! Honestly, the most gorgeous ass imaginable and after three hours of kinky play, Justin was well and truly filled. And yes, the toys came out again, but it was my constant pounding that made for multiple, very tasty, Justin orgasms, as said by the lad himself. And they were tasty.

I’ve been fortunate to have met some of Manchester’s nicest, best guys. A favourite two have now become a very definite three. A group session springs to mind for future reference you three, my perfect dream meet.

Justin is an absolute gem of a lad, really wonderful, and I look forward to many more meets. An overnight is definitely on the cards next time, for sure.

Can’t thank you enough mate, and I’ll make sure my fridge is always full for your visits lol. Gym energy after our sessions ha.

All the very best for your charity run, a very worthy cause to raise money for, and you’ll absolutely smash it. Respect.

Until next time you beautiful man. Thank you.
Justin Kase says: Hey David,

It did take a while for you to pin me down didn't it lol all good things come to those who wait lol.

Glad to know I was recommended by a couple of guys. I've formed good relationships with them both sadly we are now missing 1 :(.

Today was great. I love how you slightly increase the time each time to be dead certain you can cope with me for overnight lol. Tbh you have not to worry about your stamina is on point.

The gifts today we're proper nice. Aftershave is being worn on Saturday and the candle I might just never burn it so I can just sniff it it's well nice!!

Dinner worked a treat smashed the gym thanks for that and the green tea all worked as a pre workout lol. You mention the fridge visit....1 thing you have to get to know about me that food is absolutely the way to my heart haha.

Yep you drained me! 3 times is enough for any man in 3 hours lol.

Yes the group session sounds good. It's crazy how many of my duos involve the other guy but we are in many way similar in what we do so guys naturally want to double up on us both. I'm glad because he's been an all time favourite of mine for years too and I'm glad you like him.

You've been an ideal client from the start. I'm looking forward to continuing to build a relationship with you. You're easy to talk to and very chill! Your communication is great and theres no drama or hassle....yet lol. OJ..

Thanks for being a sound guy and making me want to visit again and again. Trust me you'll be sick of me before I'm sick of you lol.

Thanks again for today.

Speak soon

JK ❤️

Age: 39
Dated: Mar/05/2023 07:45:22
Date meeting took place: Mar/05/2023
Just had Justin from an overnight and what an experience :)

Profile photos and video is stunning, but nothing compares to in the muscle bound flesh :) Extremely hot, fit and all round top guy ;) Can't wait for next meeting.

Already saving up to buy his new range of Clone a Willy's :)
Justin Kase says: Lol you and your business ideas lol. Had to read through my bio this morning when I got in to see all the extra nonsense I added while drunk last night lol. Thanks for you advise re the point you raised about my profile. Glad I was able to rectify them as it's hard for me sometimes to see how others perceive things I say. I was oblivious to what I'd wrote having that impact so thanks. Had a great time last night was proper funny had a right laugh. I felt absolutely fine this morning though. Thanks for letting me have a lie in much appreciated lol. Lookin forward to your trip to Manchester for that duo. You can see Dougie in his natural habitat lol.

See you soon m8.

JK ❤️
Age: 60
Dated: Mar/03/2023 09:51:56
Date meeting took place: Feb/28/2023
Met Justin again few days ago. He is fantastic. His pictures don't do him justice, much better in the flesh. He has an amazing body, an amazing cock and fantastic stamina.
I wanted it hard and rough and I got exactly what I was looking for - total satisfaction.
Justin is a complete professional and I am sure he can deliver whatever you are looking for.
Just book him, you will not regret it.
Justin Kase says: Hey, happy to help you with your kinks mate I enjoy doing it! Glad you enjoy coming as much as I enjoy using you! See you soon m8 and thanks for leaving this!

JK ❤️
Name: PHIL
Age: 36
Dated: Mar/01/2023 07:07:38
Date meeting took place: Feb/28/2023
Meeting Justin was the first time I had met an escort, and I don't think I could have had a better experience.

I had read all the previous reviews on the other site and was delighted to find out that they are in no way an exaggeration.

He is a genuine, intelligent and funny guy. I would be slightly socially awkward but due to his disarming and engaging personality I instantly felt comfortable. I felt he was properly interested and focused on me the entire time.

He also happens to be amazingly handsome with a killer body!

I absolutely would not hesitate to spend more time with him or to recommend him!

Good luck with the charity run ?‍♂️
Justin Kase says: Hey Phil,
I'm really glad you decided to choose me to be your first as I know there's a lot of choice out there and I'm really glad I've met expectations. You're a great guy. You say your nervous but it really honestly doesn't show when we meet. Loved the cinema last time was great glad it wasn't too scary for ya lol, can't believe the bouncers made us hide our pints though what was that all about lol. At least this time I didn't take my shirt off in the club and have to go back to the hotel shirtless lol and also I didn't wake up with pizza stuck to my face like our first meet lmao. Too too drunk lol. Already counting down the days to our next outing gonna be mega man have a proper laugh with ya and I love everything you've thought of so far glad we have the same interests. Thanks for the book reccomendation. Im going to add it to the Stephen fry collection. There's a new film coming out called 65...just saying.......lol. it's about space and dinosaurs so as you know it's a film made for me lol. Thanks for the review really appreciate everything you said. P.s Ive been looking at wands. I still don't know which 1 to get when we go there. I might just let it choose me like it's suppose to lol. Maybe my 'wand' will twitch when I find it lol. See ya soon bro!

JK ❤️
Age: 45
Dated: Mar/01/2023 06:38:15
Date meeting took place: Feb/24/2023
I have been visiting this goy for some time now and i meet him whenever i can afford to, be every night and day if i had my way. He never disappoints. He always welcomes you to his home in a sexy pair of underpants and a beautiful smile. If he is meeting you at a certain place or your home he is always prompt and will arrive fresh and smart.
Justin is a beautiful guy inside and out, you will have an amazing time with him.
A gentleman.
Just some words to describe this amazing guy. Looking forwards to our overnight, me u and Jamie.
Justin Kase says: Richy Richy Richy, what to say about you hey. You've certainly been there for me through thick and thin, which is testament to your amazing character and something I won't forget. I know you lack confidence but there's really no need to. You radiate positivity and have a heart that matches the smile you give everytime I open the door, warm and friendly. Your great company and you make me laugh. The practical jokes you pull are, let's say, chadish lol. Can't count the amount of times I've nearly pissed myself because you've s#!t the living daylights out of me in a queue for a scary ride lol. How many years has it been now? 5? Your a good mate and a cherished client or those adjectives could be easily reversed lol. It's guys like you that are the reason I love doing this so much. Thanks for the kind words and I'll speak to you soon no doubt. Oh and thanks for my photo calendar the pics are mint!

JK ❤️
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