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Felip, 21yrs
London, UK - London Central

Available NOW!
Verified: face body 18+
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IN LONDON I’m felip brazilian 21 years old I have 8 inches , Be the center of enjoyment, our moment full of deep erotic desire to remember. Always appropriate and discrete.
Educated and comfortable to be in a social or business situation.
Punctual, discreet, respectful, healthy, hot boy


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 177cm
141.1lbs / 64kg
22.4in / 57cm
Penis size:
8.3in / 21cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8 / EU: 42
Eye colour:
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Body Hair:
Depends On Person
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What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Means of transport
On foot, Bicycle, Scooter, Public transport, Car
Nearest Station:
Marble arch


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‪+44 7882 598257‬

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Photos for Felip

Gay Escort Felipxxl 20yr - masseur
Gay Escort Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Last Week Felip 21yr - masseur
Gay Escort Felip Xl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felip Xl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Last Week Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Last Week Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Last Week Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - blowjob
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - blowjob
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - massage
Gay Escort Felipxxl 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Last Week Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felip Xl 21yr - toys
Gay Escort Felip 21yr - trios
Gay Escort Felip 21yr - blowjob
Gay Escort Felip 21yr - massage

Videos for Felip

6 Sep 2023


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      Reviews for Felip age 21

      Call him now on +447882598257
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: GRAHAM
      Age: 59
      Dated: May/05/2023 13:54:03
      Date meeting took place: May/04/2023
      Time spent: One hour
      Ambience: Welcoming
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I met with Felip last night at his flat in Pimlico. Very easy to find and park if needed! Felip is quick and efficient with his communication but do not be put off by his curt responses. This is a language problem, not his character. He is actually very warm and friendly.
      It was my second meeting with him, after a 5 month gap, but I was still astonished at how beautiful he is. For me, he is perfect in every way, absolutely gorgeous and very sexy. I am fairly new to this activity so I appreciated the warm welcome and how he put me at ease. What followed was fantastic, ending up with him giving me an energetic and sensual pounding that I can still feel today! A wonderful experience. Thank you Felip.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 38
      Dated: Sep/30/2022 20:38:10
      Date meeting took place: Sep/29/2022
      Had a fantastic session with Felipe and his other half Tales in there pad in Pimlico. Felipe was such a hot guy and pounded me for nearly a good hour - lots of stamina and nice cock and fabulous cute bum - I could have felt it for hours and kissed him all night :)

      Highly recommended and will be back soon!
      Name: LOUIS
      Age: 26
      Dated: Aug/19/2022 18:35:17
      Date meeting took place: Aug/19/2022
      I really enjoyed meeting Felip in my hotel room on a recent trip to London. I'm inexperienced with guys and was looking to explore physical contact with other guys. Felip was good at communicating to arrange our meeting and really made me feel at ease before we met. Felipe is a warm, kind and really funny guy. He took time to help me relax at the start of our meeting and understand what I wanted to experience. He is a genuinely good and caring guy. He is also stunning, physically incredibly attractive and his personality makes him even more stunning. Our time together was perfect - intimate and passionate. A really beautiful experience. I had an incredible time with him and will definitely be arranging to see him again.
      Name: GREG
      Age: 41
      Dated: Aug/11/2022 18:13:56
      Date meeting took place: Aug/11/2022
      Still somewhat breathless from my time with Felip and wanted to capture it all while my body is still tingling from the ecstasy of our experience. He is, indeed, a beautiful boy - both outside and in - kind, warm, generous, smart, funny & very, very hot. Those photos do not lie and, as others testify, he is so much better in the flesh. Easy to communicate with and clear on expectations and, before we met, I dropped him a message to tell him the things I like and, boy, did he deliver! He must have committed my fantasies to memory as he made each and every one the focus of his attention! Gentle, tender & sensual, and then passionate, strong & intense, he gave it his all and I loved every moment. Don't let this one slip through your fingers....
      Thank you, Felip , for an amazing time and for making me feel so incredible - very, very grateful.
      Name: PETE
      Age: 55
      Dated: Aug/08/2022 17:53:42
      Date meeting took place: Aug/02/2022
      Hmm, a bit of a disappointment in the end.

      Starting with the positive, he does have a nice body and the sex was pretty good although defo more top than bottom (struggled with me and I’m not large!).

      He seemed perfectly pleasant until I asked him to let me know when there was 10 mins left (rather than the “ok, that’s an hour” announcement).

      To give context, I had originally booked 11.30pm but due to the RMT strike and 2 cancelled Ubers? I arrived at 11.55 (I messaged to explain).

      When I asked to be given the 10 mins notice, he said we had already run over time. This was at 12.35. I questioned it showing him my message as 11.54 asking which flat number, which meant a finish time of 12.54.

      “But you booked for 11.30 so that is when I start timing?!?! Wtf??

      Unbelievable, showing zero empathy for the travel chaos which had descended on London. But incredibly short sighted as he had earlier in the meet asked if I would leave him a 5 star review??‍♂️

      He totally sabotaged this!

      He then agreed to another 10 mins but the atmosphere/energy had changed so I didn’t hang about.

      I tried in vein to explain how this was bloody poor as well as crap business practice as he wouldn’t be seeing me again. He said he didn’t want to hear it and the reviews weren’t that important?. Oh, the arrogance!

      Finally, he then tried to use the age old excuse of having another client (at 1am) otherwise I could have stayed. Bullshit, I thought.

      I ended up waiting til 1.15am for an Uber and nobody came to his entrance.

      So you can see why I was pissed off…
      Felip says: this is not true, this man actually set it for 11:30 pm and arrived 25 minutes after that. He arrived and started talking about other escorts, he said that they were very stupid for not knowing how to treat customers well, (I always listening to him and paying attention), he asked me to do several things as a fetish of being a student and I did everything as he asked, in addition to having sex and him trying to take the condom off twice. Even while we were having sex he talked a lot about other escorts and how I should do my job, he made me nervous and uncomfortable. He stayed 1 hour with me! at 00:56 when it was 1 hour since he was with me, I told him that his time was up and he was very rude to me, threatened me and tried to coerce me, he said that if I didn't do what he was asking even after his time was up he would write a bad review here on my profile to hurt me, as i never had any bad reviews. I hope it doesn't hurt me like he wanted. I am grateful to every customer who comes to me and I am always here to serve you a great time.
      Name: JAMES
      Age: 40
      Dated: Jul/30/2022 06:04:56
      Date meeting took place: Jul/29/2022
      I was not expecting a so polite guy, beautiful and funny. We had a great time. The sex was amazing, but not just that, I was super comfortable with him during 4 hours. I hope we can meet again soon
      Name: QA_
      Age: 25
      Dated: Aug/08/2021 03:46:53
      Date meeting took place: Aug/08/2021
      The best in london handsome and romantic guy you will have the best times with him ❤️❤️
      Felip says: Thank u love ?
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