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      Reviews for Pedro age 23

      Call him now on +447534999905
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: MANNIE
      Age: 29
      Dated: Jun/14/2020 14:11:44
      Date meeting took place: Jun/14/2020
      I arranged to meet with Pedro at short notice and he accommodated my needs. He kept in touch throughout arranging the meet and kept me informed of his arrival. When Pedro arrived the photos don't do him justice, he looks far better when you see him in person. He puts you at ease, talks to you in a friendly manner, is polite and courteous. His body is well toned and he certainly gets to work to meet your fantasies a reality. He asked for a security deposit and I can verify that this is for security and Pedro is genuine and well worth meeting. Don't let this deposit put you off, if you want to meet with this amazing escort then give it a go, I can assure you you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to seeing you again Pedro! :)
      Pedro says: Hey Mannie, thank you very much for your kind words you are a very sweet guy. Thank you so much for trusting me and being extremely gentle at our meeting. Excited to see you very soon! Big hugs and take care :-)
      Name: WILL
      Age: 53
      Dated: Jul/05/2019 01:42:28
      Date meeting took place: Jul/05/2019
      I can only echo all the other reviews of Pedro. I've had the pleasure to meet up with him half a dozen times over the last year and he is exceptional. He has a smile to die for and his pictures really don't do him justice. Yes, he has a great body and yes, he is really really good at what he does. But more importantly he makes you feel like the most special person in the world when you are with him.
      His enthusiasm and passion for life is infectious and you won't regret meeting him. But beware, you might fall a little bit in love with him.
      Oh, and did I mention his smile...

      Pedro says: Hey Will, thank you so much! I am looking forward to see you again soon! All the best :)
      Name: A
      Age: 20
      Dated: Mar/21/2019 10:59:23
      Date meeting took place: Mar/21/2019
      Pedro is a really nice and caring guy. He always treats you with respect and makes you either smile or laugh. Just like all the other reviewers say he does look much better when you see him in person. Pedro keeps himself fit and is very health conscious. I’ve met him now a few times and I can without a doubt say he is the best escort on here and I won’t go to anyone else.

      If you are reading these reviews to decide who to choose there’s no question about it choose Pedro! Once you have visited and experienced what I have you will understand and will appreciate these reviews. Pedro is young, charismatic and very attractive.

      Pedro is very intelligent and speaks fluent English. People worry when they first meet an escort if they are going to be hygienic, clean and if they are insane. I have never had a problem with cleanliness (actually he smells beautiful) and he is sane and very much down-to-earth.
      Pedro says: Hey such a cute and nice review! Thank you so so much!
      I really appreciate that.

      hope to see you again soon x
      Name: CHARLES
      Age: 30
      Dated: Sep/14/2018 08:06:11
      Date meeting took place: Sep/14/2018
      There are so many good things to say about Pedro and the time I spent with him. Firstly, if you think he looks good in the pictures, wait until you meet him in person. He has striking good looks as well as a hot toned body - he is totally stunning. Secondly, he can hold a conversation and is obviously an intelligent and switched on young man. Finally, he put me totally at ease and the experience with him was unforgettable. I definitely hope to see Pedro again soon.
      Pedro says: Hey Charles thank you very much for this lovely review.
      I am feeling really happy right now.
      It is always great to have you over, and I also enjoy spending time and chatting with you.
      Looking forward to see you again soon.
      Big kiss and big hug! =)
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