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Joe English, 39yrs
Leicester, UK - Midlands

Verified: face body 18+
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Will travel to:
Derby, Nottingham
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in the last 24 hours
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7 hours ago
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Premium escort

What's on my mind


Tell us about you...

Hi, my name is Joe.

I am an Adult Escort for Married Guys needing 100% Safety, Security, Anonymity, Privacy, Seclusion & Professionalism in a tiny-village-setting; whereby no-one shall see you enter or leave. Zero CCTV & Free Parking right outside my front door. 4-bed-Luxury-House (NOT FLATS!). I'm down a lovely quiet tranquil Private Drive. You won't be seen or hassled. I prefer older Married Guys, 1st Timers, & nice Polite, 'Switched-on' men.. I am not necessarily here for Gay Guys, (as they can easily hook-up for free on Grindr), I prefer to give 5-Star "Home-From-Home" Relaxed Service to Married/Divorced/Bi-Curious Older men, as I found them SO much more polite. Or men who no longer have sex with their wives. Or men who wish to explore their bi-curious side in complete privacy.

Be advised, I am not a "Robotic-London-Escort" - with bored look on the face as they "Go-Thu-The-Motions" (wishing you'd hurry up & cum) I am the opposite to that, professional & mature. Sorry its SUCH a long profile, but I want to cover everything for you.... Especially if you are married, or a 1st Timer, & this has been "on your mind" for many years. I think its very important you pick the Correct Escort.
I am English, 39, (Midlands) Junction 22 or 23a
Extremely Heavy Cummer.

07706 479285
EMAIL: JoeDiscreet.Lough@Gmail.com
Non Smoker / Many Return Clients from all over the UK (& even Jersey) for my popular; well-received, & comfortable, clean: "Home-From-Home" Service.

Near Loughborough Leicestershire, [White Guy], 5yrs escorting. The only Escort to cover all ages, all Religions, all Races, Catholics/Mormon, Asians etc, who need to scratch-that-itch, & need cock & need FULL SEX with a genuine gentleman. I focus on Married / Retired Gents uniquely because I've found that they are the most clean, & MOST wanting anonymity in my upmarket very quiet house. Politeness, HYGEINE, Good-Manners & Professionalism are Essential to me. Yes; I hear all about your challenges, getting away from the wife for a short time, & escaping etc, so that is where I come in. Book me, knowing that you are in Safe-Hands with a professional ''Switched-On'' Escort, (who is passionate regarding Sexual-Health) & your Sexual Need for COCK, [also] ANY / EVERY "Kink", "Fantasy" that you wish. A much safer route of obtaining MAN-COCK than Gay Saunas or Cruising. I'm easy to travel to as am in the VERY CENTER of the UK. Junction 23. Think of my LARGE House as *YOUR* "Home-from-Home" where you can let yourself go, Relax, & EXPLORE my body with all those sexual fantasies or kinks you have always wanted to... :)


▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬
Massage / Nipple Play
✅French Kissing
✅Boyfriend Experience
✅FETISH - All Fetish's Are Fine
✅Pentyl Poppers From USA (Pfizer VIAGRA)
✅TANTRIC Ass Fingering.
✅WANKING Hard Cock
✅FROTTAGE Cock-2-Cock Play
✅Cock/Ball Sucking
✅Dark-Room Experience (in pitch black)
✅Deepthroat Choking
✅CUM IN YOUR MOUTH (bothways)
✅Bukkake CUM OVER FACE (Frozen Cum Available)
✅My cum is safe to swallow (On PrEP)
✅I am Top Only. You cannot fuck me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Complexed Bookings Below -
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

/ TRANS (YOU MUST Bring your own outfit - ("GOOD Girl", or "BAD Girl? ) A "good girl" who wants BFE. / Or BAD TV SLUT who wants punishment.
Tape / Rope, Gagging you.
✅FISTING your *VERY CLEAN* Ass (I use "BOY-BUTTER - its awesome stuff)
✅Shared-Shower Together
✅Video'ing our experience together.


⚜️My Website:⚜️
This website includes all my BLOGS (which I write myself) about Real-Life Bookings with my Clients. It has 40 additional Reviews all about me. You'd be better off reading
this site on a Laptop (rather than on a phone). So don't let the wife see! x





I LOVE my work. I LOVE SEX! I love pleasing my clients sexually, & helping them on their "Sexual Journey". One client waited 50 years to GET the courage! (Bravo to him). My mission here is to make obtaining Man-2-Man FULL SEX, & your KINKY FETISH as easy as ordering a Pizza. Every eventuality regarding your anonymity is thought out ahead of time. Example: Block my phone after our booking. It gives peace of mind. (I never contact any of my clients.) I am tested every month at Sexual Health. ASK to see my Text upon arrival. NEVER had an STI. Was last tested 15 Jan 2024 and all clean. And they test me for EVERYTHING.


the ease of simply calling / texting me, rather than risking having a Toxic Gay App on your phone. (I do not offer a "Grindr" type service.) Yes - I've heard MANY a horror-story of married men visiting a NON-PROFESSIONAL & the ensuing horrors experienced). You shall be travelling to a Spotlessly Clean; Up-Market locality, & NOT a "anxiety inducing" block of inner-city flats - (with the escorts "mates" or worse? in the next room popping in, offering ZERO privacy ). Yes, true story, as a client told me! I do meet clients in Sexless-Relationships, with "challenging" / menopausal wives. I hear these stories a lot. So guys you are truly not alone. I sympathise & understand the stress (& burdens) you carry through life - so we can chat about that after (or before) the sex. After all this experience in my work, I've heard everything (in 5 years) so am totally unshockable. (ANY and ALL FETISH'S ARE FINE)


~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
take FULL ownership regarding ALL clients. Regarding Sexual Health, SEE BELOW:

1. Safe-Sex Pill "PrEP" , I CANNOT EVER get HIV.
2. Hep B = x3 / HPV= x3 / Monkeypox x2 / Covid Vax'd =x4
3. Don't worry - You and I shall be the ONLY 2 people in the house! (You SHALL NOT receive "The Brazilian Conveyerbelt Experience" with NO English spoken. I am the opposite to that. (an English Language Degree A*.) Sorry, DO NOT expect to be booking a "Muscle Man", or a "Twink" or a "Brazilian Guy". I am neither of these. - NO WAY do I take Steroids to BULK UP muscles as I value my health so am of natural appearance. I am just a NORMAL MAN who is NOT 21 -- I am 39. No Botox, no tattoos, no fake-tan, NO designer labels. I'm a NORMAL man, who if you were to line-up a bunch of escorts, you would NOT think I was the escort. I am just the "Man Next Door" Approachable, Switched-on, Friendly, Polite, Organized, Safe, & RELIABLE. But I have a LOVELY FAT COCK & can fuck as hard as you want me to! And can CUM BUCKET LOADS down your throat. And my pants will be WET THRU in 5 mins with PRE-CUM! I am overly clean. Takes me 90 mins to get fully scrubbed up for each booking because I want to make a good impression, & for you to feel able to lick & suck me all OVER my body.. Especially my arse & cock. So ZERO sweat smells from me! (Please can u be clean too). 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri.

✅If You Need a Pfizer Branded 100MG Viagra? Just ask. I have them ✅

SORRY: I never do out-calls, as I feel snug in my own home, I "perform" better there, (with everything I need to hand). There's no need for me to do outcalls as I am always booked-up. Also I hate travelling, so I won't do an outcall for any price. Also, I once did an outcall & ended up arriving in a real nasty council dump with an ageing, smoking, smelly old drunk man, so never again.


** Texting Messaging Protocol **
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬
✴️ 1 - *Date / *Time / *Length: of Booking
✴️ 2 - *What you want sexually (Be Brief)
✴️ 3 - *Age / *Where travelling from?
✴️ 4 - Be Direct, & To-The-Point. NO Texting for hours. If you chose a date a L-O-N-G way off I SHALL ASK FOR A BANK TRANSFER DEPOSIT due to timewasters.

✴️ PROTOCOL - You only get my address when you are 1 minute away (due to "Address Collectors" & no shows) . So drive to a spot near to me & You ONLY obtain the address over the phone on a VOICE-CALL when you are 1 minute away & when I visually SEE the car arriving. (I never text out my address any more after several lunatic timewasters. )

❌ Private Numbers = AUTOBLOCKED
❌ 1-word texts saying "Hi" = AUTOBLOCKED.
❌ NO CHAVS. (Married Professionals Only)
❌ If I suspect you are SEXTING for free I will BLOCK YOU
❌The ENTIRE BOOKING Should ONLY take 3 Texts / or a 4 minute phonecall. Anything longer is UNNACEPTABLE & I WILL BLOCK. (No PING-PONG Sexting)

✅I **ONLY** want: Clean Business Men / Professional Men / Married Men / Working Men / Dads / Nice Guys / Geeks / Working Lads / Lads with Girlfriends / Grandfathers / 1st Timers / Normal Men / Friendly jokey men). Don't bother dressing-up smart for me, just come-as-you-are. If you are off the "Building-Site" that's fine. I have a shower. If you are apprehensive or worried about anything give me a ring, I won't bite. (Bear in mind I get Timewaster after Timewaster, & have been escorting since 2019 so NOW have a 6th sense regarding them). If ringing me you must be polite. (I must BLOCK 10 calls per day), a lot of men get a KICK out of ringing up for a free wank. I have to contend with this behaviour on a daily basis.


▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬
9am - 5:pm
⚜️Saturdays: 1.pm-8.pm
⚜️Sundays: 8pm-9:pm
◼️ Don't be nervous guys, I am very approachable, down-to-earth & friendly. I am very much used to 1st Timers & their concerns. ◼️

have a JUICY CHUNKY HARD uncut 7 inch cock. I OOZE LOADS of pre-cum, & many clients think I've already cum when I have not? Check out my BLOGS on my website, they are a "Step By Step" insight into my Bookings with Clients. Some clients have read ALL of them over and over again! I *ALWAYS* cum LOADS with each client & if you ARE A CUM ADDICT then I'm your man. I can CUM TWICE on most bookings, esp 2 hour bookings. I DON'T take drugs, NO Steroids to appear like a Muscle-God. Average Build, brown eyes, smooth chested. A very nice very Approachable, friendly good-Looking guy. Not a Twink; I'm 39. If you NEED excellent MAN-2-MAN SEX, then I am for you. And I really look forward to hearing from you.. My HEART pounds when my phone rings, (and I get HARD) and think "Wow, who is wanting COCK FUN today??" I LOVE IT when its a Newbie First Timer and we lie down on the bed and he pulls my briefs down, and my COCK springs out to attention - and then I love to watch him SUCK COCK for the 1st time in his life... Its such a thrill for me.. On 2 Hour (plus) Bookings I can VIDEO you sucking Cock on your Own Phone! So ask me about that filming service.


action takes place in a HUGE HOUSE, MASSIVE DOUBLE-KING-SIZED BED in a huge bedroom with en-suite connected. You will have your OWN private Power-Shower / Toilet / Sink & Dressing Area. I supply everything - Viagra, Baby Oil, Condoms, Poppers from the USA, Lubes, Hand-Cuffs, Masks, Latex Gloves to finger your ass (or fist you), the Leather Face Harness in my pics (if you want) Clean towels. Clean Bedding washed every day. (I can also Turn it into a DARKROOM, make the room PITCH BLACK for guys with body issues) .

If you do have "Body Issues" guys then don't worry. Life really is too short.. I LOVE the male body in all of its forms, fat, thin, tall, short, hairy, non-hairy, white, brown, black, cut, uncut, chubby, big-cock, small-cock, old, young, widowers, Catholics, disabled. .... I cater to ALL of the men in the UK.. And I am here for you to look after you. I've made SO MANY dear friends in my five years its just unreal.. I can honestly say that (apart from the timewasters) I LOVE MY JOB!!


My Motto is Quality, & "Get It Right!".. Give a client what he's paid for, & what he has asked for on his text. I re-read your texts thoroughly on the day. So, it might be: passion, kissing, cock sucking, escapism, excitement, Fisting, Dressing up as a TV, and a good fucking in your ass in ANY position you want... Good & deep! Tell me what you want guys


▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄
service, Royal Mail. £80 + £10 P&P. 20 FROZEN LOADS of my Creamy TASTY CUM!. x2 Condoms OF FRESH CUM! Next Day Guaranteed Royal-Mail. Payment = Bank-Transfer. £90.00. Whatsapp for details. SPUNK sent in Jiffy Bag. (Royal-Mail-Tracker-Number so you Track your delivery)
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

Very best wishes
♦️ See You Soon
♦️ Junction 23a

⚜️My Weekly SEX Blogs Are Here (Below) ⚜️

5 STAR ESCORT ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️

Joe Loughborough

☎️ 07706 479 285 ☎️


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 10in / 180cm
178.6lbs / 81kg
34.3in / 87cm
Penis size:
6.7in / 17cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
Rich Brown
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Very Good
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✅SATURDAY 1.30.P.M - 5.PM

Why someone should choose you

PRIVACY PRIVACY PRIVACY for Married Men & 1st-Timers with a sane escort ✔️ NO STRESS / Luxury Detached House / PRIVATE CLOSE in VILLAGE / FREE PARKING✔️ GUARANTEED: Seclusion / Anonymity / Tranquillity / Confidentiality. Married Men consider Privacy ESSENTIAL.✔️ NO Attitude ✔️ Nicotine FREE ✔️ Well-Spoken ✔️ I am NOT: "Brazilian-Conveyerbelt" Type ✔️ CLEAN ✔️ 5 Star Reviews


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Photos for Joe English

Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 38yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 38yr - rimming
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 38yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Leics. (loughborough) 38yr - massage
Escort Joe Leics. (loughborough) 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 38yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Saturday Joe 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 37yr - massage
Escort Joe (covid Vaccinated) 37yr - massage
Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Escort Joe Discreet Loughborough  40yr - massage
Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe English 38yr - rimming
Gay Escort Joe English 38yr - rimming
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough (5 Star) 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough️️️️️ [5 Star] 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 38yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Discreet ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 38yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 38yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Discreet Loughborough  40yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 39yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe Loughborough 37yr - massage
Gay Escort Joe English 38yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Joe English 39yr - always safe sex

Videos for Joe English

31 Mar 2021
7 Feb 2021
3 Jan 2021
escort v...
17 Feb 2020
fisting ...
12 Dec 2019
5 Nov 2019
escort v...
29 Oct 2019
27 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019
escort v...
27 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019


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      Reviews for Joe English age 39

      Call him now on +447706479285
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 56
      Dated: Aug/30/2023 14:16:32
      Date meeting took place: Aug/30/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      One of the nicest, warmest, most genuine escorts I've met on here. His pictures don't capture the full package. I had an amazing 2 hours with him, every single box was checked - he kept in constant communication with me, before the meet. Made things so easy for me. He soothed my nerves at every stage. During the meet he couldn't be more eager to please & was clearly incredibly professional. He took on board all of my requests & delivered exactly what I was looking for, & even helped me try out some things I'd never thought of. (Oh WOW all that CUM!) Fetish or vanilla, Joe does it all. And in such a private, clean, extremely-confidential, large house with all amenities.

      If you're contemplating meeting up with Joe, I can't recommend him enough. Already hoping to see Joe again soon. John x
      Name: ROBERT
      Age: 51
      Dated: Dec/16/2021 13:19:56
      Date meeting took place: Nov/20/2021
      First & foremost Joe is 100% trustworthy, dependable & genuine.
      I visit Joe's home every 4wks. I drive 6 hours from Glasgow, as its taken me 8 attempts to find a decent escort. (18 months of searching). His profile-description & reviews are absolutely legitimate. I can vouch for Joe. I'm the "typical anxious married guy", (with a lot to lose I might add), so undoubtedly demand 100% discretion, trust & privacy. Joe provides ALL of that. He's VERY understanding to married men's needs. Always puts me at ease immediately upon arrival. I was shaking with nerves on my first visit to Joe. However he just WRAPPED his arms around me IMMEDIATELY to calm me down, & now I actually feel able tell him things I’ve never told anyone. (In fact we chat on the phone like best mates each week). Exceptionally warm & approachable. Intelligent, friendly & educated. A lovely guy. I've never known any Escort take such trouble getting-ready to be so spotless before a meet. (He always smells so DAMN good, so my tongue can safely go anywhere without worry). Joe treats me with total respect, & fucks exactly the way I enjoy it, with a rock-hard cock. His large house is EXTREMELY private. If you're not careful you'll miss it, & drive on by. It's precisely this seclusion, peacefulness & solitude that's most valuable to me. Thanks for our last meet Joe, you sent me to Heaven. I am floating on air. My arse feels pounded and stretched. See you on Dec 21st . :) Rob. x
      Name: ERNIE120
      Age: 67
      Dated: Jun/09/2021 16:05:31
      Date meeting took place: Jun/09/2021
      I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I had my first meeting with Joe today. Contact before the meeting was professional, but done with friendliness. I was a little nervous, but Joe put me at my ease within seconds. The experience was everything I had hoped for, and more. This boy is the world's best kisser, and there was a real commitment to ensuring that I had a good time. Actually I had the best time; warm, gentle, passionate, and so sexy and damn horny - he only needed a single word or gesture to know exactly what I needed, and boy did he deliver. Either this boy loves his work or his performance deserves an Oscar. I felt like I was on the best date ever; I had really great sex, and afterwards a relaxing and unhurried chat and cuddle. The experience was perfect, from the moment the door opened to reveal a handsome and smiling young man to the moment it closed after a last, lovely farewell kiss. I'm definitely going back....soon. Thank you Joe. X
      Name: JAMES
      Age: 55
      Dated: Apr/27/2021 13:56:03
      Date meeting took place: Apr/27/2021
      What a great time I had with Joe, will be going back for more as soon as I can, thanks Joe for being so kind and caring
      you so deserve the 5 star rating.
      Name: KEVIN
      Age: 59
      Dated: Jan/04/2020 14:17:25
      Date meeting took place: Jan/03/2020
      Just had my first date with Joe, who was so supportive and encouraging from my first contact with him until we met. And then we met! I have rarely felt so relaxed and engaged with a guy from the minute I arrived and throughout our time together. Joe is a special man who makes you laugh, is caring and is interested and interesting in conversation. Our time in bed was sensual and unbelievably horny. Thank you Joe so much for a wonderful REAL date. I left feeling so good and knowing I had made a genuine friend and, yes, just a little bit in love!!
      I’m already working out when I can arrange my next visit; I live 70 miles from Joe and I’d travel further to spend time with him. Go for it guys, if you want a special experience with a real man you’ll struggle to find better. xxxxxxxx
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