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Danny, 19yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
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Manchester, London, Leeds
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6 hours ago
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Leeds & London based, happy to travel.


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5ft 10in / 180cm
127.9lbs / 58kg
27.2in / 69cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 6.5 / EU: 40.5
Eye colour:
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Twitter - Dannydelanox

Rates vary depending what you wanna do :) minimum £300 ph. Upto £600

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Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Escort Danny 20yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 20yr - sucking
Escort Danny 18yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 18yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Escort Danny 20yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - licking
Gay Escort Danny 19yr - sucking


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      Reviews for Danny age 19

      Call him now on +447562340525
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: PETER
      Age: 43
      Dated: Jul/12/2020 13:02:51
      Date meeting took place: Jul/10/2020
      Let me start by saying Danny is an amazing guy!

      I was a little unsure having read his past reviews, but took the chance and I never regretted it. He was so understanding and thoughtful, as well honest and upfront. He was prompt and ready on time, whilst putting me so much at ease from the very beginning and never a clock watcher or just going through the motions. Taking his time to listen to my needs and being so accommodating.

      If you get a chance to spend time with this guy DO, as you won’t be at all disappointed. I had a truly enjoyable time and can’t wait to repeat the experience as soon as I can.
      Name: RICH IN HULL
      Age: 35
      Dated: Jul/09/2020 12:30:42
      Date meeting took place: Jun/16/2020
      Finally I managed to meet Dan after two failed attempts.

      This time, Dan's communication and reliability was much better. I travelled to Leeds to meet Dan and had a lovely time.

      Dan is absolutely stunning. He looks like a quintessential twink but is more predetermined as a dominant top and seemed to enjoy our time more when he was little dominant. Again: he is unbelievably beautiful.

      I know Dan has a number of negative reviews but I think with a little more patience from clients and much more organisation and commitment from Dan, he would excel in this role.

      I hope to see him again, perhaps at my place.
      Name: JOE
      Age: 35
      Dated: Jul/07/2020 17:42:10
      Date meeting took place: Jul/07/2020
      100% do not trust this guy and DO NOT send him any money - I (stupidly) sent him a deposit despite his other bad reviews - before I drove out to meet him I told him that I genuinely didn't care if he was planning to scam me and keep the deposit but if he was that he should tell me before I drove to his (presumably fake) address. He said all was fine and then of course when I got there he blanked my calls and texts. Avoid like the plague.
      Name: NICHOLAS
      Age: 72
      Dated: Jun/27/2020 21:03:16
      Date meeting took place: Jun/27/2020
      My experience was broadly similar to Rich's. After some difficulty with communication we agreed an online meeting. Danny seemed enthusiastic about it, but at the agreed time I could not contact him, and he has not communicated with me since. Either he gets off on disappointing people or he has a problem and needs help. Whichever is correct, he is not the person to approach in the hope of a little harmless fun.
      Name: RICH
      Age: 35
      Dated: Jun/23/2020 19:14:11
      Date meeting took place: Jun/16/2020
      I travelled one and a half hours to see Dan. Before the meeting, Dan and I agreed the venue and time three days prior to meeting. We agreed 1.00pm. I arrived and, after receiving a message at 10.40am confirming our meet, Dan was not answering his phone. I was left waiting at least one hour until I arranged to meet up with someone else. Dan did not show for our meeting despite him knowing I travelled 70+ miles to see him and took the day off work.

      Later Dan apologised - sort of - and seem to think it was a bit of a joke rather than a significant inconvenience to me. At the stage, I did not leave a negative review.

      Persistently, I have attempted to meet with Dan for about nine days. His communication is extremely poor and is chronically slow to respond to clients, which means you never quite know what's going on.

      Anyway, Dan and I agreed to meet again but this time on Monday 22nd. Dan said this date would be fine but, as Sunday evening progressed into Monday morning, Dan had not confirmed and and was quite rude when I contacted him asking him to confirm.

      Dan has let me down twice. Imagine travelling 70 miles only for someone to let you down? Definitely not good and I would avoid as much as possible.
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