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Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Kyle 22yr - licking

Kyle, 22yrs
Bristol, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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20th of Sep
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Im Kyle i'm 22 fun and full of energy.
if your looking for a guy to have a laugh with ::: I'm right here with great sense of humour x

I enjoy meeting new people and giving pleasure (I Cum Lots ?) and I’m very versatile, whatever goes, there is no judgement from me x

I have a big love for motorsport so lets go to the races, have great times on cute walks with scenic views and I enjoy getting to know people over a meal x


NOTICE: I DO NOT ANSWER PHONECALLS due to a mass amount of spam and fake callers! Please message me!!


6ft 2in / 188cm
70.5lbs / 32kg
31.9in / 81cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
Dark Brown
White British
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Very Good
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We are both porn models as you may have seen on some of the well know sites so I’m sure you know what to expect ❤️

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Just Ask x

Why someone should choose you

You tell me ? i'm an all round decent guy…
I actually enjoy meeting new people and giving pleasure which means it’s not commercial!

I’ve never had negative Feedback everyone’s loved there time with me

I've got size 9 feet and you know what they say.....

I can do duos with My partner if requested

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15 Sep 2023


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      Reviews for Kyle age 22

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       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: ALAN
      Age: 64
      Dated: Mar/17/2023 14:31:55
      Date meeting took place: Mar/11/2023
      I arranged a meet with my favourite duo to celebrate my 64th birthday! We me at a very nice trendy bar and enjoyed some drinks, they both looked absolutely stunning. I felt like I was the luckiest man in the room! After a very relaxed and friendly conversation, we headed back to the hotel I had booked specially for the occasion. I received a beautiful massage from both of the boys, with their technique not too hard on my old body, but firm enough to help me relax. I must say the massage really set the mood for myself and the boys, as they massaged every inch of my body, before turning me on my back and continuing to massage me until my knotts had been undone to them we had the most youthful, passionate and energetic sex! Both boys got very hard and seeing kyles long horse like dick against Kam’s thick dick really gave me a good mouthful to play with! Kyle has such a tanned, toned and defined body and Kam is just the cutest and loudest moaner, especially when I watched how Kyle rough handled him hehe. I didn't cum once, but twice! Both times were some of the most pleasurable orgasms I'd ever had. The only downside to all of this is that it had to end! I feel like I'm addicted to these boys and they will definitely be seeing a lot more of me lol xx
      Name: TIM
      Age: 61
      Dated: Jan/23/2023 12:53:32
      Date meeting took place: Jan/17/2023
      Meeting guys on this site can sometimes be hit and miss. Kyle is a 5 star HIT.

      He is amazingly good looking with jet black hair and piercing black eyes. When we spoke on the phone I had asked if he might punish and humiliate me (my kink and not on his profile) which he said he would enjoy. On seeing his toned body and six pack revealed, and him, cane in hand, ordering me into position I became nervous but he played the part that I had asked perfectly. A great role play session where he caned me and enjoyed my pain and humiliation which was as I had requested.
      We then had an intimate bedroom scene..... when his pants came down he was massive, throbbing and remained rampant throughout until he finally discharged his substantial load over me - the muscles in his body and powerful legs hard and taut.

      Afterwards he remained unhurried and chatty. He is a handsome, charming and interesting guy who, for me, combined the perfect session with a great personality. Sincere thanks Kyle - I much look forward to seeing you again....and again.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 38
      Dated: Oct/30/2022 22:49:46
      Date meeting took place: Oct/30/2022
      I've met quite a few guys through Sleepyboy, but Kyle is just next level stuff.

      It's hard to put into words what a fantastically stunning guy he his. Personality, looks, intelligence, and just incredible in the massage and other departments to ;) Wow is a word that I keep coming back to.

      Already planning a duo with his (also hot and stunning) partner duo Kam. I'm not sure that I'll be able to take both of them together. For me that was an unforgettable experience. One that I want to repeat :)
      Name: ALAN
      Age: 63
      Dated: Oct/24/2022 13:43:39
      Date meeting took place: Oct/16/2022

      I decided to meet you at last minute during a pint with Kam but by golly I am glad that I did. With kam being cute and small and pretty, you really add to the duo to create an amazing dynamic. You’re tall and handsome and with a mysterious look that just makes me want to know you more, the two of you make an incredible couple. I could tell within minutes of meeting you that this night was going to end with a nightcap at the local marriott. The spark and bubbliness you both have for this line of work is something I haven’t seen in many of years, as most escorts seem to have lost the drive for their job, whereas you really made my faith in escorts resurface. Your body is to die for, lovely and well-toned and tanned that is irresistible to men like me. The passion you both show for each other in the bedroom is something that you really cannot describe in words but WOW. Watching you strip and feeling your warm muscular body really set the night off to a great start! Seeing kam worship your muscles and abs and watching the power struggle between you two is so sexy I felt privileged to be incorporated into what seems to be a beautiful relationship. I’m excited that I’m your first review so keep it up and you’ll have no problem getting clients for sure! I really wish I could have spent more time with you both and not have to rush but I’ll be back no problem! Keep it up champ LOL!
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