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Kam, 22yrs
Bristol, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Will travel to:
Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Bristol, Truro, Sunderland
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11 hours ago
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If looking for BDSM service, please check the duo section near the bottom !

My names Kam and im 1/2 of a duo pornstar couple/ social media stars and are now on here! I do singular meets also and am always happy to travel (i have a railcard so it’s much cheaper!)
I live between Leicester and Bristol (and occasionally end up elsewhere).
I'm happy to travel anywhere, internationally etc!
I'm a bubbly ADHD boy who still is a child at heart.
I enjoy doing anything or everything, from sit ins with a glass of gin, to going on 10k walks, i promise that i'm the most versatile boy you'll ever meet. Want a guy who scrubs up well in a suit and thrives in social situations no matter the occasion? Hi there! Someone who will make sure you're never uncomfortable but also won't fill every moment of silence with useless jargon? That's me.

I'm huge on animals as my degree was in zoo management so i'm more than happy to say hello to Pebbles your fish, or teach Cuddles your horse, how to fly.

My body type is clean cut but i can be nice and smooth if preferred. My dick is around 6 inches, with decent girth, perfect for both experienced and non. I love giving and receiving a lot of BDSM including but not exclusive to restraints and torturing, being pinned down and having forced play with no mercy, being treated like a slut and cash whore. I can also be very bratty and refuse to do as I'm told, this really turns me on. I want you to tell me what you're going to do to me without having the choice. However if this is not your style I'm also passionate and gentle with lots of kissing, eye contact and can really set off the romantic mood too, if this is more your style!

So dim the lights, hit me a message and let's get to it!

I don't answer withheld numbers but am back to answering calls if im available!


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 5in / 166cm
121.3lbs / 55kg
28in / 71cm
Penis size:
5.9in / 15cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 6 / EU: 40
Eye colour:
White British
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Chivalrous men who know how to treat a guy right. I love good energy in a person and someone who bounces off my vibe.
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Very Good
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Je parle un peu de français
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On foot, Public transport
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If travel is required i ask for it to be covered!
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We are now offering BDSM session blocks (minimum of two hours)! We Begin all sessions lightly with a gentle massage, caressing your muscle to relax you and ease you into a full throttle BDSM slutty sex session. Bend to our Will as we take complete control - alleviating any daily life stresses you have during the hours spent with us, as for the next few hours, your life will be in our hands ?. Slowly, but surely we will break you into submission, and hold you at the edge of glory right until the last second, where, if you are a good boy, we may relieve you of torturous pleasure. If this sounds up your street, make sure to give us a message. X

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Gay Escort Kam 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Kam 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Kam 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Kam 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Kam 22yr - double penetration
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Gay Escort Kameron 22yr - gangbang
Gay Escort Sunderland Soon! 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Twink Quickie Now? 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Kam 22yr - trios

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14 Nov 2023


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      Reviews for Kam age 22

      Call him now on +447958428143
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 65
      Dated: Apr/19/2024 17:12:44
      Date meeting took place: Apr/19/2024
      Time spent: One hour
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Kam is a very nice and thoughtful guy he is very welcoming and the experience was good from start to finish. The sex was unhurried and sensual and we had a good chat afterwards. I will definately see Kam again.
      Kam says: Hey David!
      Thank you for such a lovely review! I do hope to see you again soon, but until then please look after yourself xx
      Name: THE DOC
      Age: 61
      Dated: Jan/18/2024 13:18:15
      Date meeting took place: Jan/18/2024
      Time spent: One hour
      Ambience: Welcoming
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Wow. Just wow. All the other reviews are so spot on. Saw Kam and Kyle together - first of all easy communication and arrangements made and then the meet. Both are far better looking in person, and hot bodies and cocks. Hottest sex I have ever had, both are gorgeous, attentive, hot and up for it! No rush, nothing too much trouble, a delight in every way. And afterwards no hurried run out the door, just chill and chat. I repeat - wow…can’t wait to see you guys again x
      Kam says: Hey Doc!
      Thank you so much for your kind words- I cannot wait to come back up and will definitely keep in touch! All the best!
      Kyle and Kam
      Name: ANON
      Age: 25
      Dated: Jan/02/2024 01:30:42
      Date meeting took place: Jan/01/2024
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I usually prefer to remain anonymous but since we vibed pretty well I thought I’d leave him a review. We exchanged photos and I told him I had a girlfriend and wanted to have a gay experience so discretion was 100%. Tbf he made it so easy i will deffo see him again. Cheers Kam
      Kam says: Hey man! You’re more than welcome- the pleasure was all mine!
      All the best
      Name: BEN
      Age: 47
      Dated: Oct/12/2023 20:24:18
      Date meeting took place: Oct/04/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I had a great time with Kam.. He came to mine for 4 hours, and it was the best 4 hours I’ve had for a very long time.. He made me feel at ease as soon as he arrived.. He’s great company, very sexy and extremely good at reading just what you need.. A great guy who I’d love to see again and again.. Thanks Kam, hope to see you soon x
      Kam says: Hey Ben! I’m glad you had a great time, I really enjoyed my visit and our time together, a very lovely man! Can’t wait for round 2!
      All yours
      Name: ANDY
      Age: 55
      Dated: Aug/22/2023 09:01:16
      Date meeting took place: Aug/19/2023
      Time spent: Overnight
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Kam, what an intriguing boy you most definitely are.

      I feel like the energy with Kam is different to the usual boys that I meet. Call me old and naive, but he actually took an interest in me, wanting to know about me, unlike many boys, who are stuck up and refuse to do more than an introductory conversation. I feel like we could talk for years- you make me feel so young again.
      Despite being 20 minutes later than we had planned, which partially wasn’t his fault as public transport is horrendous, he most definitely made up for it with his playful charm. We spent an hour meandering around the town together, stopping off for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake of which was when we discussed many interesting topics and he made a few cheeky bedroom related innuendos! We then began the venture back to my Hotel, where he surprised me even more! He took the initiative to get naked and down to business whilst I took a shower, and needless to say, he looks so innocent yet delicious laying on the bed in his white boxers! For a very short guy, he definitely wasn’t lacking in cock and seeing his hard penis through his underwear, slightly wet with precum made me feel like a rampant teenager once again.
      And to you Kam, never lose your spark, you raunchy little filth bag
      Kam says:
      Hey Andy, thank you so much for your review, had a lovely time with you!
      Let’s meet up soon xx
      Name: ALAN
      Age: 64
      Dated: Mar/17/2023 14:25:46
      Date meeting took place: Mar/11/2023
      I arranged a meet with my favourite duo to celebrate my 64th birthday! We me at a very nice trendy bar and enjoyed some drinks, they both looked absolutely stunning. I felt like I was the luckiest man in the room! After a very relaxed and friendly conversation, we headed back to the hotel I had booked specially for the occasion. I received a beautiful massage from both of the boys, with their technique not too hard on my old body, but firm enough to help me relax. I must say the massage really set the mood for myself and the boys, as they massaged every inch of my body, before turning me on my back and continuing to massage me until my knotts had been undone to them we had the most youthful, passionate and energetic sex! Both boys got very hard and seeing kyles long horse like dick against Kam’s thick dick really gave me a good mouthful to play with! Kyle has such a tanned, toned and defined body and Kam is just the cutest and loudest moaner, especially when I watched how Kyle rough handled him hehe. I didn't cum once, but twice! Both times were some of the most pleasurable orgasms I'd ever had. The only downside to all of this is that it had to end! I feel like I'm addicted to these boys and they will definitely be seeing a lot more of me lol xx
      Kam says: Hey Alan,
      Thank you for another review, I’m glad that we are still living up to scratch with your expectations. Needless to say we had an incredible time and you are nothing but a pure gentleman. We both hope to see you again soon. And we will definitely be seeing you again!
      All the best
      Kyle and Kam
      Name: ALAN
      Age: 63
      Dated: Oct/24/2022 13:34:19
      Date meeting took place: Oct/16/2022
      Where do I start?

      I don’t believe any negative reviews on him for a second. Kam is the sweetest, cutest, bubbliest escort I have met in a long while, and I’ve met a LOT. He agreed to meet me for a pint and a chat. His charm, wit and personality definitely made the ciders I bought for us worthwhile. He talked a lot about what he went to university to do and how he has ended up in his line of work and likewise took interest in my personal and social life. He seems to genuinely love his job and I can assure you, he has an incredible taste in perfume (and men too, as kyle- his duo gladly joined us for a pint!). His short height is made up for in his confidence and sexiness. I had no intention of taking this meet any further than a few pints but I couldn’t resist such a beautiful couple that seemed to spark and bounce off each other. We headed back to the marriott for an hour or so, for a nightcap, and, if I didn’t think it could get any better, it did. They were both so lively and full of passion for one another too. They didn’t make me feel like an outsider but more of a personal guest into their passionate lovemaking. Kam, although sweet and innocent looking in his pictures, quickly showed us his dominant side, and it was thrilling to see! These boys will definitely go far in this industry, but I hope they’ll remember to make time for me as I’m hoping to become somewhat of a regular LOL!
      Kam says: Hi Alan!
      We had so much fun meeting you today and thank you for all your such kind words. Hope to hear from you again soon as you are such a gentleman! We definitely will make time for you again ?
      See you soon x
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 38
      Dated: Oct/05/2022 00:37:40
      Date meeting took place: Oct/03/2022
      I absolutely love Kam, I'm not sure those 1 star reviews are from actual people.

      Of the numerous times Ive met Kam, he has been really rececptive and on top of his game, I've never been with such a positive and active guy before - amazing.

      I'm already booked in again to see Kam and Kyle his duo Partner - can't wait :)

      David x
      Kam says: Hey David, it’s always a pleasure to meet with you! Thank you so much for your kindhearted words and we both look forward to seeing you soon too xx
      Name: WATERMAN
      Age: 60
      Dated: Jul/27/2022 18:22:46
      Date meeting took place: Jul/23/2022
      Took Kameron away for 3 days, found him very easy to talk with spend good time together outside of the bedroom
      We had a great deal of fun in the bedroom, amazing kisser, great cuddles, amazing oral skills

      Definitely looking forward to seeing him again, beautiful body as well
      Kam says: Hey Waterman
      It had been such a long time since I'd had some time away and this holiday was the most relaxed I had felt in ages. You had a chivalrous nature and we sparked straight away! Perfect mix of both cuddling and being active, thus keeping us both on our feet. Thankyou for all your lovely comments and can't wait to see you again.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 39
      Dated: Jul/17/2022 20:26:03
      Date meeting took place: Jul/17/2022
      Wow, where to begin! What an incredibly nice, fit and hot guy Kameron is. Exceptional guy that provides an exceptional service.

      From the lounge, bedroom, shower I think we had entertainment in all parts of my house :) I only wish I lived closer to Kameron, as opposed to a 3 hour train ride away, but absolutely well worth the wait :)

      Can't wait to see him again in the near future :)
      Kam says: Hi David,
      We've had some nice conversations online so I had been looking forward to meeting you as well! I'm looking forward to seeing you again, as we had some incredibly insightful and intellectual conversations in person too, as well as fun in other ways... Always happy to travel for the right guy ??
      Name: LEE
      Age: 63
      Dated: May/11/2022 15:15:11
      Date meeting took place: Apr/28/2022
      Spent a brilliant 3 hours with this amazing guy, his polite, friendly approach and good conversation make you immediately relax. He’s easy to arrange, reliable and trustworthy with up-to-date photos. Sexually he is eager to please with his beautiful body, extremely horny, enthusiastic and passionate and certainly not a clock watcher. Definitely one of the best escorts I have met, highly recommended
      Kam says: Hi Lee,
      I had a lovely first and second meet with you. Thank you for this review, hopefully we can catch up some time!
      All the best
      Name: SAMMY
      Age: 40
      Dated: Jun/23/2021 16:20:24
      Date meeting took place: Jun/16/2021
      Lovely Friendly, polite, guy. Nice sexy body, lovely penis and bubble butt bum. Had 2.5 hours of fantastic horny fun with him.Going to book him every month. x
      Name: JACK
      Age: 28
      Dated: Jun/15/2021 09:30:18
      Date meeting took place: Jun/14/2021
      Kameron is absolutely amazing. Met up with him while I was staying in the area and he was super polite, friendly and gorgeous. Everything was very easy to arrange. He made me feel very relaxed and is a great talker. We both had a lot of fun and left me feeling VERY satisfied, would definitely recommend and will be seeing him again for sure :)
      Kam says: Hi Jack,
      In all honesty i could have spent the whole evening discussing EVERYTHING with you. I'm glad you were satisfied with the service provided, i really look forward to seeing you again also!
      All the best
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 47
      Dated: Jan/20/2021 14:49:26
      Date meeting took place: Jan/03/2021
      Wow.....amazing guy and just one of the best meets I’ve had!

      Friendly from the first contact and makes you feel at ease instantly!

      Wonderful fun and am definitely going to be looking to meet again!
      Kam says: Hi Paul,
      Thanks so much for the lovely review, it was a pleasure with you as always!
      Can't wait to see you again
      All yours
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