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Hey there, sorry I’ve not been active for the past week and not replying to texts etc… it’s because I’ve been In hospital, I’m still not well so I’ll be offline for another 7-10days. Hope you’re well, take care and I’ll be back soon xxx

Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink, 27yrs
Reading, UK - SouthEast

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
Will travel to:
London, Newbury, Basingstoke, Slough, Bracknell, Wokingham, Oxford, Readings
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Tell us about you...

Hey there :)

Firstly I'd like to say I love this job though I have a degree and I'm educated, I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm British, polite, passionate, dedicated, hung and this gives me as much pleasure as it gives you.

I'm always up for a good time and I'm flexible with my hours, I'm versatile and can acquire to any need you may have... You're guarenteed to have a brilliant time with me, I've had no complaints throughout my career and many come back for more. I have a great 1 bedroom apartment in a discreet area in the English countryside, I'm only 10 mins from Reading town centre (very close to junction 11 off the m4) and parking is brilliant, it's the perfect location, you have full confidentiality when you come here, I expect the same confidential agreement as I also work outside of this job.

You don't need to bring anything other than yourself but if you're clean that'd be great. I'm willing to acquire to any need you may have, just give me plenty of notice on what you'd like to achieve during our meeting so I can give you the perfect experience.

Many say I look better than my pictures when they meet me but I've tried to show you as many different 'looks' as possible on my photos, I use to be a model and still occasionally model, I'm very hung but also have a twinky ass to so I use both to my advantage and enjoy fucking as well as being fucked just as much!

I also do massages, that's always a really nice ice breaker when you can in before we have some really close and passionate fun together, I'm a people person so you'll be made to feel welcome and happy upon arrival and all throughout the session, don't ever be afraid to ask for specific fun, I'm also willing to try new things. I use to be known as 'blonde emo boi' so you can find plenty of reviews under that name..

Call me if you want quality, I do in and out calls, I'm so excited to hear from you. Sometimes communication is a little difficult for me as I do work a design job as well but I will get back to you as quickly as possible and if it’s not within the hour it’ll certainly be within 24 hours so prebookings are certainly the best for
Me, make sure you text so then I have you ready to Respond to once I’m out of doing my deign work ?

Jake Lust aka 'Blonde Emo Twink'

<3 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

recently I was out of the country, I am in the uk over Christmas, can’t wait to hear from you x


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 10in / 180cm
130.1lbs / 59kg
28.7in / 73cm
Penis size:
8.7in / 22cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

The type of guys i like are?
I love all types of men, I do have a special place in my heart for older gentlemen but I do love guys my age and younger as well, being versatile it opens up my preference in a huge way, I love fucking big guys, smaller guys, twinks, daddies, bears, all types of guys... I don't have just one preference. I feel like all men have something to offer and I love to try all types of gentlemen, I have no age limit above the age of consent :)
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
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Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Reading, Mortimer

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Why someone should choose you

I love this job, I love meeting new guys, I love experiencing new things... Again I have a degree, I'm polite and I also model, this isn't my only vocation but I'm good at this and I have a high sex drive, I have connections with my clientele and I'm very good in bed.


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Hiv Status:
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Hotel dates:
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Corporal punishement:
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BDSM role:


Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Sportwear , Latex , Lycra , Leather , Cross dressing , School uniform , Army

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Call him now on +447387295666

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      Reviews for Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink age 27

       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: J
      Age: 37
      Dated: Jun/26/2022 02:31:52
      Date meeting took place: Jun/05/2022
      Had a few meets with this guy now (already reviewed before) - still a great guy and lots of fun as others have said.
      Name: RICHARD
      Age: 68
      Dated: Jun/24/2022 13:02:22
      Date meeting took place: Jun/12/2022
      I have reviewed Jake before, but because I have now met him very many times, I want to do so again. He really is the BEST! We have fairly regular meets and he is just terrific fun, both in and out of bed. Totally versatile, completely uninhibited and always hard and ready for action when it's called for! We always spend overnight together, so our fun is long, and relaxed, and goes from slow and sensual to super hot -- frantic -- hard intense SEX. Really highly recommended.
      Name: PHIL
      Age: 68
      Dated: Feb/17/2022 05:38:35
      Date meeting took place: Jan/19/2022
      I met Jake about 6 times in the last two years, most recently in December 2021.

      I agree with all the earlier reviews, he has a super twinky body with a huge cock even when soft, which it rarely is. You can talk to him about all kinds of interesting stuff between rounds. Lets just say his bottom is always very hungry and feels great!

      As already mentioned, he can sometimes seem to be just a little bit disorganised before the agreed meeting time, but it's in a charming kind of way.
      Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink says: ??% ???????? ?? ????????????? ?????????? ?? ???????? ?????? ??? ?????? ???

      This comment is really lovely of you so firstly thank you for your compliment, in regards to constructive criticism if this does occur then from now going forward you’ll automatically receive a 20% discount so I hope this makes up for lateness but thank you for saying my quirky nature is loveable, it’s very sweet of you!

      ????????? ??? ???????? (cleanliness with bottoming, how I 97% of the time never have hiccups in the bedroom)
      I do have occasional challenges when it comes to lateness but In most cases it won’t be any later than a 10min wait, I think that as gay men cleanliness is key and occasionally things don’t go the way we plan it to in the bedroom however I very rarely have any hiccups when it’s comes to bottoming because I spend a lot of time preparing, I’d say 2% if my sexual experiences have ‘hiccups’ and in that department this is mostly the route cause of my lateness, you can’t predict how your body is going to react and I never do a quick job to stay clean and making sure I am super super clean before a session takes time and Is unavoidable as we can’t predict how our bodies are working that day and unfortunately you can’t do the act to make sure you’re clean any earlier and that could then potentially become a problem. So making sure I’m 1000% clean and looking my best for you is really important to me, I hope you all understand, sorry I hate having this conversation but I feel it’s necessary. Lots of luv Jake xxx
      Name: STEVE
      Age: 60
      Dated: Sep/22/2021 14:23:34
      Date meeting took place: Sep/20/2021
      Well, I did manage to arrange a date to spend the night together. Jake was on time when we met for our overnight hotel stay, despite competing with rush-hour traffic. He looked as good as ever and he was good company over a pleasant meal at a Beefeater. It was a whole lot better when we got to the bedroom and started exploring each other’s bodies. We had some versatile fun and then relaxed a bit. As Jake loves doing it so much, and he is very VERY good at it, I allowed him (I didn’t try to stop him in all honesty!) to use his mouth in fantastic ways to excite me again with inevitable consequences. I tried to return the favour, but I don’t think I’m as good. Another great time, Jake, thank you; and I hope your break in Spain goes well.
      Name: STEVE
      Age: 59
      Dated: Jul/13/2021 10:36:29
      Date meeting took place: Jun/14/2021
      I had a great time with Jake again. Unfortunately, he was slightly disorganised again and kept me waiting for 20 mins despite asking me to come earlier than originally agreed. But once in his apartment we had lots of fun. He is a good looking young man with an attractive body and we kissed long and hard. Also long and hard…… I lost count of the number of different positions we tried and both being versatile opens up loads of options. I can’t get over how hard Jake gets when he’s bottoming for me, and his lovely tightness brought me to the edge a few times. His solid eight inches felt great in me too, testing both our stamina. Three fantastic hours flew by all too quickly.
      Jake is a lovely person – very considerate – and I would love to spend the night with him sometime. Timekeeping still not great, but the sex was very very good.
      Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink says: Awww thank you! Xx
      Name: J
      Age: 36
      Dated: May/20/2021 23:02:57
      Date meeting took place: May/20/2021
      This guy is amazing - met twice within a couple of weeks. Wild role play, delivers everything he says and more. Can't recommend enough!!
      Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink says: Loved meeting you to, thank you for your kind words xxx
      Name: RICHARD
      Age: 65
      Dated: Sep/29/2020 12:56:41
      Date meeting took place: Sep/26/2020
      Jake is just about as hot as anyone can be! He spent last Saturday night in an intense 3some with a partner and me. We did everything. Yes, ALL of it! Screwed from mid-evening until sunrise, pretty much continuously. He has a lovely body, a fabulous indefatigable phallus, and a more than willing ass. He has a sweet personality, very polite and considerate. He really is absolutely terrific. Really the best.
      Jake Lust : Blonde Emo Twink says: I love the fact we still see each other to this day and I love the fact I please you, I’m very thankful for your kind response, from the bottom of my heart, thank you x
      Name: STEVE
      Age: 59
      Dated: Sep/10/2020 10:01:24
      Date meeting took place: Sep/01/2020
      Ten out of ten for Jake in bed. Ever willing with a continuous hard-on and always agreeing to (not unusual) requests for different positions and actions. He also had a lovely straight hard while bottoming, so it is obvious he is fully versatile. He’s a great kisser and gives fantastic blow jobs. Jake is a lovely person too, which doesn’t always go hand in hand. Nice slim body and he’s very comfortable to cuddle up to.
      Not full marks for time-keeping though as his alarm didn’t work, so I had to wait a while, but he was worth the wait. He kept apologising for being late and I’m sure it’s not his normal way. He’s such a nice person that you’ld easily forgive him. The important thing is that Jake is well worth a regular visit, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

      Name: STEPHEN
      Age: 47
      Dated: Jan/15/2017 15:45:14
      Date meeting took place: Jan/15/2017
      I think I met Jake a total of 5 times, he is very sexy and each time we met it seemed better than the last. He is very friendly and chatty, he likes to get as much information as he can about what you want and then he delivers it. He has a massive cock and really aims to please.
      You can see from his pictures that he is stunning but I think that he is much better looking in the flesh and what pictures can not show is the fact that he is really friendly, honest and caring. You are a great guy Jake. Great body, highly intelligent and a fantastic personality as well.
      Name: GAZZ
      Age: 41
      Dated: Feb/04/2016 14:45:18
      Date meeting took place: Feb/04/2016
      I have met Jake on many occasions whether for a couple of hours or for a overnight stay.
      Each and every time he betters our previous encounter.
      His pictures really do not do him any justice because in person he looks every inch a SUPER model.
      As soon as you meet him his personality lights up the room and you know that you are in for an amazing experience.
      He is highly skilled in and out of the bedroom at making you feel the centre of attention and very very special.
      If you get the chance to meet Jake please treat him with the utmost respect and dignity because if everyone was like him in the world it would be a sweeter place to live.

      All the best and a big hug from me to you,
      Gazz xxx

      Name: H11
      Age: 24
      Dated: Dec/05/2015 18:38:05
      Date meeting took place: Dec/05/2015
      Met with Jake for an overnight in Manchester some time ago. Definitely one of the coolest guys I've met and deeply intelligent. Is an awesome conversationalist, genuinely nice, sexy, good looking, excellent in bed and gives the best head ever! Wanted to see him again but haven't been able to yet because of work/uni and so on and so forth but will definitely be seeing this guy again within the next couple of months.
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