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Joshy, 18yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
Will travel to:
Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Wales, Glasgow, Scotlands
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2 hours ago
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Hey it’s Joshy, a fresh baby faced teen twink and occasional femboy based in Manchester City Centre!

I like to think I’m very mature, educated and sensible for my age and take pride in being friendly, sexy, genuine and respectful, what you see is what you get with me- a versatile, clean, smooth, sexy young twink :) x

I’m always freshly showered with soft and sleek hair wearing the latest fragrance and take pride in my 100% clean hygiene and ask for the same from you x

Whether you are curious, a first timer or want some good old fashioned fun and company I can promise you will thoroughly enjoy your time with me :)

Currently seeking someone to look after me financially and treat me with love and respect

I accommodate in a luxury apartment 10 minutes from Piccadilly station and also a short walk from Manchester Oxford Road station, easily accessible via train, bus, tram and car, car parking available across from my apartment, I also do outcalls to your location/area

Fully vaccinated
Tested regularly and on Prep

Message me on WhatsApp for a faster, more instant reply❤️


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 5in / 166cm
97.0lbs / 44kg
26in / 66cm
Penis size:
Prefer not to answer
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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ALL ages, bi-curious and first timers welcome x
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Very Good
Nearest Station:
Manchester Piccadilly


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07305 519287

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7 days a week
24 hours a day

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Mature and intelligent guy who is completely respectful and friendly and genuine, no filters or bullshit with me :) x


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Give and receive
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Trainers , Shoes
Sportwear , Cross dressing , School uniform

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Photos for Joshy

Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - sauna
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - masseur
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - sauna
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - sportwear
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - sportwear
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - sportwear
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - masseur
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - shoes
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - massage
Gay Escort Joshy 18yr - masseur

Videos for Joshy

1 Dec 2021
4 Oct 2021
4 Oct 2021


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      Reviews for Joshy age 18

      Call him now on +447305519287
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: MARK
      Age: 65
      Dated: Jan/24/2022 14:58:29
      Date meeting took place: Jan/23/2022
      Joshy is absolutely charming. Clearly an intelligent and good-hearted young man, he is far more attractive in reality than in the pics on his profile. For our encounter he was very good on communication, helpful about car parking information, totally punctual, polite, cheerful, and reliable. Our time together was sweet and Joshy understood every way to make me happy.

      Joshy I miss you already! Thank you for everything! I definitely would like to meet again! XX
      Name: ARE ESS FREE
      Age: 46
      Dated: Jan/17/2022 09:46:25
      Date meeting took place: Jan/14/2022
      I am not a frequent user of escorts, instead I buy in their services as a very occasional treat. It had been some years since I last “treated myself” and with personal circumstances being as they were, I thought now was a good time to so do.

      It’d been a while since I’d been with a young lad and when I saw this super slim, super smooth, super sexy lad, I knew I had to have him.

      Communication with Joshyboy, as I called him, was excellent. Fairly rapid replies and we then switched to WhatsApp. I even messed him about a bit changing dates and he was cool with it.

      I live within the Greater Manchester area so Joshy asked for his travel fare which I felt was only appropriate. He offered me Uber or train. Given the excellent price he’d done for me for 3 hours of his time, for which I was very grateful, I offered to pay his return Uber costs and we were all set.

      On the day, Joshyboy messaged me and said as the train was a lot cheaper and he lived near Piccadilly station anyway, he opted to come by train. So my costs reduced still further. This was entirely of his choosing not mine and again a very thoughtful touch.

      I picked Joshyboy up from my local station. As soon as he got in the car I was able to confirm his pics are a genuine likeness. I’d go as far as to say in the flesh he’s even sexier. Yes it’s easy to see how he can play the femboy type. There is a degree of natural femboy about him and he was wearing some makeup. A full on femboy is very much NOT my thing and he knew that in advance so he was dressed in young lad appropriate gear so that was all fine by me.

      In the 10-15 minute journey to my place I was pleased with how easy the conversation flowed, how thoughtful he was and how he had views he wasn’t afraid to express. We chatted about non-sexual things throughout and it reassured me he and I would click well when we got behind closed doors.

      Joshyboy not only looked the part but he also smelt really nice. He also admitted he’d been to the gym in advance of our meet solely to work on his glutes to ensure his ass was in A1 condition for me. Very much appreciated.

      When we got back to mine we were straight into it. Plenty of snogging (he’s good at it), exchanging dirty verbals about how much he wanted me and me him, before we both stripped down and I saw that fit bod with my own eyes. Yes he’s very slim. Yes he’s very smooth. Yes he’s fit as fuck. And when I let him loose on my hardening daddy cock, his warm, smooth, wet mouth worked wonders on every inch of me. He defo knows how to worship a cock.

      Finally I could hold back no longer and I had him lay back on the sofa on his back. The horny little slut pulled his legs right back and all I could feast my eyes on was this perfect physical specimen and his boipussy twitching in anticipation. And Christ what a tight boipussy it is. Smooth as anything but fucking tight. I rimmed him for a few minutes which he enjoyed, getting it proper wet, before I had him work his magic on my dick again, gobbing on it to get it nice and wet. Before I positioned my sticky dripping bellend at his boipussy and gently pushed.

      Now I’m not hung but even I had some initial issues getting inside him. His cute face looked up at me imploring me to take it easy until I was inside him. And I did. I’m not going to tear my boy a new one. He’s not some piece of meat to abuse. Respect his requests, ensure he enjoys it too and you’ll have all your darkest desires seen to.

      After a few pushes and lots of spit, my rock hard cock broke through his boipussy ring and I took it very slow, waiting for his every OK to continue deep inside him before finally I was balls deep and he was stretched fully around my cock. Leaning in for a snog, dad and lad joined via both his holes, the pure bliss his boipussy walls were giving me was hard to describe.

      Once he’d got used to my cock inside him, he transformed into this ravenous animal telling me to fuck him and fuck him hard, encouraging me to do him harder still, pound his cunt and begging me for my spunk. So it wasn’t too long before my balls were sending loading number 1 on their merry way up my cock and I pumped him full of my first big load of cum. And he seemed very receptive to my load too.

      What followed was two more very hot fucks, in different positions (he’s good at riding cock too and being a slut on all 4’s) and he earnt a nice big load of cum from me every time.

      His boipussy also gapes very attractively once he’s been fucked yet once we’d had a chat and some downtime and I was ready to go again, it firms up and becomes ever so wonderfully tight once again.

      A polite, friendly, super fit teen twink with a very tight boipussy which soon opens up to takes whatever you can pound with it. He has a dirty mind and is very vocal. With any luck anyone walking past will have heard him moaning and crying out and begging for it even harder.

      Can’t wait to meet again lad.
      Joshy says: Awww that’s a lovely review thank you so much! Apologies for my late reply I’ve been visiting family, truthfully I thought you were a lovely genuine guy and loved how we bonded over so many topics and our conversation flowed which is always a bonus, I also loved how carefree you were in the car driving crazily like a teenage boy?I enjoyed it thoroughly and you were clean and respectful and hopefully we can meet again ❤️
      Name: CHARLES
      Age: 58
      Dated: Jan/04/2022 13:07:58
      Date meeting took place: Jan/02/2022
      Joshy arrived at my hotel room, 10 minutes early. We sat and chatted for a while before stripping
      off and embracing, naked. Joshy is a very affectionate person who loves being kissed and cuddled.
      He has a beautiful soft body, an enticingly rounded bottom and a lovely cock. We enjoyed each other's company for a couple of hours, and then parted determined to meet again. Joshy is great company, intelligent, witty and fun. I recommend him absolutely.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 38
      Dated: Dec/30/2021 10:08:39
      Date meeting took place: Dec/29/2021
      As other reviewers have said, Josh is absolutely stunning. For 18 he's really mature and well experienced as well. Smooth, slim and an absolutely fantastic kisser (plus those lips are good for other things as well ;))

      So if you're looking for an incredible experience with a fit, young twink Josh is certainly the person for you :) Already looking forward to more experiences in the future :)

      Also Josh sells very hot videos that I can 100% recommend - it's a good sampler of what you will be getting ;)
      Name: ADAM
      Age: 36
      Dated: Oct/12/2021 22:24:37
      Date meeting took place: Oct/03/2021
      Josh turned up on time, looking great. Really nice guy, great kisser and nice cock. Will hopefully see him again
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 52
      Dated: Sep/29/2021 19:17:18
      Date meeting took place: Sep/29/2021
      Josh is a stunning young man. His profile pictures are good but on meeting him wow so much better than the pics. Slim, smooth and a smile to die for.
      He travel from Manchester to Cardiff and arrived on time and after a drink we both felt very comfortable and made me fill at ease.
      He is incredible in the bedroom and had so much fun and I can’t wait until we meet again
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