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Matt British

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UK - SouthWest
Will travel to:
London, Kent, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon, Exeter, Torquay, Paignton, Birmingham, Bromley, Bournemouth, Poole, Aberdeen, International, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Southampton, Hampshire, Warwickshire
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Tell us about you...

Hello there. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a reliable and considerate person and I care about giving you a good time. I am very honest and I will do my best to make sure our time together is comfortable and enjoyable.

I am well spoken, educated and travelled. I am respectful and know how to talk to people and treat them decently, respectfully and honestly. I really appreciate people who can honour that respect and reciprocate it back to me when making initial contact.

I would love to meet a few select individuals with whom I can build lasting friendships and relationships with going into the future. I prefer quality over quantity as I believe that best things in life to be an acquired taste.

Please book ahead with as notice as possible to be sure we can meet. I can travel anywhere.

If there is anything you would like to talk about please do contact me and I will be happy to oblige.

Please note: I am looking for ongoing arrangements as opposed to one offs. I am particularly good with first timers and people who think they might be a bit nervous.

100% discretion assured in all situations. Hygiene and sexual health are of paramount importance. I am regularly tested to ensure peace of mind and all meetings and experiences are safe.

I also have a private video library.


Ethnic Origin:
6ft 3in / 191cm
194.0lbs / 88kg
Penis size:
8.7in / 22cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 11 / EU: 45
Eye colour:
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About Me

The type of guys i like are?
I like relaxed guys who are respectful and decent. I am also very capable of reciprocating all of those good traits.
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
Depends on person
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:


Incalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
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Ask me
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Ask me
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
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Outcalls Overnight:
Ask me
Additional info:
Taking advance bookings.
Please note that there will be a deposit required for new clients booking in advance

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Please contact for additional information.

Why someone should choose you

You've read this far... ;) No, seriously, I'm just genuinely quite a nice guy. Really down to earth and good to be around. So go ahead :-)


Always safe sex:
Give and receive
Sportwear , Latex , Lycra , Leather , School uniform , Army


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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
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Escort Matt 25yr - massage
Escort Matt - British 26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  25yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - massage
Escort Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - massage
Escort Matt - British 26yr - massage
Escort Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British 26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British 26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - Visiting  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - sportwear
Rent boy Matt - British 26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt - British 26yr - massage
Escort Matt - British  26yr - massage
Rent boy Matt 25yr - sucking
Escort Matt - British  26yr - masseur
Escort Matt British 26yr - masseur
Escort Matt British 26yr - massage

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      Reviews for Matt British age 27

      Call him now on +447453960566
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: Craig
      Age: 29
      Dated: Aug/02/2018 20:40:21
      I've seen Matt a few times and really enjoy spending time with him.
      I'm fairly inexperienced with guys and Matt has been so good and patient with me in building up my confidence and experience. I wish that there were more guys like Matt and that I could spend more time with him.
      Matt is a great guy to be with and to talk too.
      Looking forward to being with him again soon xx
      Name: Sam
      Age: 27
      Dated: Jul/26/2018 16:44:22
      I had never hired a guy before. I decided to contact Matt as I had work planned in Bristol and thought it would be more convenient to book some time with him rather than trawl certain apps when I got there.

      I'm really glad I met him. He literally is the nicest guy to talk to. He's so bright, he knows exactly what you're about to say, he has this air about him that I can't quite put my finger on. It's like he knows you inside out. Like he totally understands you and knows what you need.

      Beyond that, obviously there was the sexy side of the time we spent together. I won't go into too much detail but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best I've ever had!! Thoroughly amazing. It wasn't a case of just get down to it and get it over with, it was really thorough and fully pleasurable. I literally came harder than I have ever came before!

      I am back in Bristol again in a few weeks and have already made another appointment. Thank you Matt. You really are the best x x x
      Name: James
      Age: 42
      Dated: Apr/26/2018 21:21:46
      This review is long over due. I've seen Matt over a dozen times and he is just amazing, handsome, charming, friendly, professional, cheeky, intelligent and fantastic in bed! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him, he's simply the best.
      Name: J
      Age: 33
      Dated: Apr/20/2018 22:54:26
      My current situation means that I need to access escorts regularly and have done so for several years. In my experience it is extremely rare to come across someone with such a genuine passion and respect for himself, what he does and the people he meets.

      Matt is a lovely guy, with a beautiful body and the invaluable ability to put someone at their ease from the moment they meet him. He is fiercely intelligent and can definitely hold his own if you're looking for something a little more than a simple transaction.

      His gorgeous smile and slightly cheeky demeanor are truly memorable; he will leave you satisfied however you wish to spend your time with him.
      Name: Tony
      Age: 72
      Dated: Apr/12/2018 23:59:59
      I met Matt in February for a 2 hour visit. My first of any kind for years, so full of trepidation. His Profile and Reviews were way ahead of any others in terms of what I was looking for. Could he really live up to such high expectations? Well, our third, most recent, meet was for nearly 24 hours. That says it all. He is such good company - cheerful, considerate, courteous; intelligent, curious, amusing, charming. Delightful to be with in every situation.I wanted someone I could welcome into my own home,trust implicitly,relax with as a true friend, enjoy in bed too, of course. Quite some ask! Matt gives me so much more than I had dared hope for. So much less than I want, which is to be with him 24/7. He's very addictive
      Name: Jason
      Age: 26
      Dated: Feb/14/2018 10:23:46
      I had the pleasure of meeting Matt for two hours recently. Given the abundance of five star reviews on here, I had high expectations, and I can confidently say that he surpassed these expectations.

      Communicating with Matt through WhatsApp was a doddle. His responses were always reliable, prompt and courteous. As a first timer, although I was required to pay a small deposit, I felt comfortable doing so, as I was reassured that he would be contactable.

      He arrived at my room on the dot. The pictures really do not do him justice. Tall, dark and handsome, he has a gorgeous face and imposing athletic build. Top marks for hygiene as well. He has a genuine and warm personality, and is very well-spoken and well-travelled. We kicked things off with a very enjoyable conversation, which set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

      Matt is a great kisser, and has a fabulous thick cock, which he knows how to use. Without going into too much detail, he had excellent stamina, and as someone who has shied away from bottoming for years due to several unpleasant experiences, I was absolutely chuffed that it went so smoothly, as I felt completely at ease with him.

      All in all, an extremely enjoyable afternoon. I can only echo all the other reviews. Will definitely be seeing more of him when I get the chance! Thanks Matt :)
      Name: Terry
      Age: 60
      Dated: Jan/20/2018 09:43:10
      I saw Matt yesterday for a two hour meet. We communicated via text to arrange a meet, prices and what I was looking for.
      He arrived on the dot of the time we arranged and the first thing I thought was how handsome and masculine he was and that his photos didn't do him justice. he was very clean and well turned out and smelt very nice.
      we chatted for a while to put me at ease, and then the clothes came off. Wow! He has a very defined body, and he certainly wasn't at the back of the queue when they were giving out willies and he made sure he had first choice.
      He is a very passionate kisser, something that is a real turn on for me, and was very obliging with everything I asked of him (details are between me and him). The time went very quickly and I had a very pleasant and enjoyable time.
      As well as the physical side of things which were perfect, Matt is a really nice guy and easy to get on with.
      When he left I was a very happy man and can't wait to have a rematch.
      I would 100% recommend him and tell anybody no matter how high your expectations you won't be disappointed!!!
      Thank you very much for a lovely evening Matt
      Name: Mr F
      Age: 24
      Dated: Nov/02/2017 14:38:33
      I contacted Matt initially regarding his homemade video library. I purchased access and was BLOWN AWAY by the material. So I decided - although I've always been 'straight' and never thought i'd actually meet a guy from here - I arranged a meet with Matt in Bristol. He did things to me that I never even knew were possible to feel. He knows exactly how to talk to you, how to treat you and most importantly how to make the right moves so you just feel comfortable. I mean, it was amazing. I'll definitely be meeting him again and would 100% recommend meeting him and seeing his homemade collection.
      Name: Nathan
      Age: 57
      Dated: Oct/22/2017 07:32:44
      It was my first time with Matt recently, and although I had read his profile and looked at his great photos, I had not looked at the reviews and don't usually contribute to them.
      Now that I have met him, I was moved to write a review immediately and, of course, read the others. I must say that I am at a loss to add anything substantial other than to say that I completely agree and endorse the glowing compliments paid already. He is my perfect man too!
      The only other thing I could say is that he is a really nice person as well, and that matters. I can't see how anyone could fail to get on with him.
      I'll be seeing you again soon Matt and really can't wait.
      Name: Mark
      Age: 53
      Dated: May/17/2017 12:27:26
      i have been chatting to matt for a while on here and by whatsapp firstly i accessed his site of pictures and various videos clips of him solo and in action with a.n.other, the volume of stuff and the sheer quality he gives you was amazing, so much so i had to meet him in person.

      the first thing you think when you meet him is how tall he is and how handsome he is, then you realise when you hear his voice how deep and masculine he is, you quickly realise how polite, attentive and genuine he is. The whole time you realise he genuinely enjoys sex and makes you the centre of his attention, it really is all about you, unlike so many guys who are only interested in their own gratification.

      after a chat and a drink, i told matt I wanted him to take charge and he did. He began to undress and his body is lovely, not so over muscled that it makes you feel inferior but just nice athletic build, when he stripped his cock was big when soft, by the time i had sucked it for a while it was huge, and such a big helmet, just demanded to be serviced.

      although I am older and big build he was nothing other than gracious and kind, and when he told me to assume the doggy position on the bed when he began to enter my ass, he was gentle at first until he was ball deep in me and then at my request he pounded me deep and hard, he has excellent stamina, to the extent that i had to ask him to stop after 15 minutes of hard pounding till i caught my breath before he resumed pounding me, he was kind enough to hold off and cum in my mouth which was lovely as he is a very heavy cummer.

      i will be arranging to get some more bespoke videos from him while our diaries are sorted to bring him back to Glasgow for another meet this time overnight. After hiring escorts from various countries and for over 30 years I can honestly say matt is easily in the top 5 of the guys i rate the best fucks ever. I hope for his sake everyone rushes out to book him, but for my sake i hope that his diary is not too full.
      Name: Dd14983
      Age: 48
      Dated: Feb/14/2017 23:12:35
      I've seen Matt 4 times now and I plan to keep coming back to him on a regular basis.
      I'd give him more than 5 stars if possible.
      As soon as you open the door, you are greeted with a wonderful smile, your nose is filled with the most divine scent, your eyes in awe of the man standing there. Then he talks with his deep, well spoken voice and it echoes through your ears sending a chill to all the right places. The conversation is invigorating and even just talking with him is sexy but of course the entire time you're just thinking about what's about to happen...
      His body is perfect, his skin is perfect, everything is as perfect as you hoped
      Can't recommend him enough - but I'll be keeping him busy!!

      As soon as he pulls out his enormous perfect cock you just want to engulf it
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