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Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - gangbang
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - rimming
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Xlaryes 28yr - exhibitionist

XLAryes, 28yrs
Birmingham, UK - Midlands

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
Will travel to:
Birmingham, Coventry, London, Manchester, Walsall, Kidderminster, Stoke-on-Trent, Nottingham, Derby, Wolverhampton, Liverpool
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in the last month
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18 hours ago
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hung (Fin)Dom, with a BBC looking for a wide range of experiences with very few limits.

I am bdsm inclined; (Fin)Domination, degradation and humiliation, roleplay & cosplay (lingerie, costumes & such), cnc, cba, sm (bondage, edging, choking, spanking, nipple play/torture & such), finger and toy play, watersports, and much more but also offer non-bdsm services.

Also looking to train & tame submissive in a consistent interactive and mutually fun manner ⛓️.

Looking to fulfill fantasies or try something different? Send an introduction via sms, on WhatsApp and for the really brave, give me a call on +447308635739 to discuss availability.

Based in Wolverhampton but willing to travel where necessary, I provide incall & outcall experiences.

Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is simply for time and companionship anything else that takes place is a matter of personal choice between two or more consulting adults of legal age. Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship.


Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 183cm
202.8lbs / 92kg
38.2in / 97cm
Penis size:
9.4in / 24cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 14 / EU: 48
Eye colour:
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Clients interested in exploring intimate fantasies, would stay respectful and cashpigs looking to be drained
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men or women
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Depends On Person
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Very Good
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On foot, Bicycle, Scooter, Public transport, Car
Nearest Station:
Birmingham New Street


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Big, Black Cock Dom Tops looking to have fun

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12 Mar 2024
18 Dec 2023
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6 Jun 2023


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      Reviews for XLAryes age 28

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       Very good
      Name: MARKIE SUB
      Age: 51
      Dated: Jan/21/2024 21:00:17
      Date meeting took place: Jan/19/2024
      Time spent: Overnight
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      A first overnight with Master!!!
      Exhausted and shaking afterwards; all I can say is wow what an awesome night! Just what this sub needed to feel worthy and progressive. It was an intense and awesome party, with roleplay, toys and a brief dalliance with another. Often challenging as learning to push my boundaries, but as a keen boy the panting, sweating and varied kinks put me through my paces. Master got me through it! As I endure, learn new things and focus on delivering items that are too naughty to put down here; and between Master and slave; I’m developing to be the best I can.
      XLAryes; whether a Daddy, Sir or Master will ensure a session to remember. I hope to please him more with each visit as I know he will encourage me to do my best. I’m now a proud and grateful sub that enjoys worship, serving and learning for Master. Hope he approves further education.

      XLAryes says: You did good, boy and I was quite pleased. Next time I introduce even more fun activities to push those limits and keep bringing out the best in you ??
      Name: MARKIE SUB
      Age: 51
      Dated: Jan/21/2024 20:22:35
      Date meeting took place: Jan/07/2024
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I’ve visited Sir, Ayres a couple of times now. Starting as a complete non-scene bloke, a nervous, newbie and late ‘bloomer’ wanting to explore my submissive side I found him to be patient, instructive and friendly. But he certainly took control when required! I immediately felt at ease and was prepared to try things I’d never done before or even thought I’d do! I quickly realised that my sub side was more into pleasing him and being led under a dominant top. It wasn’t long before my dirty, slutty, greedy side was revealed to Sir as respect and trust quickly developed, and he knew what to do with me. No going back!
      He is intuitive, and seems to know what you want you like before you do and he reacts to push your boundaries, get what is needed from you and ensure a fun session. This masculine, dominant top will teach you a lot and encourage you to be and do your best!
      Handsome Sir, has a massive dick, gorgeous muscular body and possesses magic hands that he knows how to use! Whilst a complete sub, Sir always knows how to reward using his assets, whether hard, soft or experimental, one happy sub here!
      I enjoy being a good boy and I’m now a loyal subpig that is proud to call this strong, big man, Master after my visits.
      XLAryes says: I'd be looking forward to those sessions, little piggy. Master gets to have so much fun and you get to learn how to please properly ?
      Name: GOODBOI
      Age: 33
      Dated: Dec/28/2023 18:33:16
      Date meeting took place: Dec/19/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Daddy was very gentle but very dominant and had me on my knees with a look, my mouth watering and excited! He tasted soo good.i couldn’t help but lather him up with my tongue as I look up into his gorgeous eyes, looking down at me whilst holding my head telling me “that’s a good boi” as I was becoming more hypnotized by his huge member all over my face and his powerful musk
      It wasn’t long until I was worshipping him and begging to be taken by his throbbing Ebony shaft
      He threw me down on the bed and a gently took me stretching my boy pussy as he claimed me as his own
      I was whimpering and moaning and my clitty was drooling in submission and lust
      As I heard him growling n grunting in lustful dominance and hunger for me, I felt my virgin pussy except him in entirety as I became greedier and wanted to please him
      Daddy soon realized what I desired and decided he wanted to chase my masculinity away
      So he flipped me over and slid back inside me as I gasped and bit my lip moaning he could see me shrivel up before him(and a big grin came over his face as he knew I was his now!
      I look forward to pleasing daddy more and more
      I know he has soo much to teach me and I have soo much to submit and give to him
      Amazing time and such an amazing man
      Name: LITTLE SUB TOM
      Age: 62
      Dated: Nov/07/2023 19:03:25
      Date meeting took place: Nov/07/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Clean and tidy
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      This sub believes that what happens between a sub and his Master should stay between a Master and his sub, only unless the Master wants to speak of it. My Master knows well, very intuitively, very intelligently, what this sub wants and needs, that is all that can be said here. There must be thousands of subs out there better than this pathetic specimen, but there is surely no better Master. That is apparent from our first meeting today. Now this sub has a purpose and use again, he can face the world feeling braver and cleaner because he has dared to start revealing to his beloved Master his own dirty little sluttish sub soul. Although this sub will never be 100% worthy, he hopes that each time he returns for his training there will be visible improvements in his respect, his attentiveness, his obedience and his openness. This little sub came away with a few bruises today, yet they are reminders not just of his failings but also as a promise of his journey ahead. Somehow my esteemed Master knows just how to take his sub to the edge of endurance. Or, because of Him, this grateful sub is able now to endure more...
      XLAryes says: That's a good little boy. Be sure to make yourself available more often, Master still has quite a lot to teach you.
      Name: LORDISH
      Age: 43
      Dated: Sep/30/2023 19:01:38
      Date meeting took place: Sep/29/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Another great meet where we explored more of my fantasies but also spent. A lot more time fucking - he was so hard I couldn’t help let him just use me. he was dominant when he needed to be, whilst making sure I was comfortable and safe. An awesome visit with intense anal pleasure and a great climax.
      XLAryes says: Such a good boy. It was a pleasure watching you submit again and again, even when I pushed your limits, made me want to keep those orgasms coming. I'm looking forward to more sessions.
      Name: LORDISH
      Age: 42
      Dated: Aug/21/2023 14:14:02
      Date meeting took place: Aug/10/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Welcoming
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      After our first meeting and many conversations I had to go back for more and was not disappointed. What this guy can do with his fingers is truly an art form within ten minutes he had me orgasming anally and peeing myself with pleasure. I was completely at his will and that was before he’d even slipped his massive dick inside me by which time I was shooting everywhere. He’s a master at what he does.
      XLAryes says: That was an awesome session and I quite enjoyed your keen submission to me. I'd be looking forward to many more sessions of you being a good little hole for me ??
      Name: STUART
      Age: 51
      Dated: Jul/22/2023 00:52:37
      Date meeting took place: Jul/16/2023
      Time spent: One hour
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I went to visit this guy again and he never disappoints, he made me feel comfortable and I was soon enjoying his big beautiful thick cock sliding deep down my throat and it felt so good as he face fucked me stopping every so often to let me deep throat him until I began to choke, after a while he told me to get on the bed and bed over and he pushed his dick deep in my ass and fucked me hard until he was getting close to exploding so I got back to my knees and carried on wanking and sucking his beautiful big cock until he began cumming hard over my face and down my throat and let me finish emptying every last drop.
      XLAryes says: Looking forward to our next session, going to keep increasing the intensity ?
      Name: LORDISH
      Age: 42
      Dated: Jul/03/2023 15:32:56
      Date meeting took place: Jul/02/2023
      Time spent: One hour
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Wow what can I say. If you’re looking for a Dom master experience look no further. Started with a very sensual massage to ease me in to our first experience together before completely taking charge and turning me to jelly. After what felt like multiple anal orgasms he made sure I was completely satisfied with the lost intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. Not to be missed.
      XLAryes says: I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. It's all about the techniques and stroke, made sure to rebuild back with some amazing aftercare just because you were a good little sub ?
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