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Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - massage
Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - masseur
Rent boy Jay - Brit 25yr - massage
Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - masseur
Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - sportwear
Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - massage
Rent boy Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - massage
Escort Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - masseur
Escort Jay Colby - Brit  25yr - massage

Jay - Brit

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UK - London
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My name’s Jay Colby..
I'm a 25 year old Independent, gay escort.

Genuine guy...
British born and straight acting - with love and passion for the work and the industry I'm in involved in.

Originally from Kent, born in Maidstone, made the move to Essex back in '01 and would almost certainly say I grew to be an Essex lad, aha ...which most people swiftly confirm about

I have a Big personality, I am well looked after and presented, trim and smooth...with slim build (28" waist - 30" chest - 5ft 10" tall - 8.5" uncut)

I am 100% versatile in the bedroom, can offer in calls in both the Romford and Oval area, and travel for outcalls to various hotels, clients homes, saunas...all sorts, all the basics, through massage to kissing, wanking, rimming, sucking & fucking..

I am very tactile and I am a big fan of foreplay, things as simple as eye contact has proved effective on me lol and grown keen on the Boy Friend Experience kind of arrangements, and I enjoy pushing my limits just as much though and virtually anything goes, so it's always exciting when clients bring something new to the meet :)

Privacy, discretion and safe play have always been top of my list and is 100% assured...

I am a pretty artistic and creative lad, and I grew up taking performing arts, and have completed courses in business admin & psychology, but 5 years in my job has taught me fuck loads more about who I am, and the ambitions and emotions of the people I cross paths with at work..

Anyway, thanks for taking time to have a look through my profile :)
If you’re interested in setting up a meet you can call or text me anytime, phones always on, and if I miss you, I will always get back soon as possibly can!

Hope to meet you soon...



Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 176cm
138.9lbs / 63kg
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8 / EU: 42
Eye colour:
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Shepard’s Bush


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Why someone should choose you

sincere , open minded , laid back,
know and respect the work for what it is, it’s easy to keep professional attitude and standards high when you enjoy you’re job like I do..

Reasons for hiring an escort will be diverse,
Each client is an individual and aim to treat them as such, always trying to keep the experience personal and unique...


Always safe sex:
Give and receive
Give and receive
Cum on Body:
Give and receive
Double penetration:
Sportwear , School uniform , Army


Hotel dates:
Car dates:
Outdoor Sex:
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Give and receive
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Trainers , Shoes

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      Reviews for Jay - Brit age 25

      Call him now on +447957451321
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: Steve
      Age: 55
      Dated: Sep/26/2017 19:46:22
      Been meaning to post a review of this guy for ever !!

      We must have had about 6 sessions over the past months and he is by far in the top part of the good escorts chart - he is everything you could ask for - great body / gorgeous face / fantastic personality / huge cock / insatiable sex drive and just an all round nice guy

      Don't think I will ever stop seeing him - just feel so at home and comfortable with him

      Keep it up Jay - don't ever change babe - see you soon xx

      Steve x
      Name: Viking
      Age: 44
      Dated: Sep/24/2017 19:38:49
      Met Jay for the second time this afternoon at my hotel. Jay is utterly passionate! Instantly likable and friendly. He has an energetic attitude that awakens passion in yourself you never knew you had. He looks into your eyes in a way that makes you melt, and you just want to jump into bed right away... which we did :)) Silky smooth body, great cock and a cute ass. And I have never met anyone that can kiss the way he does.

      Jay has the complete package that will make you crave for more. He's almost addictive! I will definately see him again. So should you if you want a great and sensual experience.
      Name: Ian
      Age: 58
      Dated: Aug/08/2017 22:43:16
      Wow! what a great guy -those sparkling eyes and captivating smile, just makes you melt away. Then close together in bed Jay is so enthusiastic using his sensual body and hands with high energy in all his actions. He kisses deeply complimenting his passionate embraces. I get worried he might disappear after tracking him down for a meet.
      Name: John
      Age: 74
      Dated: May/22/2017 15:07:32
      I had the greatest time ever with Jay. He has a pretty face, beautiful eyes and a great body. He is extremely hot in bed. I warmly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great time. Thanks a lot for everything, dear Jay. We'll soon meet again.
      Name: Tony
      Age: 65
      Dated: Feb/11/2017 13:14:19
      This was the second time I had been with Jay. I would not normally write another review, but thus guy is truly exceptional. He is extraordinarily good looking, delightful personality, a beautiful body, and truly one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
      He arouses passions that I thought were long gone, kisses are gorgeous, and the most amazing company to spend an evening with !!
      I am looking forward with immense feelings to my next encounter with him !!!!
      Name: Champagne Kisses
      Age: 38
      Dated: Jan/29/2017 20:41:05
      I met Jay recently and honestly can say this was the most amazing night I've ever had! He has such a great personality and being my first time with an escort he made me feel very comfortable. He is super cute and pictures don't do him justice, he has an amazing body which was just so nice to kiss and caress, has the most lucious lips, a gorgeous ass and amazing cock. And more importantly knows how to use it. I don't usually kiss and tell but can't wait to see Jay again, I don't need to look anywhere else. Thank again for an amazing night mr Xx
      Name: Tony
      Age: 65
      Dated: Jan/15/2017 12:47:17
      I spent last night in the company of this rather exceptional young man. What an absolute delight he is. Open, friendly, good conversation, honest and very good looking !
      He is without doubt one of the nicest guys I have met over many years, and apart from being a very good lover, is great fun to be with.
      I will certainly be spending more time with him, and increase the time he was here !!

      You are an amazing young man - I look forward very much to meeting you again !!!
      Name: Tony
      Age: 53
      Dated: Dec/11/2016 16:39:08
      I met Jay for the second time and it was just as beautiful as was the first meeting. Jay arrived ten minutes early looking fresh and healthy. He is very good-looking and quite wonderful naked. He has a great cock, and mouth-watering balls, and a really peachy bum.
      Oh that he lived nearer to me! Jay has an interesting mind and he is very good company. I shall definitely be seeing him again if he's not bored with me.
      Jay - Brit says: How could I be bored? Love our meets :) hope you're well x
      Name: Tony
      Age: 52
      Dated: Aug/03/2016 17:55:43
      I met Jay on Monday evening and we spent 3 hours together in a hotel. We started off having a drink and chatting - and Jay is very good at making conversation , and is clearly intelligent and well-informed. We then got down to business; Jay was amazingly passionate
      and sensitive. He has an incredibly smooth but firm and well-proportioned body. He kisses with great ardour and we enjoyed a fantastic erotic and sensual time together for nearly two hours. Jay has a large cock, wonderful full balls and a peachy bum. He left with me satisfied but looking forward to more - much more, time with Jay. Thanks, Gorgeous, for being such a great lover.
      Name: Steve
      Age: 44
      Dated: Feb/29/2016 21:34:21
      I met Jay today for the first time.
      A really friendly and relaxing person to be around and very accommodating. Very very good looking. And his skin is soft like silk fantastic bum and extremely passionate!!.
      Got on really well with him and enjoyed our conversation, he made me feel really at ease and welcome could of spent hours with him.
      I certainly recommend him and will definitely be a regular.
      Thanks Jay you are fantastic
      Name: T
      Age: 30
      Dated: Jan/04/2015 11:41:20
      This guy is an absolute diamond and well worth meeting. Am glad he is back on the scene. He is completely stunning as well as having a great personality. Cannot find many words to describe how great this gut is so please find out for yourselves.
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