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EnglishBoyDanny, 27yrs
London, UK - London Central

Available NOW!
Verified: face body 18+
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What's on my mind

Feeling fresh, content, happy & HORNY!

Tell us about you...

Hey :)

Hope you’re ok! And welcome to my little space on the internet !

So, I guess My pictures got you here and my heart will hopefully make you stay...

I really am unlike anything else out there (both in this work and in the real world)

I’ll start with a quick ‘about me’, for anyone that wants to get to the point !

(this should sell me in itself, really! hahaha!!)
- I’m as real as they come.
- A professional- how you feel, matters to me.
- Great with conversation.
- Honest, fair, confident.
- 100% Discreet.
- I love sex
- Couples- groups- parties ✅
- I Make people feel good and it’s genuine.
- Nice co**, great ass, toned body, soft skin.
- I’m ambitious. i work as hard as I dream.

There ya go :P for those of you that have a little time, feel free to read on :)

Long story short... I love this work and I love the people I get to meet .... However, I’ve unfortunately had two really traumatic experiences with clients, clients I never even met - However, this alone was enough for me to really protect my efforts and my time because I will never let anything in life allow me to loose who I am... it’s the only thing I have.

How I make you feel really matters to me- so know that :)

When messaging, please, try to be concise about dates and times. Trust me, it’s gonna be amazing for the both of us.

Above all... I’m a good man. A really bloody good man ! Hahaha
(Oh, and Northern English! just in case ya’ can hear it in the way I write)

I pride myself on how I make people feel. It matters to me what I can do for (and what I can bring to) another human being’s life... I want to see everyone around me living in happiness- so, if there’s anything I can do to help that... you better believe I’m gonna do it :)

Ultimately, I imagine this is what we’re gonna leave behind when we go and what really matters as to where we end up :)

Now, I don’t want to share everything ‘private’ on here, nor in initial text messages... so please don’t insist on this because I don’t want to let you down...

Just know:
YES- I am human ... and YES- I am an incredibly horny young man! Hahaha ! So trust me when I say, whoever you are, whatever you’re into, we are gonna be getting on JUSSTTT FINE ;)

Be as open as you can about what you want and if you don’t know specifics, maybe tell me what you would like to feel, where you’re at emotionally or why you’re looking to work with an escort .... and you can leave the rest to me :)

Taking care of people is the one aspect that makes this work enjoyable and healthy- so, allow me to do that for you :)

I do believe it’s only fair of me to detail:

I’m extremely open minded, I’m non-judgemental, I’m passionate, connected, great to touch- even better to taste ;) and OF COURSE, I’m exceptionally discreet.

So... you’re more than welcome to message me if you think I tick ya boxes.

I do have a limited number of images (that I will share) and I treasure the time that I have. I also have a lot of things going on so, unfortunately, I won’t be able to (immediately) give endless amounts of time and effort to everyone (that I haven’t met yet!)

- but we will get there, no doubt :)

So yeah, I guess this is maybe the part where you decide if im the lad ya wanna text? :) hahaha! if ya do, then I look forward to hearing from you, my number is attached to the site :)

Cyaaaa sooon ! Oh, and thank you for reading all this btw! Haha I know it isn’t what you normally stumble across on these sites!


6ft / 183cm
180.8lbs / 82kg
30.7in / 78cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
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Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
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What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
covent garden


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Outcalls 1 Hour:
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Outcalls Overnight:
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Duos Information

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Duo Partner Profile:
About Duo Service:
If you’d prefer me to help choose, I suggest people I know and trust. People I know will deliver and help in your session being more that what you expect. will always discuss with you first, then reach out- to ensure you have no issues with a partner not being on the same page :)

I am Available at these times...


Why someone should choose you

Because of these mega reviews ;) DUH! Hahahah

5 * REVIEWS !!!
(Incase i get bad ones on here, hahaha!)

‘Best ass in London’
Left by - Blank profile on grindr

just too good to be true’
Left by - Frankie Vallie

‘omg, are you Brazilian?!’
Left by ‘Brazilian at a club’

i know, mind-blowing stuff…

-read it and weap boyssss! Hahaha


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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Sportwear , Latex , Lycra , Leather , School uniform , Army

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Photos for EnglishBoyDanny

Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - masseur
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Dannyversenglish 25yr - licking
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Mikey 25yr - licking
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 25yr - massage
Escort Mikey 25yr - sucking
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Escort Mikey 25yr - sucking
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 24yr - massage
Gay Escort Englishboydanny 27yr - sauna


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Reviews for EnglishBoyDanny age 27

Call him now on +447949926373
 Not Happy
 Very good
Name: TODD
Age: 60
Dated: Jul/16/2022 01:10:19
Date meeting took place: Jul/06/2022
This man literally saved my life.
This will seem like an exaggeration to many, but it is the truth. I could fill this review with praise for Danny’s physical appearance, his sexual skills, his engaging personality, and his ability to make you feel special and handsome and sexy, but all of that has already been said by others, and rightly so. What Danny did for me transcends all of that; his strong grip pulled me back from the brink and gave me the strength to look realistically at my life and make foundational changes. He is insightful, wise, and often profound; in fact, we spent as much time talking as we did in sexual activity. I owe Danny a debt that I can never hope to repay, and I feel honored and privileged to know him. I do not write this review in the rosy afterglow of our two meetings; it has been several weeks since I first met him and I have thought long and hard about what to write. Much of this review will not really make sense to the casual potential client, I understand that and I’m not really sure if it does much benefit to Danny. But I had to express how I feel and I will simply say two final things: First, Danny saved me in every way a person can be saved; and second, thank you Danny, for everything.
Name: MR G
Age: 51
Dated: Jun/18/2022 06:41:37
Date meeting took place: Jun/12/2022
If I had to design my perfect escort on paper, he’d look, feel, sound and fuck like Danny. Physically he’s totally flawless - a young, slightly cheeky face, chiselled looks but with an air of innocence. A taut lithe muscluar lad with smooth and supple pale skin, an English boy through and through, the grown-up version of the popular and super hot straight guy at college that launched so many fantasies. The most gorgeous thick, straight and long cock, more than a mouthful and used so expertly, gently then hard and fast to fuck me that I hands-free spunked — super rare for me but he is that amazing.
Chatty and cheeky, and capable of getting very full-on sexually, but also so hot with his intimate and tender BFE type-moments, Danny has a real passion and even an intellectual commitment to the job. He takes the job seriously so that you can totally relax in the hands of an expert. He’s a tad more expensive than some others but you get so much for the money — just an incredible experience with this gorgeous, gorgeous young man. Goes without saying I can’t wait to see him again.
Name: LUKE
Age: 34
Dated: Nov/11/2021 04:55:44
Date meeting took place: Nov/06/2021
I had the pleasure of meeting this genuine, kind, polite and extremely generous host. His charisma and presence immediately push aside the worries of the world and provides a distraction that is drenched in hot and steamy fun. It is obvious that he looks after himself considering the defined, sexy specimen that he is - pictures do not do him justice. He took the time to understand my needs and desires, and did everything possible to achieve them without complaints or judgement. He truly has magic in his hands and other parts....I look forward to seeing this man again soon and highly recommend that you do too.
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