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Straight_John, 33yrs
Sheffield, UK - YorkshireHumber

Verified: face body 18+
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Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster
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7th of Dec
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**Vaccinated against Covid-19**

My name is John and I am 33. Although my status says straight, I am open minded and love to push the boundaries of sexual orientation. I could sit and bore you with a list of quality attributes about myself but I won't. Instead I'll say this.....

My life experiences have contributed to me becoming the person I am today and if there is one thing they have taught me, it is the ability to view life from a unique perspective, an open-minded non-judgemental point of view.

It is this perspective that I believe has contributed hugely to me being able to offer the services I do, to the the high level of quality that I do.

Continued below in why someone should choose me.....


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 11in / 182cm
187.4lbs / 85kg
32.3in / 82cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 11 / EU: 45
Eye colour:
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Genuine and respectful
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Due to the nature of my personality and me becoming fully accepting of who I am, I am able to enjoy the different experiences with different clients, as much as the clients I am offering my services to.

In my opinion and without running the risk of sounding too cliché, I believe that this is such an important quality in building up a positive rapport, especially in a market where so many services claim to be offered, only to be misleading and blasé.

I understand and respect how important discretion and confidentiality is to some people and am professional when it comes to this. Finally, thanks for taking the time to look through my profile and please don't hesitate to get in touch :p speak soon.....


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Photos for Straight_John

Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - sportwear
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - sportwear
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - sportwear
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - masseur
Escort Straight_john 31yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - shoes
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 33yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - shoes
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 32yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - spanking
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - masseur
Escort Straight_john 31yr - massage
Escort Straight_john 31yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - watersports
Escort Straight_john 31yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Straight_john 31yr - masseur

Videos for Straight_John

13 Dec 2021
13 Dec 2021


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      Reviews for Straight_John age 33

      Call him now on +447859243730
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: AMY
      Age: 48
      Dated: Sep/27/2022 09:18:56
      Date meeting took place: Sep/27/2022
      Hey sweetie, just a quick review to say thank you for the “boyfriend” experience.
      I really enjoyed my time with John he made for the perfect companion. Chatty, engaging and even flirtatious at times. His soft caresses and gentle touches had my skin tingling with anticipation and I was always waiting for the next unexpected touch with slight excitement. I could feel his taught body pressing against me and it was quite the thrill. Even I started to believe we were on a date teehee. I won’t deny I did enjoy the envious glances from the bar staff too. I’ll definitely be giving him a call when I’m next in Sheffield.
      Name: LEE & STE
      Age: 47
      Dated: Sep/16/2022 19:58:54
      Date meeting took place: Sep/13/2022
      Hi John!! We’ve wrote many a review over the years, but not one for an escort (lol) so he we go with yet another first (aha). I’m hoping that this review will also help other first time escort users know what it’s like. So me and the bf wanted to try a 3sum for the first time. We tried the usual apps etc but decided on an escort. On the actual day we were constantly watching the clock and as John’s time of arrival began looming we both started to feel really awkward and a little anxious with many questions coming to the fore. Things we really should’ve asked beforehand. Silly things like when do we “start” who makes the first move? When can we touch him? Is it like a DPD delivery where the moment you sign the parcel is yours (lol)? The biggest quandary was when do we hand over the cash? Does it have an etiquette that we are unaware of? We will insult him by leaving it on the bedside table? Will he know its his? We really should’ve paid more attention to Pretty Women (lol). Looking back now it was all silly and we should’ve communicated our lack of experience with John. From the moment he arrived he took control and made the whole thing effortless, I think he knew we were on edge. Once we were in full swing both me and the bf were on familiar ground and relaxed into what can only be described as one of the best sexual experiences we’ve had as a couple. What should’ve been 2 hours turned in to 4 and we are still grinning about it now. It’s definitely added a zing to our relationship. In fact we’ve added John to our relationship, well we’ve added him to the monthly budget (aha). See you soon. Lee & Ste xx
      Name: AARON
      Age: 26
      Dated: Sep/07/2022 17:02:11
      Date meeting took place: Sep/07/2022
      What a kind , gentle and chatty man . I’ve got Cerebral Palsy and tend to meet escorts and not regular guys . Some escorts have turned me down as a result of not understanding my condition . John wasn’t phased at all when I told him and was quite inquisitive . He asked lots of questions about it and what I wanted and enjoyed full stop despite chatting and a video call I was still nervous about meeting this handsome buff man for the first time , but he didn’t disappoint and left me wanting more , much more . He arrived and left like we’d been mates for years full stop
      Name: MOTANEL
      Age: 39
      Dated: Aug/31/2022 16:05:45
      Date meeting took place: Aug/30/2022
      I met John through site. I enjoy company of men but not out. John understand this and make good arrangements. He very good in bed and allowed me to explore his body and have good time. I met John 3 times.
      Name: PETER
      Age: 52
      Dated: Aug/21/2022 21:07:40
      Date meeting took place: Aug/21/2022
      What a treat. I only spent an hour with this guy, but it was a good hour and money well spent IMO.
      Name: YORKIE
      Age: 38
      Dated: Aug/12/2022 17:32:39
      Date meeting took place: Aug/09/2022
      I will be honest & say he did ask if I’d leave a review. I didnt even notice his other reviews until now, but its true what they say. If I thought he was s*@t I wouldn’t leave one, but he’s a nice guy & worth letting others know he’s one of the good ones. You get a gut feeling about profiles & some on here give you the impression that they are the ones treating you & not you treating yourself. He’s up front a& honest from the get go and looks just as good as his pictures if not better.
      Name: SALENA
      Age: 43
      Dated: Jul/31/2022 08:50:57
      Date meeting took place: Jul/02/2022
      Hey ladies and fella’s! I guess I’m an oddity on here as I’m female. Not many sites/escorts cater for us ladies outside of London you know lol. So girls; if you want someone who will have you gripping the bedsheets and make your eyes roll into the back of your head you’ve found him. And if you can focus your eyes, lay back and watch those muscles flex as he goes to work. Great work John ;0).
      Name: NUTJOB
      Age: 32
      Dated: Jul/07/2021 12:29:24
      Date meeting took place: Jul/07/2021
      If like me you don’t have the time for a relationship and find casual hook-ups empty and unfulfilling, then I’d recommend this guy. We've met a fair few times now and I thought it high time I lent him a few words of encouragement. For me sex is way better when you have a connection with someone (paid for or not) and this fella really does put in the effort to build a rapport.  You've only got to read his other reviews to see he's the real deal.
      Name: TWISTER
      Age: 28
      Dated: Jun/24/2021 17:52:46
      Date meeting took place: Jun/08/2021
      Havin certain kinks & fetishes can often seem embarrassin, but this lad came with an open mind & wasnt phased by my requests. Money well spent & I’ll look forward to are next meeting. Hopefully I’ll open up more & allow myself to push the boundaries even further. Great communication from start to finish & very discreet. Well satisfied.
      Name: TWOPLUS-U
      Age: 40
      Dated: Jun/13/2021 22:34:11
      Date meeting took place: May/19/2021
      Wanting to spice things up a little, my wife and I decided to give John a try. I've always had a certain fantasy, one I think many married men have and one the wife was more than willing to help fulfil after seeing John's profile and asset.  We chatted with John and set some boundaries, which we were all comfortable with. John adhered to them throughout and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Will we do it again, quite possibly and when we do we know who we will be calling. A big 5 stars from us and we are more than happy to recommend him to others. Thanks again, from both of us ;o).
      Name: WINDJAMMER
      Age: 35
      Dated: Feb/14/2021 00:45:17
      Date meeting took place: Feb/14/2021
      I promised I would leave this fella a review so here it is. He wasn't my first escort experience, but he was by far the kindest, most engaging and defo the best.

      I messaged John through Sleepyboy and we exchanged numbers and arranged a date. We chatted a while before hand so we both knew what our expectations were on the day. Despite meeting John at my home I was still feeling a little anxious, but as soon as he arrived made me feel so relaxed and comfortable it was like I was meeting an old friend. I won't go into too much detail about what happened after that, but I will say is that guy is firm and incredibly toned and I mean toned! He's also very clean and silky smooth to the touch, like everywhere is super smooth, still not sure how he achieves that!?. Mmm. Think i need to make more of an effort, haha.

      If like me you've wasted hours upon hours on hookup sites and apps only to be left disappointed and errr frustrated, then an escort is definitely the way to go. Bite the bullets lads and get one booked, just not this fella, he's all mine and I don't want to be held up in a queue for my next booking. Lol. 
      Name: JUSTME
      Age: 44
      Dated: Jan/28/2021 16:07:37
      Date meeting took place: Jan/28/2021
      John is a modern day Adonis with a body that looks like its been sculptured by a master craftsman. Friendly, easy going and more than willing to explore your inner desires. 

      What more can I say?.. It's all here for the taking and in one very toned package. Speaking of "packages", well that deserves a review all of its own, but trust me when I say it was a pleasure to unwrap!!  If you can't treat yourself to this gorgeous man now, during these desolate and bleak times, then when can you?.. go on, you are worth it and so is he.
      Name: ZIPPY
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jan/21/2021 10:31:50
      Date meeting took place: Dec/23/2020
      You are probably reading through the carefully worded profiles and imagining the unrestrained possibilities as you gaze at the carefully selected photographs, maybe reading the reviews and making a mental shortlist as you explore the offerings. I'll save you the time, book John! You won't be disappointed.  I thought it would have been a one off, but once you get this toned, muscular and rather well proportioned man in your bed I can assure you it won't be the last.
      Name: ZEYFUR
      Age: 44
      Dated: Dec/09/2020 23:42:19
      Date meeting took place: Dec/09/2020
      What a lovely, kind man John is. Setting up the meet was no hassle and his communication was timely and always polite.

      He kept me informed throughout the journey. When he came into the room , he was very handsome, well built with impeccable hygeine.

      His manhood is very impressive and he is very skilled and talented in bed.

      In addition, he is very intelligent , worldly wise and easy going.

      Lovely meet and highly recommended.
      Name: MANGEN
      Age: 44
      Dated: Nov/24/2019 20:42:02
      Date meeting took place: Nov/24/2019
      I have known this gentleman for many years now and have used his services on both a personal and professional basis. He is highly educated in both knowledge and life skills. His services are impeccable with a high standard of personal hygiene and flawless with his communication. The ability to relate to any situation with the minimum of ease. A genuine all round professional service which I will continue to use.
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