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Josh, 25yrs
Leeds, UK - YorkshireHumber

Verified: face body 18+
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What's on my mind

Hi! i have availability all this week, get in touch! ;)

Tell us about you...

Hi! I’m Josh, an easy going bisexual masculine lad, friendly and outgoing, with high confidence. I’m well established with 4 years+ experience in the industry and high client return rate who is here to help others have fun and relax!

I am an independent Leeds based Escort who has been blessed with a particular large endowment that i just love to put to work! I am completely versatile an i am quite at ease with myself and I love sex, so escorting is something that comes naturally to me. I am flexible in my approach and can mould myself to meet your fantasies.

Please only message me if you are serious about arranging a meet. Time is valuable and unfortunately, occasionally, mine gets wasted by certain individuals who reach out.

I will always stick to any plans or arrangements so please try your best to do the same ??
i offer——————
I can either host from my own discreet, comfortable apartment in Leeds. I live alone, You can think of it as a safe place where you can explore your deepest desires with me. Or i can come to you upon request.

I always operate with the utmost discretion and protecting your privacy is my number one priority. I take PreP daily and I routinely get my sexual health checked, the SMS results of which I can provide at any time during our date.

My services vary and more detail into sessions can be found below but to summarise these include but are not exclusive to:
-All forms of sex
-Personalised photos/videos
-Domination Sessions
-Low/inexperienced people are always welcome
-Time spending and Dates
-Fantasy’s and Fetish’s of all types (Please don’t be afraid to let me know what turns you on)

==“I’m just looking for a good time”===

Are you looking to scratch that itch? You just want an uncomplicated meet with a civil, friendly guy big guy who knows what he is doing? You just want to worship a big cock with your mouth? You just want to relax and watch porn with a hung guy? Basically, if you are looking for anything “vanilla” then I am more than happy to oblige, just let me know what you want to do

===First timers, curious, want to explore, etc.. ===

The thrill of meeting someone who will indulge in their fantasies with me is a strong reason why I do this. I have been fortunate enough to have met some wonderful people and even more fortunate to have guided some of them as they explore parts of their own sexuality that they may have felt were too taboo to even think about in the past. This is probably one of these most satisfying aspects of doing this for me and I love that I am able to connect with people who I may never have had the chance to meet in my normal day-to-day life. So please don’t be intimidated by my experiences, you won’t be disappointed.


Are you ready to submit to a big guy? Are you ready to worship my Big Black Alpha cock?

I have large collection of BDSM Toys, and equipment accompanied by atmospheric lighting to really make you feel like you have booked a session with Mr Grey.

During our time together a fixed period for our erotic BDSM play will be agreed, along with negotiated boundaries and rules for which the fun will stay within. Once the session is over, the “normal” rules of everyday life come back into play. This allows for a window within a meet in which you can forget about everything and focus solely on what is happening during that moment. This kind of session is rarely suited to being less than two hours long, often lasting much longer.

A particular truth that will never go away is that you rarely can get what you want unless you say what you want. It is essential that you are open about what you want (and don’t want) when arranging the session. I will push to the boundaries agreed, so you need to make sure you discuss and set those boundaries correctly. There is an inherent responsibility I take on as your Master over your physical and mental well-being during the session, therefore I won’t accept a session unless I am certain it will proceed in a safe way.

===Online, Webcam and Phone ===

I understand that physical meets aren’t for everyone, and so i also offer Webcam/Personalised videos to those who would prefer. These sessions are completely discreet and give you an opportunity to explore your deepest fantasies with me in a different way.

This can also be done over the phone if that is what turns you on, i am particularly fond of hot phone domination sessions.

I also provide a filming service for physical meets whereby we can film certain aspects of the meet so you can take memories home of hour hot date (Please be aware this service is at an extra cost and does not include my face in the videos/pictures)

you wish to call or video chat about, you can be sure I will love to talk about it with you.

===...and the rest!===

Aside from the above, please also see my listed interests. All of my listed interests are genuine - but many, of course, come down to my discretion and thus they do not form any commitment to offer any specific service. It is greatly appreciated if you could please try to be clear and specific in your calls and messages regarding what you expect from a meet to allow me to offer my services at the best of my ability.

This is a fresh new account due to my old account being compromised but i am happy to provide previous reviews from my previous meets (I’m sure you won’t be disappointed)

Thank you for reading and hopefully we will meet soon :) Remember, please only message if you are genuine and serious about arranging something.


Ethnic Origin:
6ft 5in / 198cm
280.0lbs / 127kg
38.6in / 98cm
Penis size:
8.3in / 21cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 12 / EU: 46
Eye colour:
Mixed White & Black Caribbean
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

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men or women
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What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
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I am Available at these times...

My availability varies throughout the week and into the weekends, Pre booking with notice is preferred however i understand spontaneous urges happen and depending on my availability i will always try to accommodate your needs. i will always respond to a booking request so please contact me Via text/whatsapp at the first instance as i may not be available for a spontaneous phone call.

Why someone should choose you

I am a highly experienced but relaxed individual and I do not pressure - I love sex and everything that comes with it. It is important to me you get exactly what you want, I want you to be satisfied after. I care about both my own and your privacy. Not all meets have to be sexual, i have many clients who i meet for non sexual purposes so please don’t feel that is all i offer

No request is too far afield and no one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask me for my service or a particular request. You would be surprised at just how much i am into ;)

Other Work

Webcam shows:
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Boyfriend experience
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None sexual company

Health status

Covid vaccinated
Monkey Pox vaccinated
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Photos for Josh

Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - double penetration
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - gangbang
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - rimming
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - exhibitionist
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - blowjob
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Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - shaving
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - groups
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - tickling
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - milking
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - trio m/f
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - cum on face
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - swing
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - voyeurism
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - nurses
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - secretaries
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - 69
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - furries
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - sex slaves
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - trio m/m
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - exhibitionism
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - spitting
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - cum eating
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - role
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - car dates
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - hotel dates
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - rough sex
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - caning
Bisexual Escort Josh 25yr - double penetration

Videos for Josh

9 Apr 2024
9 Apr 2024


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