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Pedro -Twink/ Twunk, 26yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
Will travel to:
Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds, DUBLIN, Cardiff , Swansea
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in the last week
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14 hours ago
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What's on my mind

I am available for in calls & out calls in London & Central London. I won’t answer to *** NO CALLERD ID CALLS*** Thank you

Tell us about you...

* London & Central London *

Please take a moment to read my profile completely.

I highly recommend scheduling a day and time with me in advance if possible. Last-minute encounters are also possible, so please just reach out via the phone or WhatsApp details in this profile.✅

Hello, I’m Pedro, and I live in Central London, Zone 1 (Jubilee line). Yes, right in the heart of the action!

All my photos are real; what you see is what you get—no tricks here. I wouldn’t waste your time or mine. After all, honesty is the best policy (and I’ve got nothing to hide).

I love staying active and enjoying sports! You can often find me at the gym or boxing. No worries, I promise not to challenge you to a sparring match on our first meeting.

I have a lovely personality and a relaxed demeanour. I enjoy talking to people and can have marvellous conversations on any subject. Yes, even your favourite obscure hobby.

When we meet, I like to start with a massage and a chat so we can get to know each other a little bit and make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. In bed, I can be either a Bottom or a Top (Versatile). Flexibility is key, isn’t it?

By the way, don’t worry if you’re straight, bi, curious, or don’t have much experience… leave it all to me, and I promise you won’t regret getting to know me. I’ve got you covered, no need for jitters.

For faster replies, contact me by WhatsApp or call me.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 7in / 172cm
138.9lbs / 63kg
27.2in / 69cm
Penis size:
8.3in / 21cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8 / EU: 42
Eye colour:
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
What other languages apart from English do you speak?
Means of transport
On foot, Bicycle, Scooter, Public transport, Car
Nearest Station:


Incalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
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Ask me
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Ask me
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
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Ask me
Outcalls Overnight:
Ask me
Additional info:
Call me or WhatsApp for fees / Prices aren't negotiable , so please be respectful.
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

Social Networks

+44 7534999905

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We can choose one together
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I am Available at these times...

Please send me a Whatsapp message to check availability.

Why someone should choose you

Because I'm a friendly young man who looks just like my photos. More than anything, I have good manners and know how to present myself in all sorts of occasions. I believe in making every interaction warm and enjoyable.

Other Work

Webcam shows:
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Boyfriend experience
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None sexual company

Health status

Covid vaccinated
Monkey Pox vaccinated
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Photos for Pedro -Twink/ Twunk

Bisexual Escort Pedro -twink/ Twunk 26yr - trios
Bisexual Escort Pedro 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedrotwink /twunk 26yr - blowjob
Bisexual Escort New Photos/ Pedro 26yr - blowjob
Bisexual Escort Pedro 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedro 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedro (uk Tour 2024) 26yr - blowjob
Bisexual Escort Pedro 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedro Twunk 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort New Photos/ Pedro 26yr - exhibitionist
Bisexual Escort Pedro 25yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedro (uk Tour 2024) 26yr - massage
Bisexual Escort *new Photos/ Pedro* 26yr - always safe sex
Bisexual Escort Pedro 25yr - exhibitionist

Videos for Pedro -Twink/ Twunk

25 Dec 2023
2 Jun 2023
7 Jun 2022
22 Apr 2022
9 Mar 2021


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      Reviews for Pedro -Twink/ Twunk age 26

      Call him now on +447534999905
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: ETHAN
      Age: 28
      Dated: Jun/08/2024 19:55:04
      Date meeting took place: Jun/03/2024
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Pedro is exceptionally handsome and charming, he looks even better in real life than in his photos. He has captivated me with his striking beauty, cute baby face, and model-worthy physique. However, his intelligence, politeness, and delightful personality truly set him apart, always leaving me wanting more. His modern, spacious flat in the city centre is a vibe and a sanctuary, perfectly complementing his polished presence. Pedro's eloquence makes every conversation engaging and delightful.
      As my first and only male companion, he set a high standard, creating a genuine connection that makes each moment special. The standards he sets are so high that it's impossible to think about another male companion who isn't him. I hope Pedro finds a wealthy gentleman who can provide him the life he deserves – filled with opportunities and passions. Ideally, I hope to be that person, to offer him the stunningly beautiful life he deserves. If you meet him, please be gentle and kind; he's the most charming boy you'll encounter in a long time.
      Name: NOAH
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jul/01/2023 21:03:53
      Date meeting took place: Jun/30/2023
      Time spent: Two hours
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? No he is better looking
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      Pedro was absolutely amazing! Let me start by saying that his profile pictures don't even come close to capturing his true beauty; his perfectly sculpted body and beautiful white smile are even more breathtaking in real life.

      He is the only guy in this website with nearly one million visits in his profile. I guess it speaks by itself.

      From the moment I stepped into his modern central London apartment, I knew I was in for a special experience. His genuine nature and caring personality made me feel instantly at ease.

      Pedro knows exactly how to create an incredible atmosphere and make you feel special. He is absolutely a real gem.
      Name: DANIEL
      Age: 34
      Dated: Aug/26/2021 22:06:45
      Date meeting took place: Aug/06/2021
      Another fantastic experience with Pedro, great massage and fun time as well. The things that are worth mentioning is how much care and attention he pays to ensuring you have a good experience. I've been seeing him for years now and he knows eactly what I want and makes sure I get it. He also puts a lot of effort into having a warm and inviting apartment, you will feel very relaxed and at home whilst he's with you. As anyone can see there are lots of great reviews for him because he is one of the best in the business. DON'T WAIT - BOOK HIM!
      Pedro -Twink/ Twunk says: Hey Dan! thank you so much for ur generous way of describing me. I also think you are just as great & this is the reason we have a fantastic connection and appreciation for one another. Looking forward to see you! with Love P X
      Name: ANON
      Age: 54
      Dated: Apr/09/2021 00:39:02
      Date meeting took place: Apr/09/2021
      Time spent: Overnight
      Ambience: Not applicable
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Had a lovely time with him, very clean "posh" apartment and this meant it was clean as was he, delightful hugging session (it is what I wanted) sometimes holding and feeling loved is enough for me. Thanks for a great meet, again really soon! Big hugs
      Pedro -Twink/ Twunk says: Thanks for meeting and glad you had a good time.
      Name: L
      Age: 24
      Dated: Mar/11/2021 15:16:19
      Date meeting took place: Mar/11/2021
      Pedro is an amazing person. Highly recommend him. Great social skills, amazing body, great smile and more importantly great ass and cock ;)
      Pedro -Twink/ Twunk says: I am so glad you got to enjoy urself and I appreciate your lovely compliments. it was great meeting and Still fresh on my mind. Hope you are keeping urself happy. hugs and kissed from P xxx

      Name: TOM
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jan/27/2021 18:53:11
      Date meeting took place: Jan/27/2021
      I met Pedro and wow. His body is amazing. I was anxious to start but then we chatted and soon was relaxed. He is very welcoming and then we got down to business. Just seeing him strip to show is geogious body was a turn on. He knows how to pleasure someone. Will deffinatly be meeting him again. Thank you
      Pedro -Twink/ Twunk says: Hey! First off, I'm so happy we managed to tackle your anxiety! I always tell people that once they meet me, they'll naturally feel less anxious. By the way, the performance is getting better and better over time. I used to feel anxious and nervous about doing this or dancing for someone, but now I really enjoy it! It was awesome to see you again, and I can’t wait for next time! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments.
      kisses P x
      Name: MANNIE
      Age: 29
      Dated: Jun/14/2020 14:11:44
      Date meeting took place: Jun/14/2020
      I arranged to meet with Pedro at short notice and he accommodated my needs. He kept in touch throughout arranging the meet and kept me informed of his arrival. When Pedro arrived the photos don't do him justice, he looks far better when you see him in person. He puts you at ease, talks to you in a friendly manner, is polite and courteous. His body is well toned and he certainly gets to work to meet your fantasies a reality. He asked for a security deposit and I can verify that this is for security and Pedro is genuine and well worth meeting. Don't let this deposit put you off, if you want to meet with this amazing escort then give it a go, I can assure you you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to seeing you again Pedro! :)
      Pedro -Twink/ Twunk says: Hey Mannie u are a sweet heart! looking forward to see you in the next few days!!!
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