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Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry 30yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Henry - British 30yr - licking
Escort Henry - British 30yr - massage
Escort Henry - British 30yr - licking
Bisexual Escort Henry - British 30yr - licking
Bisexual Escort Henry - British 30yr - licking
Bisexual Escort Henry - British 30yr - massage

Henry, 30yrs
Bristol, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Will travel to:
Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Exeter, Newport, London, Chippenham, Taunton, Swansea
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in the last week
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19th of Jan
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New hair 15/1/22!

Thank you for visiting my profile.

I am well-educated, well-travelled and I am told, good company. I am very good with nervous people and am able to make you feel fully at ease :-)

I am looking to make some new friends with a view to an ongoing arrangement. Personally, I prefer to nurture a friendship and companionship whereby both parties are able to enjoy the company of one another and grow close. It’s always very nice to meet someone you like and build something with them rather than endlessly risk meeting new people and never knowing what sort of experience you’re going to receive.

I am 100% genuine and I would kindly ask you to have a quick look through my reviews in order to get an idea of the feedback I have - very gratefully - received so far.

I am very flexible in terms of what I can offer and would love to consider your requirements.

In terms of social occasions, I’m a big classical music fan and love many works by Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. So the odd piano concerto at The Barbican or Festival Hall is always wonderful.

Because of my day job and in order to feel at peace that I won’t necessarily be found on here by anyone I would rather not be, I have tried my best to keep full face pictures to a minimum. I do understand however that it is nice to see who you’re talking to and will try my best to comfort and assure you before we meet. I am told that I am very easy on the eye and that I am very good company.

In my day job I am a personal trainer. Health and fitness is my number one passion. I am vegan (which really is only because the vegan diet seems to work best for me personally - I don’t preach, I promise!) and my goal is to keep building muscle. I’m not fully sure yet how muscly I want to get but I enjoy bodybuilding and I have seen fairly generous gains in the nearly three years I have been doing it.

I really appreciate your reading this far. If you like what you’ve seen and heard please feel free to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you :-)


Ethnic Origin:
6ft 3in / 191cm
220.5lbs / 100kg
32.3in / 82cm
Penis size:
8.3in / 21cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 11 / EU: 45
Eye colour:
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Bristol Temple Meads


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Unfortunately, deposit scams have been known to happen through unscrupulous people falsely using this site however, I am a genuine escort and will only ever ask for a small deposit to cover travel and secure the very first booking.
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

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I am flexible. Please contact. Thank you.

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I am a nice guy and I try hard to reciprocate decency and kindness.


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Give and receive


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Trainers , Boots
Sportwear , Army

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18 Nov 2021
escort v...
14 Jun 2021


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Reviews for Henry age 30

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 Very good
Name: M
Age: 50
Dated: Oct/09/2021 15:25:05
Date meeting took place: Oct/01/2021
Firstly, Henry is 100% genuine and trustworthy. His profile description and reviews are totally legitimate and true. He very kindly agreed to travel a long way to meet me and so he understandably asked for a deposit but after corresponding with him I knew that he was trustworthy, which he proved to be. We all see guys and think "I wish" or "if only" or "only in my dreams"! Fortunately, in Henry, you don't have to just dream because he is that guy. I am a nervous person but he put me at ease immediately. He is friendly, intelligent, interesting and knowledgeable. Just a lovely person. Physically, he is stunningly handsome with an incredible body. Tall, muscular, masculine, solid and just my idea of the perfect body. When we got together he did what I wanted and was also pro-active. I am inexperienced but Henry became aware of the type of things I was wanting and took the lead, to my surprise and delight. I had been looking to book to see a guy for a while and I never thought that I would find anyone as amazing as Henry.

Highly recommended! Do yourself a favour and do not hesitate to meet Henry. A lovely guy and stunningly attractive.
Name: C
Age: 34
Dated: Jun/22/2021 18:37:11
Date meeting took place: Jun/22/2021
So glad I finally met Henry, I noticed him a couple of years back but never arranged anything. If you're looking for a tall muscular hunk he's your guy :). He indulged in my fantasies completely, and is definitely dom. Hope to arrange another visit one day
Henry says: Thanks for the review!
Probably worth mentioning that I was acting “dom” as you requested before the meet however my usual sexual preferences are pretty chilled and relaxed and I’m open-minded to all requests.
Thanks again :-)
Name: A
Age: 30
Dated: May/17/2021 18:43:39
Date meeting took place: May/17/2021
I have just come back from meeting Henry and I'm already thumbing through my diary to see when I can see him again! Physically, he is stunningly handsome with absolutely no attribute that requires any room for improvement. A young Zeus (without the big white beard obviously). As person he is equipped with knowledge and experience to make conversation with him easy and wonderful. He is kind, considerate and genuinely wants to make sure you have a nice time doing the things you love.
I met Henry to explore my foot fetish and some of the more dominating aspects that come with that. I don't normally feel free to let any other human know too much about those things for fear of judgement but Henry was accommodating, open both in mind and to discussing any requirements. He made me feel able to explore and not afraid to discuss my likes and fantasies.
Overall superb. I haven't particularly done this kind of thing before apart from one terrible experience many years ago however there is no danger of that with Henry. He is safe, he is welcoming and he is someone you should be saying yes to meeting if you ever get the chance. Lovely to have met you :)
Age: 46
Dated: May/05/2021 19:49:55
Date meeting took place: May/05/2021
I arranged to meet Henry a few weeks back. He was very polite from the outset and I knew exactly what to expect from the meeting.
He was kind enough to privately send me a face pic and a couple of x-rated pics as well as a hot vid of him working out, with which I was very pleased.
He did ask for a travel deposit for the first meeting but I live an hour from Bristol and so I was expecting it. I was a bit apprehensive about sending a deposit but having read the reviews I felt comfortable enough to do so.

I can happily say that I am very happy to have trusted him and gone ahead with meeting him. He is wonderful to talk to, very good looking and just gives you a sense that he has a genuine interest in you. I’d be happy to meet him simply for a social occasion!

Very nice indeed. Couldn’t recommend him enough!
Name: PHIL
Age: 24
Dated: Apr/12/2021 17:26:50
Date meeting took place: Apr/12/2021
A friendly, witty and charming guy! He has a polite, disarming yet cheeky personality. Henry also just happens to be ridiculously attractive with the most amazing body! Almost makes me want to
Move to Bristol!!
Age: 38
Dated: Apr/11/2021 20:34:02
Date meeting took place: Apr/11/2021
Let's start with just wow! Henry is one amazing guy. Looks wise no one could ever be disappointed, so don't be worried about the pixelated pictures, disappointment is simply not possible. Although initially concerned about a deposit, the regular and clear contact helped and I fully understand and appreciate the reason as he puts in so much effort to get ready it's only fair he ensures you're serious about the first meet. As well as looks his body certainly again simply can not be of any disappointment, he's an adonis you'll want to worship forever! What's mostly amazing though is he's the full package as his personality matches his looks and he's so disarming and charming. So if you're looking for a great looking guy with the hottest body and amazing personality then stop looking and book Henry, you'll thank me. Next booking already made by me as 100% pleased. Thanks for an amazing time Henry and here's to more!
Name: MARK
Age: 41
Dated: Apr/05/2021 11:33:33
Date meeting took place: Apr/04/2021
The moment I laid eyes on Henry I was blown away by his handsome, clean-cut, good looks. He is simply breathtaking! And it is a privilege to spend any time with this masculine, kindhearted and thoughtful young lad. He is in incredible shape and this matches his impeccable manners and bearing. I will certainly be meeting him again.
Name: OZI
Age: 41
Dated: Mar/25/2021 14:13:16
Date meeting took place: Mar/25/2021
Amazing guy, very sexy, good personality and much more he’s got a sexy body, hot sexy ass and dick. He’s also a good kisser. I’m looking forward to the next time to arrange with him. Even though you can’t see he’s face I guarantee you he’s one good looking guy
Age: 55
Dated: Mar/18/2021 22:23:40
Date meeting took place: Mar/18/2021
Henry is one top guy ! Gorgeous body and the most beautiful dick ever. Long and fat with lovely foreskin. He likes to take control of subs which I love . He works out regularly as can be seen by his impressive physique .He's Handsome with impeccable manners. A stunning guy . The best I've ever met. Will be visiting again very soon. So hot ! Cheers mate !!
Age: 56
Dated: Mar/07/2021 22:34:35
Date meeting took place: Mar/07/2021
I contacted Henry regarding a booking a few days ago. From the outset he was very communicative and clear with me so I knew exactly what to expect. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and I felt assured I was going to get a good deal.

I was apprehensive about meeting having not seen his face beforehand but I looked at his pictures and thought "worse case scenario, I can make do with that body!" As soon as I opened the door to him upon his arrival, I was so glad I had booked him. I assure you, he is beautiful! Not only very easy on the eye and has a great cheeky smile but also is very well spoken and just wonderful to be in the company of.

The sex was amazing. We didn't do anything other than light touching, kissing and wanking but he was very obliging and made me feel very comfortable. I won't hesitate to meet him again and have already messaged him with a view to making another booking.

Thank you so much Henry.
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