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Scott, 29yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Hey guys

My profile isn't active either because i'm away or booked up
Still feel free to drop me a message ill try my best to fit you in

Cheers, Scott :)

Will travel to:
Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, London
Escort ID:

Tell us about you...

**Manchester Based**

Hi, I'm Scott, Originally a southern lad, a very experienced, handsome, professional and high end escort providing services for the discerning male & female client.

I mostly see regulars and have limited availability plus unlike other escorts I don't see numerous clients a day which means you get the best of me :)

My rate is very competitive compared to most

No one likes price hikes and with everything going up i'm keeping my rate very fair,I like it to become a regular thing as I know a lot of people get a lot from it both physically and mentally and charging too much its more of a rare treat, plus its never been about the money with me, if it was I would be seeing numerous clients a day like others do. I love what I do and more so the independence this gives me to have time off when I want to see friends, family and also travel which I love :)

I am very fit and toned, as you can see from my profile pictures, but if behind a perfect body you're also looking for a charming, friendly and easy-going guy, then I'm the man for you.

I am cultured, clean, healthy, very straight acting and discreet... available for anything from an hour of fun to longer sessions, dinner dates, travelling, holidays and business trips. We can meet at your home, a hotel or saunas or a meal / theatre ect

Just tell me your wishes and fantasies, from the complete boyfriend experience to a scenario you might like us to play out together. I'm into most things, have lots of underwear, and am always open to suggestions.

I have hundreds of pairs of underwear with most brands and colours and styles, so if this is your thing and you like a specific brand please let me know or I can bring a selection

Have you ever fancied the guy in the office? Wanted to see what is under his suit and undress him? Well now you can, I can turn up suited and booted as they say.. This is great if you’re staying in a hotel with colleagues and want to be discreet

Just give me a call. If you are gay or just bi curious, a first timer, young or an older guy, we can play together and turn those exciting fantasies of yours into a reality.

I also have my own transport so can travel anywhere with notice. A deposit will be required for longer journeys.

I take my sexual health very seriously, I get tested every 2 weeks and take daily prep and am up to date with all vaccinations
Please make sure you get tested regular yourself when seeing escorts
(All sexual health screens results can be sent over by text, email, WhatsApp )

**Please note ** I don't always have my profile live. that doesn't mean I'm not always available, I mostly see regulars or I'm away but feel free to message

Also please note I have a separate phone with this number and my personal phone so I will reply to you when I can, I don't always carry this phone with me and have a life outside of this so please be respectful and I will reply to you :)

Ask me for my twitter account for face pics, vids and more content ;)

Many Thanks

Scott x


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 176cm
147.7lbs / 67kg
29.1in / 74cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8 / EU: 42
Eye colour:
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Very Good
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Nearest Station:
Manchester Piccadilly

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Call him now on +447717412788

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to: Scott
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      Reviews for Scott age 29

       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 39
      Dated: Jul/07/2022 12:31:44
      Date meeting took place: Jun/23/2022
      Scott as an absolutely top notch guy in every single way. Stunning body, cracking personality and all nice round guy. You are well and truely in safe hands with him.

      I've known Scott for over 7 years, and can hand on heart say he's the best Escort I've ever been with. Hands down!

      I can't recommend enough, especially overnights with him as they are simply heaven :)
      Name: MARK
      Age: 55
      Dated: Jul/20/2021 20:53:40
      Date meeting took place: Jul/19/2021
      It's not often Scotts profile appears on here as he rarely needs to advertise so its a treat to be able to leave a long overdue review on Sleepyboy for this special guy.
      Scott is the first escort I ever met. Seven years later I still have the pleasure of seeing him on a regular basis.
      A high class escort with a lovely personality and professional approach.
      An impressive physique and an impressive top.
      Premier League.

      Name: NICHOLAS
      Age: 40
      Dated: Oct/29/2020 13:59:30
      Date meeting took place: Oct/12/2020
      I have met Scott a few times now and I can honestly say he is the best escort in the North West. I'm not just talking about what he can do in bed or his gorgeous good looks and stunning physique, I am talking about his great personality and how he enjoys pleasing people. It doesn't matter what age group you are, the size you are, whether you are married or disabled, he will see you and show you a good time. Plus with Scott as well is, as long you pay his travel money upfront and you show you are genuine on the first meet, you can pay him after the session which is very rare for other escorts but this is because he loves his job and I'll be seeing him regularly.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 38
      Dated: Sep/21/2020 12:52:14
      Date meeting took place: Sep/06/2020
      Scott is a truly incredible guy. Both online in hot webcam / videos and in person as well. He is one hell of a top guy ;), that knows EXACTLY what to do.

      Skilled at giving amazing massages, and other skills - you really can't go far wrong with Scott. As with other reviewers he is not to be missed out on.
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 36
      Dated: Feb/21/2019 22:40:33
      Date meeting took place: Feb/21/2019
      Having meet Scott and watched cam shows for over 5 years Scott is one of the best guys you could ever hope to meet. He is sweet, gentle and kind, but can swiftly be passionate, vigorous and energetic in all the right areas. Simply put Scott is an absolute seasoned professional yet a down to earth guy.

      Along with Max Sail they are the best escorts I've ever been with (and I've been with a few :)).
      Age: 50
      Dated: Jun/03/2018 15:50:25
      Date meeting took place: Jun/03/2018
      After months of thinking should I contact Scott, I finally plucked up the nerve to do so for a very sexy cam session. Scott is just as as his pics are, buff, hot and a very nice package that certainly knew what to do.
      Name: JON
      Age: 60
      Dated: Apr/25/2018 20:14:48
      Date meeting took place: Apr/25/2018
      Hot? Oh yes Scott is hot, polite, charming, masculine, great body, too good to be true?
      Well lets just say when he tops, he has the perfect instinct to tease and then take you to that place you thought was fiction. But then Scott makes it very real and can give you the ride of your life and afterwards you think...did that really happen!
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 33
      Dated: Oct/07/2016 18:46:29
      Date meeting took place: Oct/07/2016
      I've known Scott for the last two years, both in person and through Web Cam Shows. The reviews of Scott below are accurate (they seem almost to good to be true :)) With Scott you are well and truly in safe hands. Stunningly beautiful, great personality and totally down to earth.
      Name: DOUG
      Age: 55
      Dated: Mar/28/2016 19:40:24
      Date meeting took place: Mar/28/2016
      Scott is the absolute professional with the wow factor.

      Being entertained in his amazing apartment in Manchester is quite something. Being entertained by Scott is a pure delight. He is kind, considerate and understanding with impeccable manners and the skill set that makes the time pass all too quickly.

      He is a great conversationalist, has a wicked sense of humour and ensures that you have an enjoyable experience. When it comes to the bedroom you are not disappointed as he utilises all his skills and experience to ensure your enjoyment.

      He has personality, charm and a fabulous body and must rate as a top notch escort.

      Name: ALEX
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jul/18/2015 21:29:27
      Date meeting took place: Jul/18/2015
      Scott is a great guy. Courteous, unassuming, completely attitude free and all that with a gorgeously lean, defined body. Plus while you have the reassurance that you’re with a superlatively skilled professional, warm, friendly, honest, reliable, and totally discrete, it’s not something that ever comes across as contrived or manufactured. With Scott you never feel you’re with an escort, right from the start, you feel you’re with someone you know well, and someone you trust, a considerate, attentive, very straight acting, thoroughly nice and very hot guy. I’ll never forget the first time I experienced that mischievously sultry look of his or the way he kisses so passionately. Trust me, if you only see one guy, see Scott. If you want to see two, see him twice. :)
      Name: MATTHEW
      Age: 37
      Dated: May/02/2015 11:26:51
      Date meeting took place: May/02/2015
      I can only agree with everything others have said. I met Scott at his beautiful apartment in Manchester City centre, designed by him and showing exquisite taste. It was clean and welcoming and gave the impression of a young city professional. I was nervous beforehand but Scott answered the door with a gorgeous smile and seemed genuinely pleased to see me. Scott is a lovely young man - kind and considerate and a great talker. There is no overtly camp manner or chav attitude. He could probably sense I was nervous. I wanted to keep everything soft-core and that was fine with him. He was quite the therapist as I spilt out some of my life story. If he thought "who is this person?!" he didn't let on for which I am truly grateful. He gave me some much needed self confidence and I would recommend him to anyone. I would happily see him again (if he can stand it) - and I wouldn't be half as nervous. All the best Scott.
      Name: JOHNATHAN
      Age: 30
      Dated: Dec/20/2014 21:10:30
      Date meeting took place: Dec/20/2014
      I posted a review after my first meeting with Scott, now having met with him a few times I felt moved to write a follow up.

      Scott is simply a joy to be with. His irresistibly friendly personality makes him such a lovely companion. He’s great fun, and I mean in every sense of the word, from laughing together to a breathless delight, and I warn you, an artless youthfulness that can melt your heart.

      He’s a completely sound solid guy, a flawless professional, polite, courteous and of course impeccably discrete. Everything he does is predicated on a reassuring trustworthiness that allows the warm and affable to glide effortlessly to the sizzling and lustful.

      I'm back now in London from my spell in the North West, so until Scott’s sorted his move to London he’s spoke of, it looks like a bit of traveling on the cards for me.
      Name: JOHNATHAN
      Age: 30
      Dated: Dec/02/2014 21:18:06
      Date meeting took place: Dec/02/2014
      I had the exceptional good luck to catch Scott in London, while he was visiting from Manchester for a few days. Sorting the meeting was an absolute breeze, he was easy to get in touch with and after a few texts and a quick call we met.
      His demeanour was exemplary; a down to earth and easy-going style belied an astute professional for whom discretion and my privacy was as important to him as my having fun.
      He’s bi and straight acting with a very easy masculine manner. Great company, incandescently sexy muscled physique, wonderful kisser and a weapons grade wicked charm that lead to one of the most passionate encounters I’ve ever had.
      Scott spoke of his intention to move to London, as I currently find myself serendipitously on a temporary relocation to the North West, I’m hoping he’ll be sticking around for a few weeks yet at least.
      Age: 36
      Dated: Aug/25/2014 18:41:56
      Date meeting took place: Aug/25/2014
      As a never fully out gay man, my relationships such as they have been, were somewhat abstracted and sex hasn’t so much taken a back seat as followed in the car behind.
      As even the thought of approaching a guy from such a place became more daunting with time I thought of using the services of an escort may help with the seeming impasse. I looked and hesitated for a long time, as amongst other things, I had to deal with my own notions about seeing an escort, but eventually I listened to my instinct and arranged with Scott to see him.
      The reservations and nervousness that had stalked me prior to the meeting and that was all too present as I approached his apartment, I found, sitting in his smartly appointed lounge, being defused by Scotts disarming, self-deprecating manner and such an easy conversation that it would have been difficult to imagine we had been strangers but just a short while before.
      His understanding and non-judgemental manner not only dissipated my unease but made me seriously, and with some discomfort, face my own prejudiced preconceptions about escorts and their clients, of which, of course, I was now one.
      From chatting, we moved to the physical, where he, with thoughtful sensitivity, and a cheeky seduction, created a really lovely experience and connection that has remained and matured over subsequent meetings.
      I’m not saying there’s any magical cure to life in using an escort any more than there is seeking it from anyone, but neither is it anything like the popular cartoon image, but just an agreeable time shared by two people for those it suits.
      What I would say, and all that really matters, is I consider it’s been my very good fortune to meet Scott and a real pleasure to get to know him. He's a decent fellow and a gentleman. A gentle man.
      Name: SIMON
      Age: 55
      Dated: Mar/10/2014 19:29:25
      Date meeting took place: Mar/10/2014
      His pictures don’t prepare you for the Scott you meet, it’s not because they aren’t accurate, - he has the beautifully proportioned & honed physique of a fine athlete - but because he’s so much more than that, they don’t convey the beguilingly friendly, unassuming and charming guy that Scott is.
      He is well rounded, has sophistication and intelligence with a maturity beyond his years but without ego or pretention, which I found, combined with his effortless open honest manner, so disarmingly captivating.
      In the bedroom, he’s considerate and sensual and also great fun, a fantastic kisser and no clock watcher, just concerned I had the very best time.
      Scott's a sound, thoroughly nice, decent guy, a consummate professional who I'd recommend without the slightest hesitation to any worthy situation or circumstance.
      Myself, I am a mature guy who’s on a bit of a journey exploring, amongst other things, some uncomplicated fun, which is all the better when accompanied with some fine & good interaction, I found both and more, much more, with the remarkable and talented Mr Bower.
      Scott says: thanks
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