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Brandt, 22yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Tell us about you...

Hey! I’m Brandt thanks for checking out my profile :)

I have brown hair now, most recent photo is my main profile image

I’m a young slim guy based just outside Manchester City centre in Salford, who loves to get into bed and mess around. I might not have the muscle most guys have on here but I definitely make up for it with the size of my cock ;)

I love anything from cuddles and kissing on the sofa, to some passionate fun in the bedroom, so whatever you’d like to do I’m sure I’ll be down for it.

If meeting isn’t your thing, I’d love to give you a call and tell you all the cheeky things I’d do to you ;) although I probably wouldn’t be able to stop playing with myself if I did that. I can also do custom videos for you if you would like, and if you want to get me some toys to play with I’d love to show you how I used them.

But if you’d just like someone to spoil and shower in love and receive that love back then, I’m here! I love going out and enjoying a nice meal with good company, I’m a great listener. So if you’d just like some company I’d love to come hang out.

I’m also available to give massages. If you’d like a nice sensual massage I can do that, but if you want a little extra on the side I’m sure I’ve got something for you ;)
I also love receiving massages so feel free to explore my body

For those after something a lot more discreet, I have a makeshift gh set up in my flat, so I don’t even have to see your face if that’s what you’d prefer.

I love spending money, so if you want someone to abuse your card I can definitely do that, or maybe take me out on a shopping trip?

I don’t want to say too much on here because I like getting to know each other in private, that’s half the fun right!?

If you’d like to get to know me more don’t hesitate to message me on WhatsApp, I love getting to know new people!

I also have a cat in case you aren’t comfortable with that

Text me please do not call

For any of my rates just ask :)


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 10in / 178cm
165.3lbs / 75kg
31.9in / 81cm
Penis size:
8.3in / 21cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
Blue grey
White British
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

The type of guys i like are?
I get along with guys who love a good chat and easy to get along with. I want a chill time for both of us. I appreciate good hygiene and respect that goes both ways
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
Depends when/what fo
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
Depends On Person
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Victoria Station


Incalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
Incalls 2 Hours:
Ask me
Incalls Overnight:
Ask me
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
Outcalls 2 Hours:
Ask me
Outcalls Overnight:
Ask me
Additional info:
I also do half hour meets.
If you’d like to know my rates for massage and calls then give me a message
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

Social Networks

‪+44 7915 639597‬

Duos Information

Do you do duos?:
Duo Cost:
My hourly rate + whatever they charge
Duo Partner Profile:

I am Available at these times...

I’m free pretty much whenever but bookings are easier as I probably won’t be available the same day you ask, but ask anyway and I can let you know

Why someone should choose you

I’m an easy going guy with plenty to offer. If you’d just like some company and chat I’d love that, or if you want to get on your knees and beg for my cock then I can also do that ;)

Other Work

Webcam shows:
Model for photos:
Stripper work:
Video work:
Boyfriend experience
Theatre Dates
Dinner dates
None sexual company

Health status

Covid vaccinated
Monkey Pox vaccinated
HIV status
Prep usage against HIV

Useful Information

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Photos for Brandt

Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - sauna
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - gangbang
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - always safe sex
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - sportwear
Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - massage
Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - massage
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - massage
Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - spanking
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - shoes
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - trios
Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - masseur
Gay Escort Brandt 22yr - double penetration
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - massage
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - roleplay
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - watersports
Gay Escort Brandt 21yr - spanking
Gay Escort Bradley 21yr - masseur

Videos for Brandt

11 Mar 2023
11 Mar 2023
11 Mar 2023
24 Mar 2022
playing ...
26 Jan 2022
using a ...
25 Jan 2022


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      Reviews for Brandt age 22

      Call him now on +447915639597
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: TONY
      Age: 78
      Dated: Aug/25/2022 09:51:35
      Date meeting took place: Aug/13/2022
      Brandt caught the train from Piccadilly to stay the night at my house; he is great company and I like
      him immensely. He has a beautiful face, an impressive body and a formidable cock which spits venom at those who provoke it. I want to know Brandt for as long as he's prepared to indulge me.
      Name: TONY
      Age: 78
      Dated: Aug/11/2022 17:28:23
      Date meeting took place: Aug/10/2022
      We met in a very pleasant, new hotel in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Brandt was quite prompt at replying to my txt msgs. He arrived a few minutes late which is not surprising as the hotel is not easy to find even by exerienced cab drivers. We had a drink in the hotel bar, and then repaired to the bedroom. Brandt was not shy about taking off all his clothes ( apart from his socks)
      revealing his impressively beautiful body. He has wonderful muscular definition and of couse he is gorgeously good-looking. He has a lovely bum and a fantastically attractive cock. We had a very good rapport right from the start and I felt I had met a winner. We shall be meeting again in the near future; and I am happy to recommend Brandt to anyone who likes twinks and who also likes to have an interesting evening with a charming and irresistible, confidant young man.
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