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X Ricky X

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I heard.. that you've settled down...That you've found a girrl.. and you're married now.. I heard.. that your dreams came true.. I guess.. I gave you things, she couldn't give to you!

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also drive, so travel to you is no problem.
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whats up?

My names Ricky, but you can call me whatever you like... :-p I'm a 9st 7ish, 5 foot 6 submissive bottom, people describe my boby as well proportioned. It's naturally smooth and very well toned (ripped!). I love to keep in shape through kickboxing, I try to go 3 times a week if I have the time. I have to meet weight requirements to compete, so my physique and weight never really change much. I love a good wrestle, naked or not!

I like to keep myself fit, healthy and incredibly hygienic at all times. Believe it or not, I'm still yet to get a single chest hair at 24, ya, seriously.... Smooth! I don't smoke, I enjoy a tasty vape, don't worry, you won't notice it when or if you kiss me, it doesn't leave a taste, besides, hygiene is absoluletey my top priority! I really don't mind if you smoke or not, so please, don't worry x.

My idea of being an escort is to make your time with me as enjoyable for you as possible and meet all of your social and of course.... sexual desires, depending on what you'd like from our time :). I love to get to know my clients likes and dislikes, and I would like to know sooner rather than later, so don't hesitate to tell me exactly what you'd like from our time together, preferably before we meet, I guess? If you would like to get me know as well, that's perfect.

Absolute discretion is of course a given at all times. Just mute our WhatsApp if your wifes around and you've just messaged me awaiting a reply. I will never contact you out of the blue.. for obvious reasons!

I'm available for fun, dates, boyfriend experience, friendships, fuck buddys and partys, or maybe even somebody to just acompany you. I can dress for all occasions, including the fun ones! Hehe... ;-)

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* Are you still as ripped as in your pictures?
Absolutely yes. My pictures are all very recent. I keep my weight the same each month for sport reasons and train hard at cardio to keep body fat to a minimum, in my sport bodyfat is a disadvantage, therefor I have almost none. My muscle is simply genetically natural, I don't train weights as I need to maintain my muscle mass/body fat ratio.

* How old are your pictures...?
The first 5 pictures being less than a week old usually updated weekly, if not more.

* You look tanned, is this a filter?
No, I am indeed nicely tanned, and yes, it does look fucking hot, even if I do say so myself.... Haha X

* How smooth are you?
My chest is naturally completeley smooth. My ass is always hairless. My pubic hair is either smooth or nicely trimmed. So body hair I would describe as completley smooth to very little..

* Will you talk to me on WhatsApp/endless text messages?
Not unless we have met. Our initial chat will be to discuss times/dates, location for our meet and your expectations. Thanks!


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 6in / 168cm
134.5lbs / 61kg
Penis size:
6.7in / 17cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 7 / EU: 41
Eye colour:
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Outcalls are £110/Hour + Travel costs and £190 2 x hour, etc.

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07511 417997
07511 417997

I am Available at these times...

All the time, minus sleep... and sometimes, i'm available during that too! Just gimme a call... 0751

Why someone should choose you

I'm a genuine and relaxed young british bottom lad with a very naughty side who considers myself fairly intelligent and street smart. I love to please and I'd like to make our meet one to remember, I'd never like to dissapoint anyone so I'm very honest and straight forward, always, you'll see.

I'm available by phone (including Whatsapp) and email, 24/7. Call me :) x


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Give and receive
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Sportwear , School uniform


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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
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Escort £90 24yr - sauna
Escort £90 24yr - massage
Rent boy £90 24yr - massage
Rent boy Herts, Ricky 24yr - massage
Rent boy Ricky 23yr - massage
Escort Ricky 23yr - massage
Escort £90 24yr - masseur
Escort £90 24yr - masseur
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Rent boy Herts, Ricky 24yr - sauna
Rent boy Herts, Ricky 24yr - roleplay
Rent boy Herts, Ricky 24yr - massage
Escort Herts, Ricky 24yr - wrestling

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2 Mar 2018
two esco...
2 Mar 2018
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2 Mar 2018
11 Nov 2017
14 Oct 2017

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      Reviews for X Ricky X age 24

      Call him now on +447511417997
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: J84LDN
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jan/27/2018 23:46:22
      Met him before - he was hot but talked and talked non stop about all the drama he gets himself into - most of it came across as made up stories - but the time together was good so i enjoyed.

      went to meet again today but he said he was in hertfordshire and needed £50 to buy a new simcard, and top up so he could contact me on the way.. (his phone was taken off him, apparently he just got out of prison for something he did to his sister's window - even though i knew this happened months ago because he'd already told me the story)... the rest of the £50 was to get his train fare to london where i live.

      of course - i was suspicious but i thought as id met him before i would trust him. Sent the money. He disappeared. Ignored my messages on whatsapp and calls for about an hour (even though he was visibly online! Eventually he blocked me on whatsapp.

      So im £50 down. And he did it intentionally.

      Yes he has good reviews - i would have given him one when i first met him. Don't be fooled by those.
      X Ricky X says: Wow! So, the truth is..

      I met this gentleman above a few months ago for a 2 hour booking in London, we had a good time and when it came to our time being up I offered to stay for a while longer until the trains were running and I could get home, he was very pleased and we continued for a few hours after, with friendly chat and some more sex. I left 3 hours after our time officially came to an end to meet someone off grindr (gay dating app).

      The chap messages me again last week, and again after a little chat I ask how long he would like me to come for.. His reply was along the lines of "you want me to pay? I thought you gave out free sex". After explaining the concept of this career, he didn't get any more reasonable.. I left our discussion and stopped replying. Next thing I know.. This review!

      I'm furious to say the least.
      Name: Vladymyr
      Age: 49
      Dated: Dec/12/2017 23:25:42
      I"ve had one of the best night in my entire life
      and that 100% truth !
      X Ricky X says: Thank you.. so much. It was a night i'll never forget. You're one of the most considerate and kind men I've ever met in my life. You're an absolute gentleman and incredibly generous. Thank you! <3
      Name: Rob
      Age: 38
      Dated: Nov/30/2017 09:54:01
      I have met Ricky 3 times at his flat in Hatfield, Herts and if I was to review him on the first meet alone, I would have given him 4-5 stars because he was hot, very horny who shot hot cum and we still continue having sex after he had cum (some escorts don't like sex after cumming).

      The second time I met him I found it a little bit disappointed as even though he got hard, he couldn't cum as he spent the day having sex with an ex. However i met him a third time thinking that the last time I met him was just a one off, only to be even more disappointed than last time as he couldn't get it hard. However in fairness to him, he did give me back £20 which most escorts I've met never done even if the provided a poor service.

      On a final note even though he has put his profile in UK-London when in actual fact he's in Hatfield, Herts and should really have put it in UK-East, he does mention this in his profile that he lives approximately 15 miles from London
      X Ricky X says: I'm genuinely sorry you weren't completely satisfied, and thats why I gave you some money back, even though I do advertise as a bottom........

      I think you maybe expected more than just an escort who bottoms. I have no trouble getting sexually arroused to be honest, what so ever! I'm one of the horniest guys you'll meet.. But on that day, the sexual desire cannot have been there for both of us. It takes two to tango, and I think you wanted more than an escort who bottoms, so I'm sorry I didn't manage your expectations. I have had clients tell me I should contact SB and ask them to remove the review, but my reply is if you didn't leave satisfied, I guess thats my fault and I apologize. I do remember it having a happy ending for you still ;-) Just not me. :-p

      Thanks for the review, at least, mate...

      Ricky x

      Name: Paul
      Age: 50
      Dated: Nov/25/2017 07:52:26
      I've just had a lovely evening with Ricky, he kept me informed of when he was arriving & was on time. We had a few beers whilst chatting. Ricky has a lovely smooth warm body, which is fantastic to hold touch & kiss. I enjoyed meeting him, as I'm sure anyone would. Thanks again mate ;-)
      X Ricky X says: It was a very relaxing pleasant evening, your a complete gentleman and I genuinely enjoyed myself. Thank you so much for the invitation, I'm glad we arranged to meet and spend a lovely evening together.

      See you soon, I hope. :-) Ricky x
      Name: Terry
      Age: 65
      Dated: Nov/14/2017 20:14:16
      Ricky came to my London hotel for an hour session. He arrived punctually and after he showered we got right down to it.
      He is exactly as he describes himself in his profile - a very fit young man. On of his sports is kick boxing and he has ambitions to move into MMA.
      He enjoys having his smooth tight ass rimmed and shafted.Also he's a good kisser and great at nipple play. Although he dressed 'chavvy' at my request, Ricky assures me he dresses smartly should the need arise.
      See you again soon,Ricky..
      X Ricky X says: Thanks Terry, was a pleasure meeting you. Look forward to seeing you again. Ricky X
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