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I am in HOLIDAYS!!!

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      Reviews for LUKAS TEEN age 23

      Call him now on +447473523053
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: MARK
      Age: 45
      Dated: Aug/05/2019 12:12:56
      Date meeting took place: Aug/05/2019
      met with lukas now twice when he has been in southampton
      lovely lad perfect smile HIGHLY recomend
      Name: JON
      Age: 55
      Dated: Dec/03/2018 17:01:07
      Date meeting took place: Dec/03/2018
      I’ve seen Lukas now on three occasions, the first two times in September and the last two nights ago. The first time was with TV Christine in her male persona Derek as an in-call and both TV Christine (aka Derek) and I feel this gorgeous young man is fully deserving of this review, which I hope will show what a truly excellent escort he is. The second was on his own as an out-call to a restaurant and my hotel. The third however was an in-call.
      Having enjoyed a thoroughly magical hour with TV Christine and whilst I was trying to recover from the attention of her 10 inch cock, the girth is 7½ inches so its no wonder that people struggle to take her, she suggested a duo with a guy. The general ambiance was TV Christine, ‘you want to see me fuck him, bitch?’ My reply was in the affirmative and she said she would find someone and text me. Her suggestion was an OK looking guy with a truly massive cock and I thought what’s the point, I don’t think I can take it. I found a really good looking guy with a 8+ inch cock, but of normal girth, that was supposedly top and bottom, Christine agreed that he was gorgeous but that she would have to be a boy (aka Derek) to meet him, to which I agreed.
      By the way, Christine has retired and is no longer in the UK. If you missed her, you missed one of the greats, my bottom will never be the same and my ring surely twitches at times yearning for the truly extra-ordinary stretching it got from her ridiculously over sized member.
      We arranged to meet at Christine’s Flat at 19:00h and I would enjoy her company for an hour before she morphed into Derek for the second hour when Lukas would join us. Having enjoyed another fantastic 50 minutes with her she disappeared to change, I had already seen some photos of Derek so there were going to be no nasty surprises. Derek reappeared just before 20:00 and on the dot of 20:00, Lukas appeared. A handsome fit young man, with a lovely temperament and frankly an open attitude to sex. The next 60 minutes was a blur of cock sucking with some special face slapping from Derek. Derek fucked us both although neither of us truly managed to take his full length and girth. Lukas and I fucked each other and we even managed a daisy-chain-fuck with Derek being the anchorman at one point. Derek remained the dominant top throughout the session but all too soon it was over and out into the Earl’s Court evening we piled.
      The next evening I found myself in the Marosuh Express on Edgware Road and lonely. I texted and rang Lukas and after a little persuasion he came over from Baker St immediately, despite protestations that he was un-showered and not ready. We enjoyed a lovely meal and conversation before retiring to my hotel for a mutual assisted shower with BJs and a good old two-way romp in the sac. There was no time watching on Lukas’s behalf and I do believe he was well over the agreed time when he left, a highly recommended young-man. Lukas is in summary a clean-shaven, well turned out Adonis with a rock hard 8+ cock that has a quirky bend. He is fully versatile but boy can he give you a good pounding, his BBJs are pretty good and as David Dickinson would say, ‘he’s the real deal’.
      On the third occasion, styled the ‘Baker Street Bonkathon’ to the intended participants, it was an in-call at Lukas’s new flat with three others joining us. The arrangements had got out of hand and to please all due to attend I agreed to the following line-up. Firstly, Lukas and the following twinks you can find on Sleepyboy: Alex Faux (him of boynapped porn site), Zac (a six foot plus blonde Canadian) and Ivan (a Latvian boy). All apart from Alex who is supposed to be 7.5 inches have 8+ inch cocks. Unfortunately Alex was taken ill at the last moment and Zac arrived early and couldn’t get in so went off home thinking he had been set up by a time-waster for the second time in a week. An enjoyable hour ensued but Lukas and I had to give Ivan a few pointers on hygiene and preparation, which he seems to have taken very seriously. Lukas’s new flat is lovely and he is very pleased with it, it’s very clean, tidy and the bathroom has all the necessary for a refreshing shower on your arrival.
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