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UK - London
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18th of May
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With me it's not just sex..

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gentlemen and welcome to my page, please read on to get a feel of me,

If you're looking for just fun, I have bundles of energy for the bedroom; I can be passionate, fun, dominant, submissive, tender, affectionate, cuddly, horny - you name it! Where ever the session takes us is up to you, unless you want me to take charge, then I'd happily do that.

with me it's not just sex...

Looking for more? Outside of the bedroom I can talk with anyone and have intelligent conversations with lots of wit.

I am compassionate and I care about all of my clients making sure that each individual gets what they are looking for. I'll give you my full attention and you will forget about the outside world.. we can laugh, joke, debate, get to know each other, and I will be happy to learn things from you, too.

------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ---------
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you do prefer a massage, I will put you at ease, comforting you with my calm demeanour and inviting warmth - helping you to relax your mind and body with my touch.

Euphoria awaits ;-)!
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you would like to know more, please contact me on my number next to my display picture or my email You can also read my reviews at the top of my profile, above my display picture

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from you soon!


||Contact me at:||


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 4in / 165cm
121.3lbs / 55kg
Penis size:
6.3in / 16cm
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Feet size:
UK: 6 / EU: 40
Eye colour:
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300 ph
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I take calls between 11am-10pm

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- Red hair
- Great smile
- Tight, young body
- Lovable


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      Reviews for Bradley age 22

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       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: Jeff
      Age: 54
      Dated: Oct/04/2018 12:14:11
      Due to a power line train problem our first two hour meeting was curtailed. As I was leaving on holiday Bradley agreed to a meeting at the beginning of September. Although Bradley agreed the date I could not get him to agree to a time in fact I had no response at all from him.
      I had already paid his fee up front.
      He then contacted me quite out of the blue for a date to meet. I suggested a date but he didn't turn up yet again.
      One wonders whether his glowing early references were self written because they bear little resemblance to recent reality..
      Its a pity, I had splashed out for the sets of his deluxe photos. My advise would be not to expect him to turn up even if the appointment is agreed. Its a pity he looks a nice chap.
      Name: John
      Age: 49
      Dated: Sep/10/2018 10:55:27
      Bradley is fine when he turns up, but he often does not. We made an evening date a few days ahead. On the day of our date I texted him three times to confirm. I got no reply, and he didn't show up that night. No explanation. Evening wasted. So if you make a date with him he may not keep it.
      Name: Joe
      Age: 42
      Dated: Mar/15/2018 19:09:29
      I met Bradley for the first time at his home and when I saw him, my heart melted as he was everything that I hoped for.
      He has the most gorgeous body and lovely ginger hair, pubes and a great bubble butt, not to mention his big balls and lovely cock.
      We had a shower togeyher which was a great feeling and experience. We caressed each other and I was made to feel very comfortable. He was so sweet.
      He was very polite and great to be with and I cannot wait to see him again next week for a repeat meeting.
      Thank you Bradley for giving me a great experience.
      See you soon xx
      Name: James
      Age: 40
      Dated: Apr/12/2017 10:13:28
      Just had another fantastic meeting with Bradley. He really is fantastic. He puts you at ease from the minute you meet him. He has a great sense of humour, and is so polite and friendly. And as for in the bedroom, well all I can say is WOW ! You definitely won't be disappointed. I can't wait to arrange my next meeting with him.
      Bradley, you are awesome, and you know I am one of your biggest fans. James x
      Name: Mark
      Dated: Apr/06/2017 21:52:28
      I put my first review on Bradley's profile in March 2016 after I'd seen him a few times. I have been seeing him regularly for more than a year now, and what I wrote back then still holds true. He is an escort par excellence and a really lovely guy. He makes me feel special, which keeps me coming back to see him again and again. If you want to feel special too, you know what to do.
      Name: James
      Age: 40
      Dated: Mar/20/2017 06:08:30
      I would really recommend Bradley. He is a very handsome young man with a lively warm smile and put me at my ease as soon as we met (it was my first time with an escort). Action in the bedroom exceded my expectations, and our conversations before and after were interesting and fun. And Bradley is GREAT kisser. If you want a great experience then Bradley is your guy!
      Name: T
      Age: 50
      Dated: May/15/2016 01:22:39
      This updates my review of Bradley posted on the 10th of March 2016. That review was posted after my first time with Bradley. We have met a number of times since then and each time the experience just gets better and better.

      For our most recent meeting i arranged an overnight in a hotel in central London. Although i have met a number of escorts over the years, I have never done an overnight before. It just felt right to do this with Bradley. We met in the evening for a meal at a restaurant. This was the first time that we had met outside of a bedroom and Bradley was his usual funny, chatty self. As always dressed perfectly with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

      After a short taxi ride we closed the door on the rest of the world for the night and settled down for more chat, a little wine and lots of fun. Boy does Bradley love to kiss, he is very tactile and for me the perfect bedtime companion. The hot fun and witty pillow talk continued into the small hours and, after an interval for sleep, the next morning as well. Looking deep into each others eyes as we make love is just heaven.

      Bradley's body is smooth and nicely muscular, he is very fit with the most gorgeous, sexy eyes. He is a lad without being laddish, no attitude from this very cute guy. He is a tender and sweet companion yet can be both tender and strong in bed. He holds a conversation on many different topics showing a maturity beyond his years.

      I was nervous about booking for an overnight but the experience far outstripped my wildest dreams and i can't wait until the next time i see him.
      Name: Mark
      Age: 57
      Dated: Mar/30/2016 20:29:17
      Bradley has so much to recommend him - and I do. To start with, he is a relaxed person with a calming presence, adept at making you feel welcome and at ease. If you are inclined to experience first time nerves Bradley will soon make them melt away. You will find him attentive, obliging and responsive to your pace and preferences.
      Physically, Bradley is a truly beautiful young man. His brown eyes sparkle, his smile dazzles. He is a redhead, auburn rather than ginger, with skin so white it seems transparent. His build is compact but strong - his shoulders and upper back, upper arms and thighs are naturally well-muscled and firm, hard even, but not over-ripped. In a nutshell, I would call his a gymnast's body.
      Based on my experiences with him, Bradley is excellent at making that all-important connection with his clients. He is a very good conversationalist, intelligent, witty, self-deprecating, altogether just very sweet natured. There is no side to him at all, no arrogance or conceit. He is wise beyond his years - he will teach you things (he has me) and, reciprocally, he will learn from you, and will tell you so. He is an impeccable companion.
      As an escort, Bradley is wonderful. He can be tender, affectionate and passive, but also passionate, energetic and masterful. It all depends on the moment and what you want. His kisses, his embraces and strokes, the pressure of his body against yours are all to die for. Sexually, he is versatile, stamina-laden and, above all, dedicated to providing his partner with complete satisfaction. Seeing him take pleasure in the midst of his exertions is a never-ending delight. He is always very professional in the service he provides, well-mannered and respectful, solicitous of your comfort and an adherent of the highest standards of safety and protection.
      I honestly don't know if Bradley is the best escort on, but he is my best escort. Should you decide to see him, you will not be disappointed.
      Name: T
      Age: 50
      Dated: Mar/10/2016 16:43:30
      There was good and prompt communication with Bradley to arrange my first visit to him. His directions were clear enabling me to easily find him.

      I had spotted Bradley's profile on SB and purchased membership here just to see his 3 photo sets. These showed a stunningly gorgeous young man so i booked an hour with him. An earlier review had warned that he is much better looking when you see him for real and that is so true. I was greeted with a warm welcoming smile into his apartment which was very clean and there was plenty of room.

      Bradley is intelligent, funny and articulate adding to this his tight, nicely muscled, silky smooth body with the most beautiful eyes and a cheeky smile Bradley is the complete partner. My one hour was quickly extended to two. Bradley gave me a sensual massage before he topped me, showing his caring and sensitive nature then totally making me his. Oh and he is the most passionate kisser and very tactile.

      I have visited a number of escorts over the years and Bradley is just the best.

      Needless to say, it will not be too long before i visit Bradley again - very very sexy and a lot of fun.
      Name: Peter
      Age: 55
      Dated: Feb/05/2016 01:04:13
      I made a round trip of 400 miles with an overnight stay in a hotel to see Bradley & it was so worth it. He is stunningly good looking with a slim smooth body & skin that is silken to the touch. He promises passionate fun with elation & euphoria & delivers in spades. He is an amazing kisser, completely versatile & topped me with such skill & passion that I extended the original booking from 2 hours to 3-I just couldn't get enough of him! He is also intelligent, kind & thoughtful & a complete joy to spend time with &has an absolute killer smile. I cant wait to see him again. Treat him well guys, he is a real gem.
      Name: Will
      Age: 30
      Dated: Jan/29/2016 14:34:02
      I have been meeting Bradley in his nice apartment on a regular basis and the best way to describe him is as a little Apollo.

      He has the perfect body, very well proportioned, slim, toned, tight body that I can never stop imagining when I will be able to touch again.

      Bradleyâ€s pictures do not do him justice!

      His skin is porcelain white with a pinkish tinge/glow and so soft, softest of all skins I have touched and has a natural scent of youth and cleanliness.

      When we meet I slowly reveal his body bit by bit, then I caress and kiss him all over, but specially his very flat belly. Bradleyâ€s beautifully shaped and his girthy cock is a joy to suck, he loves it nice and gently and to play with and after being teased for long enough he loves to fuck me, in the end when he cums I love to watch him writhe in ecstasy.

      As a person Bradley is the sweetest boy I have met, always very happy and cheerful he is just a pleasure to be with.

      I recommend Bradley to anyone looking for a well mannered english boy.

      Name: Mike
      Age: 53
      Dated: Feb/07/2015 12:46:52
      You can tell from the pictures that Bradley is an exceptionally good-looking young man. What you can't tell from his pictures is that he is also witty, intelligent and great fun too. For incalls, he welcomes you with a drink in his truly luxurious apartment: scented candles, gentle music, soft lighting - the works! The massage that usually follows is by far the best I have ever had. And the massage is on the "starter" to a "banquet" that will have you coming back for more again and again. In brief: Bradley is in a league of his own. Wonderful. Amazing. And fun.
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