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Bisexual Escort Alondonlad 23yr - exhibitionist
Bisexual Escort Alondonlad 23yr - pnp
Bisexual Escort Alondonlad 23yr - exhibitionism

ALondonLad, 23yrs
London, UK - London Central

Available NOW!
Verified: face body 18+
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Will travel to:
Canterbury, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Southampton
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What's on my mind

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Tell us about you...

**My new number is WhatsApp Only!**

I'm Bartholomew, your British associate for all things London. I focus mainly on 2 services which are Companionship and Kink/Fetish.

My profile is broken down into 5 sections. I do have a website on the way which is very user friendly.

Chapter 1 - Companionship
Chapter 2 - Kink & Fetish
Chapter 3 - Hosting
Chapter 4 - Loyalty Scheme
Chapter 5 - Extras


From exploring hidden gems to grabbing a pint at the local pub to dining out at a quaint or trendy restaurant, I'm your go-to friend for a good time in the city. Whether you're game for a stroll along the South Bank or eager to explore a current pop-up, count me in.

You may have a social or professional event to attend so whether it's a chill hangout or a buttoned-up affair, I've got you covered, bringing the right vibe to the occasion. Great company with great conversation and a bit of banter along the way.

Ready to elevate your London experience with unparalleled companionship? Don't miss out on creating unforgettable experiences and get in touch!

RATES [2 Hour Minimum]

£100 - First 2 Hours
£50 - Each Additional Hour

[Example] A 3 hour booking would cost £150 and a 5 hour booking would cost £250.



Embark on an exploration with my curated selection of kinks and fetishes, tailored for an unforgettable experience in London. If you crave a distinctly British touch to your kink exploration, immerse yourself in the experience of a kinky British dom.



sensual technique where sexual stimulation is intentionally paused or slowed just before reaching the point of climax, heightening arousal and prolonging the experience. This practice is best performed with you comfortably bound (chair or bed is suitable), enabling a delicate balance of building pleasure to the edge of orgasm, only to ease off, allowing for an exquisite delay. The deliberate control over the timing and release creates an intesified and euphoric sensation, offering a more profound and satisfying climax when finally allowed to achieve one. Embracing edging adds a layer of anticipation and pleasure, transforming moments into an artful dance of desire and fulfillment.


i can bring along with me are: Wand Vibrator, Cock Ring, Blindfold, Gag, Nipple Clamp, Spanking, Paddle, Rope, Cuffs, Bondage Gear.


within BDSM involves the act of restraning or tying up an individual for the purpose of erotic pleasure, aesthetic enjoyment, or engaging in power dynamics such Bondage Teasing & Edging, Bondage Fuck Machine Sessions and Bondage Fucking.


Role Play refers to the enactment of specific scenarios, power dynamics, or personas to explore fantasies, desires, and sexual dynamics.


you appreciate the smell and/or taste of a well pubed masculine armpit? Quite possibly your brain is way more responsive to the putative pheromones in men. So you'll love being lightly forced into the warmth and hair of my armit, or use it how you like to.


A foot fetish involves an intense and erotic attraction to feet. where the sensory experience of touching, massagingor admiring feet becomes a focal point of arousal. Enthusiasts of foot fetishism find pleasure in the aesthetics, textures and sensations assosiated with feet, odten incorporatng foot-related activities into intimate encounters. This fetish can manifest in various forms, from foot massage and worship to sensory exploration, ceating a unique and consensual avenue for heightened pleasure and connection.


A form of BDSM involving striking the body using tooles like hands, paddles, canes, whips, floggers and other instruments. We do this by never crossing your boudries so hopefully that encompasses firm and fun! You pace is the best pace!


Ageplay refers to engaging in roles where participants adopt either an older or younger persona.


Nippleplay invovles activities centered around stimulating and manipulating the nipples for sensual and erotic pleasure.


and Ball Torture (CBT) is a BDSM practice encompassing activities that involve sensations of pain or discomfort to the male genitalia for satisfaction. This can also be a fun activity as part of a bondage experience.


(WS) in the context of fetish or kink, refers to erotic activities involving urine. This consensual practice may include activities like golden showers, where one partner urinates on another (preferably or not preferable in the shower vacinity) for sensual or submissive experiences. Watersports enthusiasts often find pleasure in exploring the taboo nature of this fetish, emphasizing trust and communication to ensure a mutually satisfying and concensual encounter. It adds a unique layer to the intimate exploration, highlighting the diverse and concensual nature of desires withi the realm of kink and fetish play.


Tickling fetish, or knismolagnia, is a unique form of sexual arousal characterized by the enjoyment of tickling sensations. Individuals with this fetish derive pleasure and arousal from being tickled or tickling others in intimate settings. The sensation of tickling triggers heightened sensitivity and laughter, creating an erotic and playful atmosphere. Tickling fetishists often engage in consensual tickling activities as part of their sexual encounters, finding satisfaction in the intimate and exhilarating experience of exploring this specific sensation.


the realm of kink and fetish play, clothing, outfits, and kits refer to specialized attire and accessories designed to enhance erotic experiences and role-playing scenarios. These may include items such as leather or latex garments, sports kits, underwear, uniforms, fetish wear, harnesses, corsets, and costumes tailored to specific fantasies or fetishes. Outfits and kits can also incorporate accessories such as collars, cuffs, restraints, masks, whips, paddles, and sensory tools to elevate sensory experiences and facilitate power dynamics. The selection of clothing, outfits, and kits allows individuals and couples to explore their desires, express their fantasies, and create immersive and arousing scenes within a consensual and safe framework.


the realm of kink and fetish play, a blindfold is a sensory enhancement tool used to restrict or eliminate sight during intimate encounters. By depriving the wearer of vision, a blindfold heightens other senses, such as touch, taste, smell, and hearing, intensifying the overall sensory experience. Blindfolds are commonly employed in BDSM dynamics to enhance anticipation, suspense, and vulnerability, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully in the moment and surrender to the unknown. The act of blindfolding adds an element of trust, excitement, and exploration to sexual encounters, facilitating deeper connection and intimacy between partners as they navigate sensations and experiences in a heightened state of arousal.


within the realm of kink and fetish, refers to the practice of voluntarily relinquishing control over one's sexual pleasure and urges by wearing a chastity device or engaging in chastity play. This may involve the use of physical restraints, such as a chastity cage or belt, to prevent access to the genitals and restrict sexual stimulation. Chastity play often incorporates elements of power dynamics and control, with one partner assuming the role of the keyholder or dominant, and the other as the submissive or wearer of the chastity device. The experience of chastity can evoke feelings of anticipation, arousal, and vulnerability, as well as strengthen the bond and trust between partners through mutual consent and exploration of boundaries.


Puppy play is a form of role-playing within the realm of BDSM and fetish culture where participants take on the personas and behaviors of puppies. In this dynamic, individuals often adopt specific roles such as the "puppy" and the "handler" or "owner," engaging in activities that mimic canine behavior, including playfulness, obedience, and affection. Participants may wear accessories such as collars, leashes, and masks to enhance the experience and signify their roles. Puppy play explores themes of power exchange, trust, and care, allowing participants to express their desires and explore new dynamics in a consensual and playful environment.


BDSM dynamics, the terms "sub" and "dom" refer to the roles of submissive and dominant, respectively. The submissive (sub) willingly consents to relinquishing control and following the commands or desires of the dominant (dom). This power exchange is based on trust, communication, and mutual consent, where the dom assumes authority and responsibility for guiding the scene or dynamic, while the sub submits to their direction and guidance. Sub/dom relationships can vary widely in intensity and dynamics, ranging from casual play sessions to deeply committed power dynamics. It's essential for participants to establish clear boundaries, communicate openly, and prioritize mutual respect and consent in their interactions.

All Kink & Fetish meets are £150 per hour in-call + £180 per hour out-call


I won’t be hosting from home during the February and March months. I am
of-course happy to come to you or I will book a hotel (at no cost to you) for all KINK & FETISH MEETS 2 HOURS AND ABOVE!



I have started a simple loyalty scheme to reward you for returning:

1st Meet - £10 off your next meet
2nd Meet - [Next Time]
3rd Meet - £20 off your next meet
4th Meet - [Next Time]
5th Meet - Free Half Hour Meet
6th Meet - £10 off your next meet
7th Meet - [Next Time]
8th Meet - £20 off your next meet
9th Meet - [Next Time]
10th Meet- Free 1 Hour Meet



Travel outside of London


Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 183cm
154.3lbs / 70kg
31.5in / 80cm
Penis size:
8.7in / 22cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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About Me

Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
men or women
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Means of transport
On foot, Bicycle, Scooter, Public transport, Car
Nearest Station:
London Liverpool Street


Incalls 1 Hour:
Incalls 2 Hours:
Incalls Overnight:
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Outcalls 2 Hours:
Outcalls Overnight:
Additional info:
First 2 Hours = £100
All Subsequent Hours = £50

1 Hour in-call £150
1 Hour out-call £180
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

Why someone should choose you

I’m a true British, Straight Londoner!


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      Reviews for ALondonLad age 23

      Call him now on +447300815434
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: GEOFF
      Age: 42
      Dated: Jul/10/2023 15:22:59
      Date meeting took place: Jun/21/2023
      Time spent: Overnight
      Ambience: Relaxed
      Are photos Accurate? Yes, they are
      Recommend? Yes, definitely
      I'm only in London periodically so this is only my second time seeing Bart but he keeps getting better and better. This time I had West End tickets so we had a longer date which included dinner, theatre and then fun back at my hotel. He's great companion. Handsome, funny, and sweet natured and always terrific to hang out with. And he's really, really sexy. When we got back to my hotel, I had a chance to suck his monster, straight cock, lick his hairy asshole and worship his smelly feet and socks. As requested, he provided me with a pair of smelly socks that are probably the horniest, sexiest thing I've ever received. He's an awesome guy and lots of fun inside and outside of the bedroom. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
      ALondonLad says: Salute to you my friend. Even managed to get me to the theatre, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I should be paying you for sure ;) But yeah much love for spending time with me and there’s socks coming in the post, anytime you want them, just cause you are cool :) x
      Name: GEOFF
      Age: 41
      Dated: Jun/25/2022 23:17:48
      Date meeting took place: Jun/17/2022
      His pictures and profile fail to capture just how unbelievably cute and sexy he is but if you're looking for a cool, polite, sexy, handsome and cheeky young man to worship and spend time with, you can do no better than Bart.

      Spent two hours with him at my hotel last week and he's a tremendous amount of fun to pleasure and hang out with. He has a cool, laid back, sexy attitude, a big uncut cock that tasted incredibly good and a hairy bum that was very response to my lips and tongue.

      Per my request, as a pervy sub foot worshiper, he showed up in a pair of well worn socks and they smelled and tasted deliciously good.

      Two hours were really not enough. Next time, I'd love to spend a full day or more getting to know him and his body. He's straight so he's particularly keen on sessions involving female partners as well. I think it would be well worth any additional costs to see this sexy young stud pound some premium young pussy.

      Anyway, I'm sitting in my bedroom on the continent still daydreaming about his big feet in my face. And I very much look forward to the next time we're able to meet.

      So, yes, the Bart Experience is highly recommended. One of the best sessions with a cool/call boy I've ever had. :)

      Name: DAVID
      Age: 70
      Dated: Nov/14/2021 21:10:53
      Date meeting took place: Nov/01/2021
      I have met with Bart several times now and can’t wait to see him again. He is an extremely good looking, very sexy guy with a beautiful body and a very big cock and, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s a REALLY nice guy as well! Bart is always cheerful and puts you at ease immediately. He travels a long way to meet with me, never watches the clock and is very generous with his time during our meetings. Bart is happy to have me take his clothes off and explore his amazing body which makes me VERY happy. During the summer he arrived one day in shorts and a T-shirt, no underwear. I had him naked in seconds and then the fun began. If you’ve not spent time with Bart, then do yourself a favour and book a couple of hours in the company of this sexy, handsome and lovely young man.
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