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Im on break I’ll be back soon

Jack, 22yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
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Tell us about you...

Staying in London Edgware from 28th June till 2nd of July
Able to accommodate get in touch if you are interested.
I am very genuine and very open minded.
Down to earth and love to get to know new people.
Please contact me through Whatsap or message me. Or simply just give me a call.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
The best way how to contact me is by whatsapping me or giving me a call on my number
If you wish to meet me, give a call or send me WhatsApp message.
Thank you :)


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 5in / 167cm
116.8lbs / 53kg
23.6in / 60cm
Penis size:
6.7in / 17cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 7 / EU: 41
Eye colour:
dark brown
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Depends on person
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What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Edgware london

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£200 an hr
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contact me and we can sort out our meeting

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Because I'm nice and a genuine person


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Give and receive
Give and receive
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Give and receive
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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Sportwear , Latex , School uniform , Army

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      Reviews for Jack age 22

      Call him now on +447434582247
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 46
      Dated: Jul/02/2021 17:38:26
      Date meeting took place: Jul/02/2021
      Contacted by text, he said he was staying in a hotel in Edgeware, drove 57 miles to get there, arrived about 30 minutes before meeting time, traffic was really bad and drove around for ages trying to park, everywhere signs said permit holders only, finally found somewhere at which put he called, i was 15 mins late, I walked to hotel which took another 15 mins, he rang and said come in and another older man would meet me, the door was locked, he then rang again and had a rant so I left without meeting, waste of time and money,
      Jack says: You are seriously STUPID there’s no other words for me to describe you ! And no I’m not sorry for calling you STUPID because you are definitely STUPID !
      First of all ! U was late 40 mins !
      I wish I could post screenshots of the messages here
      So I could show how STUPID you are .
      Anyways 40 mins late !
      I had other clients booked waiting, I couldn’t meer you after 40 mins late for one hr booking when I got other clients waiting to meet me.
      Then I told you that I can’t stand arrogant and ignorant people you didn’t even apologise that you was late !
      Not even a Simply sorry !
      Hello ? Manners cost noting ?
      It’s not my fault you was late and u couldn’t find parking because outside the hotel was a lot of parking spots left
      But paying £2.50 an hr it’s omg way too expensive for you, so u went out to town looking for parking knowing you are already late
      I seriously don’t understand why a lot of you think that all I do is sitting on my phone 24/7 i and waiting just for you and literally I don’t see anyone else but YOU !
      So I can wait all day to see u
      And then u expect me to cancel other clients !
      If u make an appointment at dentist at 2pm
      U can’t arrive there 40 mins late and blame the dentist !
      Like I’ve told u u didn’t even apologise for being late at all
      Typical arrogant ignorant who thinks the world owns you something and you need special treatment
      And I’m not sorry for calling you 100s of times stupid because you are stupid in fact very stupid
      And I’m very glad I didn’t meet you
      Because you are very rude very arrogant and u think you deserve to be treated with a special treatment
      Treat others like u want to be treated okay ? It’s easy and it’s for freee
      Break a leg daddy ! Like they say bye ❤️
      Name: JON
      Age: 55
      Dated: Aug/04/2019 13:14:53
      Date meeting took place: Aug/04/2019
      I had planned to see exotic Josef, a 20 year old twink, with 23 year old Malaysian twink as a threesome in London but unfortunately this did not work out mainly as I could not be in the right place at the right time.
      I took the train to Wolverhampton and then a local taxi (c£5) to Josef’s very pleasant, clean and modern apartment about seven minutes from Wolves railway station. This is an affluent and ‘safe feeling’ part of the city and there is parking should you be minded to drive.
      Josef let me in and I deposited his gift on the bed side table. Josef is a very young looking twink in his very early 20s, he is a truly exotic mix of Eastern European and African and is about five five in height but with a disproportionately large cock at about seven plus inches and glorious thickness. Josef, was freshly showered, shaven and his breath was sweet with no hint of smoking. He particularly loves role play especially if he is playing an underage boy.
      Josef approached me and soon we were snogging like teenagers and rolling on his double bed. We stripped each other as he took on the the naughty teenager role and me the dominate daddy. His touch is so delicate and his caresses sent shivers of pure delight through my skin and muscles and when he kisses your body you die with pleasure. Soon he was administering a fantastic BBJ that almost had me depositing a week plus worth of spunk in his mouth. During the series of texts that arranged the meeting and a couple of calls he had told me that he would only be bottom for me and that he only tops relatively few guys however he had assessed my bottom as being pert and fuckable and having rimmed me expertly he announced he was going to fuck me. He also wanted to BB me but on this occasion I declined although I will in future. He rubbered up an gave me a good seeing to before I returned the favour. He then disappeared saying he had a surprise for me, I was half worried that a couple of thugs might appear and work me over before taking he to a cash point but I needn’t have worried and he reappeared wearing some gear that really got me going. I’m sworn to secrecy but how he guessed my secret passion, when I had not given any indication, I do not know. All I can say is that it was a fantastic surprise and I immediately had him doggy over his dressing table. All too soon we both discharged our pent up ball contents over each other and I was awaiting a cab to take me back to the railway station.
      I will be seeing this pervert again, he looks and tastes divine. A threesome with the other twink is planned and it will be a raw full on session I am sure. His ‘onlyfans site‘ https://onlyfans.com/jojosmejo has me hooked and I frequently jerk off to his latest, almost daily offing.
      I discovered a superb locals, traditional black country pub that is regarded as one of the best in the UK near the station. The Great Western www.holdensgreatwesternwolverhampton.co.uk serves ‘grey peas’ which sound awful but I am assured by a friend from Dudley are a delicacy. I did enjoy a lovely pint, perfectly presented, of Holden’s best bitter.
      Name: TIM
      Age: 53
      Dated: Apr/27/2019 09:17:20
      Date meeting took place: Apr/27/2019
      My preference is to find a good escort to meet regularly. Since the guy I used to meet retired i have been looking for someone new without success.

      I first met Josef a few weeks ago. We made the arrangements via email then he suggested we talk on the phone before meeting. We chatted generally and also discussed what I like in the bedroom. When we met Josef was very relaxed and charming. He is even better looking than his photos. He is cute and intelligent, conversation can be both serious and funny. In bed he is hot, always seemed to know what to do and when to do it to satisfy my desires. A previous review mentioned Josef's sucking skills and that he is a power bottom, 100% correct.

      We met again a couple of weeks later and my impressions of Josef from our first meeting were confirmed. He is a sweet, thoughtful, caring and very sexy guy. I can't get the picture of his beautiful eyes and that cheeky smile out of my head. Looks like my search is over and hopefully i will be meeting Josef many times in the future.

      Jack says: Thank you Tim for meeting me, I also enjoyed being in your company,having a good laugh and everyting else.
      Thanks for being so generous and kind and a good photographer as well.
      Hope to see u soon :)
      Thanks again a lot
      Name: NICK
      Age: 56
      Dated: May/26/2018 10:04:50
      Date meeting took place: May/26/2018
      Last autumn, we made arrangements for our evening meeting easily, and I was invited up to Josef’s flat. What a good looking young man, and very confident in himself. After initially getting to know each other, we moved to the bedroom. Although Josef topped me for a short while, we stopped to change round and after less than five minutes he asked me to stop as he was hurting as he had had an upset stomach and diarrhoea for the past few days. Talk about a turn off! So, we cuddled and kissed some more and although he brought me off, he needed to be watching some porn on his phone to get himself to come – maybe that says more about me than him; I’m not sure. I left somewhat dissatisfied from my (not inexpensive) experience, but I’m sure he’s a really nice person when he’s well. Pity he didn’t say he wasn’t in 100% condition beforehand.

      Jack says: Hello nick I don’t even know how I can respond to that,
      I have told you I wasn’t feeling very well.
      You didn’t mind that. You still wanted meet me.
      You asked me to be a top
      My cock wasn’t very hard because I WASNT FEELING WEEL.
      I’ve told u I’ve had stomach problems,and u I wanted me to preform like a PROPER PORN STAR !
      Well I’m not kinda person who acts and pretends.
      You wanted me to CUM (I still wasn’t feeling well)
      So the only option me to cum was by watching porn on my mobile. If I was feeling well probably I would cum normally.
      I feel really embarrassed writting this,because I don’t want to sounds drama or being disrespectful.
      But over all I always think back in my head.
      If you have nothing nice to say
      Why you even bother to put me down by writing my a review and saying I have put u off because I wasn’t PREFORMING as you was EXPECTING!
      Before I meet with my clients I always make sure I discuss over the phone what are they into what gives them pleasure.
      And over the phone I always discuss what we will be doing and how it will go.
      So I don’t honestly understand what you was expecting
      Because I am not a mind reader
      I gladly would love to be.
      But I’m not.
      I am sorry you have had a bad experience meeting me,
      But also I would like u to understand me at the same time.
      And think about it how all went.
      I did try to give u the best time, and I always make sure my clients leave happy.
      I did ask u several times if you’re enjoying,
      If you’re ok and if it’s how you want it to be.
      Well you should have said no u don’t like it at all and you’re not enjoying.
      I take criticism as well
      But I will not accept disrespectful people.
      Have a nice day
      Name: SEB
      Age: 35
      Dated: Mar/18/2018 18:55:44
      Date meeting took place: Mar/18/2018
      Met Jozef for the second time and our meets get better and better
      I highly recommend Jozef
      He’s such a beautiful person
      Jack says: Thank you x
      Name: ....
      Age: 40
      Dated: Mar/10/2018 04:56:53
      Date meeting took place: Mar/10/2018
      absolutely stunning good looking guy.
      Good sucking skills, and amazing power bottom.
      Definitely worth the meeting and will meet soon again
      Jack says: Hi thanks for reviewing my profile appreciate it.
      And thank you for a lovely meeting
      Name: SEB
      Age: 35
      Dated: Mar/03/2018 04:13:12
      Date meeting took place: Mar/03/2018
      Ive met Jozef 2 weeks ago
      And it was the best experience.
      I never been so pleased to meet with such a nice genuine and beautiful person from the inside and the outside.
      He’s so intelligent person and also very mature for his age.
      He knows how to please a man in the bed,
      And how to take care of everything.
      It was like magic there I’m not trying to be funny or weird
      But this meeting affected my thinking and I just can’t srop think about him.
      I recommend him for 100%
      See you soon Jozef x
      Jack says: Aw thank you for lovely review
      I appreciate your words and I’m glad We have met.
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 38
      Dated: May/31/2017 23:24:35
      Date meeting took place: May/31/2017
      I've met Jozef quite a few times now. I booked him for an overnight to start with and from the moment we met i was glad I chose such a genuinely nice person. He is impossible not to like as he is such an easy going person. He has wonderful dark eyes and a great smile which together with his slim smooth body makes him perfect. He made me feel totally at ease and seemed to know what I liked doing which was great. We've met quite a few times now and it just gets better and better. The sex is amazing and I never leave dissatisfied. I only wish I could meet him more often.100% recommended. Thank you Jozef, our meets are always perfect xx
      Jack says: It was pleasure to meeting you I enjoyed too
      Thank you for meeting me :)
      Name: BILL
      Age: 53
      Dated: Apr/29/2017 14:46:34
      Date meeting took place: Apr/29/2017
      I met Jozef a couple of days ago having phoned him at the last minute. He came promptly and was charm personified. He is one sexy young man, well-equipped and supple. We had a great 3-hour romp together and parted good friends. I recommend Jozef for a fun and satisfying time.
      Jack says: Thank you so much I enjoyed, it was really nice time with you
      Shame it went too quick
      Thank you :)
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