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English Grant, 23yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
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I have had the covid vaccine, I get checked every month and am on prep.

Please read my reviews as they show who I am.

My name is Grant, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in England.

I am a public school boy . At the moment I am studying in London. I am intelligent, very cultured with impeccable manners and etiquette. I can easily fit into any social situation. I am also very discreet and professional.

I love sports, having played hockey, cricket and rugby etc at school. Physically I am very fit and go to the gym four times a week. That keeps my body very toned and tight!! I have naturally blonde curly hair with bright blue eyes and fair skin.

Sexually I am versatile and I enjoy both roles equally. I also love kissing and creating intimacy with my clients. So we both enjoy our time together.

If you are new to this I can put you at ease and help you relax. There is no pressure. I offer the perfect boyfriend experience. You will always feel totally relaxed and enjoy the time you spend with me.

I do in calls and outcalls. I am also the perfect companion for dinners or weekends away etc.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Grant xx



Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 183cm
160.9lbs / 73kg
28in / 71cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
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Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
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High class English escort.
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Gay Escort English Grant 23yr - massage
Escort English Grant 22yr - massage
Gay Escort English Grant 23yr - massage
Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 23yr - massage
Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - sucking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - massage
Escort English Grant 22yr - massage
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - massage
Gay Escort Grant 22yr - sucking
Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort English Grant 22yr - licking
Gay Escort Grant 22yr - licking
Escort English Grant 22yr - licking


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      Reviews for English Grant age 23

      Call him now on +447542287551
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: GRAHAM
      Age: 57
      Dated: Aug/27/2021 12:21:03
      Date meeting took place: Aug/26/2021
      This was my second visit to Grant and I was again impressed with his charm and easygoing manner. Any feelings of nervousness are instantly dismissed.
      Physically? Oh boy, he is gorgeous! A genuine Adonis! A perfect physique and a willingness to share it generously. I cannot get over the fact that I am able to share a bed with someone who would normally be just the stuff of dreams. The bargain of the century. Thanks Grant.
      Name: JAY
      Age: 42
      Dated: Feb/05/2021 23:01:06
      Date meeting took place: Feb/05/2021
      Grant is a fine example of what an escort should be, in a different league altogether - a perfect representative of this industry. Not only is he truly beautiful with an amazing body, he surpasses his what his pictures depict.

      I was apprehensive about meeting him mainly because I was intimidated by his beauty and concerned about ego and attitude; but I can attest to his treatment of me as a human, and his genuine passion. His abilities in the bedroom are amazing and I highly recommend him. He maybe more expensive than others, but he worth every penny and more! He didn’t clock watch and we had great conversation and chemistry. I really hope to meet him again (and again!)
      Name: MIKE
      Age: 52
      Dated: Nov/30/2020 17:14:36
      Date meeting took place: Nov/30/2020
      Grant is a totally amazing young man. Kind, polite and welcoming. The booking experience and directions to his home were seamless. On arrival he was caring and sensitive. His body is totally amazing. He clearly works out vigorously. His pecs are simply beautiful and so nice to caress. Grant allowed me to enjoy his body in all its glory. I’m a big fan of rimming and boy, is his hole a good one for eating. He offered it up to me whenever I wanted it. He kisses gently and passionately and his mouth did work on my cock which was mind blowing. Finally, I haven’t enjoyed a fuck so much for a long time. Grant on his back with his legs over my shoulders, staring into his beautiful blue eyes was beyond heaven. Grant is clearly well educated and a pleasure to talk to. I didn't feel rushed and neither was I treated like a client. I thoroughly recommend this handsome and beautiful person. Treat him with kindness and respect. He deserves it!
      Name: PETER
      Age: 56
      Dated: Sep/30/2020 17:40:36
      Date meeting took place: Sep/19/2020
      Where do I begin? Firstly I must admit to being somewhat nervous of meeting such a hot guy. On meeting those nerves instantly dissolved-he's friendly, chatty, outgoing & intelligent with the most engaging smile & he put me at my ease instantly. It wasn't long before he moved in for a kiss & the sparks began. He's an excellent passionate kisser & that hot body ,which he shares so generously, is just as gorgeous as his pics show. Nothing was too much trouble & his compete focus was to make sure his client had the best time & in that he delivered in spades.
      Grant is totally versatile & well hung & he knows exactly what he's doing with the many beautiful assets nature has bestowed on him & which he gloriously bestowed on me for a stunning afternoon!
      There was no awkwardness at any time & any periods of calm between long episodes of passion were filled with good humoured banter.
      What was so important was that he made me feel good about myself & that is very special.
      Guys it doesn't get any better than this & I can't wait to get together with this amazing guy again.
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 42
      Dated: Nov/28/2019 22:53:19
      Date meeting took place: Nov/28/2019
      I met Grant through his profile here and was quite apprehensive after arranging the meet, when I arrived at grants home he instantly made me feel welcomed banishing any previous apprehension.
      Not only is he welcoming warm and knows what he’s doing hygiene I felt was beyond my expectations. Grant was unhurried hitting every spot, he was sensual when required, very submissive when required and made me like I was the most important person to him.
      Grant has the knack of giving you the best experience you could ever imagine, one of if not the best escort online.
      But don’t just take my word for it, try him for yourself he’s definitely worth it, keep up the good work grant xx
      Name: MARK
      Age: 52
      Dated: Nov/12/2019 14:11:49
      Date meeting took place: Nov/09/2019
      Grant was even sexier in person. Very relaxed guy, quick to respond and great in bed. Totally worth it!!

      Name: NICK
      Age: 49
      Dated: Sep/23/2019 15:27:08
      Date meeting took place: Sep/23/2019
      I have met Grant on 2 seperate occasions, the firstbhe accopanyied me to the theatre & then spent the night with me in my hotel. There are no words that do this young man justice, he is stunningly beautiful, an amazing body & as I am a bum man, the most perfect peach of an ass. Sexually I have never been more satisfied,, he can sense what you want & delivers more than you need.
      We kept in touch As I wanted to experience it all again, so after a couple of months I went down to visit him in his very nice apt in a respectable area of London. We had the most passionate sex imaginable in which we both came heavily!. We then went for lunch which was just a great time & he got me so hot for him, I paid an extra hour to fuck him again!!. THE BEST XX
      I've found a friend & someone I will visit at every opportunity. Take care my friend & I will never look st another Escort believe me x
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 58
      Dated: Mar/02/2019 13:22:18
      Date meeting took place: Mar/02/2019
      I have met many escorts over the years. Some are OK others are not great at all. Grant is in a different league. He is stunning just like his pictures, intelligent and charming. We met at my hotel in bank and spent the night together. It was incredible from the conversation to the sex. In fact the best sex I have ever had!
      Name: CHRIS
      Age: 39
      Dated: Oct/18/2018 22:17:25
      Date meeting took place: Oct/18/2018
      If you find his pics hot wait till you see him in the flesh wow. Sexually he sure knows what he is doing and he is a great kisser. I loved the intimacy don't usually get that with escorts he made me feel like i was his boyfriend. An added bonus is the fact he knows how to hold a good conversation and doesn't clock watch. Just a nice relaxed enjoyable time. Will be seeing you soon. x
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