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Name: James
Age: 29
Dated: Oct/09/2018 00:44:59
I believe that what you see is what u get. in my situation im fascinated about something or someone which I see on the pic how good looking how descent they are. thats the reason why we are eager to contact them and book an appointment.. unfortunately the pics are not updated or up to date. he looks way different in person not sure which year are these pictures but he doesn't look like him.. its double the size of the one on the picture..

lets proceed to the service.. as he mentioned he prioritise the service and makes sure that the clients are satisfied about the service..

First of - massage I don't know which or what type of massage he does but doesn't look like he knows what he does. after 5 mins massage he asked me to massage him and I told him I don't know how to do a massage and still asked me to do it.. ok I did it..

2nd of - not sure if he knows customer service - during the massage I was told to stand up and get the tissue I was told to get the pouch where he puts his toiletries. I mean like am I doing the service and will get paid at the end? LOL.

3rd of all my honest review about the service.. note im not against him or something. im Jung giving my honest opinion and what I feel if its worth it or not.. I felt like its just about money and no service.. I will never do or get a service from him. pictures aren't recent or close to the one whom you are going to meet.. pay for someone who will make u happy and lets you enjoy the service..

anyway I think he's a nice guy but it just didn't work for me..
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