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Dan, 36yrs
Cheltenham, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Tell us about you...

Hello all and welcome to my profile.

Please read until the end to get a full idea of what is on offer. Thank you.

I surpass conventional discretion. What happens behind closed doors at my place, stays tightly behind closed doors. Your discretion is taken very seriously.

I have been an independent escort on and off for 3-4 years and it has become something I intensely enjoy, and take pride in. You'll find me polite, punctual, compassionate, & warm-hearted. I am Down-To-Earth, & NOT "Out to Impress" (in a phony way). Rare in this line of work.

a total top. We can do anything you require sexually. Expert with inexperienced (panicky at times) married men, 1st timers, and ‘Virgin-Bottom-Guys’. I promise you, you will feel more than relaxed and exhausted by the time you leave, my patience is exemplary. Clients keep returning so I must be doing something right!

Please do not be shy or timid - Let me know EXACTLY what is required sexually. Advise a date/time/your age, the older the better with me ;-) . I have always loved the company of older men both naked and clothed! - I like to build a picture of how to make you feel content and ensure I get it right. I ensure 100% duty of care over my clients from start to finish. It is essential to me to make sure you have the best time whilst here and not just sexually. Also please tell me what you don’t want, I always feel that is very important prior to arriving at my place.

Happy to meet the following -
*Married *Older *Retired *Professionals *Gay *Polite *Respectable *Switched-On Clients *Clean
*Nice-Normal *Hard-Working *Blokey-Blokes *Kind *Gentle *Generous Men, who DEMAND 100% Privacy and Anonymity *All races *Disabled *Bisexual *Trans

I see a lot of married clients whose wives are disagreeable & Extremely challenging. (My heart goes out to these husbands as they are more than often trapped. I offer a safe sanctuary for male sexual intimacy. I also offer a kindly ear to share your anxieties with and often find myself taking onboard your issues. It is good to talk I feel!

I accommodate clients at my lovely three-story townhouse in the center of Cheltenham. Let me be your ——naughty secret—— There is parking 2 mins from my house in a secure car park. I like to think we can discuss this before you arrive but depending on what you are looking for... I offer cooked meals, to watching a film, a glass of wine and a relax with a few cheeky delicious blowjobs, to just having a darn good naked time upstairs in the bedrooms or bending you over on the couch downstairs, again whatever feels right for you. I love shower sex ie me pushing you up against the floor wall and pulling your hips out, making your bum point out and upwards, and slowly fucking you mmmmmmm getting me hard just typing that sentence. I suppose what I am getting at is 'YOU and I' tailor-make what you would like doing, YOUR-HOME-FROM-HOME type of feel.
No, not a “terrifying High-Rise Flat”, yes I hear the horror stories from clients….Do not worry, I’m not an uncultured “Rent-Boy-Type” with a grotty mattress in the Tower-Block/security cameras at every turn/ nowhere to park/ and your nerves torn to shreds! At the end of the day, you have come for a relaxing sexual experience.

I have a very natural appearance, not on steroids. I will take care of you and give you a First-Class, premium service from start to finish. You are paying for a service, therefore it is up to ME to achieve my target & tailor the sexual service for your needs. This is YOUR TIME to have a sexual voyage that you have wished to experience intimately with another man. You may have waited years. I am fully aware of that and understand how challenging, and nerve-wracking it can be, especially when the moment arrives and you are walking to my front door. So of my clients have waited 40+ years …..it is never too late.

I have lots of clients saying they have read my profile 40+ times, for months before getting the courage to phone…….there is nothing to be afraid of here that’s for sure. Why be afraid? I am only human…..and a nice one too. I always read texts thoroughly, listen to what you have to require, to then create and achieve an unforgettable encounter. You will not believe how many genuine friends I have made through escorting. Above all don’t be fearful - “Life is too Short”

not the good-looking clients I favor most. I am not that shallow. It’s clients who make me laugh and are just down-to-earth and normal, that’s what I look forward to seeing on a regular basis. So please just be yourself. Age, looks, race, and disability are of NO consequence. It makes me sad when clients say: “I’m overweight, does that matter?” —Of course it does not matter, haha in fact I like it ;-) . I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Be nice be yourself.

You will not have to tolerate any “Head-Banging-Heavy-Metal-Rock-Music” at mine. I DO NOT PLAY IT. I will check with you and see what type of music you are into or I have a really nice playlist to background music throughout the house. It's pure tranquility, just you and me and a big bottle of massage oil or lube ;-0

As long as you are ✧✧VERY CLEAN✧✧, Have Good Manners, you are polite & treat me with dignity and decorum, & You Like Cock, & You LOVE PASSION, We Will DEFINITELY Make A Good Combination.. I keep hearing from my clients that their escorts DO NOT cum? I don't know why that is? I **DO** cum.. I DO ejaculate my spunk for you!! (I am NOT a greedy escort who HOLDS-IT-BACK in readiness "for-the-next-client", that is NOT ME!! That's NOT my style! If you want my spunk -- THEN IT'S ALL YOURS!!! (And if you're a GOOD passionate kisser - then 2 or 3 loads!!)

"Hmmmm, What do I do next Dan? How does all of this escort malarky work?? I'm apprehensive & mega-scared... I want to meet you so badly, but I'm just too anxious.... What about my wife??..."

First of all, PLEASE don't be concerned, distressed or anxious. You're not scared when you attend the barbers - so why would you be afraid of me - I am only another Service Provider. The initial task is to Text /WhatsApp me, (I prefer WhatsApp). Tell me in detail exactly what you require sexually & intimately; how much time you wish to book with me; & how I can "GET IT RIGHT" for you! Don't leave out details please. TELL ME what is happening, so on-the-day I know what I am supposed to be doing. **DO NOT** forget to advise me ✧WHERE YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM✧ so I can gauge what time you'll arrive. I don't mind if you're late, so don't stress. Your safety is more important... If I am to be fucking you, please douche, & be clean, but DON'T over-think so it ruins our experience. I get SO many clients saying "I'm SO worried about not being clean enough!".... I always say: "Hey, Just do your best"...

✅ PLEASE NOTE: It is *NOT ESSENTIAL* that I fuck you on our first meet. A lot of my clients dislike it, & want other sexual fantasies. DO NOT feel pressurised into doing something you are scared of, or are in any way apprehensive about. I get many clients who tell me to STOP when I am halfway inside. Its cool, its NOTHING to be ashamed of. I am used to it guys! (We can always just try Tantric to begin with?) Or I can fuck your mouth! (The record so far is 70 mins for DEEP-THROATING!! )... I am highly sexed, so I've NEVER had a problem MAINTAINING an Erection.

Looking forward to chatting and if all goes well meeting you soon.


Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 185cm
187.4lbs / 85kg
33.5in / 85cm
Penis size:
9.1in / 23cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
British - English Chap
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About Me

The type of guys i like are?
Genuinely nice folk who want to explore a sexual idea. ROLE-PLAY [e.g...... -- DADDY/SON -- AMAZON-DELIVERY-GUY & CUSTOMER --- BOSS/EMPLOYEE -- SIR/SUB -- DOCTOR/PATIENT -- BROTHERS -- UNCLE/NEPHEW -- TEACHER/STUDENT -- FATHER/SISSY-BABY / PRIEST/SINNER / YOU AS TV with ME AS WHOEVER YOU WISH ME TO BE!! [... Or Lets Switch: *YOU* can even be MY WHORE!!! etc. etc...]
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
men or woman
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
What other languages apart from English do you speak?
a little French
Nearest Station:
Cheltenham Spa


1 Hour:
2 Hours:
Additional info:
Sincere greetings, & a warm welcome to my diverse profile. My name is Dan, (34). *UN-CUT* very Sanitary, Healthy, Sane, Fit, Clean & POLITE. Down-To-Earth. EXTREMELY WELL-ESTABLISHED & POPULAR GAY ESCORT in the Cotswolds - 5-Star-Reviews.
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

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I am Available at these times...

Most times as long as we plan in advance.

Why someone should choose you

I go above and beyond to make sure my clients enjoy their time with me and the experience.

I am a "People Person" (as well as enjoying Sex & Love immensely), therefore I always try to get to know my clients on a personal, intimate & human basis, many becoming very good friends who keep in touch with on the phone, if required. I also limit my dates to only 1 Job Per Day. Max of approx 3-4 per week. HOW can I give quality otherwise? And I need to GUARANTEE you a ROCK HARD COCK! Otherwise, what is the point? When I meet someone it is an exciting date (FOR ME TOO)!! I enjoy listening to you. I enjoy hearing about your life, your troubles, your challenges, your partner/wife/children/dogs/cats &/or anything else that might be troubling you or worrying you? Also, as per above (on my bullet-points section) I PREFER clients who are SPECIFIC about what they want sexually (as I'm not a mind-reader you see). I am just a normal guy, I have No Tattoo's, No body piercing's anywhere, Clean Shaven sometimes some stubble, & Natural Appearance; not some Muscle-Geek on steroids. MUCH MORE important to KEEP a GOOD-HARD PERMA-ERECTION! So **NO** steroids for me that'll damage my heart! (I prefer to run to keep fit & clock up healthy miles that way).


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Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Escort Dan 34yr - sauna
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Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Escort Dan 34yr - sucking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - licking
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - massage
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sauna
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - sportwear
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - shoes
Escort Dan 34yr - massage
Escort Dan 34yr - masseur
Escort Dan 34yr - massage
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - massage
Escort Dan 34yr - masseur
Gay Escort Dan 34yr - massage
Escort Dan 34yr - masseur
Escort Dan 34yr - massage


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      Reviews for Dan age 36

      Call him now on +447838645282
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Age: 50
      Dated: Sep/24/2021 20:19:01
      Date meeting took place: Sep/24/2021
      Dan is the perfect gentleman. His photos don't do him justice... he really is more gorgeous in the flesh. I have met him many times now, and each time gets better and better. He put me at ease from the moment we met, always listens to what I want and delivers without fail. He has a magnificent cock, can get hard in seconds and stay hard for ages. Dan is very masculine, without being 'laddish'. His home is spotlessly clean and feels very comfortable and safe. Dan has never let me down. A real pleasure to meet.
      Dan says: Thank you Thomson for a very nice review. See you soon ?
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