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Ryan R, 27yrs
Manchester, UK - NorthWest

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
Will travel to:
Leeds, London, Liverpool, Wales, Scotland Gate, Ireland, Birmingham, Halifax, Sheffield, Carlisle, Stoke, Lakeside, York, Warrington, Stafford, Rochdale, Bolton, Salford, Bury, Blakeney, Blackburn, Wigan, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Peterborough, Nottingham, north west
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Ethnic Origin:
5ft 11in / 182cm
156.5lbs / 71kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
7.9in / 20cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8.5 / EU: 42.5
Eye colour:
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

The type of guys i like are?
I enjoy people of all shapes, sizes and races. As long as your respectful we will get on great. ⛔️Only request if you are STI clear⛔️ A good standard of body and oral hygiene is required to book me✅
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
any amount
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
men or woman
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Hyde Central

Duos Information

Do you do duos?:
Duo Partners Name:
Please request this via whatsapp
Duo Cost:
✅ My usual rate plus the others
Duo Partner Profile:
About Duo Service:
Please arrange a duo with another escort and then contact me. I do not arrange duos that is for the clients to arrange. I have an arrangement with another escort for a discounted duo session. Check my availability and book in with me. Then, go and choose another good escort to join us that can accommodate the time slot we have arranged.

I am Available at these times...

MON 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
TUES 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
WED 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
THURS 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
FRI 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
SAT 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣
SUN 1️⃣0️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ TIL 2️⃣ 3️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣

⚜️If on an overnight booking then I don't have a specified finish time. We finish when we finish or we go all night⚜️

You may request a time outside of my working hours however, a small deposit will be expected upon booking.

Why someone should choose you

Check out my client feedback on www.manchesterlads.com and find ryan-roberts. I have many regular clients who have written me excellent feedback. I'm sure after you have read through them coupled with my pics and reviews on here, you will be confident in your choice to book me.


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Give and receive
Hiv Status:
Give and receive
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Give and receive
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Give and receive
Cum eating:


Hotel dates:
Car dates:
Outdoor Sex:
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Sex in public:


Rough sex:
Give and receive
Electro shock:
Nipple Play:
Foot worship:
Give and receive


Trainers , Boots , Shoes

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Boyfriend experience
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None sexual company

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Covid vaccinated

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Reviews for Ryan R age 27

 Not Happy
 Very good
Name: G
Age: 43
Dated: Nov/01/2022 06:52:31
Date meeting took place: Oct/30/2022
Thank you for the weekend away.
Name: PAUL
Age: 64
Dated: Oct/29/2022 00:32:21
Date meeting took place: Oct/20/2022
What more can I add to all the 5-star reviews of this incredible guy. This was the third meet I have had with him. Last time was an overnight where he came to me in the West Midlands, and we did a bfe to a local restaurant, mmm v good bf, then had a local lad join us for an hour (but stayed over 2-hours).
This time he brought a lad with him from Manchester for a duo. Ryan knows how to make you feel important to him and includes you in all the play.
Love the guy and haven't even talked about any of his sexual attributes!!
Ryan R says: Haha. Thanks for this review. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as much as me. Yeah we have had some decent sessions together haven't we lol. I'll look forward to your next booking as I'm sure it will be just as good. Thanks for the invites. You know where i am if you want me ;)
Age: 44
Dated: Oct/26/2022 17:02:45
Date meeting took place: Oct/23/2022
So here's my review of Ryan Roberts. I have been visiting Ryan now for around 5 years and only ever planned to meet him for 2 hours at a time. I soon upped that to weekends. Now it seems I meet Ryan for more than 24 hours than I do for 2 hours.

I arrived at Ryan's apartment and was greeted by Ryan's cheeky smile wearing his signature medium sized underwear.... sorry large underpants due to his working out and muscular physique. Doesn't matter as they didn't stay on long. Ryan greeted me with an amazing kiss. Yummeee. Ryan headed upstairs while I began to unpack. Ryan's apartment is like my second home now as I have stopped that many times and he doesn't mind me wondering around making myself at home. This shows the trust he has in me and of course I, him. We then headed to his bedroom where I had requested a massage, which he did amazingly. We switched over and I gave him a sensual massage which I hope he enjoyed. After 1 hour of massages the door bell rang.....

In, entered a duo partner called Jamie. I booked Jamie to join me and Ryan. These guys are amazing together. I regularly visit Ryan as "my escort" but decided to book Jamie a few months back as a treat for Ryan's Birthday. I the decided to book Jamie for a threesome with me and Ryan.
Jamie arrived at Ryan's where he greeted us both with a big smile and in those beautiful underpants. I was determined to have an amazing threesome with this guy and Ryan, and my god was it.

As I said before, Ryan is amazing, but watching and partaking with Ryan and Jamie was beyond words. Jamie can hit spots that few others would be able to and boy did Ryan enjoy it! At one point I had to hold Ryan in place, whilst passionately kissing him while Jamie did what he does. Don't get me wrong having Ryan all to myself is the best but sharing him with someone he clearly likes spending time with and having the opportunity to be a part of it was beyond words. The session with Jamie continued with mutual participation and enjoyment.

Ryan on his own is hard to beat,
but Ryan and Jamie are the perfect treat.
(Did you like my Rhyme wanker)

We continued to have the most wonderful time for the whole hour. Jamie left and that's when the drinking began (I am such a lightweight as I didnt last long before I was gone). It was amazing talking to Ryan and enjoying each other all night.... eventually we went to sleep in his King size bed and my god is it comfy. Ryan's arms draped over me... well the best he could with his new tattoo.

Apologies for waking you up with a wank-up, poky-poky-up and stroky-stroky-up as well.

Alton Towers was amazing. The rides were great... we didn't have to queue as we upgraded to the fast-pass. Not to mention all of the scare mazes. I loved the fact that all through the day Ryan would slip his fingers in between mine as we walked through the park. The feeling of having this guy be interlocked with me put a huge smile on my face all day.

Great on ride photos and selfies throughout the park.

All you can eat Pizza, which is now our signature meal out and ice cream after ice cream after ice cream and then I munched on a snake.... not what you guys think.

We have now decided that Alton Towers is far superior to Blackpool, "our place". Ryan gave Alton Towers 4* to Blackpool Pleasure Beaches 2*.

After an amazing day we arriving back at Ryan's, we headed up to his apartment before we were intending to go to Ryan's favourite chippy for a portion on noodles. We forgot that it would be closed. With no hesitation Ryan cooked me a delicious pasta meal. Ryan says he can't cook but he has cooked for me on several occasions and every time its been amazing, delicious food. Please don't say you can't cook, because u can.

I woke Ryan up with a morning surprise. There was no rushing me out the door, Ryan doesn't clock watch. Ryan was the perfect companion and I love this guy to bits for who he is. I book him to spend time with him, his company is amazing which I will continue to do as often as I can. We have already booked in my birthday!!!!!

Ryan, I will never leave you or take you for granted. I will continue to treat you like a prince as he deserves nothing less.

We are now planning:
Thorpe park, Chessington and London eye weekend away,
All inclusive holiday abroad to Tenerife,
and the big one FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!

I am so looking forwards to my birthday trip I have planned a trip to the basement in Manchester, Water world and hopefully a trip to your gym where we can snuggle up in the jacuzzi.

Thank you for keeping my faith in humanity.

So in summary... book him. He is amazing.

Love u mate


p.s. If you need help with your World Jigsaw wall art, give me a shout.

p.p.s. You know you are more than welcome to come to my new house, climb the drainpipe and let yourself in through the window anytime you like, ill give you the key to the window next time!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Ryan R says: Thanks again for this review Rich :)
Name: CHAD
Age: 44
Dated: Oct/25/2022 21:26:37
Date meeting took place: Oct/23/2022
Great night with Ryan and Jamie having a duo and an awesome day at Alton Towers, having a great day out.

Visit this guy if you want an awesome time. He is well worth it.


Ryan R says: Agreed! mint sesh and great trip to the park.Thanks for the review bro x
Age: 43
Dated: Oct/25/2022 20:10:13
Date meeting took place: Oct/21/2022

Ryan is the epitome of a gent. Kind, genuine and professional at all times. In a nutshell, he creates an air of intensity only spending time with him will assist you in appreciating.

His exceptionally warm and humble personality will make you feel at ease creating a safe, intense and yet relaxing experience.

If you are fortunate enough to see Ryan frequently, the level of trust and confidence he will give you can only be demonstrated by the fact he has a key to my home.

I’m thrilled about our already booked adventures for 2023. Over this weekend, let’s book our 2024 adventures too.

Looking forward to Friday.
Ryan R says: Thank you for this review. Apparently my humbleness is my best quality! I'm really glad you feel comfortable with me as I do you. SO EXCITED ABOUT 2023! Proper can't wait. Yeah lets do that. This weekend should be top, i really hope this night we are going to is good. It looks good so fingers crossed. If not there's plenty of other stuff we are doing. See you Friday.
Oh and i have a confession. I've bought my bed as I was in too much of a rush for it to be delivered. Don't worry I'll think of some other things you can whack on your amex lol. I was far too stressed today sorting the house out to make it to the gym so the pump session on sat morning is a must! See you Friday Brother! x
Age: 43
Dated: Oct/22/2022 07:16:17
Date meeting took place: Oct/15/2022
Reading Ryan’s reviews, you could convince yourself that there is a catch.  You'd be sorely mistaken.
After reserving some time with Ryan, you will discover there is no catch but only his engaging personality, charm, lack of pretence and absolute genuine interest in you; Ryan will not disappoint. 
Ryan is equally at home chilling on the sofa (beating you at computer games), watching a movie, going to the theatre, dancing his head off at a festival (or in your living room not minding you treading on his toes), going for a walk in the park, playing sports, or relaxing on a luxury holiday exploring the sights and sounds sharing the wonderful experience with you. You don’t have to do the latter, but if you can afford to … why not.
He is genuinely a lovely guy, even if he did kick my bum up and down the squash court the other day. I swear you're practicing somewhere Roberts! Mark my words, that winning streak will not last, and I’m going to just say 1 word: karting :D
To those that can: do yourself an enormous favour and book an hour (at least!) with this bodacious young man.  

He has rebuilt my confidence and provided enormous encouragement for my body transformation (from 32” waist I’m now a 26” waist, down to 6% body fat, visible abs, pecs & lats and now a faint V line) and I’m now in the best shape I’ve been in since I was 30! Thanks big guy for all the encouragement and support. Nearly at the goal, just a bit more to go.
Ryan, as always, thank you for being my companion, my friend and my adventure partner!
PS - you better cook something soon. You now have no excuses, Christmas week together you are cooking something.  Get practicing.
PPS – hang the map!
PPPS – going to kick you at stronghold.
PPPPS – that is all :D
Ryan R says: Funny you said this re the reviews as so many clients say they thought i must write reviews myself lol. Then when they meet me they realise why clients review me so often lol. Really enjoy all the activities we do and there's 1 activity i like most of all lol. I am absolutly mint at squash now. you battered me first time but i knew i would get good quick!
I'm glad ive inspired you with you gym routine and i can defo see vast improvements boyo!
I will practice with the cook book you bought me theres some great stuff in that book.
you will never beat me at stronghold! Sorry again for bowing out last night but i sent photo evidence of the destruction of my bed lol.

see you friday x
Age: 26
Dated: Oct/16/2022 23:10:00
Date meeting took place: Oct/14/2022
Boy of boy, what a guy.
The best a man, or woman can get.
This cheeky chappy has a great personality, a beautiful smile and stunning green eyes. He makes you believe you are the only guy for him. I love the way he says aĺ the right things at all the right times to make you feel like you are ĥís one and only.
I know Ryan is super busy and has many clients of all ages, shapes and cultures. Trying to find a booking with him gets harder as time goes on.
Myself and Ryan have an instant connection and we don't need lots of expensive trips or holidays to have an amazing time. We just need each other.
We have had a couple of amazing sessions where we have screamed with laughter and passion. Can't wait to book this gorgeous guy again. Until next time sunshine! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ryan R says: Thanks for all those discriptions of me, i wish i saw all this in myself like you do lol. Sorry it gets hard to book me but i do always make time for my regs somewhere lol.
its true im as happy in a travel lodge as i am in a 5 star resort. im such an easy date lol.
I know we have spoke since this review and it's sad that this weekend will be our final meeting but I understand and wish you all the best for your future in your new house ect.
We have our final booking tonight so hopefully you will enjoy it and have something to remember the time we spent together over these years.
see you tonight x
Age: 43
Dated: Oct/15/2022 11:13:03
Date meeting took place: Oct/14/2022
Just simply the best!

Ryan is an exceptional young man. He has a natural level of charm and passion, with an ability to make you feel at ease the second he walks through the door. His disarming smile and deep green eyes will have you transported to another blissful world within moments.

I won’t comment on what we do in private, as that would just be gratuitous. However, his strength and yet tenderness creates an air of calm, tranquility and relaxation coupled with passion and intensity which I only experience with him. I have never seen anyone else, and unlike others never will (whether with our without Ryan): when you have a fine wine, why dilute it with water.

His charm, interest and intellect always makes for an engaging time. Do not underestimate Ryan, he’s a highly intelligent, well read and cultured young man with a thirst to learn and, if you see him often, learn all about you.

His tough guy persona is beautifully contrasted by the truth of his kind hearted, good natured and gentle real him. He is a sweet gentle young man wrapped up in a powerful giant’s body.

He walks into my home using his key as casually as a family member and navigates round as though he’s in his own home.

As one reviewer well wrote, he is also my Sherpa in this adventure (bravo adjective that man!)

Ryan has boosted my confidence, self esteem and reignited my sense of adventure.

I am very privileged in that I have a job that permits Ryan and me to see each other as frequently as we both want without the need for second jobs (or a career on here), credit cards or scrimping.

I cannot wait for 2023! Our planned adventures include:

Theatre trips & adventure parks
5 star city breaks to Edinburgh, Amsterdam and London (twice)
5 star 7 day Mediterranean cruise with an outside cabin with balcony
5 star 7 day Caribbean holiday with a suite including a hot tub in the room & business class flights!

I desperately hope we can agree the 2024 allowance as soon as possible next year. We can then book our planned trips to Finland, Japan (for 14 days!) and the Maldives.

Ryan, thank you for being my companion, my friend and my adventure partner!

Here’s to Tom Bod by Christmas!
Ryan R says: Oh my word. This is funny and not funny at the same time. What is it with you two man!
Thanks for the kind words yet again. Really appreciate them you know I do. My cheeky charm comes from my love of what I do. Making people happy – I was just born to do it lol. Everyone loves my smile and eyes. I really should get some pics of me smiling lol. Actually, maybe not, I have to leave something to be a surprise don’t I. Ha highly intelligent, are you sure your writing about the right guy here lol.
I like wondering around your kitchen eating all the cheese and shortbread. Never run out!
I’m glad I’ve helped build your confidence!
Very much looking forward to 2023 get aways everything is so exciting I don’t know what I’m looking forward to more out of everything.
Enjoyed playing worms with you this weekend and teaching you how to play stronghold. Can’t wait to you grasp it so we can play 2 player. We didn’t get through orphan…. your fault ;) but watching the first two episodes of it’s a sin was good. Always make me cry that show. Poor fucking colin!
Well I shall see you on Friday for another perfect meal no doubt and all the cheese.
See ya Friday bro. speak soon x

PS. Thanks for my present today. I cant wait to refer to it to help me with my horrendous cooking skills.
Age: 44
Dated: Oct/11/2022 18:57:17
Date meeting took place: Oct/07/2022
Wow. Sex on his swing. Wow, Ryan is such a great guy to be around. He's everything u would want and more. Had a 2 hour meet with Ryan and it was magic, as it always is. Had to turn his proposal down though. Sorry Ryan I actually would love to spend the rest of my life with u but I can't move to Manchester.

Had sex in his swing. Nearly choked me twice... and love the fact you apologised for it, that deep throat spray daint work did it. But lived every moment of that gorgeous penis of yours hitting the back of my throat.

And then there was the sex. Loved you clenching on me as I thrust away. That delight on your face and cheeky little grin you give everything I wiggled from side to side.... my special move. ♥️

Alton Towers just a few days away now. Can't wait to meet with you and Jamie the night before. Spend two whole nights with you, scare mazes, Sex in the woods, dogging action you promised to take me too and of course our deep conversation as we drive to alton tower. Fast pass tickets ro all the rides, meaning no queues.

Disapointed me never got to your gym for that special session and the water world, that we didnt get to because of your hangover, where I still have the tickets.

Until next week's double sleep over my friend.

Richard Cunty H xxxx
Ryan R says: Well this is a humorous review which doesn't leave much to the imagination lol. Yeah I'm really sorry about that hangover day but I had had no sleep hardly for the 2 days i was with you. Then we got really drunk on second night and I just didn't have another day in me I was absolutely gone! You wrote me off.

Really looking forward to alton towers and all the rides ect. Not been there for years, think I was actually a teen when I last visited there so should be well good. Fast pass tickets will be mega though no waiting in those 7 years queues like BP. No drinking until night 2 though because we just won't make lol. You know what I'm like the day after drink....dead, zombie, needy fucker. You know its goign to be another dominoes shout lol. It's a bed day or nout lol. OJ see you next week bro! The deserano will be on ice. X

Name: ROB
Age: 42
Dated: Oct/11/2022 11:08:47
Date meeting took place: Oct/06/2022
Ryan is spectacular! He’s so kind, gentle, patient and great company. He can also be naughty, cheeky and very very enthusiastic ha ha. I always look forward to spending time with him and count down the days until I see him next. Thanks for being my Sherpa for this part of my life, you are one in a million! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks buddy xxx
Ryan R says: Cheers mate. Was great seeing you again. Glad to be a part of your continued adventures. Glad I live up to standard lol. Enjoy your time away and I'll see you in the new year for the overnight we discussed. Will be awesome! Safe travels! X

Age: 43
Dated: Oct/09/2022 10:19:51
Date meeting took place: Oct/09/2022
What an incredible man Ryan is. Attentive, funny, intelligent, charming, green eyes to get lost in and all wrapped together with a devilishly intense smile. If you don’t spend a night with him you are missing out, there is, in my opinion, no one better.
Thank you Ryan, for everything!
Ryan R says: What a night! I slept for a solid 12.5 hour the following day haha. Proper had a laugh thanks for having me round. X

Age: 44
Dated: Oct/04/2022 00:57:36
Date meeting took place: Oct/04/2022
What can I say that hasn't already been said by every other client of Ryan's leaving a review. Ryan is one of the sweetest most tender guys you will ever be lucky enough to meet. I've known Ryan for over 5 years now and we have had many amazing,ING adventures together, we've been to waterparks (and he looks outstanding in his trunks), theme parks, I am proud to say I was his first 24 hour stay at his apartment, his first real birthday, on his birthday celebration where I got to spend the whole of his birthday with him waking him up in my owns spe ial way and of course our many Blackpool visits, which will always be "our special place" his first tower visit in Blackpool not forgetting our walk down by the canal and in the bushes.... u know what I mean Ryan. His first terror maze... even though u pulled a girls hair out. Ryan is the only guy I have ever had sex with, he was the one who took my virginity and the only one who's ever had my sweet arse. It belongs to u.

I have even taken a role of sensual massage therapist on sleepyboy to help pay for my many visits I have booked with him (that just shows how important he is to me). Looking forwards to this Friday and of course our weekend being terrified at alton towers scare fest. The walk in the gardens and we know what we will be doing there don't we?

I would give this guy every thing I have and more. He will always be my wanker, even when we are not together.

We have had many intimate but personal heart to heart times together. Ryan knows things about me that I've never told anyone else and I know he has told me things too. We have complete trust in each other which is a testament to his character.

I fear I have become too close to Ryan over the past few months as I have booked him so many times because Ryan has this desirable, infection presence about him that makes you feel you are the only one who matters. This is a testament to his professionalism. I know I'm a client to Ryan but he always makes you feel like so much more and wish he can be yours forever.

Alas I know Ryan has many clients that he sees which is again a testament to his job, which he does incredibly well. His sex drive is through the roof and is quite capable of going all night.

One more review left to do mate and that's Alton Towers in a couple of weeks. Until Friday. 10000000000 stars to the perfect cheeky chappy. Xxxxx
Ryan R says: so kind of you to say all this bro really is. Make doing this all worth while. Yes, agreed, we have had many adventures and plenty of thrill rides haha. Yeah you've popped a few cherries sonshine lol. Yeah Blackpool does appear to be our go to place doesn't it. We should get a plaque in our honor lol. Haha re the bushes! Proper looking forward to scarefest its going to be mega init. Not been alton towers for about 100 years. Plans for some exhibitionism have you lol. gardens should be good then ha.I'll continue being your wanker if you agree to continue answering to CUNT? Will be good to read your summary review of alton towers bro and 1 more??? there'll be plenty more i'm sure. see you on Friday bro x

Age: 43
Dated: Oct/01/2022 08:28:33
Date meeting took place: Sep/30/2022
The best decision I’ve ever made!

What an incredible man Ryan is. A smile that can light the darkest of rooms, cultured and engaging, delicate yet strong, with piercing green eyes and the strongest arms that feel exceptional when wrapped round you.

Ryan is equally at home in an art gallery as he is at a dance music festival (can’t wait for it Superman!) with an ability to keep you engaged for days on end in stimulating, captivating and fun conversation.

I still become highly excited knowing he’s going to walk through the door. I trust him implicitly, so much so he has a key to my home which he freely uses.

An apology to everyone in advance, 2023 will be a challenging year to get time with him. There is not a week or weekend in 2023 where Ryan and I are not together for at least 3 hours or the entire day/weekend. 3 city breaks (Amsterdam and London) and two 5 star 7 day holidays booked together. I'm glad you have agreed the allowance in advance for this year. We are already planning 2024 holidays away with a list that will go on for years.

I say this not to brag, but to demonstrate to all that Ryan is such a wonderful and exceptional man, that I want to spend as much time with him as humanly possible.

Unlike others, I see no one else and never will. When you have the absolute best, why go elsewhere!

If I could, I’d give him all the stars (see what I did Ryan) and not just 5!

Can’t wait to see you Saturday Big Guy.
Ryan R says: So glad you made the decision all those months ago to choose me. After never meeting an escort before and never since I feel privileged. You do love a good wrap around don't you haha. the new position on the couch is quality. Yeah very much looking forward to the house rave, its going to be mega trust. The fun on pleasure beach before hand will be sick too. Lol to your apology to people....funny that. Yeah I honestly can't keep up with the itinerary for next year lol. so glad we have loads sorted out. Thanks man and really looking forward to Saturday. Be prepared to get absolutely smashed!!! (on the squash court i mean :)

speak soon bro x

Age: 44
Dated: Sep/24/2022 10:55:00
Date meeting took place: Sep/23/2022
What can I say that I havnt already said about this guy? I have been seeing Ryan now for around 5 years and he is the best thing that I have ever done. He is kind caring and loving. The whole session you book is about you and he never disappoints.

I decided to spice things up even further by asking another escort to join us as it seemed like the next step in my sexual journey. So I invited Max Sail to join us.

What I wanted was an intimate full works sexual experience from these guys. I wanted to know what it was like to not only have sex with Ryan but another guy. I wanted both of them inside me one after the other and i wanted to take turns in being inside them. I wanted kissing and hugging, I wanted everything to be about me!

That's what I got! These guys were so hot together but when they were servicing me with their huge penises, it was amazing. Couldnt have asked for more. 1 whole hour of pounding and being pounded was amazing.

I had time with Ryan before and after Max joined us and the cuddles he gives are sensational. He sucks like there is no tomorrow.

I wanted them to both cum inside me but, i settled for inside my mouth.

One of my favourite parts was both of us sucking Max at the same time and kissing each other around his hard penis.

Bring on Alton Towers. Plus I have seen some great bargains for long weekends away in Portugal if you are up for it my friends?

Its also worth saying Ryan is not all about the sex. I have been going through some mental health struggles recently and have been perhaps at my lowest in over 30 years of suffering. Added that I have slight autism, moving house, getting a new job and going through a lot of shit with another escort a few years back. I can honestly say he has been my escape, my saviour and a great friend over the past few months despite the fact I have been difficult.

You are amazing!

Till next time ,mate.
Ryan R says: cheers for that Richard. It was good having the 3 of us together and I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself. Really looking forward to Alton Towers . I'm sure it will be a mint day out. not long to wait now. Just hope we find an all you can eat pizza place lol. See you soon bro X.
Age: 43
Dated: Sep/12/2022 12:17:34
Date meeting took place: Sep/05/2022
I had promised Ryan I would not leave another review. Looks like I broke this promise. Sort of hoping he'll forgive me.

Ryan is a permanent feature in my life. We see each other near enough every week and it's usually for a day or two at a time. I moved in August and as promised, Ryan has his own key: which he uses. It's fun coming home and finding Ryan in the house (eating all the crisps).

The reason he's not been available is because we went to Paris last week. We stayed at this fantastic apartment close to the city centre (hour max walk), enjoyed some sightseeing (including a full tour of the Eiffel Tower), EuroDisney, good food and plenty of drinks - even inventing our own cocktails with some awesome results!

I think it was a good trip. Only Ryan can confirm. That said, we've booked 2 more holidays subsequently. And one that he doesn't yet know about until he checks his freaking emails (!!).

Ryan is not my escort.

He's my friend.
He's my companion.
And partner in random drink combinations!

Here's to many more happy memories.
Ryan R says: Hey bro, not sure when you promised not to leave reviews? Review actually really help me as they allow other new potential clients to ready what type of guy I am and what type of service I provide lol. But your forgiven all the same lol. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this.

I think the thing re the key was a dream bro because that's never happened haha. I've used it once and I just sat waiting for you as you had nipped out. I must be in your dreams and your getting confused lol. Although the crisp do sound like an absolute shout. Aslong as they are the pea 1's lol.

I love the way your apologising to client because you kidnapped me for a week lol. Your so considerate. It was such a mint trip we had loads of laughs. I absolutely shit myself going up the tower but I'm really glad I did it. Disneyland in all fairness was more aimed at younger children but we both loved that 1 roller coaster and the parade was really good with all the fit Disney princesses blowing us kisses lol. All the food was on point. Thanks for my birthday cake and no thank you to the dreadful restraunt singing of happy birthday which I can't imagine a person alive who actually enjoys that lol but I really did appreciate the thought thanks for the thought but not the actual thing lol.

Yes! The beer coke cocktails are the actual 1 bro. They are my new favourite.

Really looking forward to the holidays booked although the conversation between us has gotten a bit strange atm so it sure what the future is goign to look like I hope we can stop doing all these weird messages soon and just do normal bookings like we always have.

Yeah I'm happy to be your friend along side being your escourt. Its nice when an escourt an client become friends. Just as long as things don't start to get weird and difficult it's pretty cool. There will obviously be occasions when rates and hours ect need to be discussed. There's just noway around it..

Re the email I don't use email anymore it's WhatsApp or text message. Please resend on there and I'll get straight back to you. but please please keep messages concise as I tend to skim long messages and i often miss important info. Keep em short and sweet like you lol.

I'm looking forward to Friday should be good hopefully.

See you then bro.

Age: 44
Dated: Sep/04/2022 16:36:21
Date meeting took place: Sep/01/2022
No words can describe what I feel for this cheeky chappy. Booked Ryan for a long weekend at the beginning of August and had to book him for 2days and 2nights for his birthday.
I arrived with Ryan at his clean and beautiful apartment where I was greeted with a huge smile and even bigger bulge in his tiny pants.
I'd sent Ryan some clues to some things I'd planned for his birthday. I am a qualified sensual massage therapist and i promised him a massage when he had solved the riddles i had left him. He did solve them.... eventually. So he got his erotic massage....naked. After some cuddles and snogs and of course an amazing BJ, we decided it was time for food so at 2.30am we were eating pizza. Sleeps and cuddles and some fondling we had an amazing night.
Birthday time for Ryan. I woke up and decided to wake Ryan up with his favourite way.... a nice slow blow job. We then headed off to Chester zoo where we saw lots of trees and rocks and there was a couple of animals. But it was an amazing day... especially in the bat cave. We had this fab orange sorbet type slushy contraption which we both loved. Heading back to Ryan's I noticed Ryan looking uncomfortable. Only to find he had a boner which I would have loved to play with if it was legal to do so while driving. We arrived back at Ryan's and he suggested a trip to his spa. Where I managed to give him a quick birthday fondle in the steam room. We headed back to Ryan's to get ready for Miller and Carter birthday meal. Wow what a meal! Ryan loved the lovely drinks with little flowers in.
We went back to Ryan's where his next great awaited.id booked Ryan and amazing escort that I know Ryan does duos with. This time though Jamie was all Ryan's to play with as he liked. I started to watch but left them to it. It wasnt long before Ryan dragged me back to the bedroom to partake in some 3 way action. These 2 were amazing and I wished I stayed and watched the hole show. Jamie hung around for a bit to help Ryan celebrate his birthday with more drinking. We eventually went to bed.... but didnt sleep until about 4ish. We awoke with major hangovers and decided not to do a waterpark as planned. But stay in bed as a recovery. I did get a bit sad through various reasons and Ryan was a star looking after me. He then game me the most amazing session I have ever had with him. I've never been able to cum on any of my sexual encounters with escorts but I shot my load twice. Most erotic time ever. We ordered pizza again and that is where I took my leave. I am sure I have left loads out but I'm sure Ryan will remind me in the reply he will do. Love you Ryan and thanks being you and cheering me up. Ur a good mate! And I still want you to say yes to my proposal. Xxxx
Ryan R says: Awww man thanks. Yes those clue were next level difficult. even Jamie could figure it out when i sent him a screen shot and he had prior knowledge of the surprise lol. Yes dominoes!!! loved it. cant believe we ate two 13 inch pizzas each across two days. Mt gym routine did not appreciate that lol. Lmao you make me sound like a proper gay lord with the drinks comment lol. All cocktails come with stupid flower floating in them its just the way of the world. If i could get them in a macho pint glass i would lol. Yeah the session with jamie was mint he's a little gem. although i wish you would have stuck around to join us as at 1 point myself and jamie were talking to thin air as we assumed you were still there lol.

What great birthday. thank you man. Not celebrated a birthday in a while so was really nice. Really please we have more fun filled days booked in the diary im really looking forward to them and the many more im sure we will have.

Congratulations on the new job bro.

see you soon X
Name: PAUL
Age: 63
Dated: Aug/30/2022 23:01:02
Date meeting took place: Aug/30/2022
I have met Ryan several times and always enjoyed it. Ryan is a sexy, good looking, intelligent, passionate, down-to-earth Northern lad with an amazing sexual performance. Physically he is very fit with a hard, athletic body sculptured in the gym and well hung. He is genuine and takes pride in his work - reliable and immaculately presented. He makes great conversation and concentrates on you for the whole of the session. He can read what you want and delivers it without you needing to ask, leading you to explore new areas. A fantastic top and in my view, you will struggle to find a better guy than Ryan. My only regret is that I did not meet him five years earlier. Hope I will be able to spend many more hours with you. Ryan, thank you.
Ryan R says: Thanks for this Paul. Your a great guy, thanks for visiting me. Your always welcome here and I'm glad I've been able to help you explore. And noone can be a good top without a good bottom to pair up with so full marks to you there lol.

Yes I'm hoping we can make up for lost time and have many more sessions where I will do my best to bring you to new levels of ecstasy.

See you soon x

Age: 44
Dated: Aug/08/2022 14:59:48
Date meeting took place: Aug/08/2022
I enjoyed the company of someone who I now class as a dear friend, for 3 nights and 2 full days of excitement in Blackpool. This lad is so amazing. I don't want to write an honest review because I want to keep him all to myself!!! But, as someone who has booked escorts in the past to test what is out there on offer, I have now decided to quit looking. Ryan is the only guy for me now. With me its not like meeting an escort... its more like meeting a friend. I love this guy to bits, more than I think he will ever realise. He is caring and wonderful, sensitive and passionate! I actually threatened a Kathy scenario from the film Misery as I wanted to keep him in Blackpool all to myself forever.
So as I did last time, I'm going to tell you what we got up to so you can truly appreciate what an amazing guy he is.
I arrived in the evening time at Ryan's local sports centre Spa where we began with a relaxing and sensual experience in the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Ryan has always met me with that beautiful smile but this time he added a sweaty body as he had just finished a very impressive weights workout in the gym. After the hour of relaxation we drove to his beautiful apartment where we chatted and chilled before working up another sweat... if you know what I mean! after watching a film and knowing we had a busy couple of days, we settled in for the night, where I received one of my favourites from Ryan... his spooning as we fell asleep. Lets just say that didn't last for long as we were awake soon after! Enough said, ill leave that to your imagination!
After sleeping in... oooops, we raced across to Blackpool pleasure Beach from Ryan's home in Manchester. We had an amazing day riding the rides and experiencing the stomach churning new thrill ride of Enso. Of course Ryan wanted to visit the "all you can eat" pizza buffet. Loads more rides later we finished off our day is Pasaje Del Terror where Ryan screamed like a girl and threw me half way across the room to escape one of the monsters.... cheers mate! Back to the hotel, for more fun and enjoyment..... a little more sleep though.
Our final full day started at a waterpark in Blackpool. I have gotta say, Ryan is a gorgeous human being, inside and out, but when he is in his swim shorts.... oh my god! Words cant describe him! slide after slide, thrill after thrill and in the deep end of the pool a quick fondle, we left the waterpark and headed to Blackpool Tower. I could tell you that Ryan was not afraid of hights, I could tell you he was really looking forwards to standing on the glass platform at the top of the tower, but I would be lying. Even squeezing together in the lift up to the top and the offer of holding my hand, I couldn't get Ryan on the glass floor. But bless him he achieved a huge challenge facing his fears and achieving the climb to the top of the tower... I was so proud of him! After a fab show in the circus and a truly amazing day we headed back to Manchester where Ryan hosted the evening with a chow Mein, a film and yet again more fun.
I truly cant describe this amazing guy in words. I am sitting here in Birmingham writing this feeling completely down in the dumps because of our adventure is over. Ryan was my first escort and the only one I have returned to as a friend...... over 15 times, including a whole day visit where Ryan accommodated and organised a Manchester day of fun and another single day in Blackpool. Of course not forgetting the many 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour sessions we have had. If you have managed to stay with me through this review, if you are thinking of booking an escort.... leave my Ryan alone for me! Only kidding I wish I could keep him all to myself and if I could I would! But seriously, if you are looking for a great personalised experience from someone who truly loves doing what he does, then this guy is for you! Until next time my love. xxxxxxxx
Ryan R says: Was a refreshing change of company after my workout. Usually I spend time sat on my own in the sauna and I never use that jacuzzi so was good to do that.

The rides were sick wasn't they and that new Enzo ride was mint defo need to upgrade to that if your going on icon. Haha, the all you can eat pizza place probs wasn't a good idea considering we still had a full day of riding rides. I did go a bit green at 1 point didn't I lol. And your a cheeky cunt! Screamed like a little girl?!?!? lol. It was self-preservation and tbh you had thelreatened me several time the previous night with smashing in my knees and tieing me up to cut body parts off me so I was probably psychologically trying to illiminate the danger to my life lol. Nah I know you were only joking but yeah that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The tower was a great experience but I honestly hated every second of it. Not the company the fact that I Could die at any second. The town was swaying in the wind I just wanted that lift to come back and take me down. I wanted to murder the lift guy when he said its full and I needed to wait another 5 mins. I'm glad you were able to keep my mind off the height, thanks for that x

The circus was proper mint. That little Spanish acrobat was fittttttt he had a better chest than me though so he can fuck right off. How that woman's back doesn't snap when she's contorting I don't know it was knocking me a bit sick tbh. The clown guys were funny though that sleeping woman was hilarious. Glad you bought me ice-cream I never ask for anything so it's great When someone reads my mind and you seem to be perfecting that skill lol.

Can't believe you didn't try the spicy noodles you wimp! Yours did look fit though tbh might even warm the rest up that you left here later lol. Joke it stunk this morning didn't it lol. Couldn't wait to put it in the bin. Note to self don't leave Chinese in your bedroom all night!!! Glad you liked moonfall its good isn't it just a proper rushed film.

Sorry your feeling down but you know I'm always a message away. You'll be back before you know it. Plus you have a great family so I know your well. Looked after and always have company.

The spa this morning was good wasn't it. Soon as I got in this afternoon I did have that nap I said I was going to have the spa defo helped with that lol. I've been debating with myself all day whether to go gym well, whether I have the mental strength to drag my arse out of bed. Its now half 6 and times ticking if I haven't sorted my life out by 8pm I'm fucking it right off. I'll make up for it tomorrow. But I do really wanna go... I'm proper torn between my bed and the gym and the beds winning it's really winning.

So until next time look after yourself and keep going with your massage service because I can tell you you are very good. I'd recommend you to clients if you were from Manchester but alas your 1000s of miles away lol.

Again, thanks for the company and for keeping me well fed throughout. Thanks for all the fun and (the fun).

See you soon bro x

Name: PAUL
Age: 57
Dated: Jul/14/2022 22:49:06
Date meeting took place: Jul/14/2022
i have known ryan for nearly 7 years during that time i have met up with him usually once a month ,we have also been to the theatre together and had a brilliant time ,although his rendition of dont stop believing leaves a lot to be desired at the karaoke,he is sexy,funny,down to earth and manchesters answer to imelda marcos with his collection of trainers,he is always punctual,smart and clean and i am glad to know him ,if you are looking for an escort his reviews speak for themselves and you would not be dissapointed, i look on him as a friend,and i am glad to have him in my life,
Ryan R says: Same here P. Well I'm not going to write the next chapter of war and peace. I don't think that you would be able to cope. Well after 7 years it's nice to receive a review from you lol. Loved the theater trip. Can't wait for the next one miss DF. And my singing was absolute perfection! It was the girl I was singing with that was the screecher. See you soon m8 x
Name: BT
Age: 66
Dated: Jul/13/2022 10:31:49
Date meeting took place: Jul/10/2022
Nervous older first timer.
Ryan made me feel welcome and soon had me relaxed.
He went at my pace and was very patient.
I had a great time with him.
Next session already booked!
Thanks Ryan
Ryan R says: Thanks mate. It was a pleasure to meet you I had a great time. Glad you trusted me with it being your first time and I pleased I fulfilled everything you wanted. You couldn't stop smiling which ws a good sign. I hope everything works out okay for you bro. Take care of yourself x
Age: 42
Dated: Jun/15/2022 08:58:31
Date meeting took place: Jun/10/2022
Ryan has been a regular feature in my life for a while now. As he does feature a lot in my life (near enough 2 hours per week), this will be my last review; after all I do have to give others a chance.
Ryan is:


When I move in August, he'll be given a key to the new house. It just makes life easier. He hasn't yet said yes to my proposal, but he also hasn't said no.

Looking forward to our holiday away.

Good luck guys and apologise if I reserve him in advance.
Ryan R says: Hey G,

Thanks for that. The adjectives you use to describe me can easily be used to describe yourself too, and then some! Thanks re the Key. However, this happened with someone else once (well it was a fob to get me into their building) and soon as he gave it to me I never heard from him again lol. Bad omen?? Please don't let that happen lol. You got me excited this morning discussing the trip away and the villa looks mint proper excited boy over here lol. See you soon beautiful and say hi to M for me x
Name: MARK
Age: 35
Dated: Jun/10/2022 19:19:42
Date meeting took place: Jun/09/2022
Ryan is a top lad and honestly the best at what he does, Ryan is able to offer a real genuine experience with an authentic level of passion. His body is perfection and his piece you could enjoy for days, also leaning into his personality that's equally enjoyable.
Ryan R says: Thanks for that bro. Really enjoyed meeting you and even though we only had 20 mins out of an hour because of the traffic and you arriving late, it still felt like a decent session was mint and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for you to come back. See you soon. Don't leave it too long.
Name: CHAD
Age: 44
Dated: Jun/07/2022 18:50:03
Date meeting took place: Jun/07/2022
Oh my god. I love Ryan to bits. His cheeky smile when he opens the door in his tiny pants. His fantastic body. He always makes you feel so special. We chatted about our day and night trip to Blackpool, and boy can that boy suck. I have been seeing Ryan for over 5 years now and I wouldnt go with anyone else now. We have had day and nights away and at his flat. One day he might accept my marrage proposal. X
Ryan R says: Lol, was great seeing you. Can't believe it had been 5 weeks! It's the longest you've ever gone lol. Thank you so much for my present. Im Wearing the underwear right now they are going to get quite sweaty at the gym lol. Proper looking forward to spending 3 days in Blackpool with you last Time was mint and we have an extra night this time so it's goign to be even better. Can't wait t to go on icon again and the valhala. Your seriously going to have to hold my hand going up Blackpool Tower because im absolutely shit with heights haha. You'll probs have a good laugh at me. Defo need a couple of beers before tackling that ha. Yeah 5 years and counting bro hopefully many more good memories to make and fun to be had. See you in couple of weeks sonshine x
Name: ROB
Age: 41
Dated: May/25/2022 19:47:11
Date meeting took place: May/23/2022
Ryan was incredible. It was my first time and I felt quite nervous, but within 5 minutes Ryan made me feel completely relaxed. He's a real nice guy with an incredible body, I had an awesome time. Thanks again Ryan, can't wait for the next time x
Ryan R says: You were a natural Rob. Great meeting you too m8. Always great to meet a first timer and help him experience all he's been missing out on. Now the cherry has been well and truly destroyed, we have many more times to experiment and do all the things we didn't get round to doing on the first occasion. I'm already looking forward to it and can't wait to take it to the next level with you. Take care and hurry back to Manchester soon this manc boy will be waiting. Take care m8.
Age: 42
Dated: May/22/2022 06:36:35
Date meeting took place: May/22/2022
Wow. That literally sums up my time with Ryan. He’s treated me to his physique a few times now and stayed over last night. Waking up with his powerful arms wrapped round me is like Christmas and birthday all in one. On top of his dashing smile and piercing eyes; he’s a super lovely guy also. Glad Ryan is part of my monthly routine.
Ryan R says: Its a bit more than just monthly, lets be honest lol. Our first overnight! it was brilliant. The food was proper nice. sorry I couldn't drink the wine, I know you wanted me to try a good wine but I'm a beer boy lol.
You defo kept me entertained for the night, I was drained by the end of it. I was out like a light as soon as we got into bed and my head hit the pillow, it usually takes me ages to drift off. sign you did a good job lol. loved how you tried to kidnap me in the morning and keep me it was very cute :)
Glad you enjoyed black mirror, although we didn't do much watching tbh but at least you can catch up with it now you know what it is.
Can't wait to go cinema with you to watch Jurassic world next month before back to yours for a repeat.
Thanks for everything mate your mint! x
Name: S
Age: 21
Dated: May/10/2022 13:31:12
Date meeting took place: May/08/2022
Ryan is an amazing person and easy to talk. He got a hot, silky body and he know what to do with it. He is very good at kissing and romantic, he led me to his bedroom when I arrive at his flat. He wear tight blue underwear at my arrival and we just began talking and we was very horny. Loved his thick cock and fucked my arse which i felt amazing. I wish I can have him in full time and he just made me felt happy. Obviously, I gave him my vape pen and he tried out, he really like the favour. I already booked him in few weeks and I can’t wait to see him again, I would recommend him to everyone and I am sure you will have a great time with him when ur book him.
Ryan R says: Thanks for coming m8, it was really nice talking to you. I actually went out to Stockport shopping yesterday and had to buy one of them lol. I've threw it away again now I don't want to get in a bad habit lol. It's shame you wanted to stay longer but I couldn't accommodate. Hopefully next time you can pre-book a. Longer session so you know it's secured. I'm still mint at sign language lol gotta learn loads more though so keep teaching me. I'm looking forward to seeing you again too. I have your date in the diary. I'll see you then message me whenever in the meantime bro. Speak soon x
Age: 42
Dated: May/02/2022 20:28:59
Date meeting took place: Apr/30/2022
Best time so far.
Ryan’s strength and power is beautifully balanced by his charisma, disarming smile and deep green eyes. His touch sends electric shocks through my body removing all tension, stress and anxiety leaving behind tranquility and contentment.
The world disappears in his presence removing the toxicity of day-to-day life.
Even though our 4th time together, he is now a regular feature.
Ryan R says: I'll be moving in next lol. Yeah totally agree that sesh was best so far. I felt like I'd done a marathon when I was driving home! My core got a mint workout so I killed 2 birds with 1stone lol. Your news was very exciting! I'll find a way for you to take me with you everyday haha. See ya soon m8 x
Name: G
Age: 42
Dated: Apr/20/2022 11:59:28
Date meeting took place: Apr/16/2022
What an incredible man Ryan is. Attentive, funny, intelligent, charming, green eyes to get lost in and all wrapped together with a devilishly intense smile. I promised I'd be back and I was.
Looking forward to our next visit already booked in!

Ryan R says: And I'm so glad you did! very intense session as always. Thanks for having me back again and again. i love seeing you. Glad we have our next one arranged, counting down the days bro. See you then xx
Name: CHAD
Age: 44
Dated: Apr/19/2022 22:24:15
Date meeting took place: Apr/18/2022
OK, lets begin.... I have been visiting Ryan now for around 5 years. He is one of the most relaxed, handsome, loving escorts I have visited. I have tried others closer to where I live for convenience as Ryan lives 2 and a half hour away... but no-one has even come close to being as spectacular as Ryan is. I have found reviews on here very helpful that explain what was offered in detail.... so here we go....
I arrived for a 24 hour sleepover with activities that Ryan hosted for me in his clean and beautiful flat in Manchester. 10am I arrived at Ryan's door where he greeted me as he always does with that cheeky smile and a beautiful pair of tight underwear. As I entered his flat I hadn't even got my shoes off when he is kissing, cuddling and leading me to his bedroom. I have never met anyone that kisses so passionately as Ryan does. One thing lead to another and we are having fun for over an hour.

He then escorts me to several activities throughout the day starting with a visit to a spa. Wearing his smile and the most perfect pair of tight swim-shorts he leads me into the sauna, steam room, bubble spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool and finally a relax on some sun loungers. Then leaving the spa we head for something to eat at a local carvery that Ryan recommended and rightly so.

After stuffing our faces we head for a long walk along the cannel where an extremely rude woman on a bike told me off for not moving out of the way (I hadn't heard her stupid bell ringing). Ryan jumped into action like my night in shining armour and gave her, her answer and defended my honour which he did like a gentleman, he made me feel really special.

After a long walk and a cheeky few moments in some secluded woods we returned to the car and drove to a trampoline park where we had vigorous fun for over an hour, bouncing, diving, duelling, obstacle coursing, climbing and having a bloody good time. It was then time to leave all sweaty. So we had to drive back to his to have a shower together where he washed me down.

After, we went 10 pin bowling.... where I thrashed him 2 games to 1. Ryan's competitive streak took us to the arcade where I beat him in 2 games of pool (where he potted the black ball when he shouldn't have done twice) and Mario Karts where we both won one each.

Drinks and then to the cinema. I'm not saying what happened in there whilst watching Tom Holland do his thing in Uncharted, Ill leave that to your imagination, by now I was knackered as it had turned 11. We went back to Ryan's where we continued to drink well into the night and early hours of the morning. He was the perfect host making sure my drinks were full and I certainly ended up sloshed.

Ryan and I had the most beautiful chat and he made me feel like I was one in a million to him, complimenting me, singing to me, making me sing the greatest showman to him and dancing with me all night. I felt so special. We then snuggled into bed together and enjoyed a great 3 hour sleep where I then woke Ryan up with a special 30 minute treat! After going for breakfast and still being completely knackered, Ryan offered more activities but by this time he had worm me out so we settled for an hours kip in his bed where we cuddled whilst we snoozed.

It was then time to leave but I wasn't pushed out the door and Ryan made me feel so special as I left with a fantastic snog and a cheeky "cheek" flash.

Love Ryan to bits and if you can book him for a 24 hour or longer then do it. I am certainly visiting Ryan for a couple of hours sessions as often as I can and we have planned a 3 night 2 day booking in Blackpool for the summer.

If I could afford him full time, none of you would have a chance because I would keep him all to myself. Sorry for the long winded message but I thought it was important to give every bit of detail that I could to show what a truly spectacular guy Ryan is... and I wanted to make sure he remembers every moment of that beautiful day. And I also wanted to be the longest review on here of him. Until we speak again XXXXX
Ryan R says: Hi Chad,

Wow, what a fun filled day that was. Ofcourse I kissed you as soon as you walked through the door. Your a friend who I don't see often as i'd like so you can expect that all the time lol.

was a great was to start my day before heading to the sauna. You had the privileged of being my first client to book at full day overnight incall. I've done loads of outcalls but never the FDON incall so was a bit nervous that i wouldn't be able to fulfill the time we had together and keep things exciting throughout the day and night. Well it was defo that plenty to do. unfortunately there was too many people in the steam room for me to do as we discussed lol but i hope the impromptu 'fun' we had in the woods during our walk sufficed lol.

Yeah I was happy to defend your honor against that smack rat. there was no need for her to speak to you the way she did, you had obviously not heard her bell ring!

I was absolutely gutted that you best me a bowling and i'm still convinced you let me win the final game because you felt sorry for me lol.

At least i'm better at mario kart than you and always will be lol.

was thinking bout how many drinks i had that day i had 6 pints in the bowling alley 3 pints in the cinema and a full bottle of whisky back at mine. I think its fair to say i can hold my beer. Just doesn't affect me just makes me much much more hornier as you realised that night lol.

Waking up to you little treat was brilliant and what you did next set me up for the day lol. The breakfast was absolutely fit as anything i have to watch what i eat of course so its nice to pig out on 2 bacon and sausage butties with bere brown sauce every now and again lol.

I'm really looking forward to going back to Blackpool with you. last time we spent the day on the pleasure beach and this time will be more f a tour. I mean what i said about heights i'm shit scared but i will go up the tower you will just have to hold my hand because i will defo be a little bitch about it haha. The water park should be mint too not been there since i was a kid. Ill buy some even tighter swimming shorts lol.

I've spoken to you this morning so I know you are coming in a couple of weeks for a 3 hour sesh so ill see you then. If you're nice to me i might even make you another of my signature ice lattes ;).

Honestly, thanks again for such an amazing day and fun filled night. I enjoy doing all this stuff as much as you do so I really appreciate the fact i've been chosen by you to share all this.

see you on the 4th m8. take care till then and i'll speak to you on whatsapp before then i'm sure xx

Name: NEIL C
Age: 45
Dated: Apr/18/2022 16:29:22
Date meeting took place: Apr/17/2022
2nd meet with Ryan yesterday and it was just as special. I love being around him and feel the kind of connection with him that I have never felt with an escort before. Such a fantastic guy. I hope to make it a regular thing!
Ryan R says: Thanks Neil I really enjoyed it, again. We got a bit lost in each others arms didn't we lol. I'll be looking forward to receiving a text from you soon ? x
Name: P
Age: 53
Dated: Apr/15/2022 19:18:32
Date meeting took place: Apr/15/2022
Just first class. Everything you could possibly want or need in an escourt. Ryan really in the full package. Thanks for everything you do and don't ever change!
Ryan R says: I won't lol. I Can't be anything else but myself, so I'm glad you enjoy me as me. Thanks for the review. See you soon x
Name: G
Age: 42
Dated: Apr/13/2022 09:20:52
Date meeting took place: Apr/09/2022
Second meeting with Ryan.
He didn't disappoint.
If you are looking for a caring, passionate, strong and above all decent guy; get in touch with Ryan.
I think this is going to become a regular thing.
Thanks Ryan!
Ryan R says: Thanks means a lot. And I hope that's true. I'm already looking forward to our next meet. Thanks for having me! X
Name: JURG
Age: 59
Dated: Apr/05/2022 23:53:00
Date meeting took place: Apr/05/2022
Met Ryan for the first (but definitely not last) time today. He is amazing. Fantastic body and a great (and very tasty) cock. I gave him a minimal idea of what I was after but he pretty much read my mind and gave me exactly what I wanted. He treated me like a cheap whore and used me hard and rough with no consideration for me, I was just an object he used for his own pleasure. When he was done with me he kicked me out with an aching and well used hole and frustrated blue balls. Perfection - I can't wait for a repeat and I hope he enjoyed it at least half as much as I did!
Ryan R says: You did well! Still got a lot of training to do with you till your up to standard boy!

See u soon!
Name: NEIL C
Age: 45
Dated: Apr/05/2022 18:54:15
Date meeting took place: Apr/05/2022
Ryan is such a great guy. I’ve been with a few escorts over the years, but he’s the only one I’ve been with where it felt like it was an actual hook up, rather than someone reluctantly doing what they are for the money. So either he’s an extremely good actor, or he genuinely enjoys what he does:)
He is absolutely stunning in person, and a really intelligent and down to earth character who I really enjoyed being around. On top of that he can also fuck hard and fast….just how I like it. Oh, and he’s a brilliant kisser….I could have just kissed him for hours. Will hopefully meet up again soon!
Ryan R says: Cheers bro. It was mint meeting you. Defo not an act I love what I do and a guess it just shows. Looking forward to next time. See you soon mate x
Age: 38
Dated: Apr/03/2022 12:14:23
Date meeting took place: Apr/02/2022
As always with Ryan what an amazing and outstanding experience :) Ryan is a pro at what he does and offers an unrivalled BF experience that is really like no other. Has an absolutely stunning body and gives such a great and relaxing massage as well.

Absolutely can't wait to see him again, such a top, kind and caring guy :)
Ryan R says: What I do is easy when I have great people like you to share my time with. Thanks for taking the time to review me it's much appreciated! Likewise re looking forward to next time. Plenty more fun to be had. I'll await your text lol see you soon mate ??
Name: G
Age: 42
Dated: Apr/01/2022 18:07:03
Date meeting took place: Mar/30/2022