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James 21yrs

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UK - London Central
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New York, Paris, Peckham
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31st of Mar
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Slim, submissive ‘twink’. Bridging the gap between camp and laddish in terms of personality. Easy to get along with. Usually complimented as being a mature, confident and well spoken young man with eclectic interests. Personal presentation is at the top of my priorities and will always arrive clean and smartly dressed.

I strive to cater for all needs from passionate sexual encounters to a personalised boyfriend experience, including planned international travel.


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 10in / 180cm
94.8lbs / 43kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
5.9in / 15cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
Blue/ green
White British
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Well for a start, this is more than a job to me. If I can give someone happiness/ pleasure/ comfort etc, then that gives me satisfaction. I like to think I can also offer emotional support as well as discretion and respect.

In the words of Mrs Doyle; "Ah go on"

Also looking for a more long term mutually beneficial arrangement.


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Rent boy James 21yr - massage
Escort James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 19yr - massage
Escort James 21yr - massage
Escort James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 20yr - massage
Escort James 20yr - massage
Escort James 21yr - massage
Rent boy James 20yr - massage
Rent boy James 20yr - massage
Rent boy James  20yr - massage


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      Reviews for James age 21

      Call him now on +447703588065
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: ANDREW
      Age: 43
      Dated: May/31/2018 18:04:33
      Date meeting took place: May/31/2018
      When two worlds collide!

      Travelled over 300 miles to meet James. More of a bf experience than anythingelse.Went to see stonehenge together.What great company.As previous reviews have stated, he really is so hot in the flesh. He really looked after me, and was a great companion. When he came in our room, I almost came just because of his moaning and squirming.lovely, special lad. You will not be dissapointed
      Name: DAVE
      Age: 37
      Dated: Feb/26/2018 10:42:54
      Date meeting took place: Feb/26/2018
      I have met James a few times now. I had never been with a guy before so was extremely nervous.
      As soon as we met I felt so much more relaxed. He has a way about him that just put me at ease.

      The communication with him before hand was great, he really wanted to find out exactly what I wanted and exspected, also if there was anything I didn’t want to do.
      My preference was to feel like his boyfriend and that’s exactly what it felt like.
      Anyway, enough with how nice he is, let’s talk about sex (baby)..sorry.
      His body is amazing, if you like the young twink type body then you won’t get better than James.

      We got to the hotel, and after taking for a bit he moved forward and kissed be on the lips gently. Then we started kissing properly, it felt amazing, there’s nothing worse than a bad kisser (in my opinion).
      Then he started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my body, he took my dick out, that was solid by now and started sucking and licking it. He really goes for it, deepthoating and making himself gag.
      It was my first blow job from a guy but was far and away the best bj I have had.
      He then sat on my face, he has such a cute little ass, fuck it was hot.
      Then he slid down off my face and squatted on my cock. I have never been ridden like that before, it was taking every part of me not to cum straight away lol.

      I have read a lot of reviews for escorts on here and they mostly say that the escort looks better in person than there pictures, but iv had to put that for James as it is so true.

      I have just read the previous review that someone has wrote about James. They are obviously entitled to there opinion and that’s what the reviews are for, so people can make an informed decision on whether they should use that escort or not. But in my opinion and experience James is very considerate, punctual, kind, honest and a great communicator. You only need to read the other reviews to see what an exceptional young man he is.

      Name: NICK
      Age: 63
      Dated: Sep/05/2017 18:53:30
      Date meeting took place: Sep/05/2017
      It's been a while since I last saw James due to him taking a break, but he happily travelled to me from London for our meet. He walked in to my hotel room at the agreed time and he looked as gorgeous as ever. Our afternoon together was wonderful and he is an amazing bottom. Thank you James
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 43
      Dated: Feb/05/2017 20:46:19
      Date meeting took place: Feb/05/2017
      Wow 5 stars are not enough for James! When I messaged James found out he happened to be in my town so arranged to meet, it was a very easy process.

      James look better in person to his pictures, he is confident and friendly, very easy to chat with.

      When it comes down to the fun stuff, from the first kiss to the last moment he makes it very special and certainly knows how to make a guy feel very special.

      One of the best experiences I have had with an escort and I will definitely be looking to see James again!!
      Name: DAVE
      Age: 55
      Dated: Jan/27/2017 15:03:15
      Date meeting took place: Jan/27/2017
      Met James for the first time today, and he arrived on time and communicated with me very well prior to the meeting. First impressions are important and James was well turned out and looked really smart. He can hold a very good conversation and nothing was rushed and there was no looking at the clock, and he also makes you feel at your ease. James is amazing, both in what he does but how he looks. I will be meeting up with him again very soon.
      Name: NICK
      Age: 63
      Dated: Jan/16/2017 19:23:37
      Date meeting took place: Jan/16/2017
      I met James last week this was the second time we had met, his communication prior to meeting was excellent and he was punctual.
      Well I can honestly say James is far better looking in the flesh so to speak than his profile photos, he really is a stunning looking young guy.
      We spent the afternoon together and I think it is fair to say we enjoyed each other's company, James may be young but he certainly knows how to entertain.
      I will be looking to make a regular meeting with James.
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