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When you login to your escort control panel you will see ENABLE CHAT at the bottom of the page, if you click enable chat, all members at sleepyboy will know you are taking text chats online. The chat is for people actually sat at their pc, so after 45 mins you will be requested to confirm you wish to stay online, if you are away and fail to respond to the prompt, you will be taken offline until you enable it again. Only paid members can contact you, and it must be the member who contacts you, the chat is not for you to contact members, only for members to contact you.

How will members know i am taking chats?

Members will know you are taking chats because a button to start chat will appear on your profile, also if you click “i am avaliable now” the chat button will also appear there. and coming soon is a dedicated menu showing those who are taking chat, and “CHAT” will show on your first photo, so there are many ways members will know you are taking text chats.

Do i need to keep sleepyboy open to take chats?

Yes, if you close your control panel, you will be taken offline, so please keep the window open.

How will i know that someone is requesting a chat?

You will get a pop up asking you if you wish to take the chat, along with a sound to notify you that someone is calling you, it is upto you to decide if you want to take the chat or reject it.

What if someone spams or abuses me in chat?

This will be rare, as only paid members can contact you, meaning that they are serious about escorts. If however you feel abuse has taken place, please navigate to the support section and contact Marcus or one of his team.

Are chats monitored?

Chats are not monitored unless we get a complaint, in which case we can log further chats in order to stop the abuse, but remember we reserve the right to monitor and store any chat without notice if needed.

Further Questions?

Please contact us on MSN or drop us a E-mail, we will be happy to explain more.

New Customer to Escort one to one chat!

We are proud to announce the launch of “paid customer” to escort chat being launched on

Paid members can see escorts who are avaliable who are willing to text chat with them by looking for the “chat to me now button” on all profiles. The escort can choose if they are open for chat or not.

The chat works in very much the same way as facebook chat, with a mini console at the bottom of both escorts and members pages, but only escorts who have said they will take chats will show on profiles…..

heres a example…..

the Escort logs in and activates chat feature, then a button is displayed on his profile for members to directly chat with escorts. Then a private chat can take place until either person closes the chat.

We hope you like this new feature, please report any bugs.

Help file and user guide


Marcs world cup report England v Algeria

Well, i have never been so dissapointed with a game, here is my report on why…

England came out in all white, now usually all white is a good sign, especially if the players wear dark colours under the shorts. It seemed that most had played the “light underwear” formation which seemed to let us down for the first 45 mins, with very few teasing views of stretched thighs showing an out line of sexy underwear. In the second half it was very much of the same, the players kept the same formation of kit and we were left on the edge of our seats hoping for tackles that at least would give us something to hope for, this did not happen and towards the end of the game i sat with my head in my hands. ..At least a player could still rip his shorts as the game got more desperate and dig us out? well no, we were left with nothing but the usual shirt swap at the end.

Algeria had a sparkle throughout the game, 3 players wearing white briefs, and they really were not affraid to show it, with lots of dark skin actually making an effort to bend over and give us the “tight underwear” shots we desperatly needed, one player even choosing a tight multi colour close fiting boxer short look! If only he had actually been on our side.

Summary… England, we need more from you, we need you to step out from the start giving is hope, maybe wet those shorts a little before you come out onto the pitch! We will never get the result we need unless we choose to be brave! maybe even look at the aussie bum summer range? IT IS NOT TO LATE BOYS!!!