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Escort Of The Day – Michael – London

Michael is sociable, friendly, sweet, warm, intense and above all discreet. He likes to start with a massage and chat so you can get to know each other a little bit and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.
Don’t worry if you’re straight, bi, curious and don’t have much experience with a guy, leave it with him and he will make sure you that you won’t regret meeting him.


Escort Of The Day – The Centurion – London

Athletic and discreet masculine lad ,empathic, social, super well travelled, that can provide you exactly what you are looking for and more!
A real passionate human being that has lots of experiences in lots of fields and happy to teach you how to enjoy life by divergent stands. Are you looking for a great experience and a guy that can treat you the way you deserve. 

Escort Of The Day – Ricco XXL – London

RICCO, the mix of Italian and Brazilian. Being around him is a guarantee of joy, cheer, with class and style. Besides, the fact that he is the perfect top, super well endowed, makes him the alternative to the classic muscle hunk, who is frequently a bottom. With Ricco we are certain that you will be well served in all aspects! You can share your best memories, your broken heart, your hopes and plans. Just enough time to fall in love with him!


Escort Of The Day – Massage Himeros – South-West

This escorts primary objective is to be sure that you are feeling 100% better than how you were before requesting his massage services. A very friendly and non-judgmental escort, who welcomes all kind of clients, from straight and curious to gay men looking for a remarkable massage experience. His work is a joy and an honour, and he considers every client as an individual blessing in his life.


Escort Of The Day – Tom – London

Tom is currently living in London. He’s cheerful, polite and handsome
What you see is exactly how he is -perfections and imperfections- In reality who in this world is perfect? Beside sex, he loves to have a nice talk. Creating a connection with you is his first effort.
You should know that you are dealing with someone very well educated and with good manners. He can fit into any environment, whether it’s dinner, an event, or any occasion. An escort in the true sense of the word! Sex is not the only thing he can do!