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Jak, 25yrs
Bournemouth, UK - SouthWest

Verified: face body 18+
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Will travel to:
Southampton, Bristol, Bath, London, Birmingham, Norwich, Manchester
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in the last month
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23rd of Nov
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Tell us about you...

I’m a young versatile, toned/athletic student:- a straight acting guy that will do anything for you! :) honestly I love sex with all people! If you are looking for something genuine Look no further as this is my passion x

any fetish any kink don’t be shy just ask me bdsm/humiliation/WS/role play etc SUB or DOM I’m very experienced with all types of sex, kinks and fetishes there’s very little I don’t love to do! :) even if it’s just a kiss and a cuddle! Xxx

I’m super friendly and confident, charismatic and funny, I have a massive cock and a peachy ass, what more could a guy want? ? Also be sure to look at my reviews so you can read first-hand exactly how good I am :) x

just text/call me and I’ll ask what it is I can do for you :) don’t be shy xxx

Above all else my biggest turn on is turning you on and making you happy xx

Fun fact 1: I play in two local football teams! I love changing room/football player role play, if you’re into it too let me know! As I have all the kit and experience to do so ;-)

Fun fact 2: I play 4 different instruments and I’m a very good singer! So if you like your sex serenaded, I can also do this for you!

Fun fact 3: I’m a pretty good skateboarder too!

Also if you call and I don’t answer Just leave a text or try again in a little while, always get back quickly unless there’s no caller ID! xxx


Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 183cm
167.6lbs / 76kg
32.3in / 82cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

The type of guys i like are?
All guys :) doesn’t matter who you are, I want you badly!! x
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
men or woman
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:


Incalls 1 Hour:
Incalls 2 Hours:
Incalls Overnight:
Ask me
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
Outcalls 2 Hours:
Ask me
Outcalls Overnight:
Ask me
Additional info:
If it’s an outcall and I have to travel far, then my travel ticket will have to be included in cost ? xx also for overnights I don’t have a standard rate! Just give me a call and we will discuss it more xxx
Escorts are independent of sleepyboy and we cannot get involved in any financial arrangements made. we recommend deposits are not paid before meets.

I am Available at these times...

Every day and all night baby :) x

Why someone should choose you

I’m super hot, super cute but I’m really friendly too! Everyone tells me they feel super comfortable with me :) not only that but I’m VERY experienced with all types of sex and I’m always told I’m the best they’ve ever had, so let me be yours! xxx


Always safe sex:
Double penetration:
Give and receive
Hiv Status:
Give and receive
Cum on Body:
Give and receive
Cum on face:
Give and receive
Cum eating:
Give and receive


Car dates:
Hotel dates:
Outdoor Sex:
Sauna visits:
Sex in public:


Rough sex:
Give and receive
Give and receive
Give and receive
Electro shock:
Nipple Play:
Give and receive
Corporal punishement:
Give and receive
Foot worship:
Give and receive
Give and receive
BDSM role:


Trainers , Shoes
Sportwear , Cross dressing , School uniform

Other Work

Webcam shows:
Model for photos:
Stripper work:
Video work:
Boyfriend experience
Theatre Dates
Dinner dates
None sexual company

Health status

Covid vaccinated

Useful Information

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Photos for Jak

Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Escort Jak 24yr - sauna
Escort Jak 24yr - roleplay
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - wrestling
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Escort Jak 24yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - wrestling
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Escort Jak 24yr - roleplay
Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - masseur
Escort Jak 24yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - sauna
Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Escort Jak 24yr - watersports
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - masseur
Bisexual Escort Jak 25yr - sauna
Escort Jak 24yr - sauna
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage
Bisexual Escort Jak 24yr - massage


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      Reviews for Jak age 25

      Call him now on +447546823376
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: SAM EDGE
      Age: 56
      Dated: Feb/13/2022 21:24:22
      Date meeting took place: Jan/15/2022
      Jak is a really sexy young guy with a lovely nature who was totally focused on making sure I had a great time. He's totally versatile, super fit, full of energy and just keeps going and going. I loved being with him from our first kiss to our last joint orgasm. Can't recommend Jak enough.
      Name: MARK
      Age: 46
      Dated: Oct/14/2021 12:31:18
      Date meeting took place: Oct/14/2021
      Met jak over the last many times and boy this lad knows how to please with the most amazing BJ I have had.
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 64
      Dated: Sep/26/2021 23:05:51
      Date meeting took place: Sep/26/2021
      Not the first time I have met up with this amazing boy ..won't be the last .He is very masculine and relaxing ,I simply love his company.,,and the sex is mind blowing because its relaxed ....very attractive in every way..,cannot fault this kinky sweetheart ....he is all a man should be ..great figure .,Turns me on even when I know hes on his way and when I see that beautiful face .,well ....sexy .,beautiful guy in every way
      Name: NICK41
      Age: 41
      Dated: Jan/07/2021 11:37:51
      Date meeting took place: Dec/23/2020
      After a couple of false starts I finally had the pleasure of hooking up with Jax again and he still has that wicked glint in his eye and that smile that says " you're so going to get it " and I did and enjoyed every moment of Jax's time. It was so nice just to lay with him too, he was very sweet.
      A beautiful guy.
      Name: MARK
      Age: 52
      Dated: Jun/08/2020 21:09:39
      Date meeting took place: Jun/08/2020
      I met with Jak for 3 hours of ridiculously horny fun.
      Right from the start communication was easy, Jak replied promptly to messages and encouraged me to be direct about what I wanted from him.....I loved the open dialogue.
      When I first saw Jak in person I couldn’t believe my luck, the guy is simply gorgeous,..my dick went instantly stiff !
      He is very polite and very charming and made me feel welcome and comfortable; after a little chat we got down to it. Gotta say when Jak got his kit off I nearly shot my load…he has a lovely body, smelled great and has a meaty, responsive cock.
      Jak did everything I asked of him and with genuine enthusiasm (I have a few bdsm kinks). What was most pleasing was the way he really committed himself to the session and got fully involved. He snogs like a pro and is incredibly intuitive when it comes to sensing what the other person wants….its been a long time since someone turned me on like that.
      Jak didn’t watch the clock and when we had done he remained charming - there was no rushing me out the door, he gave me time to pack things away…and some more conversation.
      I travel a lot and have seen a fair few escorts, and I have to say that Jak excelled and delivered in every way. Without any doubt he provided me with the best, most enjoyable experience so far and I will be back. Thank you, boi x
      Name: NICK
      Age: 40
      Dated: Jun/01/2020 14:00:56
      Date meeting took place: May/27/2020
      The moment I saw Jax on sleepyboys I wanted to meet him due to his gorgeous photos.
      Finally meeting up I was not disappointed. Jax has a killer smile, a wicked glint in his eye, a gorgeous body, nice cock and an arse you can bury your face in ( and I did gleefully ) .
      Jax really looked after me for the 2 hours we had together and didn't stop, he knew what I liked and made sure I had ultimate pleasure.
      He teased me, caressed me and my cock was never soft. He knows how to work it.
      When he came to fuck me, what can I say but wow. Sometimes softly and slowly then a hard bang too an eye rolling, loud moaning hard and deep thrust.
      I would love to hook up with this young man again and I would highly recommend.
      Name: SHANE
      Age: 49
      Dated: May/25/2020 22:34:03
      Date meeting took place: May/25/2020
      Jak was polite punctual,a lovely sensative and down to earth lad- He realy did all i asked- Jak had lovely muscles and tatooes and he dominated me as i asked of him-his body was lovely-a wonderful clean from hair ass,sweet back and very thick delicous main skill set- I had such a great time and he knows how to send you into a frenzy......... Underated young man who is rugged but sensual and sexy and caring!
      cheers big man. cu soon for more!!!
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