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Jamie 26yrs

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UK - NorthWest
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Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I'm a friendly discreet guy that has a charming personality outside the bedroom and a very cheeky side in the sheets. I might be new to this site, but I'm well experienced and always horny.

I'm here to make you feel relaxed, and to fulfil your fantasies. Making sure you leave happy is honestly my priority! I also have a great ability to making guys feel at ease and welcomed, so if it is your first time, or you feel nervous, then I'm your man.

I live right in city centre with a nice apartment very close to Manchester Piccadilly Station. The best way to contact me is via WhatsApp or text, I prefer not to be contacted by phone calls.


My preferred method of contact is via text message or via WhatsApp message. I very rarely answer spontaneous phone calls and, if you'd like to speak with me over the phone, I'd prefer to arrange calls via message beforehand. I will no longer answer withheld numbers as experience has taught me well.
In your message please be sure to include:
- Who you are
- What you are looking for
- When you are looking to book
- If you require incall or outcall
Unfortunately I will not reply to messages without this information.

Here are some of the things that will fast lose my interest:
- One-off "quickies" or intentions to meet less than an hour
- Rushed or forceful sex
- Any hardcore or painful sports
- Endless chatter (if a booking is too unnecessarily prolonged, I will quickly assume you are not serious about booking)
- Dirty talk (sexting/phone sex is not included in my services and I will not reply to these messages)
- Requesting too many pictures
- Requesting any videos


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 177cm
165.3lbs / 75kg
30.3in / 77cm
Penis size:
7.5in / 19cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 8 / EU: 42
Eye colour:
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About Me

Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
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What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Manchester Piccadilly


Incalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
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Outcalls 1 Hour:
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Outcalls Overnight:
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Additional info:
I can do both in calls and out calls, depending on when and where. I can only do overnights as outcalls.

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Duo Partner Profile:

I am Available at these times...

I'm available at different times on different weeks, please just contact me for details and I'm sure we can work out a time that suits us both.

Why someone should choose you

If you want someone who knows what they're doing, and is able to make you feel at ease to ensure you fully enjoy yourself, then I'm your man ?

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Photos for Jamie

Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - sucking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking
Escort Jamie 26yr - sucking
Escort Jamie 26yr - licking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - sucking
Rent boy Jamie 26yr - licking

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30 Nov 2020


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      Reviews for Jamie age 26

      Call him now on +447835756676
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: DAVE
      Age: 58
      Dated: Apr/01/2021 18:23:42
      Date meeting took place: Apr/01/2021
      Jamie is a gorgeous dream of a guy, masculine yet sensitive and very relaxing
      A very passionate yet caring lover, kisses you like your boy friend , he will look after all your needs.
      I have just spent a fantastic afternoon with Jamie he is confident and extremely experienced.
      I will be back,I can’t wait to have that view of looking up and seeing this beautiful man pounding the hell out of me
      Thank you Jamie for fulfilling my fantasy’s
      Name: SCALLY
      Age: 41
      Dated: Jan/17/2021 20:14:07
      Date meeting took place: Jan/14/2021
      Wow wow wow after doing a lot of research I admittedly dwindled it down to a handful of guys and I decided I’d message all of them with my strange request and see . Basically I wanted to introduce my 18 year old fwb to the world of massage, I wanted a sensual sexual naturist massage without any expectations. Jamie was the only one who responded super quickly, and I explained in detail which he was great with, I’m kinda shy so it was helpful that Jamie was genuinely interested in making the experience successful. On the evening Jamie arrived at the Hotel on time and I introduced him to my buddy T. We had a few drinks and all three of us flowed naturally with conversation, my buddy stripped and laid down to be massaged. Jamie stripped and frig what a beautiful body and goodlooking thick uncut Cock that was on view, the massage started and I had prime view of Jamie’s smooth bubble butt which was very tasty ?. Lots of moans and groans from my buddy who was floating on cloud nine. Jamie was sensual sexual inviting and fully aware of the scene attending to all needs which is a very rare quality. Jamie was attentive to both me and my buddy, and although being usually top my 18 yr old buddy ended up raping Jamie’s Bubble butt . I can honestly say if your looking for quantity, quality, reliability and consistency then you won’t be disappointed.
      We were that impressed the following evening me and my buddy was staying in Liverpool . Jamie at the last minute came to Liverpool to come and do us another massage , a stunning goodlooking guy with a thick big uncut cock , we’re already looking forward to the next booking and the next and the next ..........
      Age: 49
      Dated: Jan/16/2021 23:13:06
      Date meeting took place: Jan/16/2021
      That is all I have to say about Jamie.
      From the time I initially text him to when he arrived at mine was only about 15 minutes.
      He is really laid back and talkative.
      I had already told him that I wanted a hard pounding and boy is that what I got.
      He has got an amazing body and is really well hung and really thick.
      We started off in the shower and I got him hard and then he started.
      He lived up with shower gel, turned me around and bent me over and started to pound really hard and deep. He was amazing. This went on for about 20 minutes before we went to my bedroom where I was put on my back with my legs open wide.
      I was then pummelled for I don't know how long, really hard and really deep.
      I think the whole street heard what was happening due to the screams coming from me as he pounded me hard.
      He slowed down and asked should he come or did I want more.
      I told him to come as I couldn't take much more.
      To make himself come, I had to take the hardest pounding I have ever taken until he unloaded.
      I will feel the effects of this session for at least 3 - 4 days.
      Jamie is very good at what he does and he knows how to use his large and very wide manhood.
      I've never had a pounding like it before.
      He is well worth it and I shall be seeing him again once I have recovered from this session.
      Name: PETER
      Age: 44
      Dated: Nov/10/2020 09:32:27
      Date meeting took place: Nov/07/2020
      Jamie is very passionate and skilled in what he does. More than just a decent size, he is sure to make you feel his power for days after.
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 43
      Dated: Oct/22/2020 14:18:06
      Date meeting took place: Oct/20/2020
      Jamie was able to accommodate a session at short notice. Passionate in what he does and certainly loves taking control of the session. A class act.
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 30
      Dated: Sep/05/2020 15:53:05
      Date meeting took place: Sep/04/2020
      I spent another fantastic evening with Jamie, he is one of the nicest people I have met. Jamie is so easy to get on with & great company. He has a lovely muscular body which is a pleasure to hold. Thanks again Jamie and can't wait until the next time. Paul.
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 30
      Dated: Aug/29/2020 10:20:22
      Date meeting took place: Aug/25/2020
      Jamie replied to my enquiry politely, making arrangements could not be easier. Jamie is fantastic company, arriving fresh, smartly dressed & looks exactly like his pics, toned and fit. I can only echo the previous reviewers. Looking forward to seeing Jamie again soon.
      Thanks for a lovely evening, stay safe.
      Name: CHRIS
      Age: 38
      Dated: Aug/18/2020 19:50:13
      Date meeting took place: Aug/18/2020
      Jamie is a really decent guy - please respect him as he is down to earth, genuine and stunningly handsome.

      An easygoing chap with an amazing body and a really handsome face. Without a doubt of hesitation a sophisticated escort to spend time with.

      I’ve met Jamie twice and it has certainly been some of the best sex of my life and he is also just a really lovely human being which makes him more appealing.

      If you decide to meet him you will not be disappointed at all just treat him with the decency he will offer you.

      Cheers man !
      Name: M
      Age: 50
      Dated: Jul/09/2020 21:05:53
      Date meeting took place: Jul/09/2020
      I met Jamie at his smart discreet flat.
      He has a lovely personality and would be a good choice for a first timer.
      He is a good looking guy who is very nicely endowed and is an impressive top.
      A fine escort who is a treat to meet
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