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Dylan 23yrs

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UK - NorthWest
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Hi guys,

My name is Dylan Finn. I am a 23-year-old lad from Finland but have been living in Manchester for a while now.

Little bit about me then, I am easy-going and easy to get along with. I love a good conversation as well as jumping straight to bed where I am sure I can give you an unforgettable experience. I am a trained dancer and also have done some modelling work.

I enjoy chilled nights in and party nights out. I am a good companion either way because I like chilling and watching TV and then maybe ending the night with some cheeky action or I can company you on a night out because trust me I love to dance and then see where the night takes us. Or we could quite simply have fun all night. That is all totally up to you to decide!

If you are nervous or it is your first time then I can assure you there is no need to be. I am super friendly and offer unhurried service and what is most important I am reliable, honest and treat everyone the same.

Please note that the out call rates do not include travel expenses. Also, I do not mind visiting gay saunas.

The only thing I ask is a little bit of respect for me and you can expect the same in return. Please do not ring me from a withheld number because quite frankly I will not answer. Furthermore, my rates are already some of the lowest on the website so please do not ask for discount. Thank you!

After we meet, I would really appreciate it if you could find some time to leave me a short review on my profile and I really hope you will be happy with the service and will think of booking me again in the future.

I will be looking forward to your calls and messages!


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 176cm
152.1lbs / 69kg
29.9in / 76cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
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Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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Very Good
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Manchester Piccadilly


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I am available at all times.

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I am very caring and friendly. I am never pushy or neither do I rush. I do not judge anyone on their appearance or age.


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Give and receive
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Give and receive
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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Sportwear , Latex , Lycra , Leather

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Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Escort Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Escort Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Escort Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Escort Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage
Rent boy Dylan 23yr - massage

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8 Jun 2019


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      Reviews for Dylan age 23

      Call him now on +447732424896
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 35
      Dated: Sep/03/2019 21:36:13
      Date meeting took place: Sep/03/2019
      Met Dylan a few months back and now time for review. I had absolutely no issues with Dylan at all. Communication was great and arrived exactly on time and well turned out.

      Our evening was fantastic, I couldn't have asked for any better. Stunningly good looking. Amazing bedroom skills. Thoroughly nice guy.

      A real nice guy and one that I would go back to in a heart beat if I lived in Manchester.
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 63
      Dated: Aug/14/2019 23:07:08
      Date meeting took place: Aug/14/2019
      So here is my final review, following my previous two, based on the outcome of my texted request to Dylan that he arrange to reimburse me for the £125 he made me waste by his no-show on Saturday 27th July.
      I texted him on Saturday 3rd August asking him to make arrangements to reimburse me, but he had not replied by Tuesday 6th August. I therefore texted him on Tuesday 6th August to say I would post a second review as an update. Within a couple of hours he sent an angry text back.
      He felt it was unreasonable of me to expect him to reply within three days to my text requesting that he arrange reimbursement of the £125 his no-show had made me waste. I pointed out that he had replied within a couple of hours to my text stating my intention to post a second review - so he could reply fast when he wanted to!
      He was not willing to arrange to reimburse the £125. He said it was 'weird' (his word) that I was texting him to ask him to do so, and that he was feeling 'harassed' (his word) by my doing so.
      So in Dylan's world it would appear to be ok to make a client waste £125 as a result of a no-show on Dylan's part, but not ok for the client to ask Dylan to arrange reimbursement.
      Needless to say, there will be no more contact between Dylan and me.
      Other reviewers have had better experiences of Dylan. If you arrange to meet him, you may encounter the 'nice' Dylan they describe. On the other hand you may encounter the very different Dylan I experienced.
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 63
      Dated: Aug/06/2019 22:54:10
      Date meeting took place: Aug/06/2019
      See my previous review for the background to this one.

      I gave Dylan the chance to reimburse me for the £125 he made me waste by his no-show of Saturday 27th July. But he messed me about a second time on Saturday 3rd August.

      After his no-show of Saturday 27th July I heard nothing from him. But on Monday 29th July I saw he was in the 'available and waiting for calls' area of the website. I texted him. He replied.

      He said that after he texted me on the morning of Saturday 27th July to say 'Everything's fine for this evening; see you later' he lost his phone. He claimed that was why he failed to answer the texts and calls I sent and made to him when I arrived in Manchester on the evening of Saturday 27th July. He said he was sorry for his no-show and admitted my review of 29th July was fair.

      I asked him if he was willing to make up for his no-show. He said yes. I asked him if he was willing to re-schedule our overnight incall. He said yes. I reminded him I was £125 out of pocket, as I'd spent that amount on return train travel between Surrey and Manchester to meet him, only for him not to show up. I asked him if he'd reimburse me by reducing his rate for the re-scheduled overnight incall by £125. He still hadn't replied after two days. I asked him again. This time he said he was happy to reimburse me in that way. On Friday 2nd August I asked him if he was free on Sunday 4th August for the re-scheduled overnight incall. He said yes. I asked him if he was sure. He replied the next day, Saturday 3rd August, saying yes. I told him I'd buy my train tickets later that day. I waited two hours before going online to buy them. Thank goodness I delayed! Because I was on the train ticket website, just about to pay for my tickets - I'd actually got as far as typing in my card number and was about to click on the 'pay now' link - when Dylan texted me. He said he'd never done an overnight incall and was nervous about doing one. I could sense he was going to pull out of the re-scheduled meet he'd agreed to a couple of hours earlier. I thought: 'He was just moments away from making me waste £100+ for a second time.'

      Of course, Dylan isn't obliged to offer overnight incalls. But if he doesn't want to do them because he's nervous about them, why does he mess clients about by advertising overnight incalls on his profile? And of course, he isn't obliged to meet a particular person if he doesn't want to. But if he doesn't want to meet a particular client, why does he first agree to meet and later pull out of the meeting or not show up, after the client has spent money on train tickets and spent several hours travelling to spend time with him?

      (In view of what he said about being nervous about an overnight incall scheduled for Sunday 4th August I'm wondering whether the same nervousness, rather than a lost phone, was the real reason for his no-show of Saturday 27th July ....)

      I asked Dylan whether it was overnight incalls (as opposed to overnight outcalls) that he was nervous about, or whether it was overnight meets in general that bothered him. Because he advertises overnights on his profile, and one of his previous reviewers reports meeting with him overnight in a hotel. Dylan said it was having somebody stay overnight in his flat that he was nervous about; he didn't know how he'd feel about it. He said he was fine with overnight outcalls. I decided not to ask him the obvious question: 'Then why do you say on your profile that you offer overnight incalls? And why do you agree to them if you don't want to go ahead with them when the time comes?' Instead of asking him that, I offered to book a hotel room in Manchester and meet with him there for an overnight outcall, as he'd said he felt fine about overnight outcalls. However, he replied that he'd rather meet me in a hotel in London for an overnight. He offered to reduce his rate for the overnight by £200 to reimburse me for his no-show of Saturday 27th July - but he wanted me to pay his fare from Manchester to London and back, and to pay for the hotel in London, so his fare and the cost of the London hotel would eat substantially into the £200 reimbursement he was offering. However, I said 'ok' to his suggestion of a meet in London.

      But it's proving tricky to get him actually to agree to a specific date for a London meet. On Saturday 3rd August, when he proposed London as a venue, I said to him: 'We were due to meet in Manchester on Sunday 4th August; you said you were free to meet for an overnight that evening; so how about coming to London then?' He replied: 'Not on Sunday 4th August, but soon'. I said 'When is soon? That's very vague and non-committal. We need to fix a definite date. I'm £125 out of pocket, because of your no-show on Saturday 27th July, and you need to reimburse me for that.' But that was three days ago, and he still hasn't replied. Yet today, Tuesday 6th August, an e-mail alert in my inbox at 09. 34 told me he was in the 'available and waiting for calls' area of the SleepyBoy website, and he stayed in the 'available and waiting for calls' area for some hours. So he was clearly 'available' today and therefore could have found time to reply to my text asking him to fix a date when he'd reimburse me for the £125 that his 'no-show' of Saturday 27th July made me waste.

      If Dylan agrees a date when he'll meet with me in London (or Manchester - I don't mind which venue - but he suggested London) and turns up for the meet, so that I'm reimbursed for the £125 he made me waste on Saturday 27th July, I'll be happy to ask for this review and the review I posted on 29th July to be deleted. I'd like to be able to post a good review of him.

      Meanwhile, though, I'd advise anyone to avoid contacting and booking him, because my experience is that he's also willing to mess you about, let you down, put you to significant inconvenience and leave you heavily out of pocket through a no-show or through pulling out after agreeing to meet.
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 63
      Dated: Jul/29/2019 11:04:31
      Date meeting took place: Jul/29/2019
      Dylan presents himself as a nice guy in his profile, and other reviewers have clearly found him so. However, my experience was different. I texted him ten days in advance to request an overnight incall on Saturday 27th July. He texted back saying 'Yes, that should be ok.' On Thursday 25th July I texted and called him to confirm that I was still available on Saturday 27th July and asked him to confirm the booking. He confirmed. As a courtesy I texted him on Friday 26th July to say I was looking foward to seeing him on Saturday 27th July, and he texted back to say 'Yes, see you then.' On the morning of Saturday 27th July I texted him to say I would see him that evening at 9 pm, the time we had agreed, and that I would text him from Manchester Piccadilly station around 8. 45 pm to get directions from the station to his home. He texted back to say 'Great, see you at 9 pm tonight'. He told me I would need to take a taxi from the station to his place, that he lived a couple of miles from the station, and that he would text me his address when I got to the station around 8. 45 pm. But when I got to Manchester Piccadilly station he did not reply to my texts - several of them - or answer my calls - several of them. I heard no more from him. By 8. 45 pm the last train of the day back to London from Manchester Piccadilly had already left, so I could not take a train back to London till next morning around 8 am. I therefore had to spend the night in Manchester Piccadilly station. As I had arranged an overnight incall with Dylan I had no hotel room booked. Faced with the prospect of spending the night in the station I tried to find a hotel with a vacancy, but at that short notice all the hotels I contacted were full, so I had no choice but to sit in the station all night. Dylan knew I was coming from London, and must have realised I had no hotel accommodation reserved (as I had arranged to spend the night at his flat), so he must have known the problems he would cause me by what he did. He has not contacted me to apologise or explain. He seemed keen to meet, so I have no idea why he broke off contact after texting me to say ' Great, see you at 9 pm tonight.' I had texted him a couple of days before, when finalising details of our meet, to tell him that we would only be doing things he listed on his profile as things he was happy to do, and he had texted back to say 'That's fine,' so he cannot have been anxious about that aspect of things. A complete mystery. Maybe there is an explanation. If he were to contact me, explain, apologise and offer to make amends, I would be happy to post a further review saying so and to ask for this review to be deleted. But I have heard nothing from him.
      Name: MARK
      Age: 55
      Dated: Jul/01/2019 12:58:44
      Date meeting took place: Jul/01/2019
      I have met Dylan twice once in a hotel and at once at his discreet Manchester flat.
      Dylan is a great looking guy more handsome in the flesh than his photos and has a lovely physique.
      This guy could be both a toothpaste model and underwear model! A real treat to the eye. He has a lovely personality and attitude.
      A fine escort who is a delight to meet.
      Name: DAN
      Age: 52
      Dated: Jun/28/2019 12:39:21
      Date meeting took place: Jun/28/2019
      I have just seen Dylan for the first time today and what can I say, he’s everything he says in his advert and more. Not only does he look better than his pictures, he has an honest and straightforward manner and a lovely smile. He is responsive and passionate and his body is pure heaven to look at and to hold. I really look forward to seeing Dylan again, a beautiful guy inside and out.
      Name: STEVE
      Age: 58
      Dated: May/23/2019 15:20:49
      Date meeting took place: May/23/2019
      I think I’ve found him! I think I’ve found my perfect escort.
      We had good communications in the lead up to our meeting, with me sending the train fare to him in advance and we met a few days ago in Birmingham. Dylan looks just like his photos and was easy to recognise. He’s a great looking young man with a lovely demeanour and attractive smile! What doesn’t show in the photographs is his genuine, relaxed but confident personality. He is great company. He obviously looks after his fantastic body, and he’s strong but they’re not rippled muscles. He has a great dancer’s body.
      He’s a very good kisser and his mouth is excellent in other areas too.
      There is surprising thickness to his seven inches, and he uses it carefully and very well, building to an explosive climax.
      Dylan was happy to do whatever I wanted (nothing unusual btw) – he was always ready for action and it was always with a smile. I can’t remember the last time an escort said ‘wake me up whenever you want’, as we drifted off to sleep around midnight.
      I did, and we had more versatile action in the morning before breakfast and then a walk around Birmingham before our trains went their separate ways.
      I would love to meet my perfect escort again sometime, and I’m sure I will.

      Name: VIN
      Age: 55
      Dated: Nov/11/2018 09:43:04
      Date meeting took place: Nov/11/2018
      Met Dylan a while ago, good looking guy, lovely physique and pleasantly well hung. A pleasure to be with in and out of the bedroom, do give him a try, you will certainly not be disappointed.
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