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Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel Body Therapist 26yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel Body Therapist 26yr - masseur
Gay Escort Gabriel Body Therapist 26yr - spa
Gay Escort Gabriel Body Therapist 26yr - welness
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 22yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 22yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage
Gay Escort Gabriel 23yr - massage

Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE, 26yrs
North Finchley, UK - London North

Available NOW!
Verified: face body 18+
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North Finchley
Will travel to:
Cambridge, Oxford
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11 mins ago
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Premium escort

Tell us about you...

Hello –

I am Gabriel. Be Welcome!

I am a certified, experienced and highly recommended and sought-after body therapist.

I honestly and humbly believe that I am your best choice for hi-class professional bodywork and tantric massage – because I understand you and offer things not usually found on this site.

YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE . . . After leaving a typical escort appointment you usually feel good, but soon realize that you are more tired than you were before, and that you have no connection to the man with whom you just spent an hour or two. Sure, it was “good sex”, but you feel something is missing and you feel a little empty. Perhaps you even have a small tinge of regret.

WHAT IF . . . instead of spending hundreds on an experience you might easily replicate with your hand, a doll, or some good toys, you spend an hour or two with an exotic young man whose skills as a therapist are top notch, who treats you with kindness and respect, who brings you peace and relaxation through professional body work, and who helps you achieve a heightened sense of sensual self-awareness through the art of tantra (if you choose)? Wouldn’t that be great?

WOULDN’T IT BE . . . amazing to leave from a session with your body therapist feeling physically rejuvenated through professional body work instead of tired and sore? Wouldn’t it be amazing to leave having developed a connection to him through his serene touch instead of feeling spent and empty?

And wouldn’t it be exquisite if, having surrendered as a non-active receiver of tantra, you leave having discovered (or rediscovered) something about your sensual self (your senses, your feelings, your emotions) that will be with you for a long time, instead of turning immediately to thoughts of your next sexual encounter?

LOOK NO FURTHER THAN GABRIEL . . . If you yearn for something different from escort services, come to me. When we are done, you will feel rejuvenated, cared for, connected, and sensually self-aware. It will be an experience you will never forget, and nothing like a typical escort service.

WHO AM I AND WHAT SERVICES DO I OFFER? . . . . I am a 26 year-old Brazilian man with several years of experience in both traditional body work and tantric massage. My regular clients have included the crew of one of the world’s largest airlines (pilots and flight attendants, male and female). Through their internal bulletin board word of my body therapy and massage skills spread. To be honest, my reviews there are raves (I apologize for the lack of modesty)! But the flight crew’s problems are an advantage to you. These hard-working people present with a range of issues that help me continually improve my knowledge of anatomy and give me practical experience that enables me to quickly identify trouble spots, relieve pain, reduce stress, and effectively address them with trigger point and other massage techniques and tools.

While therapeutic body work like that is enormously beneficial to my clients and rewarding to me, not everyone is looking for or needs that kind of specialized attention. So my practice includes other types of massage techniques, including Swedish, Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage – all of which can include stretching and focused breathing to help a client escape from and adapt to the pressures and stresses of modern life. I will not go into the differences between these modalities here, but if you are interested, we can discuss when you contact me, to be sure you are receiving the type of treatment you want and need.

Tantric Sensual Massage is aimed at increasing your awareness of your body through sensation – or touch. You are a recipient of my attention – you are not an active participant. Your duty is to receive the massage and surrender to my touch so you can have increased pleasure and (potentially) increased orgasmic potential (though achieving orgasm is often something that happens naturally in tantric massage, it is not necessary).

The tantric massage is performed with both of us naked. But you are a non-active participant, simply receiving the benefit of touch from my hands and other parts of my body, which will be next to and on yours.

There are several steps in the tantric process. Some steps are performed with essential oils and all involve different types of touch that are intended to awaken your erotic energy and have it spread through your entire body in a magical way. Sexual energy is exposed though sensitive (soft) touches that stimulate your skin and erogenous zones (potentially increasing libido). If you choose, the tantric massage could include a lingam (or penile) massage, and it may include exploration of your anus – all lovingly and respectfully without any expectations. These elements are performed with an ancient sequence of movements to stimulate pleasure. Before we even start the massage we will discuss whether you want to include your genitals, and I may ask you to confirm your desires during the massage, since I may sense that your feelings have changed over the course of our time together. If you choose to proceed, you will learn that these elements of the massage are performed in a way that

heightens your sensual self-awareness by helping you to focus on the things that make you feel good (or that have the opposite effect) – all without you giving anything back to me and without having to react in any particular manner – since this is all about YOU!

WHY GABRIEL? . . . . Because you can have a skilled therapist who treats you kindly, brings you peace and relaxation and helps you achieve heightened sensual awareness, if you choose to work with me. This is not what you will get with others on this site. Give me a call. You will be glad you did.

LOGISITICS . . . I am available for in-calls and out-calls. If you decide to come to me, you can take a shower, just let me know beforehand so I can organize the amenities.



Ethnic Origin:
5ft 8in / 173cm
141.1lbs / 64kg
27.6in / 70cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 7 / EU: 41
Eye colour:
Dark Brown
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What other languages apart from English do you speak?
Portuguese, little Spanish.
North Finchley
Nearest Station:
Woodside Park


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      Reviews for Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE age 26

      Call him now on +447709281678
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: RAY
      Age: 69
      Dated: Sep/23/2022 22:25:20
      Date meeting took place: Sep/22/2022
      As with other clients, I booked a session with Gabriel based on his excellent reviews. Thank you guys for your excellent advice. It’s difficult to come up with anything that hasn’t already been said, so apologies for any repetition.

      Gabriel is a special young man. He puts you at ease as soon as you walk into his house with his gentle demeanor and smile. Having confirmed that I had read his profile and new what to expect, it was off to the shower then back to his nicely presented treatment room. A truly wonderful experience followed. It started with some relaxing breathing exercises, followed by some equally relaxing massage techniques before progressing to the tantric aspect of the session. At this point I must add that, as gorgeous as Gabriel looked when he was fully clothed, he was stunning naked and felt wonderful when making body contact. Unfortunately, as It was necessary to remain passive during the session, I was unable to be as touchy feely as I would like to be. However, it was also nice to realize that because of that, I didn’t have the pressure of trying to perform to his satisfaction, so maybe that was the point, relax and enjoy.

      I won’t go into the tantric aspect of the meeting as I feel that is something that should be experienced blind so to speak. Suffice to say that there were times that I was literally shaking with the feelings being generated. I’ve had so called Tantric massages from providers before, both male and female, but I would say that this is the FIRST Tantric massage that I have had.

      The best 90 minutes that I’ve had for a long time and that includes those, with one or two exceptions, that included full sexual contact. Will I go back? Damn right I will. Thank you Gabriel.
      Name: COLTON
      Age: 46
      Dated: Jul/25/2022 21:14:02
      Date meeting took place: Jul/25/2022
      I am so happy I went to see Gabriel.

      I have “performance aniexty”. Even in the presence of a beautiful man who arouses me, I often have trouble achieving an erection - even at the end of a massage when we move on to the “happy ending”. So, I thought I would give Gabriel a try. Maybe tantra would get me out of my own head and into a place where I could simply relax and enjoy being in the hands of someone who is devoted to helping me understand sensuality and what makes me tick.

      Well, my hopes were more than satisfied!

      Gabriel is so warm, welcoming, attentive, kind and beautiful that I was immediately at ease. The time flew and his expert touch helped me achieve total bliss.

      I will go back as often as I can (he’s a little expensive, but worth it)!

      Thank you Gabriel!
      Name: PAUL
      Age: 60
      Dated: Jul/20/2022 20:35:50
      Date meeting took place: Jul/20/2022
      Having read Gabriel’s reviews and never experienced a tantric massage, I decided to visit and experience the unknown.
      Gabriel was so welcoming to his lovely home putting me completely at ease.
      90mins came and went all too quickly. His body is exceptional, his touch is totally divine and sexually exciting.
      I would definitely recommend anyone who has thought about tantric massage? Go too Gabriel, he is absolutely outstanding, loved every short 90 minutes !!!
      Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE says: Hi Paul,
      I appreciated your visit, and was a pleasure to help you with your first experience. I was really glad to see you satisfied in the end of our session. You are welcome to come back many times as you wish. Have a lovely night.
      Name: STEVEN P
      Age: 53
      Dated: Jul/11/2022 21:14:23
      Date meeting took place: Jul/09/2022

      I used to think that “tantric massage” was all about having an orgasm. Having had a two hour tantric massage with Gabriel, I now know it is about mindfulness and connectivity, peace and tranquillity (though in his hands I definitely had a powerful orgasm, but one utterly and satisfyingly different from the kind I have when I have sex).

      From the moment I first contacted Gabriel and we discussed what would happen, all the way through to the moment I gave him a heartfelt hug goodbye, I felt respected, cared for and appreciated. What’s more, my body and soul seemed to be healed by the supple hands and gentle demeanor of this stellar masseur. He knows what he’s doing, and to give yourself over to him for two hours is to be transported to a better place.

      I really cannot recommend him and his technique and skills highly enough.

      And there is no doubt that he is cute as a button, with all the equipment needed to arouse your senses.

      While the trip to Ruislip took me further than usual, it was worth the time and effort, and his space is really conducive to an amazing and safe experience.

      Thank you Gabriel. As others have said - you are a gem and I am lucky to have found you! I look forward to our next massage!
      Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE says: Hi Steven P

      I was really happy and totally satisfied reading your review. For me is very important to be certain that clients understand what they can expect from my services, and it is really important to understand if will be possible to satisfy your needs. For that reason, I really enjoy having a conversation before the session and again when I meet a new client. You were a lovely client and very polite always, another gentleman. It will be a pleasure to have you here again. Thanks.
      Name: MARC B
      Age: 58
      Dated: Jul/02/2022 12:35:07
      Date meeting took place: Jun/27/2022
      Gabriel is a gem. I originally contacted him for traditional escort services, but he suggested a tantric massage instead. He explained the experience and assured me that even though we wouldn’t have sex, I would have an experience that would bring me to a sensual state that might even be better. With his serene presence, exquisite touch and calming sensitivity, I relaxed, achieved an awareness of and connection to my own body and his that was mind blowing. The 90 minutes flew by. I have to say that at first I was skeptical of the promise of tantra, but after this intense session I am a convert. I realized that what I had achieved with beautiful Gabriel through tantra was more pleasurable than any escort (i.e seXual, not sensual) session I’d ever had (and I have had many - with several lads on this site even).

      My unsolicited advice to all who are interested is to give yourself over to this fine young man. Resist your natural desire to try to have sex with him, and let him help you achieve something you will never forget.
      Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE says: Hi Marc, your review make me really happy and glad. It was wonderful to have you here with me and care about you, a gentleman. See you next time.
      Name: DAVEMICK
      Age: 66
      Dated: Jun/10/2022 23:48:33
      Date meeting took place: May/14/2022
      Perfect. A really lovely guy, a gorgeous body, a delicate touch and a professional massage. We spent two hours together and it seemed only 20 minutes. Such a gentleman, with a penetrating look and wonderful hair - wonderful everything in fact. I hope to meet again soon.
      Gabriel TANTRIC MASSAGE says: It was a pleasure to have you here ;)
      Thanks for your words, hope to see you soon..
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