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      Reviews for YOUNG MASTER age 22

      Call him now on +447514900650
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: William
      Age: 37
      Dated: Mar/30/2017 14:55:04
      I visited Young Master today for the first time. He has an amazing body and face and is everything and more than I expected.
      Even though I went to be used and abused he put me at my ease and I found I trusted him completely.
      It was a hot and horny session. You know he is in control but you feel in good and capable hands.
      I will definitely be going back. He does what he says and is expert at it. A true Alpha male.
      Name: Slave Rob
      Age: 60
      Dated: Mar/26/2017 18:03:10
      Where do I start, well I have met with YOUNG MASTER twice now. I have always fantasised about being dominated and after reading reviews decided that I wanted to give it a go. We communicated to see what I wanted so that when we met the session was tailored to my needs. Don't be put of by no face pics you will not be disappointed, he is a very fit and gorgeous guy.
      So my first meeting when I arrived he was power dressed in tight leather trousers, boots, waistcoat and leather bands around his wrist and biceps. I knew from then I was going to submit to him. The instructions started I was told to undress and kneel in front of him, he pulled my face onto his cock inside his trousers, a great feeling as he became hard. Unzipping his trousers he forced me to suck his cock and forcing me to deep throat him, I was gagging on it but as I was bound there was no escape. I wanted nipple clamps which he placed on me linked with a chain and he had pleasure in tugging them. You are all the time to call him sir or master and not permitted to speak or touch without permission, if you do you get punished. If you please him you still get punished, you can tell from his sadistic smile he is enjoying the power he has over you. The session went on with being power fucked, I lost count how many times but when he wanted he did it. The last 30 minutes he puts you on the sling arms and legs tied in the air ready for him to fist. My god this is where he has you completely in his control, his first deep inside you then the other fist alternating from one to the other, you are helpless and then the hard first fucking, all the time playing with my cock. Finally released from the sling I was sat down and he made me swallow his cum.

      I knew I had to go back for more, this time the punishment was more intense, I was placed in the humbler and told if I moved it would pull my balls. I was bound in different positions and he used me however he wanted but I was there to serve him. Layer and tethered to to bed I had electro shock treatment and hot wax. Again came the fisting but first an enormous inflatable dildo was inserted to stretch me and it did. He nearly manage to double fist me but I was not quite loose enough but next time Master you will.
      So I hope that helps you guys seeking to go to another level, I was apprehensive but Master I will be back to serve you as you instruct me.

      Slave Rob
      Name: James
      Age: 78
      Dated: Feb/11/2017 21:58:50
      I spent two hours with the young master yesterday and they were two of the most exciting hours I have ever had. The first thing to say is that although his face is not shown he is unbelievably beautiful and sexy looking with shining eyes (full of mischief) and soft sensual lips. He set me at ease after a kiss by asking me to describe what I wanted from him, what I liked. I thought the detail would be embarrassing for him and me but he encouraged me to tell him frankly what I liked, which I did and this is what happened: I love boys in rubber and he put on a shining latex suit with a black rubber apron over it. He told me to undress and then sucked my cock until I was hard. He told me to kneel in front of him unzipped his suit and put my mouth over his soft uncut cock which stiffened fast and tasted delicious. He then tied me in a tight bondage hold - ankles to wrists with my legs in the air so I was at his mercy. He put clamps on my nipples (I like nipple torture) and then started a long slow fuck. On and on , on my back, on my side, on all fours until I was transported with pleasure to a different world. Then very gently he began fisting me. Very slowly without any pain but gently insistent until I had his whole hand inside me and was totally transfixed and under his control. It was close to ecstasy. After that we rested and chatted for a bit, but he was not finished. He untied me. Then - again something I had asked for - pissed in my mouth and finally allowed me to swallow his cum. At the end I told him how wonderful it had been. I cannot recommend him too highly and have already booked my next session in two weeks time. Worth every pound I spent.
      Name: Peter
      Age: 63
      Dated: Feb/07/2017 10:25:58
      The Young Master knows his trade. He is incredibly handsome and he enjoys torturing and humiliating his slaves. You can see the pleasure in his smile as the punishment and humiliation gather pace. He ties up his slaves in heavy bondage and takes them degrades and tortures them in ways that they deserve but could never have imagined even in their nightmares.

      As soon as I see the Young Master, I have to strip in front of him and he ties me up. He casually hits me with his cane, painfully twists my cock and nipples and squeezes my balls hard. He spits into my mouth. I have to lick his ass, which he usually takes care not to wipe, and, if he feels like it, I suck his cock and worship his armpits and feet. As well as worshipping his magnificent body, he also reminds me I am a slave by making me lick mud and street-filth from the soles of his outdoor shoes until they are really clean – next time he has promised me there will also be lumps of dog-shit.

      He has a verbal line to terrify his slaves tied up with their legs wide apart: “Now I will kick your balls for a while – you cannot protect them in any way but you will still remember to thank me – your balls will swell painfully and become highly sensitive, which will be fun for me when I torture them later – sometimes I will also intentionally catch your cock with my boot as well …” or “These pincers will crush your tits and also your urethra when I apply them to the tip of your cock: you cannot imagine the pain you will suffer in your cock but, if you scream, I’ll leave them there a lot longer …” Sometimes he demands answers: “Did you enjoy the taste of my shit?” or “Shall I use a more severe cane now, slave?” – the wrong answers bring even worse results for the slave than the right answers.

      We usually meet in a well-equipped dungeon, but the Young Master enjoys most of all using his own torture instruments on his screaming slaves. He has a nasty cane and I often get 50 full-force strokes as a punishment. He has a brutal ball-crusher and, to add to the agony of crushed testicles, he always hangs seriously heavy weights from them to a hook on the crusher “to make your balls work harder”. His pinwheel draws blood – then he laughs and rubs raw lemon juice into the wound. His humbler exposes my slave-balls – usually he makes me drag some of the heavy dungeon furniture with my humbler-trapped balls – “You’re not trying – perhaps these sharp-toothed tit-clamps and three slashes of the prison-strap will encourage you to try harder, slave – stop while I punish you – then I will add extra weight for your lazy balls to drag”.

      The Young Master loves to humiliate in every way. When he needs a piss, it goes straight into my mouth. He also brings days-old stinking piss in a plastic bottle which I have to drink (or I earn extra punishments – and so I drink it in the end anyway). He shits into my open mouth (forced open if he feels like it) and brings his morning shit in an extra package which I have to open with my bare hands – he supervises me while I chew, swallow and thank the Young Master for each nasty stinking turd. It’s horrible but the pain from the cock-tortures, ass-whipping or ball-crushing, which he gives me if I hesitate or complain, are so severe that I have learned to taste and eat everything. The Young Master has no mercy and he expects his slave’s to thank him.

      The Young Master has told me that next time I will be tortured with electricity. He has an electricity machine which now includes an electric sound. When he sounds me, I scream non-stop while he repeatedly shoves a thick instrument into my pisshole and yanks it out again. With the sound inside, he scrapes the outside of my cock, especially the exposed tip, with a heavy-duty wire brush until it bleeds. Next time, I will have to deal with electric shocks as well, which I’m sure will be severe and prolonged, as well as his other “promise” of raw lemon juice instead of lube!

      This Young Master tortures and humiliates for fun. All slaves should suffer under him, feeling his cane, tasting his shit, begging for mercy but never receiving even a second thought. If he enjoys himself enough, the Young Master will also make you eat rope after rope of his thick cum.
      Name: Alex
      Age: 35
      Dated: Feb/04/2017 17:16:32
      Met him on Wednesday and had a wonderful experience.

      He is so handsome and has a sexy slim fit body. My cock was rock hard from the moment he ordered me to kneel down on the floor. He tried all sort of tools and things on me with great pleasure. Finally he started to fuck me with his hard cock while I was tied to the bed.

      Eventually, I cum after he hit my G spot time and time again roughly and deeply, without touching my cock. It was an amazing experience.

      I will definitely meet him again :)
      Name: Zander
      Age: 40
      Dated: Dec/15/2016 07:11:00
      He may be young but he exudes power and isn't acting, he is naturally superior and knows it, and had the ability to help me live my fantasy like no other boy I've met on here.

      The pictures are real and his face is simply stunning. He's like the alpha boy you watch longingly in a shopping centre or park noticing your glance and walking over, stripping you on the spot and taking full control.

      He is loving and kind but always in control. he has the softest lips and hardest cock. You can tell he naturally loves being a master and was born to be one. He can spank in a way that make you beg for more. And humiliate with a look, if that's your thing.

      Take the time to share your most sordid submissive fantasies and he will bring them to life I'm sure.And probably know exactly when to just push that extra bit further so you know who is really in charge,

      I am looking forward to serving him again with a very hard cock and a very full heart.
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