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sleazy michael, 64yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
Gay Sauna Manchester Gay Masseur Gay Saunas Gay Escorts Gay Escorts
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19th December 2022

@ 1st Timers - All Ages ( 18+ ) Virgin to Experienced - Any Sexuality - Gender - Fetish - Fantasy - Size - Disability - Learning Difficulty - Weight Issues - Without Fear Of Rejection - All Welcome.

UNPROTECTED SEX OPTION - If you HIV Negative or on PrEP provided you are honest there will not be an issue.
My Status: HIV Negative & STI Free.
HIV Neg: Unprotected all OK including cum/piss with penetration.
HIV Pos/undetectable: Unprotected oral, rimming and EXTERNAL cum are OK.
PROTECTED SEX: If this is your preference of course no issue.

Are you seeking a mature escort with 'experience'? Well I can declare that you won't find a more 'mature' escort here on Sleepyboy, at 64yo I top the bill and my attitude to my age is: 'you are only as old as the man or twink you are feeling'

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is only ONE Sleazymichael' - Award Winning Male Escort 18 Yrs Experience - Distance Not An Issue! London - UK - Europe - International
@ 'OUT' calls only: Your place, Hotel, Sauna, Sex Club, Outdoors.
@ RATES: 1HR £150, then £100hr
Overnight or Daytime Session options £700 = 8hrs then £80hr or £900 = 12hrs Then £70hr 24hrs+ Negotiable.
@ Dinner/Theatre/Non Sexual Dates, up to 3hrs: 150 then 50hr.
@ First Time Nerves or anal virgin? I could not put this better myself:
'I'm a little nervous and will be a bit shy at first... but I know you're going to be experienced and you know what you want so you will make me feel at ease and comfortable.'
@ STATS: 64yo H 6' W 32" CH 38" Weight 10.25 stone 65kg Foot 9.5 Build Slim & defined Cock Uncut 7.5 inches.
@ 0790 356 7922 For the real deal just pick up that phone!
NOTE: OK to call on With-held however to finalize a booking your number will be required. CONTACT VIA TXT ONLY: WILL BE IGNORED.
Privacy Issues will be respected. If they apply when you call please make this clear.

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to check me 'out' in action? Filmed around 2006/7
4 porn movies in which I feature FREE viewing:
STEP 1: https://manporn.xxx/
2: enter sleazymichael via ‘search’

featured in 'The Sex Business' a ground breaking Channel 5 Documentary

down to page bottom then select 'more episodes'
Then select Working From Home S1 E2

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No 89: Submitted by John 7th March 2020.
'Sleazy' is something of a misnomer, as Michael a really gentle and kind guy, though the sex can get rough. Waxing was brilliant. I wanted a bloke my own age and if that's your deal go for it. Being active but preferring men not boys it ain't always easy. We played with big toys, exhibitionists, and it was exciting. Tons of gear, I brought some and he wore it readily - great fun. It all lasted much longer than planned and we had a snuggly sleep + cosy chat le matin. Recommended but be sure about what you want, a lovely fella. Cheers guys, Johnny.

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rocks your boat? Hot Man2ManCumFun - Outdoors - Sauna – Cruising/sex club - Holiday Companion – With or without Condom - Rimming - French Kissing - Watersports – FF - Cross Dressing - Group Action.
This is just part of my extensive menu - YOU are my valued customer - My hourly rates are not varied by what YOU select.

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Have YOU been there and got the T Shirt?
@ 'Sorry I don't kiss' - Your Escort profile makes clear you do kiss - ' I only kiss my boyfriend' ( he obviously gave you a nano-second check - nah I aint kissing this client.
@ Open door MONEY NOW please - then 15 minutes later it's ALL over.
'I did not want to cum that quickly' - Escort purely motivated by £££ on mission to get you out of the door as soon as.
@ The escort is does not resemble his photos.
@ How long can this escort claim to be 21yo?
@ If you want me to fuck you are cum that's extra.
@ 'You have gone five minutes over you will have to pay me another £150.'
@ Did not even offer me a refreshment.
@ When was this place last cleaned?
@ I have lost count how many times the escort took calls during our session.
@ That was so mechanical.
@ Why did I leave with this feeling that the session was all about: 'Look admire don't touch my gym fit body.'
@ He could not get a hard on!
@ Seemed completely bored with me and could not even hold a basic conversation.
@ I booked this escort and he could not be bothered to turn up and now won't take my calls.
@ Could not be asked to return my call after leaving a voice message that I wanted to arrange a session.
@ He failed to deliver on so many levels why does his profile not reflect the REALITY?

If you wish to avoid ANY of the above - your search is now so OVER.
For an encounter you will never forget for the RIGHT reasons, 'There is only ONE Sleazymichael.'


Ethnic Origin:
6ft / 183cm
149.9lbs / 68kg
31.9in / 81cm
Penis size:
7.5in / 19cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 10 / EU: 44
Eye colour:
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1st Timers - All Ages ( 18+ ) Virgin to Experienced - Any Sexuality - Gender - Fetish - Fantasy - Size - Disability - Learning Difficulty - Weight Issues - Without Fear Of Rejection - All Welcome.
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My normal rates plus additional £100>£150 Per Hour
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The guys I duo with have to be of EXCEPTIONAL quality - we have to connect with YOU and each other - so let me know what sort of combo you seek and then we can make it happen.

I am Available at these times...


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Award Winning Escort - 18 Years Experience - 90 reviews


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      Reviews for sleazy michael age 64

       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: TOM
      Dated: Jul/17/2009 23:41:11
      Date meeting took place: Jul/17/2009
      date of session: 25 Nov 2007
      Michael FULLY lives up to his handle of "Sleazy". But he's also a terrific guy! We met online and chatted over the course of several weeks prior to my visit to London. He was very accomodating, prompt, and informative in our e-mail exchanges. He has his own website which fully describes his stats and all his information. He's relatively new to the escort scene but obviously VERY knowledgeable and experienced. He met me at my central London hotel, on time, and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner together in the area (Soho). Afterwards we went to one of his favorite gay bars and then returned to my hotel for an amazing "session" of pleasure. Michael is quite versatile and ready for most anything safe.
      He has AMAZING anal talents (smile) and had brought several toys. Ask him to show you his ability to make a 17.5 inch double headed dildo completely disappear!! ;-) We enjoyed kissing, cuddling, sucking, rimming, and all the "usuals". I'm a photographic voyeur and Michael had no problem allowing me to snap lots of sexy pictures for my later enjoyment. He's recently been awarded the 2007 Male Sex Worker Of The Year award in London and was the November Escort Of The Month in OX Men. If you're looking for good CLEAN fun in London with someone absolutely "FILTHY", I wholeheartedly recommend Sleazy Michael! ;-) A sexy man who's also personable and nice!

      Name: TONY
      Age: mature
      Dated: Jun/27/2009 14:56:50
      Date meeting took place: Jun/27/2009
      Date of sess: 7 Oct 2007
      Having previously met Michael for an earlier session, I expressed a wish to experience a duo with someone that Michael knew. He sent me a number of photos from which I choose Billy, a lovely guy from Guinea West Africa.

      The day came and I arrived a little nervous, at Michaels Apartment to be greeted by both Michael and Billy, who soon put me at ease, I had already asked Michael to leave Billy and I together for a short time before joining in, and wow what a lovely guy Billy was !! he was smooth bodied, slim and a gorgeous uncut cock winking at me, together with a lovely smiling face and chatted away as if we were old friends, we fondled kissed and played with each other, and he wasted no time in turning me over and entering me.

      Michael then joined in and soon we were joined together as a threesome, I had expressed a wish also to be blindfolded, so that I had no idea who was doing what to whom, but this was a fake as there was a great deal of difference between the two of them in touch etc.

      I naturally was given the royal treatment in all areas, until we had all exhausted ourselves, it was a wonderful experience that perhaps we can repeat another time.
      Neither Michael or Billy were rushing me or clockwatching, I thoroughly recommend to all who seek a duo partnership, both these two , you wont be disappointed

      Name: PAUL
      Age: 40s
      Dated: Jan/06/2008 15:46:41
      Date meeting took place: Jan/06/2008
      posted by paul 13 oct 2007
      Michael is a superb, skilled mature escort who works with some young escorts with great potential. I had fantastic session with duo guys Michael & Billy. Michael is slim and lovely nipples and a sensitive manager of the scenario so that the client is very satisfied -he has a superb body and lovely nipples, and takes great care when using my body. I set the agenda, and it was carried out to perfection. Relaxed and unhurried as well as civilised and fun. A good session with two very relaxed and easy guys. Billy, his protege, is fantastic, a lovely young slim black guy, and learning very quickly for specialist client needs. The climax was Billy fucking ( first time that I have ever been fucked by an African ) and it was fantastic. A young African he is alreday receptive to what whit esubs need from aggressive Afro tops - Michael is a great mentor for Billy who will be the best thing on the Afro Master scene - dominant, receptive, and aggressive, my arse has never felt in safer hands. Michale is an excellent escort/mentor and his mentoring of Billy is superb.The agenda and the scenario of a black Master dominating a white slave was worked well, and Michael directed Billy's every step as I rimmed Billy, and then subjected my body to Master's Billys control of my nipples and arsehole - you get what you seek with these two I can tell you, physical and sensual, verbal and more - I set the agenda, and they delivered it and more.
      Name: ROGER
      Age: mature
      Dated: Oct/23/2007 18:54:25
      Date meeting took place: Oct/23/2007
      Sent 24 July 2007
      Michael is great value. I was nervous before I first met him, but I needn't have worried. He soon put me completely at ease and I haven't looked back since. I have met him on several occasions now and each session has been an exhilarating and very satisfying experience, especially the duo with a delightful young man when we last met.
      There is always plenty of body contact and he has a lovely slim, smooth body with an all-over tan (it's fading a bit at the moment!) with a nice inviting cock and arse. His main concern is to ensure that one has an enjoyable sexual time: he does not rush things or watch the clock. It is all very relaxed and fun. His profile shows how versatile he is and i shall be fixing further sessions to dip into his menu of activities. Good on you, Michael.

      Name: GERALD
      Age: 40s
      Dated: Oct/15/2007 22:07:12
      Date meeting took place: Oct/15/2007
      24/7/07 Michael is like that adv "it does what it says on the tin" but in his case its his profile. i have been with sleaze many times {often with one of his amazing duos)and i am a sixtyish plain looking gay with parkinsons desease but he treats me as if i was sexy. he always overruns tihe timeyou booked he is funny honest and i would trust him to take me further into sleaze than i have been before. he is my birthday present to my self and when i leave i know i have been well & truely fucked. oh ask him to show you his party trick with a double header
      Name: ROB
      Age: mature
      Dated: Sep/22/2007 22:18:10
      Date meeting took place: Sep/22/2007
      I spent a very pleasant two hour session with Michael. I use escorts often and have come to expect high standards, Michael does not disappoint in any way. Prior to the meeting Michael was very easy to talk to and clear in the details of our meeting. We met on a sunny day in London and went back to his flat. Michael is very approachable and there was none of that awkwardness that one sometimes feels when meeting someone new.

      I have a very tight arse but love to be fucked. Michael was very patient but after several attempts it was clear that I could not accomodate him. For many this may have been a turn off but with Michael it was fun. We had fun trying and then when it was obvious that I was not going to be fucked we had even more fun with me fucking him. Michael is certainly able to accomodate bigger cocks than mine!

      I do not live in London so my brief visit to the capital city for a hard, horny session with a great guy certainly gave me a lot to think about on my journey home. I would recommend Michael highly, he has a naturally slender body. He is completely uninhibited but respects other people's boundaries. With some escorts I have come away thinking "that was nice" but with others I think "that was brilliant". Michael comes in the brilliant category. I think this is because some escorts do their work primarily for the money, others do it also because they love sex. Michael scores on all fronts because he loves sex, but also he likes people and that shows in his enthusiasm and quality of his work.

      This is a really great person.
      20 july 2007
      Name: GEOFF
      Age: mature
      Dated: Sep/19/2007 12:56:54
      Date meeting took place: Sep/19/2007
      I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that after today's visit I have to say that you are no longer on my list of good escorts. The good news is that I have moved you to the list of bloody brilliant ones!!!!!
      You gave me such a great time today m8. I know its all about chemistry, but it really works for me. But more than that you were generous with your time and I was really grateful.
      Name: VIC
      Age: 40s
      Dated: Sep/18/2007 23:55:28
      Date meeting took place: Sep/18/2007
      Michael is really a great escort. His profile states frankly what he offers, but in person he is even better. I met him for a session recently. He helped me relax, & we clicked immediately. He was friendly, open, & responsive (unlike so many). He did not clock watch & gave me not only one of the great sexual experiences of recent times, but also saw to it that I was emotionally & deeply satisfied along the way. Afterwards we relaxed together & chatted before I left. You can see from the range of things he is willing to do, in his profile, that after an experience like that i can't wait to get back & try more! I would recommend him to anyone as one of the best escorts I have been to see.
      Name: ROGER
      Age: 40s
      Dated: Sep/17/2007 18:21:55
      Date meeting took place: Sep/17/2007
      I really enjoyed meeting michael this afternoon and Im sorry to have hurried off as I did. he were very welcoming ( with a very good glass of wine) and soon made me feel very relaxed with you. It was so nice to feel that there was time for cuddling, kissing, body contact etc etc...just what I wanted and at the pace I yearned for.And michael does have a lovely body. No way was I disappointed and I only hope I did not disappoint.
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