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I'm on a short break!
Don't worry, I'll be back

Reem, 36yrs
London, UK - London Central

Verified: face body 18+
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Tell us about you...

I was born in a hot  desert environment
 In the Middle East?????
why I had a strong body ??????
 That's why I adore sex to the point of madness??????
 I can have sex every day and I can have sex for several hours???????
Including two hours of continuous non-stop without any sexual stimulant or Viagra.
Practicing sex every day is important to me
I don't work as male escort for a money only
Money is not every thing for me.
 I'm more interested in enjoying sex me and my client in bed  That's why you ask for a small amount of money???????
 I gave the customer the agreed time between us so no rush and not finish quickly???????
 I am very clean and take care of my physical cleanliness very well. Cleanliness is a very important thing for me 

 My body contains thick black hair which helps me and  my clients increase orgasm when they touch my body I have big thick Lovely dick ???????
I'm an open minded person and  friendly & fun??????
I respect all people regardless of their color or race. Or there religion life belongs to all human beings????
Welcome to my flat with a full secret and Privacy??????
My flat is safe and secur????????
10 minutes between my flat and Edmonton station .
Or 3 minute walk from Ponders End station

Welcome for a couple's
Welcome for Group sex
& Sex party


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 6in / 170cm
224.9lbs / 102kg
37.8in / 96cm
Penis size:
7.1in / 18cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9.5 / EU: 43.5
Eye colour:
In Calls / Out Calls

About Me

Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
men or woman
Body Hair:
Depends On Person
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
Edmonton green//Ponders End

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Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Lycra , Cross dressing , School uniform , Army

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      Reviews for Reem age 36

       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: JULIAN
      Age: 32
      Dated: Jan/09/2019 02:21:13
      Date meeting took place: Jan/09/2019
      I'm 32 bottom from Finland

      i spent two hours with mr. dior
       swear I did not go like them before.
      I enjoyed them beautifully
      dior was a very nice person and courteous.
      he treated me like his bride during the two hours
      when I got his home he welcomed me and gave me juice and cake then he took me to his bedroom and his room was romantic
      there are candles in it with beautiful music player on he took off my clothes and began kissing my body, my lips and my nipples
      and he suck them also
      when he took off his underwear I saw his dick
      it was very large, thick and lovely
      I've been sucked up until I've tasted it
      but I was afraid how this dick would go in my
      ass hole  dior was very affectionate and entered his dick very calmly and his experience made me feel very sexual orgasm he was a strong and quiet person at the same time
      he fucking me 45 with non stop he come twice
      then he hugged me on the bed and grew on his chest for more than half an hour
      During that time, he was biting my neck affectionately and sucking my lips and talking
      I've noticed that Dior is so erotic that he likes sex crazy he was a quiet and gentle person he nicest thing is the wonderful feeling when i touch the hair of his chest
      Dior was looked nicer than the pictures

      thank you Dior you deserve more than 5 stars

      Name: MOORAD
      Age: 25
      Dated: Jun/23/2018 20:48:58
      Date meeting took place: Jun/23/2018

      I met Dior last week for the first time xxx
      Dior was a nice  person who welcomed me nicely when I arrived and gave me cake and juice xxxx
       His flat was really clean and safe.
       We talked and got to know each other he was talking to me nicely xxx
       He was totally naked hs boudy was especially sexy, especially the hair on his chest xxxx
      I swear I was shocked when I saw his dick
       It was very large thick and wonderful
       Even the dick glans was buteful xxxxx
       I licked it and sucked it for more than 15 minutes It was like rock  xxxxx
      After he began to touch my body with his hands, which made me surrender to him xx
       Then he took me to bed In the bedroom
       It was a beautiful romantic room that felt you needed sex xxx
      He put me down on the bed and began to lick my body and nipples of my chest xxx
       He began sucking and licking my lips and neck madly it was a wonderful feeling for me
       Then I lay down on my back and  lifted my feet on Dior shoulders and he began to enter his dick inside my anal lightly to the end of my anal i even felt his testicles touching my ass
      Feeling simple pain with ecstasy and pleasure
       Then i lay down on my belly he lay down  top of my body and began to insert his dick into my anal and lick my neck and gently bite it
      And kissing My lips xxxx
      He fuck my for one hour and a half continuous
      I swear I felt a sexual ecstasy I had not felt before with Dior xxxx
       When we finished sex i lay down next to him and put my head on his chest he hugged me
       And began to wipe my hair xxx
      I felt like Im a bride xxxx
       Before I left, I went to the bathroom to take a shower as I bathed, I saw Dior behind me
      He hugged me and began rubbing his dick on my ass and began to lick my neck and kissing my lips and suck my tongue xxxx
      And the warm water is pouring down our bodies xxxxx
      I spent two hours of sex with Dior and I will not forget them xxxxx
      Thank you Dior you are the best xxxxxxx
      Name: ALEXANDER
      Age: 21
      Dated: Jun/11/2018 00:32:05
      Date meeting took place: Jun/11/2018
      My name is ryan I am 21 year old i am a slim negative male
      Name: SEBASTIAN
      Age: 49
      Dated: Jun/03/2018 23:09:57
      Date meeting took place: Jun/03/2018

      I have met a few guys on my trips to London, but since I met with dior , I have not looked for anyone else. Why should I, when I truly believe that dior , is the best by far. Not only is he incredible in bed (I am a bottom,)  and he knows how to use it to hit all the right spots), but he is kind, attentive and took the time to make me relaxed and to hear what I wanted. He is a true professional and looked after my needs. It is obvious that he puts his clients first, yet enjoys his time - which has the effect of increasing my enjoyment. I have never had so much fun.
       Dior is a clean person he always bathed before having sex with me and after finished too . He also smelled of beautiful fragrance as he smelt of his chest
      Dior photos do not do him justice, as he is much more handsome and sexy in real life. He  has muscles in all the right places. Not only is his body one that is perfection, but his personality is one that is genuine and engaging. He is kind, quiet and funny - wait till you see his smile and hear his laugh (it melted my heart and put me totally at ease). He is intelligent and can hold a conversation, easily fits in in different situations
      Dior obviously looks after his body, and enjoys his work. He has a strong character that has enabled him to avoid the trap of others I have met who fall into a trap of the profession. He does not smoke and was obviously not into drugs. In all, he showed me that he is much more than other guys I have met. , 
      a recommendation that you should contact dior , and allow him to take you heights of pleasure and joy that are unparalleled. I will be back to see dior , many times, and am planning a long holiday with him soon.
      Dior Five stars are not enough for you.
      Thank you xxx

      Name: JORDAN
      Age: 37
      Dated: May/18/2018 17:19:42
      Date meeting took place: May/18/2018
      Met up with dior last night, wow, what can I say, I've seen a few escorts before but dior beats the lot, what an amazing figure, so sexy, so naughty, and such a pleasure to spend an evening with. Amazing conversation,
      Dior is a very welcoming young man,  I have seen him a few times now, and always look forward to my visit
      His photos are good, but he is even better looking in person, and with his charming manners, andvery good looks he melts you right from the start.
      He is very smart, and very willing to oblige to
       your needs. He is one of the nicest people I
       know. he was fantastic, I was quite nervous when I turned up but his manner puts you right at ease. The service was unhurried and we had a great time. He has an absolute monster cock and more importantly knows how to use it. He loves his cock being sucked and balls licked and I loved doing it. But the highlight was that this guy knows how to fuck. He fucked me gently, he fucked me hard, he fucked me deep. He fucked me in a variety of positions.
       I will definitely meet him again.
      Name: ADAM
      Age: 51
      Dated: May/12/2018 15:39:00
      Date meeting took place: May/12/2018
      My name is Adam.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And my waif name is jolia !!!!!!!!!!!!!
       We are a Spanish couple residing in London
      I called Dior yesterday to come and have sex with me and my wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We had a wonderful time with Dior
       I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wonderful time. He is also a very nice polite and friendly person you could spend time with him this was no hurry or rushed service?????????????????
       was a strong body person who was able to satisfy my wife's lust and sexual desire
       Knowing that my wife is sexually lustful
       My wife was very ecstatic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I asked him to have sex with me as Rough sex:
       I do not exaggerate if I say I felt like I was having sex with a horse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      His dick is lovely and so big thick and long
       I will definitely call him to meet him again, especially since his price is very cheap compared to others

      Name: STEVEN
      Age: 26
      Dated: May/04/2018 20:49:51
      Date meeting took place: May/04/2018
      Dior . is a very good escort he always go's out of he's way to make you feel good and happy. i have know him as a escort for two years now and can say he is the best out there. i have had some amazing massage is from him my god he make's you feel so good you really do have to go and try one to see. i think he is the most genuine guy i have ever met.
      and don't be surprise by he's looks cos in real he looks so gorgeous and he's pictures on here are so mach like him but he is better in real............believe me. so if you are looking for a great escort give dior a call you will not be disappointed really.............thank you so very mach dior for giving me a real good time in bed and out….......
       Dior is 100% what he says he is!! Very good looking and stylish, well spoken and very engaging and responsive. Highly recommended if you wish to enjoy the company of a guy with looks, brain and style! I will be seeing him again!
      Name: GEORGE
      Age: 40
      Dated: May/01/2018 16:55:28
      Date meeting took place: May/01/2018
      I met dior for the first time yesterday

       I have been hesitant  because he asked for a small amount for having sex with me

       I was afraid the service would be bad due to the little amount he asked me

       But when I met him I discovered it
      That honestly he was a friendly and fun person

       Also the smell of the beautiful fragrance was flowing from his body

       When I had sex with him, he was romantic and had me and treated me gently and calmly

       I felt like I was dreaming I had a very nice feeling

       What I discovered is that this person does not work as male escort  for money

       He is a person who loves sex with a crazy craving

       He was a strong guy and had sex with me for 60 minutes without stopping

       I will definitely book to  see  him again

      Name: MILANOR
      Age: 38
      Dated: Apr/24/2018 19:13:06
      Date meeting took place: Apr/24/2018
      I met this young man twice in 3 months for sex
      was a friendly person And polite
      I do not deny I really enjoyed having sex with that young man
      He made me feel a beautiful ecstasy by having sex with him Especially when my body has touched his body which is Full of hair
      It makes you feel that you are having sex with a real man
      He has a good experience that makes you enjoy yourself sexually but
      his dick was big and thick Honestly
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