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      Reviews for Taylor age 24

      Call him now on +447754893590
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       Very good
      Name: Steve
      Age: 55
      Dated: Sep/26/2017 21:21:29
      Been using this site for a good few months now and am getting all my escorts reviewed now as I think its important for others to see.

      Taylor was my first and to date still top 2 or 3 (visited about 15) he was an absolute diamond and I do intend to revisit him soon.

      He insisted on chatting by phone prior to the meet and came across as a calm and friendly guy and it certainly made the meet easier.

      The only black mark was a delay on the day - he text 30 mins prior to the appointed time and said he was running 15 mins late - not a problem - but this delay went up and up and up and was eventually over an hour - frustrating in more ways than one having to skulk about in an unknown part of London but I certainly felt he seemed worth the wait and boy am I glad I waited.

      He is fuckin gorgeous and even more perfect than in his pictures - beautiful face and just generally hot - and hung too :)

      So easy to chat too and spend time with he worked hard to find the right position to take me comfortably and he found it with hot sweaty perfection - brilliant

      Can't wait to see you again Taylor - take care you gorgeous man

      Steve xx
      Name: Alex
      Age: 47
      Dated: Mar/18/2017 01:47:36
      Even though I’ve seen quite a few escorts, I’m still always a bit nervous about booking. Taylor managed to put right at ease from our first phone call, where his cheeky Essex personality came through. It was so nice to speak to a genuine English guy, that I decided to go for a longer booking than the usual 1 hour.

      When I arrived at his place, I was impressed by the amount of effort that he had gone to get the room ready - so different than most of the other escorts’ places I have visited, there were clean sheets, sexy lighting, hot porn playing.

      He suggested that we start with a shower together. He has an en-suite bathroom, with a big walk-in shower. We started to wash each other down, and he showed me what a sensual kisser he is. He was instantly hard and I could see that he hadn’t exaggerated about the size of his cock.

      When we finally go to the bed, there was more foreplay, and he showed me a few tricks I hadn’t seen before. I was so ready for him to fuck me, after he teased me with his cock. He stayed hard throughout, fucking me in wilder positions, until we both came.

      Even after we had finished, we kissed, cuddled and chatted and I didn’t feel rushed at all. He seemed genuinely interested in me, and I’ll definitely be booking him again. It was worth every penny, and this wasn’t like any of the other escort experiences I have had in London.
      Name: Adam K
      Age: 33
      Dated: Jan/27/2016 13:13:14
      The definition of perfection in the Oxford dictionary is "being or making perfect; perfect state; perfect person, specimen, etc".
      That just about sums up Taylor in word 'perfection'.
      I had booked 3 hours with him, and communicated with him prior to meeting, as I was travelling from West Yorkshire to London, texts were answered promptly and we had a couple of phone conversations prior to meeting to set the scene of expectations.
      On the day, that was met and exceeded.
      A thoughtful and kind person from the outset that shone through the whole day, we had a fantastic chat at the start and again at the end, finally finding someone who can talk almost as much as I can!
      Gentle and tender was the whole basis for the day and just sad that the time passed, what seemed like so quickly!
      If he'll have me again would definitely rebook once more, and it was worth the train ride down to meet him.
      It was my first time with an escort and this was far beyond what I had imagined.
      Thank you Taylor
      Name: Tom
      Age: 46
      Dated: Jan/01/2016 08:02:54
      I have tried a number of escorts from this (and other) sites and Taylor offers a service that's way beyond anything else I have experienced elsewhere.
      He takes the time to get to know you, helps you relax and get comfortable, finds out what you like, and you'll definitely get the best out of his service with a longer session of 2 hours or more.
      He is cute, fun, sexy & imaginative; no two sessions are ever alike. Unlike many of the escorts on here, he looks as good as his pics, and really delivers on the day. He makes me feel like he wants to be there with me, and that he's having as much fun as I am!
      He has now moved to a brand-new, luxury apartment in Central London, which makes for very comfortable surroundings for an evening.
      I never expected to become a regular client of any escort, but have been visiting Taylor for some months now and have not been tempted to search for anyone else, as every visit is as fresh, fun and hot as the first time.
      I feel a bit guilty that it's taken me so long to write a review, but maybe I wanted to keep him all to myself!
      Name: Sam
      Age: 45
      Dated: Jun/11/2015 00:37:37
      What can I say---- truly a 5star experience. Taylor is beautiful with boy next door looks and goes that extra mile with hospitality to make you feel totally comfortable. Not a clock watcher and extremely polite and eager to please as well as taking me to new heights that I thought I could not go to. A very memorable experience indeed.
      Name: Ben
      Age: 20s
      Dated: Feb/23/2013 12:24:29
      Taylor is stunning, he looks a lot better than the photos on Sleepyboy. Communicated with him prior to the meeting date, he responded promptly and went through things that we will be doing and he delivered on the day. Had a 2 hour appointment with him, he is amazing in bed lots of kissing and cuddling and a great bottom, He is a wondeful companion.,joy to be with and good in conversation,good personal interaction and social skills. I was relaxed and felt comfortable.
      Name: HJ
      Age: 20s
      Dated: Feb/10/2013 20:04:49
      Taylor is perhaps the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met. I have met him twice in week now for 2-hour sessions and we have had some electrifying conversations. I can't say much about his skills in bed because I have enjoyed talking to him so much and avoided the sex, though I'm sure he's great at it. The two times we met, he kept cuddling up to me like I was his boyfriend throughout the two hours I was with him and seemed desperate to get into my pants (and I'm pretty ugly). He is an extremely passionate kisser and will make you feel like he genuinely cares about you, and that's as far as I have gone with him for now.

      His pictures here are good but he actually has porn star good looks in real life. The pics don't really do justice to his looks. You can tell he takes as good care of himself as he does of his clients (well, me at least). Another thing I liked about him was that the first time we met, time flew by and we overran by about 30 minutes, but he didn't seem to mind at all. I haven't tried many other escorts before, so I don't know what to compare this experience to, but the bar has been set quite high and I will not hesitate to see him again.

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