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Best escort duo in LONDON. Meet us and U WILL SEE WHY!

Tell us about you...

Welcome on our profile! ;)

We are BDSM experts & cater for most fetish scenes. But we up also for just vanilla stuff. Ask!

What are u into? Tell us & we’ll create that scene just for u. Live out ur fantasy with us, as ur Masters.

With most scenes we cater for, there is a soft or hard option, limits or no limits, it’s ur choice or let us decide for u.

We always play safe & sane as we want u to come back for more.

As our Slave u’ll be just an object (cause that’s what u are) & u’ll learn what a Slave is for.

We’ll take u to the brink & further if necessary. It’s an experience we promise u won’t forget.

Have u never experienced BDSM before? Curious? Wanna try it? It can be arranged, just call us, don't be afraid.

We own a fully equipped Dungeon (15min train St Pancras-Hendon) or Northen Line to Hendon Central.
If u come to us from outside London then is very easy to get here. We are just off M1.
We also can come to ur place!

We do incalls, outcalls, overnights, weekends & we travel everywhere in the world for the right client!

We are happy to deal with the most experienced of Submissive but also provide a gradual introduction to BDSM & training programme to complete novices. We always agree & respect your limits. Be prepared to do as we order & remember that ur place is likely to end up kneeling at OUR feet.
We are strict but fair. You will follow our rules & learn discipline & obedience or face punishments according to our will & what u can take.

We are experienced in first timers & curious guys. We take special care in initiating novices.

If u have any questions fell free to write us a message! We’ll answer asap!

We can be reached by text, call, WhatsApp or email. We happy using any of them so please get in touch if u would like to make a booking with us.

We look forward to hearing from u. We take pleasure in providing each client we meet with an experience tailored exactly to their needs.


U can book an appointment, pay a deposit, check more pics & vids on:


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 10in / 180cm
158.7lbs / 72kg
Penis size:
8.7in / 22cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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About Me

The type of guys i like are?
Slaves, Subs, bdsm beginners... but also up for guys only into sex. And why not... Sugar Daddies! ;)
How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
Depends on person
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
What other languages apart from English do you speak?
Spanish, Italian, Greek, Serbian
Nearest Station:


Incalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
Incalls 2 Hours:
Ask me
Incalls Overnight:
Ask me
Outcalls 1 Hour:
Ask me
Outcalls 2 Hours:
Ask me
Outcalls Overnight:
Ask me
Additional info:
Depends what u exactly want in a session, might give u a good discount. ;)

Duos Information

Do you do duos?:
Duo Partner Profile:

I am Available at these times...


Why someone should choose you

Cause of our Experience, that shows also into our fully equipped Dungeon. Cause of our many good reviews.
We look forward to hearing from u. We take pleasure in providing each client we meet with an experience tailored exactly to their needs.


Always safe sex:
Give and receive
Give and receive
Cum on Body:
Give and receive
Cum on face:
Cum eating:
Double penetration:


Hotel dates:
Car dates:
Outdoor Sex:
Sauna visits:
Sex in public:


Electro shock:
Nipple Play:
Corporal punishement:
BDSM role:
Foot worship:
Rough sex:


Trainers , Boots , Shoes
Sportwear , Latex , Lycra , Leather , School uniform , Army

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Photos for DARKOLEC

Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - masseur
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - sauna
Escort Darkolec 25yr - masseur
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - masseur
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - watersports
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy  Olec And Darko 26yr - masseur
Escort  Olec And Darko 26yr - masseur
Escort  Olec And Darko 26yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - watersports
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - spanking
Escort Darkolec 25yr - watersports
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - masseur
Escort Darkolec 25yr - masseur
Escort Darkolec 25yr - watersports
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - sauna
Rent boy  Olec And Darko 26yr - massage
Rent boy  Olec And Darko 26yr - spanking
Rent boy  Olec And Darko 26yr - sportwear
Escort  Olec And Darko 26yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - roleplay
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - spanking
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - massage
Escort Darkolec 25yr - massage
Rent boy Darkolec 25yr - masseur

Videos for DARKOLEC

13 Jun 2019
13 Jun 2019
24 Oct 2017
escort v...
23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017

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Reviews for DARKOLEC age 25

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 Not Happy
 Very good
Name: Telos
Age: 48
Dated: Jun/28/2019 23:05:43
Thought I’d see Darkolec for a session in a Bristol hotel for a change to see what they were like without their dungeon & I wasn’t disappointed !
They brought plenty of toys & restraints with them on a really hot day.
They’re just two likable guys who know what they’re doing whether it’s a dungeon, hotel room or wood.
Plenty of stripe marks on my body, ass electro, plastic bags, restraints & cream (don’t ask).
Nice to be restrained & dealt with by knowledgeable men in their trade.
This would be my seventh meeting with them & I’m far from being bored.
Name: Stealth
Age: 47
Dated: Jun/13/2019 15:57:05
Another good day out !
They are really good, exemplary.
First time I’d been in a sleep sack & strapped down, a bit scary at first. Takes a while to get use to electro on your nipples when you can’t resist.
Varied use of canes & paddles from the sadistic Master Darko.
Some breath control using leather gloves & ass play, what more can you want ?
Very tenacious in every way, startling at times even.
This is where your dreams can become reality !
They really deserve the reputation that they have.
Thanks once again
Name: Intricate
Age: 49
Dated: Jan/30/2019 19:31:20
Are they the best fetish duo in London ? By far they are.
Great dungeon/playroom, plenty of gear to have a good time for a few hours of fun.
Easy going guys with confidence in their fine-tuned act making it worth the wait to meet them.
Let them know what you want beforehand & it will most likely happen !
Thanks guys

Name: Repentance
Age: 49
Dated: Dec/21/2018 19:51:02
Really invigorating experience, they’ve got the looks, they’ve got the toys & they have the experience, what more do you want & need ! They will open a new world & your mind, can you cope with this ?
Experienced players that know what they are doing, you’re be in safe hands.
Nothing to loose if you’re curious !
Thanks again & always.
Name: Devren
Age: 50
Dated: Dec/11/2018 14:57:40
Sceptical if they could keep up the standard they're known for after what would be my fourth visit (yeah they did).
Always something different, although you give them some idea of what you want. I think they got the hint that I wanted something rougher this time.
They're always a joy to meet & they deserve the reputation that they have. Good sense of humour & down to earth. Even managed to cure my back ache ! They do the soft stuff as well if you're a novice to BDSM but you'll be in safe hands.
Would I see them again ? yeah their imagination is endless & wild. Nice eye candy too ! Thanks
Name: Sclavul Tău
Age: 50
Dated: Jul/05/2018 18:02:48
Great day out .......full of surprises during 5 hours !
They could have been a lot rougher but take into consideration my age & small size but saying that they can be forceful and very dominant and will push you to your limits and further.If they say they're going to do something I can ensure you it's not an idle threat.

Polite, intelligent and really friendly warm guys which makes them perfect for a novice exploring BDSM for the first time.
I stress that everything is clean and hygienic as it should be.

The service they provide is A1 and exceptional, I can't fault them. Let's see if it possible to find anyone better with a PLAN !

Name: Mondas
Age: 48
Dated: Mar/07/2018 22:00:03
I’ve met them once before but was still a bit nervous but they quickly put me at ease.
They can appear quiet on meeting them but I think they use the initial talk to just suss you out a bit but I can assure you they’re not once they get to work on you !
Everything is immaculately clean in their playroom before you enter & leave which has to be an essential part of choosing to meet them and safe play at all times.
Covered lots of activities, Electro, ass play, interrogation, whips, paddles, face slapping etc.
They can be really tormenting and brutal at times if that’s what you’re into. They were certainly a lot rougher this time. They tend to watch your reactions and will either increase the intensification or add things to the scene as the session progresses, somethings I wasn’t expecting.
It’s easy to see why they are so popular and why guys repeatedly visit again and again. I can’t compliment them or recommend them enough. Good guys that know what they are doing and experienced in their craft.
A word of warning, they will mention things to see how you react and you may well end up doing it ! It’s almost as if they can read your mind.
An ecstatic meeting for what would normally have been boring day.

Name: Steve
Age: 55
Dated: Sep/26/2017 17:59:19
I have been meaning to post this review for a couple of months but have been sooo busy !!
Arranged a one on one with Master Olec back in April but on the day he was ill and could'nt do it so sorted out a session with his partner Master Darko instead and all I can say is wow !!!

Have done mild CP before but this was different class - brilliant session and a really nice guy who knew what he was doing.

I was battered with every implement you could imagine and we had a WS session to round things off - superb day.

I want to revisit so badly but have to pick my times a I was still marked 6 weeks after the session - it was that hot !!

Would love to do a session with both and am sure I will one day.

Not for the faint hearted - though I have heard they will do massage only but with a dungeon / playroom like they have it would be a waste.

I got the taste and visited another more local to me - it was dearer than a session with both these guys would have been - he is apparently famous on the CP scene but he was proper shite.

If you want perfection give these guys a try - and they are both hung with bodies like gods :)

Thanks again Master Olec - I look forward to a return session and to meeting Master Darko


Name: Virtuoso3003
Age: 58
Dated: Nov/07/2015 14:08:43
I did my first Master session with Olec and he made it a great experience. Have returned three times for more. Lots of kit at his place which he will gladly use. Olec is a sexy and quiet guy who will provide you with a good time. Like me, you will go back for more !
DARKOLEC says: Thank u very much.Cant wait to meet u again.
Name: Pat
Age: 45
Dated: Jan/31/2015 09:57:53
Exceptional, very professional. Understands your needs and develops a programme to match them. Makes you feel safe, and does not exploit you for more money. Certainly had me begging for more, lots of lovely toys to experiment with. I can't wait for my next adventure.
DARKOLEC says: Thanks a lot for your genuine message!Cant wait to meet u again!
Name: Hornyguy
Age: 45
Dated: Nov/06/2014 12:48:38
Very difficult to arrange a meeting as he was slow replying to messages. He's very much a "hands off" BDSM guy - I'm sure he's great for people who want to be ordered around but he left me cold. I won't see him again.
DARKOLEC says: I cannot meet every person who send me an email or call me.Because i have many requests is difficult for me to arange meeting with everybody.I apologise for any inconvenience.
Name: Hornyguy
Age: 45
Dated: Oct/28/2014 21:17:33
Difficult to arrange, disappointing experience.
Name: Jonathan
Age: 35
Dated: Mar/02/2014 22:06:15
I had my first experience of any sort of kink with Olec. He is a great guy and instantly makes you feel relaxed. He is perfectly trustworthy which is so important if you are going to experiment with this sort of thing. Equally importantly, he is exceptionally good looking - his photos don't do him justice. We agreed some limits and a safe word and then he took me on a kinky adventure. He is incredibly experienced and introduced me to lots of new things. I have never been so aroused and turned on in my life as he restrained me and played with me and seemingly stimulated my whole body at once . And yet all the time, I felt totally safe in his hands. At the end of a couple of hours, I was begging him to stay longer. Whether you are a novice or experienced kink person or just want a world-class massage, this is the guy for you. I recommend him most highly.
Name: XXX
Age: 20s
Dated: Aug/17/2013 19:46:03
This is my second time with Olec and it won't be the last. He's a really nice guy, courteous and friendly. And in bed he's something of an artist. For me, it was a session of light bondage and some edging. A real knock out. Every bit as handsome as his pictures as well.
Name: Frank
Dated: May/30/2013 09:12:55
I was a little nervous at first but once I was in his company, Olec soon had me relaxed and pressed all the right buttons for me.... switching me on immediately!!

Olec is an outstanding escort and I shall be seeing him many times in the future and can't wait to see him again!
Name: Andrew Hew
Age: 20s
Dated: Nov/26/2012 04:53:47
Met Olec in April 2012 and have decided to meet him again when I visit London, which I did this time round. He is as good as you can get, a nice, warm and cheerful young man. Full of energy.

Try him and you will like it! I have done that in my last visit and this visit, and I am hooked on it!
Name: Sean
Age: 20s
Dated: Nov/03/2012 04:55:14
best massage ever. great guy, very easy to be around. adventurous.
DARKOLEC says: thanks a lot!
Name: Andrew Hew
Age: 20s
Dated: Apr/26/2012 06:10:34
Inexperienced with escort
Name: Hew
Age: 20s
Dated: Apr/20/2012 00:41:13
Olec responded to my email couple of months before the meeting, after fixing the meeting date, we communicated a few times.
He gave the best massage I ever had, I felt refreshed esepcially after a long and tiring flight to London. We had real hot fun during the overnight session at my hotel.
He is polite, good attitude, most important of all, Hot!
I fix another 2 sessions with him to have more fun a few days down the road.
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