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Marty Hardy

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UK - London
Will travel to:
Torquay, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton, Taunton, Brighton, Bournemouth, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford, Swindon, Salcombe, Penzance, Falmouth, Newquay, Barnstaple, Reading, Leicester, Norwich, Colchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Exeter, Plymouth, London
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21st of Aug
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Leather jacket as seen for sale!!!Due to my regular clientele i am between South West and London on weekly basis. In calls by appointment only.

Tell us about you...

I am full-time male companion, I love to travel, meet new people and socialize. I take care of my body and my mind to ensure I give you the best possible experience. I work nationally and internationally with clients. I have a passion for meeting new people and have a great sense of humor. If you want to take this to the next level give me a call. Please note that I am not answering blocked (unknown) numbers.


Ethnic Origin:
6ft 1in / 187cm
185.2lbs / 84kg
Penis size:
9.1in / 23cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 11 / EU: 45
Eye colour:
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I don't judge! I am respectful, hard working and open minded. Working with couples too.
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men or woman
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Very Good
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Ask me
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Above rates are only base rates. To give you an accurate rate, please contact me with your address, date (you would like me to see you), preffered time (you would like me to see you).

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Full-time male companion, therefore, my time availability is very good however, I would recommend advance bookings. Do feel free to contact me on the day and I will let you know if I am available.

Why someone should choose you

Gentleman companionship with full unforgettable boyfriend experience.


Always safe sex:
Give and receive
Give and receive
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Give and receive
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Give and receive
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Trainers , Boots , Shoes

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Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - roleplay
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - massage
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - massage
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - masseur
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - watersports
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - spanking
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - massage
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - masseur
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - watersports
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - spanking
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - roleplay
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - massage
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - masseur
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - watersports
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - spanking
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - roleplay
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - massage
Rent boy Marty Hardy 28yr - masseur
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - watersports
Escort Marty Hardy 28yr - spanking

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      Reviews for Marty Hardy age 28

      Call him now on +447902021319
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: JOHN
      Age: 36
      Dated: May/27/2019 01:36:19
      I arranged my first ever experience with Marty and let me tell you, he is the most genuine person i have ever met. He is absolutely gorgeous in person his photos are 100% but much better in person.
      Marty arrived on time and kept in contact since the booking was made. I was extremely nervous as i had never done this sort of thing before, however when he arrived he put me totally at ease. I had made us a little something to eat and a few drinks to start the night off.
      We chatted quite a bit about the usual stuff, it was like i had known him gor ages.
      We then went to the bedroom and got comfy plenty of cuddling and kissing nothing was forced it was all at a steady pace and Marty checked to make sure i was ok as we got more intimate. He has the most amazing penis and yes it is as big as he says it is. I wasn't sure if i would suck it but im glad i did as it was amazing and he returned the favour we then cuddled up until we fell asleep. It was the most memorable night of my life and it is all thanks to this special person. I would definitely meet up with Marty again and take it to the next level.
      Thank you again for an amazing night and hope to see you again soon xx
      Marty Hardy says: Thank you for taking your time out of your busy lifestyle and once again thank you for this outstanding feedback.
      Name: BEN
      Age: 24
      Dated: Dec/27/2018 19:53:06
      I've seen Marty twice now and the second time was even better than the first. He takes a lot of pride in his appearance and is very confident, which makes him even more attractive. As soon as we enter the hotel room, our clothes come off and they stay off until we leave the next morning. I'm a big fan of cuddles and lying next to his muscly body is heavenly. And the sex is fantastic - he has a big dick and he certainly knows how to use it.
      He takes his job very seriously and is 100% worth the money.
      Marty Hardy says: Thank you Ben for your review I am already looking forward to our date in January 2019 XXX
      Name: MARTIN
      Age: 75
      Dated: Dec/25/2018 22:41:33
      Marty and I have planned to meet again, this time in London in the latter part of January. I am trembling with excitement and anticipation at what will happen on our date. He is handsome, good looking with a wonderful slim toned body and a big beautiful thick dick. Can't wait to get my hands on it and respond to his gentle kisses and caresses on me. I trust I shall be transported into another world as I was before in Exeter. Our hotel then was comfortable and warm and my memory of this first date with Marty will live with me for ever. He is a wonderful guy who responded to my requests without any problem or doubt. I wish the days between now and this forthcoming date will flash bye and I will be soon in his strong arms again. Martin
      Marty Hardy says: Already looking forward to our next date my dear boy!x
      Name: BEN
      Age: 24
      Dated: Dec/18/2018 08:31:51
      Once you've spent a night with Marty, you'll instantly want more. I was amazed by the effort he puts in to ensure you have a fantastic night with him. He's laid back and easy to get on with - within minutes my nerves were gone and I felt very comfortable around him.
      He has a great body, perfect for cuddling up to. He's confident, charming, funny and most importantly, amazing in bed. Had such a relaxing and sensual time with him and cant wait for more.
      Marty Hardy says: All i can say Ben is thank you for kindness and being yourself! You are a great man and one day you will meet the special person you will get old with xx
      Name: MARTIN
      Age: 75
      Dated: Dec/17/2018 11:18:36
      I met Marty at our hotel at the agreed time. He greeted me warmly and we found our room. Marty immediately gave me a great hug which calmed my nervousness. I had a shower to get rid of traffic grime as I had been on the road all day. I was soon dry and in Marty's strong arms. We at a talked awhile and got to know each other. We lay on the bed in each other's arms - I gave him gentle kisses which he returned. His lips were soft and gentle. With some oil, I was soon gently massaging his back. Off came his pants and the full beauty of his slim body was revealed. He returned the massaging which thrilled me. Marty had brought some food and in the course of the five hours together we eat and drank juice. We curled up inside the bed this time and enjoyed the warmth and caresses we gave each other. I plan to see Marty again and enjoy his company. His photographs do not do him justice. He is handsome and the best thing of his features besides a beautiful dick, is his eyes. They shine like no others I have ever seen. Martin.
      Marty Hardy says: Can not thank you enough for the personalised gift you brought me and being yourself. I will see you very soon again. Marty
      Name: DAVID
      Age: 55
      Dated: Jul/02/2018 23:05:09
      I had the most wonderful evening with Marty, he is so good looking, wonderful company, great body and fantastic in bed. He is able to make you feel really special. Can't wait to see him again.
      Marty Hardy says: Thank you David x
      Name: SIMON AND ANNE
      Age: 49
      Dated: Apr/20/2018 18:59:49
      Met Marty with my wife for a wonderful 3 hours of bi mmf fun. He’s gorgeous , funny and soooo sexy.
      Hot naked , steamy fun but with the added sensuality that we weren’t expecting. It’s like we have always known him.
      Very special time x
      Marty Hardy says: Thank you very much x
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