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Alexander British

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UK - London
Will travel to:
Europe, United States

Away until October. I will reply to texts and messages upon my return. :-) thanks

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      Reviews for Alexander British age 23

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       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: Nicholas
      Age: 41
      Dated: Nov/14/2017 10:24:48
      Not a bad word to say about this little cutie. A fantastic time x
      Name: Mark
      Age: 58
      Dated: Nov/12/2017 19:13:38
      Hello Alex and thank you for such a wonderful fulfilling experience, Lunch, then an afternoon of just sheer intimacy and passion from a lad who truly knows how to take the nerves away from a "first timer". This was followed by a wonderful evening at the theater which we both thoroughly enjoyed then back to the apartment for a romantic bath together sharing some ice cold champagne. This was followed by one of the most teasing bit of role plays by Alex which only he could pull off, like the 11th form Head Boy playing the innocent one was such a real loving turn on he drove me nuts (in the nicest possible way). Waking up the next morning facing such beauty and innocence ,I say that tongue in cheek about the innocence :-) , was a joy. This was followed by a lovely late breakfast in the City before we parted and we set off for home.

      I have wrote in 1 paragraph just a brief outline of the time I spent with this wonderful lad, who knows how to treat a guy, it WAS the real BF experience and Alex engages in such intelligent but warm conversation you just cant help but fall in love with him. We hit it off straight away, we texted a few times before we met and talked on the phone and I knew before I met him I was going to be treated to wonderful company.

      Alex will treat you with the greatest respect and he makes sure you know he is there for you and for you only, just make sure if you meet him you treat him the same way and I assure you the experience will be rewarding. My 24hrs with seemed to fly by so fast, but as previous reviewers have already said, touching, feeling and being intimate with Alex will just come naturally because he leads you so beautifully into it.

      Thank you again Alex and I look forward to seeing you again in early 2018

      Mark xxxxxxxx
      Name: Hugo
      Age: 32
      Dated: Aug/17/2017 21:27:33
      I had an amazing time with Alex today, any nerves I may have had were soon extinguished by his polite and positive attitude to life.

      Alex is a very engaging individual whose thoughtful and intelligent personality shone throughout our time together and created a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which to explore my sexuality.

      He possesses the most adorable body, tall and slender and has the most charming and addictive sweet smile.

      Alex is an exceptional individual whose generous and sincere nature made our experience together a very memorable one.

      Best wishes Hugo :)
      Name: Craig
      Age: 42
      Dated: Aug/10/2017 20:20:49
      Alexander is the sweetest, most humble and intelligent guy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

      From the outset I was initially nervous, but we immediately connected on so many different levels creating a lovely relaxed environment.

      The chemistry between us was electric and we shared the most amazing time together.

      For anyone considering meeting with Alexander, he will certainly exceed your expectations and make you feel special.

      Thank you for such an amazing time.
      Name: Paul
      Age: 45
      Dated: Jul/30/2017 13:56:41
      From the initial contact with Alex you soon appreciated that you were meeting someone special, whose polite, friendly and positive personality helped to create a relaxed and friendly environment, any apprehension I may have had soon disappeared.

      Alex is a very attractive and tall individual with a gently toned physique and has the most lovely, warm and captivating smile.

      He displayed genuine affection during the most amazing natural experience I have had, always comfortable, never an awkward moment.

      Alex is a extremely unique individual who is intelligent, caring and the most sincere person I have had the pleasure to meet, the experience of which has genuinely transformed my life.

      Thank you so much Alex, you are a truly remarkable and inspiring soul X
      Name: Daniel
      Age: 35
      Dated: Jul/27/2017 15:18:00
      I had never been with a guy before I met Alexander and exploring my sexuality had always been something I wanted to do. I contacted Alex and he was incredibly polite, reassuring and professional and I decided to arrange a meet.

      Well what an incredible and life-changing experience that was. He made me feel so comfortable with his lovely conversation and sweet personality. We talked about a wide range of things and connected on so many levels before getting down to the fun part. Since meeting him, I have felt so much more confident and positive with life.

      Thank you Alex you really are an amazing guy!
      Name: Tom
      Age: 58
      Dated: Jul/19/2017 19:55:36
      I’ve just spent an incredible 24 hours in the company of Alex. He has been the perfect companion and fun guy to be with as we have explored London. We enjoyed a delightful evening meal and then the theatre. Back at the hotel Alex was as passionate as always .... and waking up looking at such a delightful twink was like a dream come true. So looking forward to our next encounter. Thank you so much for an unbelievable 24 hours.
      Name: Tom
      Age: 58
      Dated: Jul/11/2017 17:41:29
      Just have to write a review about Alex – what an AMAZING guy. I have seen him several times now and never been disappointed. What it says on his profile is 100% accurate.
      He has a great personality and so easy to get along with. I felt comfortable in his presence immediately. He is so caring, patient and considerate. He has the most delightful body, so smooth, so slender, so soft it makes my heart melt to touch it. He’s a passionate kisser, so tender, the touching and cuddling so sensual, so sweet and sexy. And a lovely cheeky smile that makes me so happy. He enjoys his role and shows a complete willingness to meet your desires.
      Alex really is a lovely, intelligent and friendly guy who will give you an amazing time and you’ll leave wanting to come back for more.
      Highly recommended.
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