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*This page is my UK page. My rentmen account is the main website profile I use (when abroad). There are 10 reviews there and one here so you can judge for yourself*

also have a rare video of me when I was 18 back in 2008. My xtube profile and videos have over 1million views. Alsmot 900,000 of those views are on this one video. Sorry for the bad poor webcam but I think it’s a hot video still after all these years*

also have a car and enjoy driving so I do not mind traveling if you stay in a rural area*

You may recognise my profile from a few years ago. I have escorted on and off since I was 24 (I am now 28). I’ve also used my assests to travel the world while escorting. Spent time working in: China; Hong Kong; Singapore; Dubia; Amsterdam; Berlin, NYC; Los Angela’s; San Francisco; Arizona and so on. I live in London but may be in your city.

So, you probably think you have come across another profile where the guy states he has a cock that’s HUGE? A Monster in fact! But it turns out he was lying. You are searching and searching for that cock, but you just can’t seem to find it?

I am very aware guys over exaggerate but I have never had that issue so please don’t contact me if you’re going to be unsure and trustworthy and question if the pics are mine. L When I tell you how big I am be sure not take an inch or two off my actual size of 9.5 x 6.7 attained to perfect butt (so I’ve been a fair few times). I understand some of you have had negative past experiences which may affect your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and behaviour to “what I’m probably like”. Unfortunately for some I refuse to engage with people who demonstrate this type of behaviour.

I have no pretence, but I am confident. I am professional until we build up a relationship where I’m comfortable enough to be myself... but that can take a couple of meets.

If you are nervous or sensitive in nature let me know. If we have to make reasonable adjustments for you please state this from the beggining I.e. you have an illness or disability, skin or weight problem. I’m not a shallow guy and I’m not there to judge you.

I also have a day job so we will need to arrange a time that is convenient for both of us. I’m not here doing this as a living, just extra fun which I get paid for!

Finally, I like most things sexually, but I am not into Kinky things like piss, fisting or leather. Yes, I love to fuck before you ask…. I enjoy kissing, cuddling, sucking, fuck (vers), and rimming, but rimming needs to spoken about before we meet.

It is up to you how you want to play. We can have quick play, or a long meeting. We can either get down to business or we can have a more relaxed meeting where we can chat, have a drink or whatever. However, drugs are a no-go area for me. If you take that’s fine, I try not judge, but you’ll need to know how to behave. After we text a couple of times we can arrange to make a phone call. It gives both of us an idea of the type of person we both


Ethnic Origin:
5ft 9in / 176cm
165.3lbs / 75kg
Penis size:
9.4in / 24cm
Cut / Uncut:
Feet size:
UK: 9 / EU: 43
Eye colour:
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About Me

How far are you willing to travel for outcalls from your location , in miles?
United Kingdom
Do you smoke?:
I will meet:
Body Hair:
Reply to SMS?:
What is your standard of spoken english?
Very Good
Nearest Station:
All over London


1 Hour:
2 Hours:
Additional info:
Deposit will be asked for up front if traveling out of London is requested.

I am Available at these times...

Ask - quite flexible. NOTE: Please don't call between midnight and 7:30am, but feel free to text.


Always safe sex:
Give and receive
Give and receive
Cum on Body:
Give and receive
Cum on face:
Cum eating:

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Rent boy Monster 29yr - massage
Escort Monster 29yr - massage
Rent boy Monster 29yr - massage
Rent boy Monster 29yr - massage
Rent boy Monster 29yr - massage
Escort Monster 29yr - masseur
Rent boy Monster 29yr - masseur
Escort Monster 29yr - masseur
Escort Monster 29yr - sucking
Escort Monster 29yr - licking
Rent boy Monster 29yr - massage
Escort Monster 22yr - licking
Escort Monster 22yr - sucking
Rent boy Monster 22yr - masseur
Rent boy Monster 22yr - sucking
Escort Monster 22yr - licking

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      Call him now on +447752213001
       Not Happy
       Very good
      Name: Paul
      Age: 20s
      Dated: Oct/03/2013 22:18:35
      Profile description and photos were an accurate reflection of reality!
      Name: Tony
      Age: 18+
      Dated: Sep/08/2013 01:03:51
      A genuine good guy. Intelligent and able to hold a full conversation. In bed he is clearly experienced without being arrogant. He is well worth every penny, unrushed and attentive, and quickly tuned in to what I liked. I have been with other escorts who charged much more, and felt dissatisfied, this was certainly not the case with John.
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